National Popcorn Month: Unique Ways to Eat Popcorn

PopcornIt’s National Popcorn Month and Americans LOVE popcorn. According to the Popcorn Board, over the last 40 years, consumption of popcorn has nearly tripled with each American eating approximately 52 quarts every year. That’s A LOT of popcorn! And every person has a unique way of eating it — some ways are more unusual than others. Here are 5 unique ways to eat popcorn.

Zombie Boogers You can save this one for your kids’ Halloween party. It’s not likely you can say “Zombie Boogers” in the presence of adults without getting weird, judgmental stares. YoyoMax12 takes you through the recipe step-by-step. It’s a lot of sugar, a lot of popcorn and green food coloring, but it’s not a lot of work. Though the idea of eating zombie boogers is unique and, um, disgusting, it’s a fantastic snack and conversation piece for the little ones.

churro-popcornChurro Popcorn What’s another way to say “delicious”? Churro popcorn, of course! Basically, according to Oh Sweet Basil, you melt together butter and cinnamon chips, toss the mixture with popped popcorn and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over the whole thing. You wanna know what’s almost as good as churro popcorn tastes? This little taste of heaven only takes 4 minutes to make!

pumpkin-spice-caramel-cornPumpkin Spice Caramel Corn It’s October and, though, officially it’s National Popcorn Month, it’s unofficially Pumpkin Spice Month. That means we have to include a popcorn recipe for pumpkin spice. This one comes from One Sweet Appetite. With honey, butter, vanilla alone, you can’t go wrong, but once the pumpkin spice is added, it’s a party in your mouth! It’s simple, but it takes a wee bit longer than the churros popcorn to put together — but it’s worth the time if you can’t get enough pumpkin spice on your taste buds!

Truffle Bacon Popcorn bacon-popcornNot everyone likes a sweet treat, so for those who can resist candied corn, they may not be able to resist baconed corn! Foodie Crush pairs her bacon with truffle salt, which means you’ll walk away, not just satisfied but, saturated with savory goodness. It takes slightly more effort than cooking bacon, so for a bacon lover who doesn’t like to cook, this might be the perfect recipe for a lazy Saturday of watching movies on the couch.sriracha-popcorn

Sriracha Sesame Ginger Popcorn This one is a little more exotic — at least as far as popcorn goes. This spicy-savory formula comes from Bake Your Day and, aside from her stove-top method for popping corn, all you need to be able to do is melt butter. It makes a great snack for parties — scatter little bowls around the house for people to munch on while sipping a good craft beer. Put it on your must-do list for holiday entertaining; it’s easy, delicious and it’s not as heavy as, say, cheesy spinach-artichoke dip. Your lips, your hips and your guests will thank you!

Whether you’re popping popcorn as an afternoon snack or you have an event that requires the finest popcorn you’ve ever stirred up, The Lakeside Collection can help you make it an extraordinary snack!


Halloween: Harmless Tricks to Play on Your Kids

halloweenHalloween means trick-or-treat — we have the treat part down, but tricks are, well, tricky. When kids are young, candy and costumes are where the fun is, but throwing in a few tricks to help them get in the spirit of the holiday adds to the festivities. Of course, we don’t want to ruin Halloween for them so we came up with a few harmless tricks to play on your kids to get into the Halloween spirit.

Trick of a Treat When trick-or-treaters come to the door, hand them a bowl full of what you found in the junk drawer. Let them choose what they want to put in their candy bags. If they decline, pull out the real bowl of candy.

Mirror Messages Thoroughly clean the bathroom mirror. Steam up the bathroom and write a message on the mirror with your finger — you can decide how creepy or scary you want it to be. When your kids get out of the shower in the morning, they’ll be able to read the message.

halloweenSpider Spaghetti This one isn’t scary at all, but it might gross out your kids. Make a pot of spaghetti for dinner — make sure to mix the sauce with noodles before serving. Before they get to the table, stir in a few tiny plastic spiders (the kind you find at the dollar store) — not so many that they see them right off, just enough for a spider surprise when they start twisting their forks.

