25 Unique Pumpkin Decorations for the Fall Season

If you’ve thumbed through our Fall Favorites Catalog, you’ve probably discovered more than a handful of fall pumpkin decorations. From fall outdoor decor to pumpkin decor for Halloween and Thanksgiving, you’ll find a variety of unique pumpkins to decorate your home. Here’s a fun list of our favorite unique pumpkin decorations for the fall season.


Outdoor Fall Pumpkin Decorations

Bless this Home Harvest Collection


Welcome guests and deck out your porch for the fall season with the “Bless this Home” Harvest Collection. A trendy chevron pattern on the pumpkins ties each piece together.

Harvest Gatherings Porch Decor


Create a fun look for fall with Harvest Gatherings Porch Collection. Choose from the Burlap Pumpkin Wreath, Pumpkin Yard Stake, Sitting Scarecrow or just add all three!

Harvest Porch Wood Pumpkins


Pull off a festive look on your front porch this harvest season these Harvest Porch Wood Pumpkins. Each pumpkin has a distinct pattern that will look great on your porch steps.

Harvest Pumpkin Seasonal Swag


Put your holiday spirit on display by hanging this Seasonal Swag on your front door this fall. It’s the perfect substitute for a wreath, and can be used all the way to Thanksgiving.

LED Pumpkin Man


The LED Pumpkin Man looks cute sitting on a porch bench or hay bale. The country style is great for the fall season, while the witch hat adds a fun accent for Halloween.

Welcome Fall Garden Decor


Get your yard ready for the season with this Welcome Fall Garden Decor. Choose from the Scarecrow Welcome Stake, the Rustic Pumpkin Wagon, Squirrel or collect them all!

Indoor Fall Pumpkin Decorations

3-Pc. Harvest Quilt Set


Welcome fall with the festive pattern of this 3-Pc. Harvest Quilt Set. The design includes festive pumpkins and fall leaves. It also features vermicelli stitching and plaid borders.

Pumpkin & Stars Bathroom Collection


The Pumpkin & Stars Bathroom Collection brings a seasonal touch to any fall bathroom. The collection features autumn pumpkins and leaves, as well as primitive country stars.

Set of 3 Harvest Pumpkins


Set of 3 Harvest Pumpkins is the perfect decor for the fall season. Each pumpkin in the set is inscribed with a different phrase that’s perfect for fall or a Thanksgiving tabletop.

Lighted Fall Grapevine Collection


Decorate your home for the harvest season with this Lighted Fall Grapevine Collection. Choose from the String Lights Set, Small or Large Rattan Pumpkins, or feature all three!

Harvest Wall Art


Harvest Wall Art is the perfect decorative accent piece for the changing seasons. The chalkboard-style design combines a variety of harvest imagery, including pumpkins.

4-Pc. Ceramic Pumpkin Centerpiece


Each pumpkin in this 4-Pc. Ceramic Pumpkin Centerpiece Set has a removable lid and a spacious interior that’s perfect for holding candy or as a catch-all for random goodies.

Lighted Scarecrow Figures


Decorate your home for fall with a Lighted Scarecrow Figurine. The friendly scarecrows are dressed in traditional country attire with harvest items, including light-up pumpkins.

Harvest Decor Medley


Put this Harvest Decor Medley on display to celebrate the incoming season. It features a Pumpkin Welcome Sign, as well as Crow Figurines perched on a fall-inspired stand.

Harvest Tabletop Collection


The Harvest Tabletop Collection enables you to set the table in style. Take your pick of the Small Platter, Large Platter, Set of 4 Plates, Dip Server, Chip ‘n’ Dip or get them all.

Decorative Country Accents


Give your kitchen a touch of country charm with this decorative accent. It’s farm-to-table decor with a vintage look. Pumpkin Bottle Cap Art looks great as an accent on any wall.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

Disney LED Pumpkins


This Disney LED Pumpkin makes it possible to celebrate the season with your favorite character. Each awesome pumpkin lights up from the inside for a glowing appearance.

Set of 2 Metal Pumpkin Lanterns


This Set of 2 Metal Pumpkin Lanterns is a safer and more decorative alternative to real pumpkins. Add a few tea light candles and the light will shine through their cutout faces.

