The Advantages of Tinting Your Windows

window-tintingThere are many different upgrades that can be made to your home to improve it. You may be familiar with tinting the windows in your car or even in your business, but tinting the windows in your home can bring just as many advantages, if not more. Take a look at some of the best advantages that can come from tinting the windows in your home, and how they will make a difference for you.

Save energy
You will save a significant amount of energy, and thus money by tinting your windows. Rather than wasting money on the heating bill in the winter and the cooling bill in the summer tinting your windows will help to block and retain the heat. During the summer months your furnace will not be wasting energy when the heat leaks out the windows, but instead work almost as insulation. During the hot summer months tinted windows can block out the worst of the sun’s rays, preventing your home from overheating.

Protect your furniture
Over time the UV rays of the sun will begin to damage the furniture in your home. Leaving it discolored, and in some cases beyond repair. By investing in tinted windows, you can protect the furniture, wood, carpet, and other belongings that are near the large windows in your home. Instead of always leaving the blinds and curtains closed, you can leave them open without fear of your couch becoming discolored. This way you can increase the amount of natural light in your home.

Nobody wants to be living in fear, but a few precautions should be taken to increase the safety of your home. By adding tint to your windows, you will add an extra layer of security in a few different ways:

  • At night, you have much less visibility seeing out than people outside your home have looking in. A good window tinting will take this away, making it not only easier for you to see out during the night, but making it harder for those outside to see in. With this addition, thieves will not be able to see what you have inside, making them less likely to map out the valuable items in your house.
  • With the extra film used for darkening, the windows in your home will be stronger than before.
  • If through excessive force the windows are broken, in most cases they will break into big chunks rather than tiny shards. This will be easier to manage with cleanup and safety issues. Keep your children and pets away from tiny shards of glass by investing in window tinting.

You will feel safer in your home knowing that tinted windows will bring these advantages. Whether you are looking for the added security, the energy benefits, or just love the look it will bring to your home, invest in tinted windows. You will find they will even improve the look of your home. Many of the advantages that are found when tinting your car windows can also be translated to the home.

Cassie Costner writes for, a Utah window tinting company. She has written on the advantages of tinting your home, business, and car, finding what each of these can bring.

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Tasteful All-winter Decor for Home Gardens

winter-2014It’s all very well and good to be the Clark Griswold of your neighborhood this Christmas—up until January 2. After that day, the electric St. Nicks and reindeer need to go back into storage; Christmas is over, let it go. You’ve had plenty of time to recover from all that partying, time to put the 200 feet of red and green rope lighting away.

However, if you are the type who likes to keep your home and garden decorated (if only to distract from the dismal winter chill) take heart. There are plenty of tasteful, non-Christmas-y ways to decorate your home this winter.

Celebrate Something Else
There are plenty of other holidays in winter besides “the holidays” (Christmas, Hanukah, Festivus, Kwanza, etc.).

Say what you will about Valentine’s Day being a massive commercial scam perpetrated by the candy companies, the idea of a holiday that celebrates love (platonic as well as romantic) is a nice one. You don’t have to go full Gilderoy Lockhart and deck the yard in cupids, hearts, and roses—a simple Valentine’s wreath suited to your taste (even if that means it’s covered in snarky conversation hearts) hung over the door will more than suffice.

Is your team headed to the NBA playoffs, the Super Bowl, or the World Series? Get some light ropes in their colors and show your support (there’s a family on my block who does this by supporting their alma mater with blue light ropes and a giant white “Y” light on the house every Christmas, not just afterward).

No matter what in winter you choose to celebrate, finding something to celebrate and showing it will make your spirits brighter (even if it’s not socially acceptable for you to be singing “Jingle Bells” anymore).

Winter Wonderland: Not Just a Christmas Song
Remember what I said about putting those rope lights away? Hold on a minute. Do you have a few, tasteful ropes of white lights along the basic lines of your home? Some light-up snowflakes? Icicle light strands? Keep those up until the snow won’t be coming again; snow is not exclusive to Christmas. Though if your white lights cover the house in Griswold fashion, you need to consider toning them down. Maybe just put most of them away.

Get the kids to make paper snowflakes and tape those up in the windows for décor that works indoors and out. And what’s more wintery and kid-friendly than littering a yard with snowmen? (Now just hope your child doesn’t favor Calvin and Hobbes’ snowman designs)

Plants that work (it) in Winter
This one takes some advance planning on your part. When planning your garden for the entire year, take a good look at how your plants will look year-round (rather than just at their prime). Not every plant needs to last and stay the same in each season (boring!), but you should have at least two to three plants that will stick with you and look good year-round.

