Sleepover Survival Guide: Licensed Characters Kids Adore

Parents know that planning a sleepover can be a little more difficult than it seems. Managing a house full of kids is hard enough without having to organize activities and make sure every kid has what they need to get a good night’s sleep. A group of friends can take care of entertaining themselves once the night begins. This sleepover survival guide will help parents get the party going and keep kids comfy with licensed characters.

Activities and Games to Entertain


The Licensed Pop-Up & Memory Combo Game is double the fun with some of their favorite characters. Pop the dice and race the pegs around the board to be the first to bring all the pieces home, or challenge friends to see who has the best memory with the matching game. With Disney 3D Crystal Puzzles, kids can create a figurine of one of their favorite Disney characters. The puzzle uses interlocking pieces to form a 3D figure in a crystallized look. They’ll have plenty of fun in the dark with Licensed Project-A-Lite Flashlights. It lets kids recreate fun scenes from their most-watched movies, with 6 interchangeable disks that feature their favorite animated characters. The disks can be stored inside the handle when not in use.

Pack Right and Sleep Tight


Make sure your kid is packed and ready for their sleepover in style with the Licensed Overnight Bag. The bag is covered in bold designs featuring their favorite comic book heroes or cartoon characters. The easy-to-carry bag is roomy enough to hold all of their necessities, and has an adjustable strap for carrying. The Kids’ Licensed Comfy Throw keeps them cozy during movies or bedtime. It features an opening in the back that allows for full coverage in front. The long sleeves and all-over design allows them to be their favorite character while keeping them warm. Make sleeping away from home more comfortable with the Licensed Inflatable Sleeping Bag. The inflatable design adds extra cushioning and the headrest has a pillow shape. The comfy cover fits perfectly over the mattress. Includes a manual pump for easy inflation and deflation.

Lakeside Selections: Rainy Day Activities for Kids

For kids fresh out of school and excited for summer vacation, waking up to a gray, rainy day can be pretty disappointing. Games are cancelled. The grass is a muddy mess. Lightning branches across the sky and puts puddle-splashing plans on hold. Thankfully, for most kids, the disappointment is temporary. It’s summer vacation, and there’s still plenty of fun, creative activities to do indoors. Here are a few rainy day activities for kids that will help pass the time and transform a drizzly afternoon into an exciting indoor adventure.


Creative Campsite

When the rain is falling, the living room can be just as appealing as the backyard. With a Build-a-Fort Kit, kids can construct their very own fortress. Use the fabric panels, rope, clips and suction cups to design the fort. Once it’s built, kids can bring their toys inside and use the included glow wands as an exciting way to illuminate a favorite activity. Kit also includes a storage bag. Adult supervision suggested during assembly.


Rain Delay Ready

Just because the ballgame is delayed doesn’t mean your kids can’t spend an afternoon on the diamond. They can easily celebrate their favorite home field with the MLB 1,000-Pc. Panoramic Puzzle. The large puzzle is perfect for the entire family, satisfying puzzle enthusiasts as well as die-hard baseball fans. Each puzzle offers a sweeping view of their favorite field from inside the stadium, and the humongous piece count provides a challenge that rivals hitting a grand slam or striking out the side with runners in scoring position.


Sci-Fi Solution

A rainy day is the perfect occasion for a little friendly competition. With the dual player Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag game, kids can score hits by firing invisible infrared beams. With each direct hit, the spaceship-shaped shooter makes intergalactic sound effects and vibrations. The shooters have a dome on top that lights up and an easy-to-grip handle with a ‘fire’ button. Effective shooting range up to 33 feet. For indoor and outdoor play. Reset and reload button. On/off switch. Requires 6 “AAA” batteries.


Great Mind Game

Whenever your kids need a break from running around, they can still enjoy a friendly, competitive activity at the table or on the family room floor. With the Wood Shut the Box Game, kids have the opportunity to hone their math skills while trying to defeat their opponents. A traditional game of counting and probability dating back to the 18th century, the strategy game involves rolling dice and using combinations to shut down your numbers 1 through 10 before the other players. For 1 to 4 players. For ages 8 and up.