Menacing Mouse Mice are mostly harmless, but even as cute as they are, they’re frightening to find in the house. Don’t get a real one — a fake mouse can accomplish the right kind of scare without being terrifying your kids. All you have to do is tie fishing wire to the tail — the fishing wire should be long enough that you can leave the room, close the door and pull on it to make it look like it’s moving across the floor. When the kids are watching TV, start pulling the the fishing wire until it comes into their view and wait for the reaction.

halloweenRepositioned Pumpkins There are a couple of proud moments in a child’s life and one of them is admiring the first pumpkin they’ve ever carved. After the pumpkins are set out on the porch and the kids have gone to bed for the night, switch out the carved pumpkins with different pumpkins. You have two options with this idea: 1) trade them for very poorly carved pumpkins or 2) trade them for very elaborately carved pumpkins. Either way, your kids will be thoroughly flummoxed.

Of course, at The Lakeside Collection, we don’t want to traumatize kids, we want them to enjoy Halloween! We have dozens of Halloween items — both scary and fun — to celebrate our most haunting holiday of the year.

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week to Keep You Cozy

gingham-knit-throwsWe’re feeling the autumn winds of change here at Lakeside! The brisk October weather makes us want to cuddle up for the afternoon and watch a sappy movie. If that’s how we’re feeling, we know you’re feeling the same way so we put together some items to keep you snug this fall all the way through winter. Here is this week’s The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week to Keep You Cozy.

Gingham Style Wrap yourself up in pure comfort with this Cozy Gingham Knit Throw. Lightweight throw has a chunky, yet fluffy feel you will love to curl up in all year. The knit construction and fringe trim make it an instant classic that will fit in with your existing decor.

sock-monkey-loungewearMonkey Time Inspired by the classic toy, Women’s Sock Monkey Loungewear will keep you warm and comfortable. The polyester Hooded Robe has two contrast front pockets and a hood with sock monkey’s features, including button eyes, flappy ears and a pom-pom. It also has belt loops with a removable tie and an inner tie. S/M fits up to a size 12 and L/XL fits up to a size 20. The Pajama Set has a fun print on the pants and a screen-printed sock monkey face on the upper left chest of the shirt. mens-knit-t-shirt-and-pants


Lounge Lizard He’ll be relaxing in comfort wearing this Men’s Knit T-Shirt and Pants Lounge Set. The top has short sleeves and a scoop neckline for a simple and comfortable T-shirt fit. The pants have 2 inseam pockets and an elastic waistband with a drawstring for the perfect fit.boys-flannel-lounge-pants

Comfy Pants Get twice the style when you lounge around with this pack of boys’ flannel pants with two different prints. Each pair in the 2-pk. features soft polyester construction and an all-over print. An elastic waistband with a faux drawstring provides added comfort. Machine care. Imported.

plush-setHuggable & Snuggable Matching PJs and Plush Sets give your kids something to play with and something to wear. Comfy 2-pc. pajama sets feature button-front, long-sleeved tops and elastic waist pants. They come with huggable plush toys dressed in matching PJs.

Any season is a good season to shop The Lakeside Collection! From comfy throws for sipping cocoa by the fire to water toys for outdoor summer fun, shop Lakeside for incredible deals every day.

Pinteresting Picks for September

The fall chill is starting to sweep in, but Lakeside customers know everything is going to be owl-right! At least that’s what we gather from our Pinterest followers! For our top pins in September, three out of five products were all about owls! Who can blame them? Owls are adorable. They’re so adorable, we have to share them with you. Here are Lakeside’s Pinteresting picks for September.

harvest-owl-tabletop-setsTop This Bring the colors of fall into your kitchen with these Harvest Owl Tabletop Sets. The Set of 3 Bowls is perfect for mixing, storing and serving. They nest together for compact storage. Microwave and dishwasher safe. The 3-Pc. Tabletop Set features owl-shaped salt and pepper shakers with plastic stoppers and a spoon rest in the shape of an owl.

owl-counter-top-collectionTop That The Owl Countertop Collection is a multifunctional addition to your kitchen. Store staple ingredients in the 4-Pc. Canisters and Tray Set. Each owl has a lid, and the metal tray has decorative trim. Small, 4″ dia. x 6-1/2″H, each. Large, 4-3/4″ dia. x 7-5/8″H. Use the 4-Pc. Measuring Cup Set as the familiar kitchen tool, or display them to brighten up the room. Each has a pour spout. Ceramic. Ceramic pieces, dishwasher and microwave safe. Tray, hand wash.