Of course, what looks good to you year-round is purely a matter of taste, but here are a few suggestions that should work for every style:

  • Any well-pruned, shapely fruit, nut, or forest tree can look delicate in frozen, wintery, leafless beauty
  • Evergreen trees (if your climate can support them) are a favorite standby
  • Not an arboreal gardener? Not a problem! Fragrant, constant evergreens also come in bush form (especially the prized scent of a cedar bush)
  • Hedges
  •  Any plant that requires a trellis (mostly so you can have an icicle-covered, snow-dusted trellis, but even so)

If you like the way it looks in hibernation and covered in snow, go ahead and plant it early on in the year for a garden that keeps on giving when it’s no longer alive or in hibernation.

It can be tempting to procrastinate putting away all your hard work after Christmas—it’s sad to see that “the holidays” are over. But, as anyone who sells real estate in Florida or apartments for rent in Mississauga will tell you, your house value goes down in the eyes of potential buyers (and your neighbors become resentful) when Christmas decorations overstay their welcome. Any or all of these options will make for a tastefully decorated home and yard even after the Candy Cane forest you so painstakingly set up has to be put away—and you can keep feeling (appropriately) festive until spring comes back!

Lucy Markham is an avid blogger and researches with companies like Metcap. Lucy, as a recent homeowner, considers herself a bit of an expert on all things home improvement, gardening, and home decoration.

The 8 Best Fashion Trends Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Fashion-ClosetEvery year there are new fashion trends that are hot and trendy. If you are at a lost when it comes to knowing what you should have in your closet to keep up with the fashion world check out these 8 must have trends you need to have in your arsenal right now.

Leather is making a come back and it is easy to add it to your wardrobe through wearing skirts, blazers, leggings or dresses. If you already have a closet full of denim it may be time to add some leather to your wardrobe. Go with leather that hugs your figure perfectly and makes you look and feel sexy. If you can’t afford authentic leather look for pleather instead.

Nude Fabrics
Nude fabrics are a must have fashion trend all women should take advantage of. Especially, if you want a look that is sexy nude fabrics will allow you to be revealing and concealing at the same time. These fabrics are very versatile as you can wear them over a camisole top or over your skirt or a pair of jeans. This piece of clothing can also be used as an overlay material for a dress.

Monotone Look
Fashion experts around the world admit that the monotone look is definitely a must have. Try wearing different pieces of clothing in the exact same neutral color such as camel, beige, or pale yellow. The monotone look is one of the hottest fashion trends out right now, and it has the added benefit of helping you to look taller.

Fringed clothes are definitely a must have fashion as they can be worn with everything. Wear fringes with your dresses, pants, shoes, or jackets. Wear them on the edge of your clothes or shoes or you can wear them to cover up your entire piece.

Boyfriend Jacket
You can’t go wrong with an over-sized boyfriend jacket, as they are simple and the masculine look along with the volume at the shoulders will create a stronger looking posture and slim waist. Along with boyfriend jackets add a pair of boyfriend jeans to your wardrobe as well. Look for ripped jeans or take a pair of blue jeans you already have in your closet and cuff the legs.

One Should Dress
Nothing says elegance and style more than a nice one shoulder dress. This style will help add a whole new dimension to your current fashion.

One of the best fashion trends involves focusing on your waist. Go with large belts that are 5 inches wide or wider. Look for belts that have straps on the ends and that curve around the back and come back around to the front.

Jewel Encrusted Clothes
This fashion trend has long been used for denim clothes, but now you can find stones on just about everything. Look for tops, shoes, and even purses with stones or jewelry on them. To accomplish this same look you could even wear accessories such as necklaces that will look as if they are part of your clothing.

Try implementing these different styles as soon as possible. If you are on a budget there are always cheaper substitutes you can take advantage of. Get started with enhancing your wardrobe by executing these fashion trends. When your’e prepared to make a fashion statement head to where you will find all the most up-to-date female’s fashion trends such as their new footwear collection.

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5 Things to Think About Before Building Your Dream Home

Dream-HomeAfter watching endless episodes of Property Brothers, you finally have the time, money and patience to build your dream home. Building a new home can feel very daunting and now that it’s come to it, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about where to even begin. Here’s a few simple tips to help you get the ball rolling and to help you make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes during the construction process.