Play with the Pup

Dogs are stuck inside on rainy days just like everyone else, and are almost always excited to get involved in your kids’ fun games. With the Stuffing-Free Animal Dog Toys, your kids can pass the time playing fetch, tug-of-war and much more. Sold as a set of four, the durable toys will bring out your dog’s natural instincts, and the stuffing-free design means they won’t make a mess if they get too wild and accidentally tear open a hole. The soft, easy-to-grab toys have two squeakers inside for double the fun!

Halloween: Kid-Friendly Scary Movies

Part of the fun of Halloween is getting scared — some people like a good fright and enjoy being terrified about the unknown lurking around the corner; others don’t. In that camp, you might find your kids who enjoy things that aren’t scary or ideas that make them just mildly nervous. Either way, you want them to get into the Halloween spirit and the one way you have control over just how scared they get is with a movie. Here are 5 scary movies that are not too scary to watch with the kids

Beetlejuice A dead New England couple, trapped in their farmhouse, trying to navigate their new lives as ghosts get a wake-up for their new eternity: a family moves into their home, disrupting their routines. Too gentle to scare a mouse, they call on an expert to scare the living out of their home. The call to Beetlejuice — a strange and charmingly dynamic ghost — comes at a price. The price is paid in ghoulish adventures, but the gruesome is tempered with a lot of humor to give it a PG rating.

The Addams Family Though The Addams Family is weird and creepy, it’s so over-the-top (without being corny) that it’s more funny than scary. The family is, by nature, into pain and all-things-spooky so it can be a tad grisly for kids under the age of 13, but it’s not too terrifying to give anyone nightmares.

Coraline Coraline is an animated lesson in being careful of what you wish for! It’s about a bored little girl who moves into a new, but creepy house with her less-than-loving parents. But it’s in this house where she finds an escape into a parallel universe. There, everything that was once gray and dull is colorful and lively. Her parents are suddenly attentive and fun — but everything isn’t as it seems. The real adventure starts when Coraline tries to find her way back to reality.

Frankenweenie Losing a pet can be the most devastating experience for a child, but for young Victor, it’s not an experience he’s willing to accept. Rather than putting his dog, Sparky, to rest, Victor decides to bring him back to life in this stop-motion homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s a story too sweet to be as frightening as Frankenstein, but it has just the right amount of sinister to get the family into the Halloween spirit.

The Haunted Mansion Like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion is based on a theme park ride, so it’s designed to gently frighten children, not scare the wits out of them! The story is simple — a family moves into a mansion not knowing a ghost occupies it. That ghost is on a mission to get back his long lost love with the family entangled in the adventure. There are zombies, ghosts and a crystal ball to give it a PG rating and a Halloween thrill.

Halloween is one of our top holidays at The Lakeside Collection, but there isn’t a holiday we don’t love! From creepy decor to dress up your door for trick-or-treaters to Christmas garland to welcome holiday guests, shop Lakeside for fabulous frills at great prices.

Halloween: Harmless Tricks to Play on Your Kids

halloweenHalloween means trick-or-treat — we have the treat part down, but tricks are, well, tricky. When kids are young, candy and costumes are where the fun is, but throwing in a few tricks to help them get in the spirit of the holiday adds to the festivities. Of course, we don’t want to ruin Halloween for them so we came up with a few harmless tricks to play on your kids to get into the Halloween spirit.

Trick of a Treat When trick-or-treaters come to the door, hand them a bowl full of what you found in the junk drawer. Let them choose what they want to put in their candy bags. If they decline, pull out the real bowl of candy.

Mirror Messages Thoroughly clean the bathroom mirror. Steam up the bathroom and write a message on the mirror with your finger — you can decide how creepy or scary you want it to be. When your kids get out of the shower in the morning, they’ll be able to read the message.

halloweenSpider Spaghetti This one isn’t scary at all, but it might gross out your kids. Make a pot of spaghetti for dinner — make sure to mix the sauce with noodles before serving. Before they get to the table, stir in a few tiny plastic spiders (the kind you find at the dollar store) — not so many that they see them right off, just enough for a spider surprise when they start twisting their forks.