owl-table-top-collectionTop Those Set a trendy table with pieces from the Owl Tabletop Collection. Each piece is decorated with the same owl design in various colors. The 3-Section Server (13-1/2″ x 5″) lets you bring 3 different foods to the table in a single dish. The Set of 3 Serving Bowls is graduated in size and nests together for easy storage. Serve coffee or tea in the Set of 4 Mugs (16 oz., each), and use the Set of 4 Dinner Plates (10-3/4″ dia., each) for the main course. Earthenware. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

brick-sliding-clipsClip It On Fast and affordable, Brick and Siding Clips help you decorate without causing damage to your home. Hang decorations, pictures, flags, holiday lights, stockings and wreaths without holes, nails and adhesives. The Set of 4 Brick Clip Hooks (approx. 2-3/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 3/8″, each) can be used on brick walls and chimneys indoors and out. They install in seconds by clipping directly to the brick. Supports up to 25 lbs. per clip. No holes to drill and no damage to bricks or mortar. Tempered spring steel. For use on standard bricks 2-1/8″ to 2-1/2″ high. The Set of 4 Siding Clips (approx. 4-1/8″ x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″, each) is designed exclusively for use with vinyl siding. Installs quickly and holds up to 12 lbs. per hook. They will not damage your vinyl siding panels. They can be easily repositioned or removed.

laundry-room-wall-hangingsHang It Up Laundry Room Wall Hanging is a novel way to give that room some character. Each wooden sign features a visual accent that can also come in handy as you work. The Laundry sign (15-3/4″ x 7-7/8″ x 1-1/2″) has 3 knobs to hang small articles of clothing as you fold or sort. Keep the Change (10″ x 8″ x 3-3/4″) has a glass mason jar attached with a raffia tie that you can use to hold coins found in pockets, buttons that have come loose and other small objects left in the hamper. Lost Socks (15-7/8″ x 9″ x 1″) has 3 clothespins to hold separated socks while you look for their mates. Each comes ready to hang.


Halloween: Inspiration for Last-Minute Costumes

reaper-swingerHalloween is here again — some people spend an entire year coming up with spectacular ideas for costumes and others spend exactly five minutes coming up with something mediocre. If you’re in the five-minute camp, here are a few last-minute costume themes to inspire you.

Puns Puns are super cheap and easy to put together, you just have to come up with something clever to base it on. Do you have a phrase your friends know you by? Or if there is a funny term that makes no sense to you, make sense of it with your costume! Throw a medal around your neck or carry a trophy and a loaf of bread to be a “breadwinner.” If you have some extra grey paint chips leftover from your last home improvement project, tape them on your shirt and call yourself 50 Shades of Grey.

rubiks-cubeThe ‘80s It’s easy to come up with something fun to dress up as from the ‘80s. Think about movie characters you liked or pop stars. Have a leather jacket, sunglasses and a guitar? Think George Michael’s Faith. Have a box big enough to wear? Paint colorful squares on it, and you’re a Rubik’s Cube. How about Daniel from The Karate Kid — all you need is a karategi. Or if you have a stethoscope and a doctor’s white coat, you can be Doogie Howser, M.D. Have colorful clothes and maybe a tutu that you will never wear in public? Wear them with your hair teased and colored pink and you can be Cyndi Lauper. There are hundreds of ‘80s costume ideas waiting to be thought up.

minecraft-costumeCartoons It’s not as hard as you think to put together a costume to replicate cartoon characters. Just think of the color scheme and build on that with your own clothes. If you want to me a Minion, all you need is a yellow shirt, overalls (or jeans with blue suspenders) and swimming goggles and you’re ready to go. Have a Minecraft obsession? To be Minecraft Steve, all you need is a blue t-shirt, jeans and a pixelated sword which you can fashion out cardboard. If you want to put work into it, make a pixelated head out of a cardboard box.

jellybeansCandy Candy is super easy to pull off as a costume at the last minute. Just think about colors, shapes and packaging. If you want to be jelly beans, get a big clear plastic bag — big enough to wear over your torso (poke two holes to put your legs through) and fill it with small, colorful balloons. Orange pants, yellow shirt and white hat transforms you into a piece of candy corn. Have a pastel tutu and leotard? Throw it on and call yourself cotton candy.

You don’t have to be a seamstress or an expert crafter to be able to throw together a clever costume. With little help from The Lakeside Collection, a great costume is just an idea away!