Plan your budget
First things first, plan your budget. Really think about how much you want to spend and how much your dream home is realistically going to cost you. It’s no good getting half way through the project and realizing that you are all out of money. This will make your building process so much longer and you will have to scrimp on save on other aspects of the house that you didn’t want to.

It’s likely that you will need a construction loan and a mortgage, so be organised and find out what size loan you qualify for. Once you know how much money you have to spend and the approximate costs of everything, it will help you to modify the building plans accordingly to meet your budget.

Find the right location
Location is probably the most important aspect to get right. Before you can start building, you need to know exactly what you are building on as the landscape can make a big difference to your building plans. For example, if you want to build your home on a hill, there are going to be a completely different set of requirements as well as more building challenges in comparison to flat land. Alternatively, if you chose to build in a woodland area, it will make a significant difference on windows and lighting within your home. So consider absolutely everything before you settle on your chosen location.

Getting the right architect
Architect designed homes are well worth the expense, but before you choose your architect, get inspired and have a clear vision as to how you really want your dream home to look. Once you are clear on exactly what it is you want, share your ideas with the architect and discuss various ways of how you turn your dream into a reality.

It is important to thoroughly research a number of firms or free-lance architects to make sure you find the best designer for your dream home. Quality services should be provided by the architect that you choose. There are many quality architects throughout the UK, including Paul Robinson Partnership a group of architects in Norfolk who recently sponsored an EDP Business award.

Get construction insurance
Before starting the building process, it is vital to get construction insurance. There are three different types of insurance that are needed to build. The first is ‘course of construction’ insurance which is an all risk policy that includes fire, extended coverage, builders risk, replacement cost and vandalism. The second is ‘General liability’ insurance which can be provided by either you or your builder. The third type of insurance is called ‘Workman’s compensation’ which is only necessary if your builder has any employees.

Be organised
You’ve dreamt about building your own home for as long as you can remember, and you’ve got hundreds of scrap pieces of paper with your inspirational and innovative ideas on. Collect all of your ideas together, and get a study note book, where you can keep all of your sketches, notes and photos in one place until your home is completely finished. Keeping it all together, will avoid you losing any ideas and will allow you to track back to any previous thoughts you’ve had that might work better for your home.

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Recreating a Small Family Room the Whole Family Can Enjoy

small-family-roomCreating a homey atmosphere for your family can bring everyone closer together. By incorporating small and comfortable furnishings, colors that are inviting, and electronics that can make family time fun, you’ll design an environment which the whole family will love using.

Implement a Plan
Before you embark on your remodeling project, you want to get input from the entire family. This could include recommendations on colors, furnishings and gadgetry that the room should have. You can also get opinions on the uses behind the room. Will this be mostly for entertainment purposes or do you want this to be an area for family, friends and a place to watch movies and play games?

Paint and Wallpaper
Loud and boisterous colors can be unsettling such as hot pink, purple and goldenrod. When designing living space that brings the family together, you want to choose a shade that promotes relaxation and happiness. Warm colors such as beige, soft yellow, burnt orange and burgundy can instill peace and harmony. You can add bolder colors with wallpaper and borders to the family room.

Great Furniture
Shopping online for your furniture can get the entire family involved in the purchase. Looking online for the right sized sofa, loveseat or sectional for a family, especially when your space is limited, allows you to shop when it’s most convenient for you. Stores are typically open a certain period of time throughout the day. However, with family obligations, extra-curricular activities for the children and work, you may be unable to shop during stores hours.

Many of the online stores also offer a wider range of different colors and apartment-sized merchandise for customers than what’s typically in stock in a store warehouse. You can also save money with their discounted prices and by not wasting gas running from store to store. If you’re looking to match a specific throw or area rug to the color of your sofa, you can just hold it up to your lap top and get an idea of what shades work best with your home.

You can add a host of accessories that showcase the entire family. From family photos to artistic treasures on the wall, you want to bring everything together stylishly and add character with various personal touches. A new sofa and chair deserve comfortable throws and pillows to adorn it. If you pick out solid colored furnishings, you can jazz things up with accessories that include patterns and bold prints. You can also decide on the types of electronic gadgetry you wish to include. An entertainment center where you can watch movies, play games and gather together as a family will be a cozy environment that brings everyone together.

The family room is the heart of the home where memories are spent together as a family. Taking the area and making it into something comfortable, and incorporating the various familial personalities, can make it an enjoyable place to congregate for everyone.

Lisa Coleman has a large family and understands what a great family room can do to encourage quality time spent together.