Banner Set or Rattan Pumpkins


Add a few pumpkins to your porch for Halloween with Triple Stacked Lighted Pumpkins from the Banner Set or Rattan Pumpkins collection. The classic look for trick-or-treating.

8′ Inflatable Pumpkin Patch


“Grow” an instant pumpkin patch in your yard with this 8′ inflatable Pumpkin Patch. It is super easy to set up, and features seven jack-o’-lantern pumpkins in different sizes.

Pumpkin 2-Pc. Halloween Kitchen Set


This 2-Pc. Halloween Kitchen Set adds a vibrant, seasonal look to your cooking area. It features a pot holder and kitchen towel held together with a button and easily detach.

Twinkling Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns


Trick-or-treaters will be relieved to come across the less-than-frightening face of this Twinkling Mason Jar Halloween Lantern. Interior features 10 white LED string light.

Twilight Halloween Decor Collection


The Twilight Halloween Decor Collection is the perfect Halloween decor for a Halloween party. Display the Wreath, LED Tree, Pumpkin Set and Lighted Mantel Scarf together.

Halloween Figures


Lighten up the mood with this not-so-scary Halloween Figurine. Piece together the full display with the Happy Witch Block, Halloween Figure and the Pumpkins with Spider.

60″ Swinging Dead Creatures


This 60″ Swinging Dead Creature is just what you need to finish off your spooky setup for trick-or-treaters. This eerie creature watches over your home from its swing perch.

There are plenty more Halloween decorations in our Fall Favorites Catalog. Request a free fall catalog today, or check out our entire selection of Halloween decorations online.

Halloween Decorations: Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone

Halloween will be here in just a few short weeks. There’s still plenty of time to get your orders in, receive the goods and put up your decorations in time for Halloween. Our favorite haunted holiday comes and goes too quickly. The good news is you can proudly display your scary decorations for the entire month of October if you want. Get your Halloween decorations while there’s still time! Here’s a few of our Halloween favorites.

It’s Alive!
These frightening Halloween decorations move, light up or make spooky sounds!

The scary Barking Skeleton Dog is perfect for frightening Halloween guests and trick-or-treaters. Sound and touch activated, it unleashes a devilish barking noise (and its eyes light up red) when people get too close.

The Radio Control Tarantula looks so real it might scare your friends! Move the tarantula forward, backward and side-to-side, or press the auto-movement feature to make it crawl and spin on its own. Eyes light up red.

55″ Animated Demoness springs to life to startle trick-or-treaters who dare approach your door. Hanging by shackles, the sound-activated demoness’ eyes glow red, and she shakes as she belts out scary warnings.

Wicked Witches
Go for a classic Halloween look with a classic Halloween character…

Transform your yard into a ghostly gathering spot with the Halloween Silhouettes. The solar lanterns create spooky shadows at night. The 3-Pc. Stake Set creates a scene of witches working over a steamy cauldron.

Halloween Witch’s Brooms accent your home in the spirit of the season. It features natural elements such as grapevine, burlap and raffia alongside spooky accents and a witty phrase. Easily disassembles for storage.

Enjoy the funnier side of Halloween with Sound & Motion Crashing Witch. The poor thing looks like she just crashed into a wall. Activated by sound, her legs start kicking, and she screams and says several phrases.

Perfect Pumpkins
Enjoy the lighter side of Halloween with Jack-O’-Lanterns and decorative pumpkins!

Metal Polka Dot Pumpkins add playful color for your autumn home. Metal tabs attach leaves to the pumpkin. The scrollwork stem doubles as a hanger so you can display the pumpkin from a hook for an original look.

The color-changing 14″ Lighted Stacked Pumpkins adds a cute look to your Halloween decor. Each friendly jack-o’-lantern face lights up different shades. Their carved wood look fits in nicely with rustic country decor.

Add some rustic charm to your Halloween porch with the Country Lighted Welcome Pumpkin. Perfect as a friendly greeting, the LED light inside simulates real candlelight, safely shining through the six cutout stars.

Halloween Crunch Time: Final Ideas for the Big Day

It’s Halloween crunch time! No need to freak out if you haven’t yet transformed your house into that haunted dream mansion. There’s still a little time to stock up on spooky decorations, costume accessories and more. Plan, brainstorm and get excited about the holiday with these informative Halloween articles from Lakeside.