5 Soup Recipes to Welcome Fall

beer-and-cheddar-soupThe weather is quickly turning and soon it’s going to be a bit chilly to enjoy another salad — but that’s OK, there are plenty of warm meals we’re looking forward to making as the temperatures drop. At The Lakeside Collection, one of the things we can’t wait to make is soup! We scoured the Internet for the most delicious ideas to stir in our pots and we think you’ll like them, too. Here are 5 soup recipes to welcome fall.

Beer: It’s What’s for Dinner Beer and cheddar aren’t two things you’d expect to see on a blog called Diethood — but to be clear, “diet” doesn’t mean cutting out fat and carbs, it’s just all the food we eat and enjoy. And there’s a lot to enjoy with this beer and cheddar soup! In addition to cheddar and beer, this one requires carrots, onions, garlic — and because this is made with vegetable stock, it’s a green light for vegetarians to put it on their menu.

cauliflower-soupRed Pepper & Cauliflower Power Here’s something you might not find in your canned soup aisle: roasted red pepper and cauliflower soup. It’s a pretty straightforward recipe from Gal on a Mission — roast your cauliflower and peppers while you dice your onions and mince your garlic, simmer it all together until the flavors have bloomed and steeped. Then, put it all in a blender to make it smooth. It’s perfect with a grilled cheese sandwich on a chilly fall afternoon.tuscan-bean-soup

Under the Tuscan Sun You don’t have to be in Florence or Pisa to enjoy the culinary delights of Tuscany — all you need are a few beans, spices and vegetables to get the flavor of the culture thanks to The Wanderlust Kitchen. This one is a very hardy soup — it could actually be served by itself as a meal. It’s a pretty impressive amalgam of vegetables; most of your daily vegetable requirements can be met with just one bowl! Lucky for you, this makes many bowls so your veggies can be taken care of for the whole week.

tortilla-soupLow-Maintenance Mexican For those who don’t have the time to do a lot of prep work but want the benefits of a delicious homemade soup, I have a Future and a Hope has the solution: Five Ingredient Chicken Tortilla Soup. It’s so easy, it doesn’t feel like cooking! Basically, you dump all five ingredients in a slow cooker and let it go for a few hours. Start this in the morning and by the time you get home from work, you have a steaming bowl of spicy soup to warm up your fall evening!

potato-soupPotato Passion You can’t put together a list of soups without including one for potato soup. This one comes from Happiness is Homemade. It’s a slow cooker recipe, but it’s not quite as easy as the tortilla soup — you do have to do a little bit of sauteing, but letting it go in the slow cooker is what makes it magical. Creamy or chunky, it’s a delicious way to add a little warmth to your autumn.

Fall is just the beginning of our favorite time of year at The Lakeside Collection! We have so many events to coordinate and celebrate and we know you do, too! Let us help you make your holidays entertaining and bright with fun products at practical prices.

DIY Ideas to Make Your House Smell Like Fall

fall-leavesFall is an all-sensory season! From the colors of the leaves as they fall to the chill in the air as we approach winter, the season gets to us from all angles. Fall fragrances also permeate each day — scents we want to bring in our homes. It’s easy enough to create a warm, cinnamony scent by baking an apple pie or pumpkin muffins, but, realistically speaking, you can’t do that every day. But there are other ways you can bring the fragrances of fall inside to help you get the most out of the season. Here are 4 DIY ideas to make your home smell like fall.

pomanderPomander Pomanders are easy to make at home and don’t require a lot of materials. All you need are whole cloves and an orange. Use the cloves to puncture the skin of the orange and leave it in there like a pushpin. Cover the orange with cloves — you can create little designs if you’re crafty! The pomander’s aesthetic may not suit your style, so you may want to tuck it out of sight while it creates fall scents for weeks.

Stove-Top Potpourri Stove-top potpourri is probably the easiest way to get the fall fragrance moving in your house. All you do is toss your ingredients in a sauce pan, cover it with water and let it simmer on low. You can let it go all day if you’re able to keep an eye on it and add water as it’s needed so it doesn’t burn.