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Cleaning the Yard for Fall

cleaning-fallAlthough we tend to focus our energy on spring cleaning, cleaning up in the fall is just as important, if not more so. Take care of your yard in the fall to make things easier once the winter weather is over. There are a few essentials that need to be taken care of before the seasons change.

The lawn
Possibly the most important feature of your yard, the lawn is the first sight everybody sees when arriving at your home. The steps you take during the fall will ensure your lawn will be healthy for springtime again. Make sure to water it properly as long as necessary, and continue to keep it looking nice. This will stop any need for heavy duty maintenance in a few months. Besides just watering, it is important to:

Fertilize your lawn – this should be done both in the spring and fall. When done during this time, it will help maintain the roots of the grass, and keep the nutrients stored all winter long.

Air out the soil – after constant footsteps tracking across the lawn throughout the summer, it is good to have the soil aired out as winter approaches. There are professionals that will aerate your lawn for a reasonable price.

Pick up leaves – leaves can be damaging to your lawn if left there for too long. Not only will this kill your grass, but procrastinating will only leave the project for later in the spring.

Take care of your lawn before it’s too late. It is better to get these things done as early as possible, in case an early cold front comes through.

Clear out the junk
As organized as we try to be, junk can quickly accumulate over the summer months. Use the beginning of fall to get rid of the worst of the junk. Organize your garage, shop, and anywhere else around the house. Determine what you still need, and what can be thrown away. Before taking a load to the dump however, check and see if what you have is worth anything.

Some people don’t realize just how much scrap metal they have hanging around their home, or how much they can get for it. If you have non-ferrous metals, the price jumps significantly. Go throughout your yard, combining all the metal products you no longer have need of.

To test and see if the metals you have are non-ferrous, grab a magnet. If the items are magnetic, you have a ferrous material on your hands, such as steel. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum will bring in a much higher profit. Rather than just throwing these items away, take them to the scrap yard to get some benefit from them. Not only will you be cleaning up your yard, but you will also earn a little extra cash to work with. Invest this in future home projects or whatever else you want.

Take the time this fall to improve your yard. Not only will this save you time for spring cleaning, but it will also keep your yard and garden healthy. By breaking up the tasks between the seasons, your yard will look better than ever before.

Cassie Costner writes on DIY projects, yard maintenance, and recycling metals. She has experiencing with fall cleaning projects on large and small yards. 

6 Tips On How To Look Thinner

knit-sweaterMany women out there have a few extra pounds they wish they didn’t have. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until you start losing some weight to begin looking slimmer. There are effective things any woman can do to slim down the way she looks when she gets dressed.

Boot Cut Pants
Boot cut pants will make you appear slimmer by providing you with a more symmetrical appearance. When you are trying to hide those extra pounds you should avoid slim ankle or flare cut pant legs because they’ll make your thighs and hips look larger. Also, stay away from taper-cut legs as they’ll make you look top heavy if you have slim legs but a large stomach or wide hips.

Skirt Size
If you are a tall woman trying to dress thinner wear longer skirts, and if you are a shorter woman trying to look thinner wear skirts that come below the knee. Long skirts will help to accentuate the legs of a taller woman making her body look slimmer.

If you are short a long skirt could make you look shorter than what you are, thus making you appear wider and heavier. When you’re short wear skirts that come right below your knee to help you look a little slimmer and taller as well.

Keep an Eye on Your Waist
Most women have problems with areas such as their hips and waist. The best thing to do is avoid wearing belts or any other thing that will draw attention to your waist or midsection. Also, wear looser clothes that won’t stick to your waist like tight fitted clothing would. Look for dresses and skirts with elastic waists so your clothes won’t bunch up and draw attention to your waist.

Use Patterns
Patterns can help to take away the attention from your problem areas. Wear patterns like stripes or animal prints that can help fool the eye. Patterns you should stay away from because they normally add to the bulk and size of a person include big polka dots and floral prints. Also, stay away from stripes that run vertical or horizontal as they can make you look bigger.

Use Heels
Heels are great when you are trying to dress to make yourself appear slimmer. As a matter of fact, you’ll achieve a greater slimming effect the higher the heels are. When you wear high heels it will make you appear thinner by accentuating the smaller lower part of the legs while increasing height.

Wear the Proper Size
This should be an obvious one, but you have to pick the right clothing that’ll fit you properly if you want to look thinner. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight on your body because it’ll make the rolls, bulges, fat, and all your flaws show through.