Tips for Carving Your Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween is on its way! While you’re coming up with clever costume ideas for a big night of trick-or-treating, you can also begin decorating. Pumpkin carving is at the top of the list for most of our holiday checklists, so make sure you do it right. Here are a few pumpkin-carving tips for an easy and long-lasting jack-o-lantern.


Alternative Halloween Activities for Non-Trick-or-Treaters
Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays, but not every family celebrates the same way. Some kids aren’t the right age, neighborhood safety could be a concern, trick-or-treating might not be popular in your area. It’s smart to have alternatives up your sleeve. Consider these different ways to celebrate Halloween.


How to Create a Spooky Bedroom for Your Kids
Kids love spooky haunted houses on Halloween, but creating that eerie feeling in your home can be a lot of work with your busy schedule. If you want to give kids the horrifying Halloween experience they’ve been begging for, consider confining it to their room. Here are four ideas to create a spooky bedroom for kids.


Opportunity Knocks: Treat Yourself to a Tricked-Out Door
Transforming your porch into a Halloween haven can take a lot of time. But you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to create awesome, kid-friendly Halloween decor. With easy-to-find supplies, free printables, and creativity, you can take advantage of the most visited aspect of your Halloween home: your front door!


Halloween Pet Safety Tips
Halloween is a frightful night! While the kids love to get spooked when they patrol for candy, there can be safety concerns, and they’re not limited to children. Even if the treats are safe for kids, they may not be for our pets. Here are six important things to watch out for to keep our pets safe during Halloween festivities.

Halloween Tricks for Parents & Ideas for Fall Decorating

Fall is here and Halloween is on the horizon. It’s time to start shopping for Halloween decor. And for parents with kids and trick-or-treaters, it’s time to figure out your Halloween game plan. Learn some Halloween tricks to help get you through the holiday and a few ideas for fall decorating with this Lakeside article showcase.


Tips on Explaining Halloween Traditions to Toddlers
Frightening images are everywhere leading up to the end of October. It’s impossible to completely shield kids from the haunting imagery associated with the spooky holiday. As we get closer to Halloween, kids, especially younger kids, will inevitably begin to ask question about the holiday and all the scary stuff they see. Here’s a few tips on explaining monsters, ghosts and all those creepy creatures to your little toddlers.


Electronics and Other Ideas to Keep Tabs on Trick-or-Treaters
Halloween can be a stressful time for parents who aren’t used to the idea of their child going house to house without a chaperone for the first time. However, with some organization, a few rules and modern technology, it’s perfectly possible to keep tabs on your little trick-or-treaters to guarantee they’re perfectly safe till curfew. Read on to review a few important trick-or-treat guidelines to make sure your kids are safer on Halloween.


Clever Ways to Feature Autumn Leaves in Your Home
Nothing says fall like beautiful autumn leaves. They arrive just as quickly as they depart. Soon, we will look up and be surprised by bare branches. Some of us enjoy the fall season so much we try to feature it in our homes, and there’s no better way to give our homes seasonal style than by bringing in a bit of the outdoors. Learn how to preserve beautiful leaves and how to display them with these clever tips on autumn leaves.

Seasonal Harvest Decor that Also Works for Halloween

The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year. But it can also be difficult if you’re trying to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving back to back. As long as you’re not dedicated to transforming your home into a haunted nightmare, it’s easy to find seasonal harvest decor that also works for Halloween. Check out some of our best harvest ensembles for the front porch, bathroom, living room and dining room.

Front Porch Favorites


Harvest Porch Decor can be displayed during the entire autumn season. Get a Pumpkin Door Hanger and Wooden Pumpkins to liven up your porch for fall, and flip around the Set of 3 Pillows for a Halloween theme.

Add beautiful accent light to your porch with the Hanging Star Candleholder. The glass panels feature an etched design and the perfect color for fall. It opens in the center to reveal a holder for your tea light candle.


The Seasonal Porch Sitter Planter will look great on your front steps all season long. The cute character is holding a planter box. Add your favorite flowers or fall plant to the box for a display your guests won’t forget.

