Lakeside Selection: Our Choice for Graduation Gifts

The countdown to the last day of school has begun! For some students, it’s the start of another summer, for those who are graduating, it’s the start of a new life! We want them to be prepared for whatever they have planned — whether they’re headed off to college or their backpacking through Europe.  Here’s this week’s Lakeside Selection: Our Choice for Graduation gifts.luggage

3-Pc. Luggage Set comes with different bags to suit your traveling needs. Fun, vibrant prints make sure that grad’s luggage is easily recognizable. Each bag has a zippered closure for safe storage when traveling. The duffel bag has a 13-1/2″ telescoping handle that collapses into a zippered pouch. It has a single zippered front pocket, 2 carry handles and 2 easy-glide wheels. The double-handled tote has a zippered pocket on front. The toiletry bag fits inside the tote, which fits inside the duffel for compact storage.lap-desk

Computer Lap Desk with 2 Fans keeps the grad and the grad’s you computer cooler to work more comfortably and efficiently almost anywhere. Its fans prevent the computer from overheating and the foldable table is adjustable so your grad can work flat or tilt the tray to any comfortable angle.  Sets up in seconds and opens at the press of a button and the legs are adjustable. Features a built-in mouse pad, cup and pen holder on the right side, as well as a 29″ USB cable to power the fans.jumbo-hampers

No laundry hamper is too big for a college student! The large handles of this Jumbo Handled Hamper have padded grips for comfortable maneuvering on laundry day. It’s well designed for carrying laundry to the washing machine, whether in a home, apartment building, or college dorm. But that’s not all it’s good for…it also makes a great beach bag or everyday

Display memories of your grad in a School Years Photo Collage Frame. Highlight important moments throughout your graduate’s school years in one frame. Has 12 openings for 2″ x 3″ pictures, as well as an opening in the center for a 4″ x 6″ picture. 2015-throw

A treasured keepsake for any graduate! Our woven jacquard Graduation Throw is perfect for those nights in the dorm room when it starts to get chilly! It’ll keep any graduate cozy in the dorm, overseas or in apartment far away to give them some comfort from home.

Graduation Gifts: Etiquette for Giving and Receiving

Graduation-tassleGraduation is just around the corner and that means presents! People are always concerned with the rules about gift giving – here’s what you need to know about the giving graduation gifts and receiving them.

Giving Gifts:

If you receive a graduation announcement, it is just that: a statement of an accomplishment. Graduation announcements are usually sent to an inclusive list, meaning there are a lot of people on the list with varying degrees of social importance to the sender, so announcements are not a request for gifts. A gift is not required.

It is up to the recipient of the announcement on whether it’s appropriate to send a gift or if an acknowledgement of the achievement – like a greeting card — is sufficient. If the graduate is the daughter of a co-worker you once bought Girl Scout Cookies from, a card is a fine way to recognize the occasion. If the graduate is someone you know personally or thgraduation-giftse graduate’s parents are good friends, sending a gift would be good form. If you are invited to attend the ceremony or the graduation party, the social standard is to give a gift.

If a gift is in order, you have options. You can send a personal keepsake or something functional for their new dorm room or apartment. You don’t have to go big to make the gift count — toaster ovens and microwaves are useful gifts and things a graduate can keep for a long time. This goes for gift cards and money as well. You should only give what you are comfortable with or can afford. If everyone else is sending $1,000 and you can only afford to send $10, that’s OK; it will still be appreciated.

If you are not attending the graduation ceremony or party, sending the gift or delivering it in person is fine. Bringing the gift to the graduation or party is also acceptable.

Receiving Gifts:Graduates

If you are the graduate, you did a great job and recognition should be reward enough. Don’t expect gifts – no one is required to give you anything, even if you sent them an announcement. If you do get a gift, show your gratitude: that is polite.

Thank you notes should go out as soon as possible — don’t take more than a month to give proper recognition.  Though getting out a note fast is important, a quick email for the $25 check isn’t going to cut it. For any gift, big or small, a handwritten note is necessary. Invest in a nice set of thank you cards. Because no gift is required, make your thank you count. Put thought into it with keywords like “generous” and “thoughtful.” It doesn’t have to be long – just a few sentences to show your appreciation.

No matter what the occasion or the season, gifts are a delicate detail when it comes to celebrations. When in doubt, a token for the festivities will be appreciated and it should always get a thank you note.