If you wear clothes that are too big for you it can make you look bigger by adding bulk to your frame. Know your body and always wear the the perfect size so you can look as thin as possible when you dress yourself.

When you wear the right size clothing it will also make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re out. When you feel good and are comfortable with what you’re wearing it will make a huge difference in how you look.

You should have a look at Gypsy Dharma and see more about women’s fashion such as boots for women and get everything you will want to look your best.

Exciting Fall Pumpkin Recipe Ideas

Fall-PumpkinAs this especially steamy summer segues into fall, we’re beginning to turn our heads toward the seasonal tastes that we know and love. Goodbye watermelon and iced tea, hello mulled cider and pumpkin! It’s easy to bring out the old standards, like pumpkin pie and those unbelievably good pumpkin spice lattes, but maybe it’s time for a change. If you’re looking to really make the most out of this season’s pumpkin harvest, read on to find out my favorite ways to use that most versatile of squashes.

Pumpkin Curry
This squash makes a fabulous vegetable backup dancer to the proteins in Thai or Indian curries. It’s easy to adapt your standby curry recipe to fit it, too! All you need to do is sauté about two pounds of chopped raw pumpkin with your curry spices and paste, then simmer it with coconut milk and vegetable stock until the pumpkin becomes tender. The flesh of squash will absorb the curry spices; you’ll love how its sweetness compliments the warm spiciness of your curry paste.

Pumpkin Hummus
Believe it or not, pumpkin goes fabulously with chickpeas. If you’re looking for a quick hors d’oeuvres for a fall-themed party, this recipe takes about 30 seconds to make. Simply combine a whole can of unseasoned pumpkin puree and a dash of pumpkin pie spice with a 32 oz. container of pre-made hummus. Of course, you can and should add a few dashes of cayenne pepper to it if you’re a heat fiend. The resulting creamy concoction tastes like a pleasant fireside chat feels. This dish is nicely complemented by a bowl of multigrain pita chips.

Pumpkin Granola
Preheat your oven to 325˚F. In a large bowl, mix half a can of pumpkin puree, ⅓ cup of coconut oil, ⅓ cup of maple syrup, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a couple hefty dashes of pumpkin pie spice until everything becomes well-distributed. Mix in your granola fixings — that could include coconut, oats, pepitas, sunflower seeds, whatever! Spread your granola mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then bake for about a half hour, stirring intermittently. Once this mix cools off, it’ll harden up and become the most pumpkin-y breakfast cereal you’ve ever had! (I also like to put a palmful of this granola on top of vanilla ice cream.)

Pickled Pumpkin
This is a recipe idea that I got from my Anglo-Saxon friends, who would regale me with stories about their Old World grannies who tended to pickle everything in sight. Though I wouldn’t leap to have a taste of their fermented pigs’ feet or rutabagas, pickled pumpkin actually tastes much better than it sounds. It’s actually incredibly easy to make, especially if you can get your hands on some pre-chopped pumpkin flesh. All you need to do is put together the pickling liquid. I like to make it equal parts white sugar and white vinegar, with a handful of cinnamon sticks and whole cloves to add some fall spiciness. Boil the liquid to dissolve the sugar and pour it over the pumpkin, which should be in a heatproof bowl. Let it sit in the fridge overnight, then pour the whole mixture into a pot, but without the whole spices. Boil the pumpkin until it becomes transparent, then let the mixture cool. Transfer the pumpkin and pickling liquid into small mason jars — they make great gifts!

Pumpkin Lasagna
Now this is my all-time favorite pumpkin recipe, especially since it doesn’t require the kind of hacking and chopping that pumpkins generally require. The recipe that I use again and again comes from Food and Wine magazine — you can find the complete rundown here. Basically, instead of meat and tomatoes, you use Swiss chard, heavy cream, sage, nutmeg, and pumpkin puree to hold this lasagna together. The salty richness of Parmesan cheese makes a great counterpoint to the slightly bitter greens and sweet pumpkin. Frankly, I prefer this variation over normal lasagna!

Soleil is a former chef, with an encyclopedia of recipes floating around in her head. Nowadays, she applies her culinary expertise to the wonderful world of fancy picnic baskets. 

Top Fall Wedding Locations

Fall-WeddingsPlanning your wedding is important. After the groom of course, the location of the event is the most crucial. Where you are married sets the stage for everything. If you want an outdoor wedding, indoor, or something in between the planning process is completely different. Find the perfect venue for your fall wedding before it is too late.