Easily stay festive no matter what the season with the 9-Pc. Interchangeable Seasonal Yard Stake. With a variety of seasonal greetings to keep you covered all year, it has what you need to get through the holidays.

Autumn Interior Decorating Ideas


The Pumpkin & Stars Bathroom Collection brings a warm, seasonal autumn touch to your bathroom space. Get a wide range of useful items to cover your entire bathroom with pumpkins, country stars and fall leaves.

Decorate your living room with family-friendly Halloween decor using a Primitive Country Halloween Pillow. The harvest colors and symbols are ideal for autumn, and the Halloween elements are simple and innocent.


The Primitive Country Stuffed Pumpkins add a simple, stylish touch to your harvest display nearly anywhere in your home, even as a dining room centerpiece. Each features a patchwork design with traditional colors.

Create an autumn display for your kitchen or dining room table with a 4-Pc. Ceramic Pumpkin Centerpiece. Each pumpkin has a removable lid and a spacious interior for holding Halloween candy or random goodies.

Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Sneak Peek

Halloween kicks off over two full months of holiday fun. The holidays are only stressful if you don’t start preparing early. Take a look at Lakeside’s Halloween sneak peek to get ideas and learn some fun facts.


Transforming Your Front Porch to Frighten Trick-or-Treaters
Halloween can be just as fun for adults. You might not get to trick-or-treat like you used to, but you can still fill an important role in the Halloween world by turning your front porch into a haunting spot to frighten trick-or-treaters. Get into the holiday spirit by transforming your front porch to frighten the neighborhood.


Halloween Costumes that Never Go Out of Style
Costume parties always feature fresh, funny takes on current events, never-before-seen group ensembles and new approaches to classic favorites. It’s fun to think up new ideas, but hard to beat classic characters. Check out this list of spooky costumes that never go out of style and get inspired to update an old favorite.


5 Foods from Around the Globe that Freak Out Most Americans
Every country in the world has local foods that just don’t make sense to tourists. The truth is, more than a few of these taboo foods are nightmares for most Americans who aren’t accustomed to local tastes and customs. Take a trip to every corner of the globe and learn about these five foods that are likely to freak you out.

Halloween: Kid-Friendly Scary Movies

Part of the fun of Halloween is getting scared — some people like a good fright and enjoy being terrified about the unknown lurking around the corner; others don’t. In that camp, you might find your kids who enjoy things that aren’t scary or ideas that make them just mildly nervous. Either way, you want them to get into the Halloween spirit and the one way you have control over just how scared they get is with a movie. Here are 5 scary movies that are not too scary to watch with the kids

Beetlejuice A dead New England couple, trapped in their farmhouse, trying to navigate their new lives as ghosts get a wake-up for their new eternity: a family moves into their home, disrupting their routines. Too gentle to scare a mouse, they call on an expert to scare the living out of their home. The call to Beetlejuice — a strange and charmingly dynamic ghost — comes at a price. The price is paid in ghoulish adventures, but the gruesome is tempered with a lot of humor to give it a PG rating.

The Addams Family Though The Addams Family is weird and creepy, it’s so over-the-top (without being corny) that it’s more funny than scary. The family is, by nature, into pain and all-things-spooky so it can be a tad grisly for kids under the age of 13, but it’s not too terrifying to give anyone nightmares.

Coraline Coraline is an animated lesson in being careful of what you wish for! It’s about a bored little girl who moves into a new, but creepy house with her less-than-loving parents. But it’s in this house where she finds an escape into a parallel universe. There, everything that was once gray and dull is colorful and lively. Her parents are suddenly attentive and fun — but everything isn’t as it seems. The real adventure starts when Coraline tries to find her way back to reality.

Frankenweenie Losing a pet can be the most devastating experience for a child, but for young Victor, it’s not an experience he’s willing to accept. Rather than putting his dog, Sparky, to rest, Victor decides to bring him back to life in this stop-motion homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s a story too sweet to be as frightening as Frankenstein, but it has just the right amount of sinister to get the family into the Halloween spirit.

The Haunted Mansion Like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion is based on a theme park ride, so it’s designed to gently frighten children, not scare the wits out of them! The story is simple — a family moves into a mansion not knowing a ghost occupies it. That ghost is on a mission to get back his long lost love with the family entangled in the adventure. There are zombies, ghosts and a crystal ball to give it a PG rating and a Halloween thrill.