Menacing Mouse Mice are mostly harmless, but even as cute as they are, they’re frightening to find in the house. Don’t get a real one — a fake mouse can accomplish the right kind of scare without being terrifying your kids. All you have to do is tie fishing wire to the tail — the fishing wire should be long enough that you can leave the room, close the door and pull on it to make it look like it’s moving across the floor. When the kids are watching TV, start pulling the the fishing wire until it comes into their view and wait for the reaction.

halloweenRepositioned Pumpkins There are a couple of proud moments in a child’s life and one of them is admiring the first pumpkin they’ve ever carved. After the pumpkins are set out on the porch and the kids have gone to bed for the night, switch out the carved pumpkins with different pumpkins. You have two options with this idea: 1) trade them for very poorly carved pumpkins or 2) trade them for very elaborately carved pumpkins. Either way, your kids will be thoroughly flummoxed.

Of course, at The Lakeside Collection, we don’t want to traumatize kids, we want them to enjoy Halloween! We have dozens of Halloween items — both scary and fun — to celebrate our most haunting holiday of the year.

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week to Keep You Cozy

gingham-knit-throwsWe’re feeling the autumn winds of change here at Lakeside! The brisk October weather makes us want to cuddle up for the afternoon and watch a sappy movie. If that’s how we’re feeling, we know you’re feeling the same way so we put together some items to keep you snug this fall all the way through winter. Here is this week’s The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week to Keep You Cozy.

Gingham Style Wrap yourself up in pure comfort with this Cozy Gingham Knit Throw. Lightweight throw has a chunky, yet fluffy feel you will love to curl up in all year. The knit construction and fringe trim make it an instant classic that will fit in with your existing decor.

sock-monkey-loungewearMonkey Time Inspired by the classic toy, Women’s Sock Monkey Loungewear will keep you warm and comfortable. The polyester Hooded Robe has two contrast front pockets and a hood with sock monkey’s features, including button eyes, flappy ears and a pom-pom. It also has belt loops with a removable tie and an inner tie. S/M fits up to a size 12 and L/XL fits up to a size 20. The Pajama Set has a fun print on the pants and a screen-printed sock monkey face on the upper left chest of the shirt. mens-knit-t-shirt-and-pants


Lounge Lizard He’ll be relaxing in comfort wearing this Men’s Knit T-Shirt and Pants Lounge Set. The top has short sleeves and a scoop neckline for a simple and comfortable T-shirt fit. The pants have 2 inseam pockets and an elastic waistband with a drawstring for the perfect fit.boys-flannel-lounge-pants

Comfy Pants Get twice the style when you lounge around with this pack of boys’ flannel pants with two different prints. Each pair in the 2-pk. features soft polyester construction and an all-over print. An elastic waistband with a faux drawstring provides added comfort. Machine care. Imported.

plush-setHuggable & Snuggable Matching PJs and Plush Sets give your kids something to play with and something to wear. Comfy 2-pc. pajama sets feature button-front, long-sleeved tops and elastic waist pants. They come with huggable plush toys dressed in matching PJs.

Any season is a good season to shop The Lakeside Collection! From comfy throws for sipping cocoa by the fire to water toys for outdoor summer fun, shop Lakeside for incredible deals every day.

5 Easy Recipes for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

lak-pizzaThe kids are back at school and we now return to our regular schedules — that means meal planning — breakfast, lunch and dinner — for the whole family rather than letting the kids eat at their leisure with their relaxed summer hours. But this week you don’t have to do all of the work! September 13 is Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day. It’s a day to let your kids get in some culinary practice and give you a break from cooking. In honor of the day, we selected a few recipes easy enough for the kids to make and delicious enough for everyone to eat. Here are 5 easy recipes for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.