Fall is one of the best times to have an outdoor wedding. The temperatures still are warm enough to be outside, yet they aren’t scorching hot as they sometimes are during the summer months.

Part of the beauty of autumn comes from the changing colors, the falling leaves, and the crisp feeling in the air. Take all this into account when planning your wedding. With a wedding tent, you can have all this apart of your wedding, with some protection from the elements.

If you don’t mind traveling for your big day, there are some destinations that have become known for their weddings. Those getting married this fall should look into the best destinations to travel.

Niagara Falls
Made even better known by The Office’s wedding episode featuring Pam and Jim, Niagara Falls is a popular wedding destination for many. The backdrop for wedding pictures is greater than almost any other you can find.

There are many different wedding venues around the area, equipped to host both indoor and outdoor weddings. Those wishing to really get in on the experience can be married right on the Maid of the Mist tour boat. In this case, you can be married right as it travels through Bridal Veil Falls on the way to the main falls.

San Juan Islands
The San Juan Islands are set in the northwest corner of Washington. The area is quiet, full of privacy from the outside world. During the fall months, the temperature is cooler, plus the autumn leaves are something that cannot easily be forgotten.

This spot has become popular for whale watching, kayaking, and hiking. Recently the islands have become more popular as a tourist destination. Take advantage and plan your perfect wedding while fewer people know of this spot. With rustic Victorian chapels all around, this is the best spot for your wedding.

Kauai Hawaii
With beautiful views and plenty of activities to participate in, Hawaii has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. What many may not realize is that it is an ideal place to have your wedding ceremony as well.

In this area, you can take a boat directly to the site of your ceremony, celebrate in a wedding tent on the beach, and enjoy the stunning views of white sand beaches. After your wedding day, you can stay here as your guests travel home, extending into your honeymoon.

Search the country for your perfect fall wedding. These months are still warm enough to have the event outside, yet they are not as scorching hot as the previous months. Find the destination that works best for you and your guests. After you find the right spot, you can decorate and plan exactly how the day will go.

Cassie Costner writes on planning a wedding on a budget, and finding the right venues, flowers, and decorations. She writes on the best party tents for rent, and what size to get for your wedding.

Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Corporate-gift-basketsCorporate gift baskets are uniquely packaged treats that make great giveaways for important clients. With busy schedules, you are generally left with the only option of ordering a pre-made gift basket.  These gifts are a way of expressing the fact that your clients are special and you value their patronage.

Impact of Gourmet Gift Baskets on Clients
A gourmet gift basket may be a simple treat for your clients to enjoy momentarily.  This is to say that most items found in the basket are perishable goods.  However, the fact that you have spent effort and expended an amount just to give the client something to enjoy, is special.  Clients will feel that you have given them importance above everything else.

Company Product Assortment
It would be great if your gift baskets would contain your own products. However, not all company products can be given away since there are companies who only offer services and not usable products. If this is the case, you can still achieve customized gifts for your clients.  Giving away custom tailored gifts will reflect personal touch and this would create the notion that the gifts are sincerely made and only given to special people.

How to Personalize Gifts
If gift hamper contents are not directly manufactured by your company, you can still make do with ready-made gift baskets. Personalize these baskets by adding your corporate logo on the items or wrapping the bundle up with a greeting card bearing your company logo. This is usually done so that important clients will remember your good company.

Corporate Themes
Gift baskets can be of many types but the most sought after are the gourmet ones. Most of the gift baskets contain items that are suited to general tastes. Most gift baskets contain a varying combination of goodies like:

1. Liquor – a choice of red or white wine, champagne, sparkling wines, whiskey, and more
2. Chocolates – gourmet chocolates
3. Biscuits or crackers
4. Nut varieties – pistachios, macadamias, peanuts, and the like
5. Appetizers – roasted peppers, olives, caramel onions, and more
6. Fresh fruits
7. Toiletries
8. Spa essentials

Most often than not, the baskets contain a variety of products. Since you don’t have time to interview each client and ask him what he likes, the baskets are laden with a wide variety of treats.

Gift Suggestions
The most popular of all corporate gift ideas are the gift baskets that offer a variety of treats. This way, you can be certain that your customers will indulge on every treat. There may be clients that don’t like receiving liquor, so make sure to give them a basket laden with sweet and other savories only.

In this fast-paced world, it is still important to look back, acknowledge, and thank your clients who have contributed to your organization’s success. The best way to do that is to give beautifully adorned gift baskets.

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for Gourmet Basket Australia, known for their exotic collection of gourmet gift hampers.