Halloween is one of our top holidays at The Lakeside Collection, but there isn’t a holiday we don’t love! From creepy decor to dress up your door for trick-or-treaters to Christmas garland to welcome holiday guests, shop Lakeside for fabulous frills at great prices.

Festivals of the Dead: Celebrations of the Dearly Departed Around the World

animated-demonWe are barreling toward Halloween, the scariest, creepiest holiday of the year. The holiday is celebrated mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom, but other countries and cultures honor the dead with unique traditions as well. Here are some of the most interesting celebrations of the dearly departed around the world.

Dia de Los Muertos Probably the closest to the day of Halloween and geographically closest to the United States is Mexico’s Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which starts on November 1 and ends on November 2. It’s rooted in Aztec tradition going back thousands of years and has evolved alongside Mexican culture. The skull is the biggest symbol — it’s used to honor the dead. People make elaborate sugar skulls with the names of dead relatives and wear skull masks and dance to celebrate their dearly departed relatives.  Families often go on picnics at gravesites of loved ones and bring gifts to leave at their headstones. Other families create altars dedicated to departed loved ones where they place pictures and candles to honor them on Dia de los Muertos.

skull-candleYu Lan Pen In China, they celebrate Yu Lan (The Hungry Ghost Festival). It’s held on the 15th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar — August, which is considered “Ghost Month.” Like the Aztecs, it’s about honoring those you love who have passed. During the Hungry Ghost Festival, people make special offerings of food or incense to the spirits. Some families have feasts and set a place for spirits at the table. Others release lighted boats on lakes, ponds or rivers to give spirits a guiding light for their earthly travels.

Gai Jatra In Nepal, they celebrate Gai Jatra (Festival of Cows) in August, which honors the dead as well as pays respect to the feared god of death, Yamaraj. Because the Nepalese people consider cows one of the most sacred creatures (holy cows), families who have lost loved ones in the last year, lead a cow in a big procession with the belief the cows would lead the spirits to heaven.

creepy-handsPchum Ben In Cambodia, they honor the dead on Pchum Ben (Ancestors’ Day) which falls at the end of Vassa (the sort of Buddhist Lent) — usually at the end of September/beginning of October. It is believed the tortured souls of dead loved ones return to the pagoda for relief from the brutal afterlife. That’s where Cambodians leave food as offerings — they believe the spirits will curse them if they don’t make an offering so most every Cambodian participates in the festival.

While other cultures’ takes on honoring the dead is fascinating, we love our own Halloween traditions and Lakeside has hundreds of products to keep it alive to honor the dead and the living at every holiday. Halloween, Christmas or the 4th of July, we have everything to make your holidays special.


Halloween: 5 Easy Pumpkin Crafts

crayon-pumpkinWith just about two weeks until Halloween, almost every house on the block is haunted! If you haven’t yet draped your yard in spider webs, sprinkled them with bats and set up the Grim Reaper to guard your door, it’s not too late! You still have time to craft a few pumpkins to align your house with the holiday. Since pumpkin is the season’s favorite fruit, we looked for a few cute (not creepy) pumpkin crafts to inspire you as Halloween nears. Here are 5 easy pumpkin crafts to try.

Pigmented Pumpkins Carving isn’t always the most practical way to decorate pumpkins. You have to use different types of knives (not ideal when you have little kids around), it’s messy and it can be a creative challenge in the worst way if you’re not an artist. But there are ways to make art with your pumpkin if you’re not an artist. Crafty Morning got around carving her pumpkin by making a Jackson Pollack-esque pumpkin using crayons and a hair dryer! It’s such a simple idea, uses few materials and takes very little time. No slimy seeds to cleanup and it’s beautiful, to boot!marble-pumpkin

Mom Dot bypassed carving by playing with fancy coloring, too. She used water and nail polish to create a marbled look on her tiny pumpkins. It’s not something you could do with big pumpkins, but they make adorable Halloween accent pieces you can put on the mantel, the buffet or end tables. If you’re not confident about your marbling skills, she also provides a video tutorial.