Piece of Pizzazz Just about every kid loves pizza, but with all of the yeast-rising and dough-tossing it’s not the easiest thing to make.  Crafty Morning  has a solution — Texas Toast Pizza! Basically, you bake the toast just a little bit, slather it with pizza sauce and top it with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni before baking it a little bit more until it’s all melty. It’s so easy, your kids just might want to make dinner every night!lak-potato-soup

Soup’s On! Now that it’s chilly out, you might be leaning toward making soup to warm you up. But rather than opening a can of split pea soup, recruit the kids to whip up something in the slow-cooker. Recipes That Crock has a perfect recipe for potato soup. It has a lot of ingredients to keep the kids busy all afternoon chopping and dicing, but the cooking part is pretty simple: lightly brown the onion and garlic with flour, then throw all of the rest of the ingredients in the slow-cooker and let it go for four hours or so. It’s not quite that simple, but pretty close and you’ll be pleased with the results.lak-enchilada

Cinchiladas To add a little spice to your options, we wanted to include enchiladas that are a cinch to prepare. This recipe might be best for older kids, but it’s still pretty easy if you use Gimme Some Oven’s pre-cooked chicken option. There’s a little bit of chopping and sauteing, but most of your kids’ energy is spent assembling the enchiladas, baking them, serving them, and cleaning up!spinach

Italian-American Of course we had to include our recipe for Cheesy Spinach Roll-ups. It’s an American twist on the Italian favorite, lasagna, only there’s no tomato sauce and instead of meat, we threw in some spinach. What makes this easier than lasagna is you don’t have to layer and layer your ingredients before you bake them — all you have to do is cook your lasagna noodles and spread your cheese and spinach mixture on each noodle, roll it up, top it with sauce and cheese and bake! It’s a one-dish-wonder your kids will want to make again and again.lak-chocolate-ice-cream

Last But Not Least… Since summer isn’t quite over yet and we have to include a dessert, we chose chocolate ice cream to end your meal on a sweet note. But don’t worry — this recipe from Best Recipe Box is neither difficult nor messy! And the best part is that it has only three ingredients! Basically, you have to make a slightly thicker version of whipped cream and freeze it. The kids won’t be able to make enough of it before it gets cold, but by the summer rolls back around, they’ll have an idea for a summer sweet treat to keep them cool when they’re on break.

Every holiday is worth celebrating at The Lakeside Collection! From easy recipes for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day to Halloween decorations to make your Halloween party haunting, look to Lakeside for great ideas and even better products.

6 Personalized Presents to Fit Just About Anyone on Your List

Coming up with the people to put on your holiday gift list is easy; making those gifts unique is a different kind of task. We’ve come up with a few items to make each of your gifts exceptional and personal. Here are 6 personalized presents to fit just about anyone on your list.

Personalized-pet-furniture-coverFor the Furry Friend The Personalized Pet Furniture Covers gives a dog or cat owner peace of mind when the pets jump on the couch. The furniture cover protects upholstered sofas, couches and chairs from soil, pet hair and scratches with the personal touch of their beloved pet’s name. The quilted, throw-style cover fits almost any size and style chair, loveseat or sofa.

Personalized-sleeping-bagIndividual Nap Sack This Personalized Sleeping Bag is perfect for sleepovers, camping trips or hanging out in the living room!  Soft and warm, it is sure to keep them nice and cozy. Rolls up and easily fits in the included carrying tote making it convenient for traveling and adding a name to be stitched in makes it practical and personal.

Personalized-pendantPersonal Pendants For your spiritual loved ones, have their names added to the Personalized Cross Pendant for a unique and unforgettable present. The shimmering yet subtle pendant has a cutout cross that can be worn every day or on special occasions.

Adorable Dolls Make this holiday extra special for the little girl in your life with a Personalized Holiday Rag Doll. She’ll love playing with this adorable rag doll with her name or her favorite name embroidered on to the doll’s dress! Dressed in a holiday romper, this doll will make Christmas morning one your little girl won’t want to forget.

Personalized-babyPersonal Pajamas Personalized Infant Long Johns are a cute gift that will keep them cozy. These charming long johns are perfect for taking naps or crawling around the house on Christmas! Personalize the back flap with a name or a cute phrase like “Baby’s First Christmas” to make the season memorable.

