Welcome Home! Friendly Garden Decor Critters for Your Yard

Our backyards are already full of life, but sometimes they need an extra pop of personality to feel complete. In addition to Lakeside’s wide selection of outdoor lighting, feeders, tools and planters, we also have numerous statues, sculptures and stake sets to complete your garden. Here are 10 friendly garden decor critters waiting for you to welcome them home!

Dress-Up Garden Animals

Garden Decor - Dress-Up Garden Animals

This cute little critter will be happy to look after your garden while you’re not around. It’s dressed up in an oversized piece of clothing and could also be displayed on the porch, near the mailbox, or wherever you want to add a new outdoor accent with personality.

Wood-Look Garden Statues

Garden Decor - Wood-Look Garden Statues

This friendly Wood-Look Garden Statue is a standout hit that can also blend into any type of garden scene. The wood-look design is enforced by its cleverly carved lines that mimic the natural look of wood-grain. Feature the cute animal just about anywhere in your yard.

Sets of 3 Garden Sculptures

Garden Decor - Sets of 3 Garden Sculptures

Add some fun to your outdoor space with this Set of 3 Garden Sculptures. The adorable Bunnies are intricately detailed to look like real bunnies, and are designed with different poses. The set of Flower Friends are vibrantly colored accent pieces inspired by nature.

Stone Garden Critters

Garden Decor - Stone Garden Critters

Make your garden a little more fun with the different personalities of these Stone Garden Critters. They’re designed to look like they’re made of stone, but also feature bright colors and whimsical patterns that will draw the eye and help you highlight your garden space.

Barnyard Family Welcome Stake Sets

Garden Decor - Barnyard Family Welcome Stake Sets

Your guests will love the friendly reception they get from this Barnyard Family Welcome Stake Set. Just stake the mother, her two babies and the welcome sign into any patch of flowers, shrubs or on your lawn to give guests a warm greeting as they walk to your door.

Woodland Friend in Solar Car

Garden Decor - Woodland Friend in Solar Car

Drive fellow gardeners crazy jealous with this Woodland Friend in Solar Car. Each statue is shaped to look like a vehicle, complete with headlights that brighten up with LED light at dusk. It charges on its own using the solar panel. The friendly critter sits behind the wheel.

Silly Stacked Critter Downspouts

Garden Decor - Silly Stacked Critter Downspouts

This happy critter family operates as a downspout to direct rainwater safely away from the house. The Silly Stacked Critter Downspout has an opening in the back that allows you to attach it to any ordinary downspout. It also adds a playful feel to the exterior of your home.

Stacked Animal Planters

Garden Decor - Stacked Animal Planters

Add a cute accent piece to your outdoor space with the Stacked Animal Planter. Fun and full of personality, the planter features a trio of animals stacked on top of one another, with a small opening on each of them that’s perfect for planting flowers or setting out birdseed.

Animal Tree Huggers

Garden Decor - Animal Tree Huggers

Add a humorous touch to any tree in your yard with the Animal Tree Hugger. Its arms and legs wrap around the tree to make it look like the animal is actually hanging onto the tree. It’s super simple to hang up, and also helps keep an eye on the yard while you’re indoors.

Dragon Garden Statues

Garden Decor - Dragon Garden Statues

Turn your garden into a fantasy world with the Dragon Garden Statue. Each statue boasts a detailed design with a realistic stone finish. The neutral stone adds satisfying contrast to any colorful garden. Snuggle it into a flower bed or let it guard your treasured perennials.

Our garden decor doesn’t stop here. Check out the entire selection of garden decorations!

Spring Decor: Fall In Love with Your Home All Over Again

Officially, we’re only a month or so into the winter season, but most of us have had enough. It’s time to start looking ahead to spring. And while we can’t control what things look like outside, we have complete control over the scenes we set inside our homes. Luckily, for all of us anxious to refresh our interiors with a colorful spring vibe, Lakeside is ahead of the game. Start decorating earlier with these new spring decor products.

Spring Catalog 2017

Add A Splash Of Color

Many of us decorate for the holidays, adding items old and new around the house. But once we take down the decorations, what’s left can look ordinary. In the depths of winter, it can even look plain. This is the right time to add a splash of color. All it takes is one exciting piece to transform a room. Here are a few beautiful items that add plenty of color, are ease to incorporate into the room you choose and truly scream, “Spring!”