ping-pong-pumpkinPing Pong Pumpkins How brilliant are these little jack-o’-lanterns? They are as easy to put together as they are cute! Paging Fun Mums gets the credit for simplest, ingenious pumpkin craft, hands down. All you do is get your flameless tea lights and ping pong balls together, cut an “X” in the bottom of the ball where you insert the light, and then draw jack-o’-lantern faces on the ping pong balls with a black marker. Then just turn on the lights and they glow. You can probably use this idea for other holidays and celebrations, but it’s a pretty cute idea for Halloween.pumpkin-patch-cup

Edible Pumpkin Patch Halloween isn’t all about pumpkins and costumes — it’s also about candy! And who says you can’t be crafty with candy? Paintbrushes and Popsicles fused the pumpkin idea with candy to create these darling pumpkin patch cups. Oreos, pudding and candy — dirt never tasted so good or looked so sweet!yarn-pumpkin

Yarn Gourds This is a serious craft, but it’s seriously easy. It’s definitely for kids who like to get messy! Enchanted Homeschooling Mom made these using school glue, flour, water, balloons, yarn, and pipe cleaners to garnish her gourds. The idea is very forgiving — even if you make mistakes, they still come out cute. The only hard part is waiting for the yarn to dry. But when you’re done you have extra special, handmade Halloween art to showcase your crafting skills and celebrate the season.

Every season is a reason to celebrate at The Lakeside Collection! From fall fleece to Christmas wreaths, we have hundreds of items to make your home and holidays brighter.


National Popcorn Month: Unique Ways to Eat Popcorn

PopcornIt’s National Popcorn Month and Americans LOVE popcorn. According to the Popcorn Board, over the last 40 years, consumption of popcorn has nearly tripled with each American eating approximately 52 quarts every year. That’s A LOT of popcorn! And every person has a unique way of eating it — some ways are more unusual than others. Here are 5 unique ways to eat popcorn.

Zombie Boogers You can save this one for your kids’ Halloween party. It’s not likely you can say “Zombie Boogers” in the presence of adults without getting weird, judgmental stares. YoyoMax12 takes you through the recipe step-by-step. It’s a lot of sugar, a lot of popcorn and green food coloring, but it’s not a lot of work. Though the idea of eating zombie boogers is unique and, um, disgusting, it’s a fantastic snack and conversation piece for the little ones.

churro-popcornChurro Popcorn What’s another way to say “delicious”? Churro popcorn, of course! Basically, according to Oh Sweet Basil, you melt together butter and cinnamon chips, toss the mixture with popped popcorn and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over the whole thing. You wanna know what’s almost as good as churro popcorn tastes? This little taste of heaven only takes 4 minutes to make!

pumpkin-spice-caramel-cornPumpkin Spice Caramel Corn It’s October and, though, officially it’s National Popcorn Month, it’s unofficially Pumpkin Spice Month. That means we have to include a popcorn recipe for pumpkin spice. This one comes from One Sweet Appetite. With honey, butter, vanilla alone, you can’t go wrong, but once the pumpkin spice is added, it’s a party in your mouth! It’s simple, but it takes a wee bit longer than the churros popcorn to put together — but it’s worth the time if you can’t get enough pumpkin spice on your taste buds!

Truffle Bacon Popcorn bacon-popcornNot everyone likes a sweet treat, so for those who can resist candied corn, they may not be able to resist baconed corn! Foodie Crush pairs her bacon with truffle salt, which means you’ll walk away, not just satisfied but, saturated with savory goodness. It takes slightly more effort than cooking bacon, so for a bacon lover who doesn’t like to cook, this might be the perfect recipe for a lazy Saturday of watching movies on the couch.sriracha-popcorn

Sriracha Sesame Ginger Popcorn This one is a little more exotic — at least as far as popcorn goes. This spicy-savory formula comes from Bake Your Day and, aside from her stove-top method for popping corn, all you need to be able to do is melt butter. It makes a great snack for parties — scatter little bowls around the house for people to munch on while sipping a good craft beer. Put it on your must-do list for holiday entertaining; it’s easy, delicious and it’s not as heavy as, say, cheesy spinach-artichoke dip. Your lips, your hips and your guests will thank you!

Whether you’re popping popcorn as an afternoon snack or you have an event that requires the finest popcorn you’ve ever stirred up, The Lakeside Collection can help you make it an extraordinary snack!