Personalized-sibling-tshirtCollectively Cute This Personalized Sibling T-Shirt is a perfect gift for a new big sister or brother, as well as for the new addition to the family! Personalize each with either “little,” “middle” or “big” and the child’s name. It looks adorable and makes a great photo op when siblings wear these shirts together.

The Lakeside Collection has hundreds of other gifts to choose from. Whether you want to make your gift personal or you want to make it practical, we have gifts to suit any personality.

6 Games and Puzzle Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The holidays are here and gift shopping is well underway! Though we’re looking forward to the holidays, this week we’re celebrating Games and Puzzles Week. To share our competitive spirit with you, we thought we’d give you a few stocking stuffer inspirations. Here are 6 games and puzzle stocking stuffer ideas:

Dont-Count-On-ItDon’t Count on it! Don’t Count on it Gift Card Puzzle is the gift for them and a gift for you! Slip your gift cards or cash into this wood puzzle and watch your kids struggle to free it! It’s a sneaky way to disguise a gift and everyone comes out a winner with this one. It includes instructions for how it works and how to unlock it. Reuse it for years of creative gift-giving. For ages 8 and up.

Brain-BenderMind-Bending Play For the loved one who loves to exercise the mind, try filling his or her stocking with the Bamboo Brain Bender Puzzle. Made from one of the most renewable woods on the planet, this 3-D puzzle gives the brain a serious workout — there’s only one way to solve the puzzle! The complex design makes putting it back together an all-day challenge for even the sharpest of players! For ages 8 and up.

Twisted-FarkelThe Game for Underdogs The rules are in reverse for this dice game! For the Twisted Farkel Dice Game the winner is the player with the lowest score. When a player rolls, the points go to someone else — the die labeled the “Determinator™” decides who will get that score. The first person to reach 10,000 points actually LOSES the game! It’s crazy, mixed-up family fun for ages 8 and up.

Dont-Tip-the-CowsThe Tip You Don’t Want Don’t Tip the Cows Stacking Game gives “cow tipping” new meaning. The idea is to stack as many cows as possible without the cow pile tipping over. The game includes 18 adorable, stackable cows in a travel-friendly tube. For 2-3 players ages 5 and up.

Playing-CardsPortable Play with Personality Everyone needs their own set of playing cards and with Licensed Playing Card Set, they can play cards with The Beatles, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, or John Wayne! The cards come in a collectible tin and feature pictures of the pop culture icons on every card. The set comes with two poker-sized decks of coated cards.

Gift of the Future For the teenage girl who wants to know her future, finding the Wishcraft Fortune Telling Game in her stocking is like striking gold. Psychic Pendulum predicts your future with a crystal pendulum and mystery board, while Tarot Cards uses a deck of cards, and Wishing Heart is an update on the classic fortune teller. For ages 7 and up. Special Buy–Limited Quantities Available!

There’s a lot of celebrating ahead of you, but adding Games and Puzzles Week to your list makes holiday gift shopping easier and we can simplify it even more. Be sure to check out all of our gift ideas at The Lakeside Collection as the countdown to Christmas continues.


Frugal Fun Day: 10 Fun Frugal Finds

Saturday is Frugal Fun Day! To celebrate such a practical idea, we put a fun spin on it. We’ve selected items all under $5 we think are fun. Here are 10 fun frugal finds we think you’ll enjoy.

jumbo-lollipopJumbo Lollipop Sets If you have kids in your life, this is a no-brainer.  These Jumbo Lollipop Sets are treats that last for as long as you can resist taking a bite! They’re great as stocking stuffers, gift bag treats or an afternoon sugar fix.

Licensed Art Sets Even if you don’t have any birthdays to buy for coming up, you can always squirrel this one away until the holidays. Whatever your child’s creative outlet is, these 60-piece Licensed Art Sets will satisfy it. It comes with markers, oil pastels, colored pencils and all the tools they need to use their supplies. Choose from a princess, Minnie Mouse or Spider-Man theme. And in case you forgot, it costs less than $5.

gnomesNovelty Gnome Statues Rainy days and Mondays can always be cured with the right gnome! These Novelty Gnome Statues come as different characters – biker, fireman or police officer. You might not need a gnome, but it’s a frugal and fun way to add a little more sunshine to your life.