Spring Themed Quilts or ShamsBirdcage Bench or Bird Themed PillowsSpring Metal Wall Decor

Efficient Home Upgrades

Winter complicates many things and adds an entire new set of chores to our everyday lives. Most of us just put up with complications and discomfort. This is especially true in the winter. But there are many affordable products out there that won’t just help us get through winter, but improve our everyday lives overall. If you’re ready to solve household problems or improve the functionality of your home, check out these new helpers.

Wireless LED Light SwitchHair Dryer Styling StandGlowing Tape

Always Be Organized

Just as important as decorating for spring is the ability to organize everyday things to keep them out of sight. It’s much more difficult to let your spring decor shine through all the clutter. Some of that clutter just needs to be straightened out once and for all, like files and documents in the home office or kitchen. Other areas are in need of storage for daily cleanup. And some out-of-sight areas like closets need a makeover of their own.

LEGO Storage BricksCollapsible File Organizers4 Slot Wall Organizer

Bring the Garden Indoors

For many of us the ground is still frozen and unfit for early gardening. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the beauty of nature inside your home. It won’t be long until you’re able to get out and start planting, but you might be anxious to get started. More importantly, you might need a colorful vase of flowers or lively planter to get you through the dreary winter months. Bring the garden indoors with these spring planters or holders.

Set of 3 Metal PlantersCountry Bottle Vases with Wire Baskets4-Pc. Planter Sets

An Early Spring

Everyone knows the feeling when winter finally breaks and spring takes root. That first day or first week fills us with joy, finally allowing us to put winter in the past for awhile and look forward to warmer days. Bringing some of our favorite spring characters and colors to our home is one of the best ways to fight off the winter. Give your home a lively accent with wall art, or start defeating winter outside with lively spring decorations.

5 Piece Wall Art Canvas SetsMetallic Garden Wind ChimesJumbo Garden Flags

Spring Cleaning: Simple Ideas to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

When the winter snow melts to show off the green of spring, it gives us one more thing to appreciate about Mother Nature. To show our appreciation, we’re always coming up with ways to preserve and protect our environment. This year, as we do our spring cleaning, we’re sharing with you a few simple ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle to make Mother Nature proud.

Every Day

water bottles isolated on white1. Just because an old water bottle can’t hold water anymore doesn’t mean it can’t hold something.With clever cutouts it turns into a gadget you didn’t know you need – a wall mount for your cell phone while it charges. It’s a brilliant way to repurpose the used, but not used up bottle.


2. Save your cans. They’re the crafter’s dream material. Soup cans, coffee cans, paints cans: save ALL your cans. From lamp shades to biscuit cutters, there isn’t much you can’t do with a can.

3. Got something to stuff? That leftover pill bottle cotton can fill a sock doll. All of that dryer lint you toss in the garbage? You can stuff a pillow with it. No need to fill a landfill when you need to fill a toy.


4. A milk jug is the gardener’s little helper. Jugs have many uses, but for the tomato gardener, it is heaven sent as a DIY trench watering system. Poke a few holes in the bottom and sides, dig a small trench near the plants and bury the jug about half-way. Fill the jug with water and it will slowly release water into the soil to keep it moist.

empty pallet on green grass5. How many times have you seen a discarded wooden pallet and thought “I know I could do something with that”? Well, a garden walkway is about the easiest thing you can do with a wooden pallet. It requires little more than pulling it apart and arranging the pieces along a dirt path. It’s so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not having thought of it yourself.


6. Cereal or cracker box lining can be used anywhere you might use wax paper or parchment paper. Cutting the ends and along one side you have good sized sheet. In baking, you can use it to roll out ice box cookie dough or to line cake pans. It saves money, time and waste.

tiered-server7. For the mismatched dishes you just can’t seem to get rid of, a clever way to make use of them is by making them into a tiered server. The project does require some tools and materials, but it will be worth it to see your plates in play again.

At The Lakeside Collection, we have all sorts of products and ideas to celebrate every season! Whether you need tips on making your spring garden more environmentally friendly or you’re looking for BBQ gadgets for your 4th of July cookout, shop Lakeside for inspiring products at reasonable prices.

Spring Planting: 5 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Garden

Spring is here! If you haven’t started digging in your garden, now is the time. If you’re new to gardening and don’t know what to plant, start small and start practically. By “practically,” we mean something you can use — and there are few things you can grow in the garden that are more practical than herbs. With that in mind, here are five easy-to-grow herbs for your garden.