Here are a few ideas for a few autumn blends:

Orange Appeal

  • 1 orange peel
  • 3 cinnamon sticks (break to release the scent)
  • 2 TB whole cloves
  • 1 TB nutmeg

Spiced Lemon

  • 1 lemon peel
  • 3 cinnamon sticks (break to release the scent)
  • 1 TB nutmeg
  • 1 TB allspice

Apple Aura

  • 3 Cinnamon sticks (break to release the scent)
  • 1 apple sliced
  • 1 orange peel
  • 1 TB whole cloves
  • 1 TB nutmeg
  • 1 TB allspice

DIY-CandleDIY Candles and Tarts DIY scented candles and tarts for tart warmers are surprisingly easy to make. Basically, you get paraffin wax and wicks from a craft store and jars or old glasses of your choosing (thrift stores are good for this). Heat the wax in a double boiler, while the wax is melting, secure the wick in your jar and keep it straight by tying it to a popsicle stick or chopstick to suspend it over the jar (to keep it in place while the wax cools and hardens). When you add your scents, you’ll want to put them in by layers — put a little bit of your scented material in and then pour in a little bit of wax and repeat this until your jar is as full as you want it.

Ideas for autumn blends:

Vanilla Latte

  • Whole Coffee Beans
  • Chopped Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Spice

  • Chopped Vanilla Beans
  • Gnd Cinnamon
  • Gnd Cloves

Autumn Spice

  • Gnd Ginger
  • Gnd Cinnamon
  • Gnd Cloves

Pumpkin Spice

  • Gnd cinnamon
  • Gnd ginger
  • Gnd nutmeg
  • Gnd cloves
  • Gnd allspice

DIY Dried Potpourri DIY dried potpourri is pretty easy to put together. Take all the items that make fall smell so good, and toss them together to leave in little bowls throughout your house to keep it smelling delightful throughout the holidays. You can mix and match a few dried elements and add a few drops of essential oils like cedarwood and pine to  give it a long-lasting fall fragrance:Pot-pourri

  • Dried Orange slices
  • Dried Apple slices
  • Pine cones
  • Dried Juniper berries
  • Whole cloves
  • Dried Rose hips
  • Dried Rosemary
  • Cinnamon sticks

Making your home comfortable and welcoming is our top priority at The Lakeside Collection. Whether you’re expecting holiday guests and need a few new sets of linens or you need entertaining inspiration, look to Lakeside for great products and awesome ideas.

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week for the Changing Seasons

fleece-hooded-capeWe still have a few weeks before fall officially starts, but we can feel the seasons changing already. We’re getting ready for the cool weather so we thought we’d put together a list for you to prepare for what’s to come as well. Here is this week’s The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week for the Changing Seasons.

Mild Weather Mod Eliminate bulky layers in chilly weather with the Women’s Fleece Hooded Cape. This stylish piece of outerwear is ideal for layering with your favorite turtleneck and boots. Secured by 6 toggles, this sophisticated cape will keep you warm just about wherever you go.

LED-capPractical Headgear Get both a hands-free light and a cold weather accessory with this men’s LED Knit Cap. Featuring a comfortable stretch fit, it keeps your head warm and equips you with a bright LED light for hunting, hiking or any outdoor work. Turn the light on and off with a hidden switch.

camo-fleece-crawlersCute & Cozy The Baby Camo Fleece Crawler keeps them cozy on chilly days. The outdoorsy camo print gets baby ready for fun adventures at home. A full front zipper and a single snap at the neck makes it easy to put on and remove.

sherpa-throwPleasantly Plush You’ll love cuddling up under this Plush Star Sherpa Throw. The cozy polyester throw is ultra soft and luxurious to keep you warm as the temperatures start to drop. On your bed or on your couch in front of the TV, once you’re under the sherpa throw, you won’t want to come out until winter is over.

hooded-toggle-front-peacoatComfort & Style Girls’ Hooded Toggle-Front Peacoat will keep her warm and looking stylish all winter long. The collared coat features a hood that’s lined in a fashionable leopard print pattern. Peacoat-style jacket secures with a zipper closure and 3 toggle buttons. Two front pockets keep her hands toasty. Polyester and wool shell with polyester lining. Imported.

5 Easy Recipes for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

lak-pizzaThe kids are back at school and we now return to our regular schedules — that means meal planning — breakfast, lunch and dinner — for the whole family rather than letting the kids eat at their leisure with their relaxed summer hours. But this week you don’t have to do all of the work! September 13 is Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day. It’s a day to let your kids get in some culinary practice and give you a break from cooking. In honor of the day, we selected a few recipes easy enough for the kids to make and delicious enough for everyone to eat. Here are 5 easy recipes for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.