Heartwarming Letters Humor Books Our pets and our children love to create chaos, they also love us. Heartwarming Letters Humor Books are mock letters from our most precious family members saying sorry for all their antics and amusing misdeeds. They’re perfect pick-me-up gifts for pet lovers and parents.  What makes these gifts even better is they’re priced with fun in mind.

inspirational-keychainMulti-Charm Key Chains These adorable Multi-Charm Key Chains do more than just keep your keys in place; they have the power to inspire you. They are a multi-purpose frugal, fun find — with these, just $5 buys you positive thinking every time you pick up your keys.

Lifetime Holiday Movie DVDs Winter is coming — you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors and that means you’ll need a few good movies to watch. Cuddle up with a few Lifetime Holiday Movie DVDs to pass cold December nights or, stick one or two in a stocking — it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Who can pass up movies for less than $4?

best-grandparents-ornamentsBest Grandparent Ornaments Your kids might not be able to buy their favorite grandparents presents yet, but they can give them! Grandparents can show off their grandchildren’s love on the Christmas tree with these delightful Best Grandparents Ornaments. The nice price and shimmering glass ornaments aren’t the only things that make these easy gift ideas, they also come in a gift box with a ribbon.

Purse Organizer Insert Organizing is fun with decorative Purse Organizer Inserts! In polka dots or zebra print, keep all your daily needs compartmentalized and stylish for under $5! Credit cards, cell phone, makeup – there’s a place for everything you need to take with you – and when it’s time to change purses, just pull the organizer out and slip it into the other purse. Makes it easy to match your purse to your outfit every day!

fanpullDecorative Fan Pulls For less than $5, your ceiling fan becomes functional and fun year-round with these Decorative Fan Pulls! They dress up a fan cord with a dragonfly, butterfly or owl in a pewter finish. It adds frugal style and delight to any room of the house, any season of the year.

Santa’s Magical Key Here’s the answer to question every kid who lives in a home without a fireplace: How does Santa get in to put the presents under the tree? Santa’s Magical Key explains it all. It’s a fun, frugal find that delights parents and children throughout the holidays.

snowflake-earringsBirthstone Snowflake Earrings It’s the perfect birthday gift at the perfect price! These Birthstone Snowflake Earrings dangle and dazzle to fit the upcoming holiday season. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, these earrings dress up any outfit all winter long.

Fun and frugal is what we’re all about at The Lakeside Collection. Whether you want to honor October with frugal finds or you’re looking for holiday gifts, shop The Lakeside Collection for the best products at discount prices.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week

As the weather gracefully transforms the world to autumn, it is time to start making the indoors cozy for the coming winter. Pile your bed high with new, soft bedding, and don’t forget to decorate for Halloween and the harvest season. Add a sparkling layer to your favorite outfit for extra style. Here is The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week.

Dress your dining room for your Halloween celebration with this spooky 5-Pc. Spiderweb Lace Table Set.

Dress your dining room for your Halloween celebration with this spooky 5-Pc. Spiderweb Lace Table Set.

Camo Fleece Sheet Sets make it a lot easier to hide in bed all day.

Camo Fleece Sheet Sets make it a lot easier to hide in bed all day.

Add a little bling to your wardrobe with a Plus-Size Sparkle Cardigan.

Add a little bling to your wardrobe with a Plus-Size Sparkle Cardigan.

You'll want to stay in bed forever, once you experience the astonishing softness of this Plush Microfleece Sheet Set!

You’ll want to stay in bed forever, once you experience the astonishing softness of this Plush Microfleece Sheet Set!

The High Back Sherpa Comfort Pillow lets you relax in softness and comfort while reading a book, watching TV and more.

The High Back Sherpa Comfort Pillow lets you relax in softness and comfort while reading a book, watching TV and more.