New Year’s Resolution- Keep it Simple!

The dreaded New Year’s Resolution and the hope you will achieve it.  I think the problem is when you make a long unrealistic list which makes it too hard to get it all done.  Keep it simple, maybe only one or two things on the list, you can always add to it later.  I know the main one is usually to loose weight.  Again, keep it simple- stick with the 2 main ways to make this happen, good nutrition and exercise.  The Weight Watchers® Cookbook allows you to have incredible food every night and still lose the pounds.  Craving Chinese, Mexican, Thai or even Japenese for dinner?  No problem, and no need to worry about the calories!  This book serves up more than 150 recipes based on Weight Watchers® FlexPoints® Weight Loss System and only for $8.95.

Secondly comes the exercise and for the ones looking to keep this simple- try the Body Togs® Wearable Workouts; turns everyday activities into fat burning workouts.  If you want to lose weight or stay in shape yet don’t like to exercise, this is the breakthrough product you’ve been waiting for.  Body Togs® enhance your daily caloric burn by adding a small amount of anatomically correct weight to your legs and arms.  These innovative weighted sleeves for the arms and calves can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing.  Wearing Body Togs® for 10 hours a day has been scientifically proven to have an effect similar to a 2-mile run.  Good Luck!

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