Piece of Pizzazz Just about every kid loves pizza, but with all of the yeast-rising and dough-tossing it’s not the easiest thing to make.  Crafty Morning  has a solution — Texas Toast Pizza! Basically, you bake the toast just a little bit, slather it with pizza sauce and top it with shredded mozzarella and pepperoni before baking it a little bit more until it’s all melty. It’s so easy, your kids just might want to make dinner every night!lak-potato-soup

Soup’s On! Now that it’s chilly out, you might be leaning toward making soup to warm you up. But rather than opening a can of split pea soup, recruit the kids to whip up something in the slow-cooker. Recipes That Crock has a perfect recipe for potato soup. It has a lot of ingredients to keep the kids busy all afternoon chopping and dicing, but the cooking part is pretty simple: lightly brown the onion and garlic with flour, then throw all of the rest of the ingredients in the slow-cooker and let it go for four hours or so. It’s not quite that simple, but pretty close and you’ll be pleased with the results.lak-enchilada

Cinchiladas To add a little spice to your options, we wanted to include enchiladas that are a cinch to prepare. This recipe might be best for older kids, but it’s still pretty easy if you use Gimme Some Oven’s pre-cooked chicken option. There’s a little bit of chopping and sauteing, but most of your kids’ energy is spent assembling the enchiladas, baking them, serving them, and cleaning up!spinach

Italian-American Of course we had to include our recipe for Cheesy Spinach Roll-ups. It’s an American twist on the Italian favorite, lasagna, only there’s no tomato sauce and instead of meat, we threw in some spinach. What makes this easier than lasagna is you don’t have to layer and layer your ingredients before you bake them — all you have to do is cook your lasagna noodles and spread your cheese and spinach mixture on each noodle, roll it up, top it with sauce and cheese and bake! It’s a one-dish-wonder your kids will want to make again and again.lak-chocolate-ice-cream

Last But Not Least… Since summer isn’t quite over yet and we have to include a dessert, we chose chocolate ice cream to end your meal on a sweet note. But don’t worry — this recipe from Best Recipe Box is neither difficult nor messy! And the best part is that it has only three ingredients! Basically, you have to make a slightly thicker version of whipped cream and freeze it. The kids won’t be able to make enough of it before it gets cold, but by the summer rolls back around, they’ll have an idea for a summer sweet treat to keep them cool when they’re on break.

Every holiday is worth celebrating at The Lakeside Collection! From easy recipes for Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day to Halloween decorations to make your Halloween party haunting, look to Lakeside for great ideas and even better products.

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week for Halloween

The first of the season’s holidays is creeping up on us! You’re probably not thinking about Halloween costumes and decor yet, but you should be! We put together of some of our favorite Halloween products to inspire you to come up with the spookiest costumes and decor you can. Here is this week’s The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week for Halloween.halloween-bloomers

Cute & Spooky She’ll look adorable in Ruffly Rumps Holiday Bloomers & Legwarmers. The festive set is wonderful for pictures and family parties. The bloomers fit over a diaper and give any outfit extra color. It features an elastic waist and cuffs, as well as 3 tiers of ruffles. Stretchy, coordinating legwarmers also have ruffled cuffs.skull-gloves

Subtly Scary LED Flashing Skull Gloves will make you the spooky center of attention. High-quality gloves have a cool skeleton design, complete with finger bones. Color-changing LEDs glow on each fingertip in shades of red to blue to green. At night, the black knit seems to disappear, drawing all eyes to the lights. Watch them shift colors, or pick just one. Wear them for Halloween parties, camping, performances and more.reaper-swinger

Chilling Welcome Welcome party guests or trick-or-treaters with this Light & Sound Animated Swinger. Sound-activated ghoul has eyes that light up in red as it wildly kicks its legs in a scissors-like motion. The witch says creepy phrases, while the Reaper lets out evil laughter. For use indoors or on a covered porch.pumpkin-tablecloth

Elegantly Creepy Drape your table in elegance with the sheer design of this Lace Pumpkin Tablecloth. Plump pumpkins and smiling jack-o’-lanterns are scattered all over the tablecloth in an eye-catching pattern. A scalloped border makes an attractive finishing touch.metal-lanterns

Eerily Eclectic Create a glowing ambiance with this Set of 2 Metal Lanterns. Their sturdy construction allows you to leave them out all season long. At dusk, place your favorite tea lights in each lantern and watch the light shine through the cutout designs. Place on your front steps, porch or even hang by the attached handle and light up the way for your visitors.