Thyme twigsThyme Thyme is a good source of folate, calcium and dietary fiber. It’s also known to lower blood pressure as well as boost your mood. In the kitchen, it’s popular for our holiday dishes — Thanksgiving probably wouldn’t be the same without it! It brings out the flavor in mushrooms, roasted vegetables and poultry.

Rosemary There’s no shortage of health benefits from rosemary — it’s good for digestion, makes our hair and skin nice as well as boosts our immune system. In the kitchen, it’s fantastic roasted with chicken, infused with oil for salad dressing or it can add a layer of flavor to cocktails. In the garden, rosemary adds a unique aesthetic. It has leaves that are like soft needles with a piney fragrance. That fragrance is very relaxing — studies have shown that it can actually reduce hormones that make us feel on edge and anxious. If you put it on a garden path for people to brush against, it releases its scent to make your garden a sensory oasis.

chivesChives Chives are versatile for cooking — freshly minced, they add bright green to an omelet, give cream cheese a delightful zip or boosts a soup’s freshness. Chives are also rich in dietary fiber, packed with vitamins and an excellent source of folate. While they do so much for our food and bodies, they’re also easy on the eyes. When they’re in bloom, their wisps frame a delicate purple flower that some gardeners use as edging for herbs gardens.

Dill Dill can turn just about anything into a summer treat — mixed with Greek yogurt, it makes a fabulous sauce for grilled chicken, it stamps out bland in egg or potato salad and it’s the perfect addition to savory baked goods like scones. Dill is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, so you can’t go wrong by sprinkling it on your meal! In the garden, it’s feathery fronds peak out behind adorable yellow blossoms to add a little brightness to your herbs — it’s also a butterfly magnet!

Basil plant with green leavesBasil Basil is great on pizza, makes pesto perfect and helos a pasta salad stand out. There’s no herb that you’ll use more than basil! Basil is a great source of protein and vitamin E on top of being tasty. Basil plants are bright green and don’t stop growing if they have rich, moist soil and a good six hours of sunshine every day. They’ll be good to plant outside two weeks after the last frost.

Gardening is one of our favorite spring activities at The Lakeside Collection! Whether you’re looking for gadgets to make weeding a little easier or you just want some fun decor to make your yard more lively, shop Lakeside for all your gardening needs.

Lakeside Selection: Products Picks for Spring

There are just a few more days left of winter, but it’s already starting to feel like spring! With that in mind, we’re flipping through The Lakeside Collection catalog and picking out all of our favorite spring items. Here is this week’s Lakeside Selection: Products Picks for Spring.

youth-hammockRead, listen to music or just enjoy the fresh air on this Youth Hammock with Carry Bag. The sturdy one-seater hangs from a tree branch with a triangular wood bar and rope construction. The carry bag can store the colorful hammock during colder months. Weight limit, 150 lbs. Approx. 23-1/2″W x 18″D x 42-1/2″H, overall. Cotton, polyester and wood. Imported. For ages 6 and up.

drainage-rugSpruce up your porch with the Easy Drainage Outdoor Rug. It features small drain holes that allow water to pass through easily yet are invisible to the naked eye. Great for use on a patio or deck! Soft polyester face with PVC backing for slip resistance. Imported.


sheer-tunicWear this Women’s Sheer Summertime Layering Tunic over a tank or cami for extra warmth on chilly spring days and summer nights. The stylish tunic has a fun stripe pattern with a sheer look. The front has a kangaroo pocket and its V-neck has a frayed look along the edges. Polyester, rayon and spandex. Hand wash. Imported.


magnet-gemsPerfect for jazzing up your home or the office, this 18-Pc. Colorful Jeweled Magnet Set gives your fridge or file cabinet a dazzling look. It gives you 6 magnets in each of 3 different colors. Each magnet features acrylic accents on a chrome-finished base. Approx. 1-1/2″ dia., each. ABS plastic.

chair-planterCheer up your deck, porch or patio with a Flower Chair Plant Stand. The stand’s sturdy metal frame has a whimsical design with a weathered finish and can easily endure the elements. It holds up to a 7″ potted or artificial plant in the seat of the chair. 9″ sq. x 23-3/4″H. Easy assembly required.

Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for Changing Seasons

Today might not feel like it, but change is on the horizon. Soon, the trees will start budding and little blades of grass will be popping up through the snow. We want to flow with all the renewal going on around us, so we picked out a few fun items for the new season. Here is this week’s Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for Changing Seasons.

spring-cardiThe Women’s Set of 2 Cardigan Wraps is a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Layer these comfortable cardigans over any tank top or dress for a flattering outfit. Each sweater features 3/4-length sleeves and an open front with extra long fabric for a draped effect. The front extensions can also be tied for a classic shawl look. Cotton. Machine care. Imported.

water-balloonsPrepare for an epic water balloon fight in minutes with this 2-pack Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons. Each pack contains 3 hose attachments, each with 35 pre-connected balloons for a total of 210. Add one attachment at a time to your garden hose, turn on the water, and the balloons will fill in seconds. When they’re filled, give the hose a gentle shake and that will tie up the balloons and disconnect them from the attachment. Be sure to do this over a container large enough to catch all the balloons as they drop off. Colors include pink, purple, orange, white, green and blue. Polypropylene and rubber. For ages 3 and up.

drives-of-a-lifetimePack your suitcase, load up the car and head for the open road with Drives of a Lifetime Book. For more than a century, National Geographic has been the best source for savvy travelers. If you’re dreaming of the freedom of the open road, let this book help you turn fantasy into reality. Inside these lavishly illustrated pages, you’ll find routes through the world’s most spectacular landscapes. You’ll also get ideas for quick getaways, journeys of discovery and challenging adventures. Whatever your taste and budget, you’ll find trips aplenty. 9-1/4″W x 12″L. Hardcover, 319 pages.

beach-blanketEnjoy your next picnic with the Hawaiian Beach Quilt with Bag. This vibrant accessory is an essential addition to a day at the beach, lunch in the park or other outdoor activities. This large blanket features a lovely floral print on one side that reverses to a solid color. It’s easily transported in the small matching bag. Beach Quilt, 74″ x 84″. Carrying Bag, 8-1/4″ dia. x 18-7/8″H, with a 9″ strap drop once cinched closed. Polyester. Machine care. Imported.

spring-garden-flagUpdate your outdoor or indoor garden decor throughout the year with the 13-Pc. Monthly Flag Set. This festive set features a flag for each month with lovely artwork and a cheerful greeting. It’s the perfect size to accent any potted or low-growing plant. Polyester and metal.

Pinteresting Picks for February

We can officially start counting down the days until spring — and that’s exactly what out Pinterest followers are doing! You can tell by what they’re pinning. Since we think you’ll like what they like, we gathered their favorite pins for the month. Here are our Pinteresting Picks for February (to get you excited for spring!).

sassy-wine-glassesSip your wine in style with the Sassy Quote Insulated Goblet Tumbler. Whether your reaching for a red or a white, this goblet is an ideal companion for the beach, pool or around the house. It has a no-spill, snap-on lid and straw, as well as a witty quote on the outside. Double-wall insulation keeps your beverage at a refreshing temperature. 12 oz. Plastic. Hand wash.


This Wood LED Candle Lantern brings a oceanside touch to your home. Can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a wood frame with acrylic panels to withstand the weather. A thick rope handle and shiny stainless steel accents complete the look. The battery-operated plastic LED candle offers the glow of a real candle without the risk of fire or mess of melted wax. A hinged door makes it easy to access the candle. On/off switch. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries. Small, 6-1/2″W x 6-1/4″D x 16-1/4″H, with a 3″ dia. x 4-1/2″H candle. Large, 7-1/2″W x 7-1/4″D x 20″H, with a 3″ dia. x 6″H candle.

kimonoThis Kimono Fashion Scarf adds a feminine layer to any ensemble. It features an all-over floral print and is embellished at the bottom with tassel fringe. It’s lightweight and versatile and can be casually thrown over any outfit to add some easy style. Also works as a cover-up. 39″W x 71″L. Polyester. Imported.

pet-coverProtect your car from pet messes with this Camo Car Seat Cover. It’s perfect for after the dog park, beach or hiking trail. Prevents your pup from getting the dirt from a fun day outdoors on your car’s upholstery. It’s also great for everyday use to protect against shedding. Easy to install with 2 adjustable straps for over the headrests and 2 slots for the seat belts to slip through. 40″W x 56″L. Polyester with a water-resistant backing. Imported.

window-tie-backsA Set of 2 Window Tie-Backs creates a different look for your existing curtains. The design features a circle with a coordinating stick. Gather the curtain in one hand, lay the circle over the front, then push the stick in on one side, behind the curtain and out the other side. Works with any type of fabric without damaging it. Antique-style Bronze or Gold, 7″ dia. with a 10″ stick. Plastic. Thread-covered Chocolate or Ivory, 5-3/4″ dia. with a 7-3/4″ stick. Wooden.

Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for Spring Decor

March begins next week and spring is definitely in the air! With the change of seasons upon us, it’s time for a little change in decor. Here’s this week’s Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for Spring Decor.

spring-candlesThis lovely Tea Light Candle Garden Set lets you accent a focal point or create a centerpiece in your room or outdoor entertaining space. It comes with 3 spring-inspired candleholders, a coordinating tray and accent stones. Add your own tea lights to the graduated pillars to complete the look. Wooden, glass and metal.

burlap-flowersFill your home with bright flowers year ’round with this Set of 3 Burlap Wildflower Stems. This faux floral set decorates any room with classic country style. Each wire stem is bendable, letting you create a natural looking arrangement. You get 3 stems, which are 4-1/2″ dia. x 34″H, each. Metal.

spring-welcome-matWelcome guests into your home with this brightly colored Themed Welcome Mat. The vibrant colors and warm greeting will enhance your home’s entrance and make it more inviting. The mat will encourage visitors to wipe their feet before entering your home, helping to keep dirt out. Approx. 29-7/8″ x 17-5/8″. Polyester face with PVC backing. Imported.

vintage-throwThis lightweight Quilted Throw and Tote Set is perfect for summer picnics or snuggling on the porch. The tote and throw both feature vermicelli stitching to enhance the quilted look of the cute print. The throw tucks away nicely inside the tote for a portable set that’s easy to store. Polyester with polyfill. Machine care. Imported.

jeweled-flowerAdd visual interest to any room with this beautiful Jeweled Flower Wall Art. This large, 3-D wall sculpture is constructed of shaped metal petals and acrylic gems. The open design lets the background wall color show through. You can also hang it outdoors on a covered porch or patio. Sunflower, 16-5/8″ dia. Chrysanthemum, 17-1/4″ dia. Magnolia, 19″ dia. Assembly required; assembly hardware included. Hook on back for hanging.


Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways for Upcycling Sweaters

It’s just about time to put the winter sweaters away and start spring cleaning — but if you want an easy and fun way to combine the two chores, we have one idea in mind: upcycling! There are a few ways to transform your old sweaters into useful items around the house and in your closet — most of them are easy, so we picked a few of our favorites. Here are 6 ideas for upcycling sweaters.make-it-love-it

Shoulder Bag You probably haven’t started your Christmas shopping list yet, but with this idea, you can give your list a jump start! Ashley at Make It, Love It, cut, pinned and stitched together this sweater to make it a shoulder bag! The instructions show you how to cut up your sweater and even add a colorful lining to make it extra dazzling. If you want to try to make it super-sturdy with a little more texture, you can felt it, you just have to make sure the sweater you’re using is 100% wool.

infinity-scarfInfinity Scarf Sweaters are great for keeping you warm in the winter, but when they’re too worn to keep you warm, shrink them into scarves to get a little more mileage out of them! Becky from Crafting a Green World did just that with her sweater! It’s about as simple of a project you can do to upcycle a sweater — the hardest part is sewing on the buttons.legwarmers

Leg Warmers If you’re looking for a way to dress up your bulky winter boots, DIY leg warmers gives them a splash of color for those gray winter months. Craft in Hands put together this super-simple, super-cute pattern that involves cutting, gluing and sewing that sweater you can’t wear anymore but don’t want to throw away! Just following the simple instructions for this simple, stylish accessory.



Slippers Here’s another idea to get started on for next winter: slipper boots! Jen at Drawings Under the Table  transformed sweater sleeves into these comfy, cozy slippers for those cold winter nights. To make this easy pattern even easier, she included detailed step-by-step instructions with photos to help you out.

sweater-mittensMittens If you live in a cold weather climate, you know how much you need mittens and how easy they are to lose! Without spending much (or any) money, you can make a few pairs out of your old sweaters. Creme de la Craft came up with these stitch-by-stitch instructions to keep you crafting, warm and stocked with mittens!

sweater-blanketBlanket If you have a lot of sweaters to upcycle, think about making a blanket out of them (you can never have too many blankets!). Basically, We Craft Daily cut her sweaters into a bunch of small squares and sewed them all together. The result was a perfect addition to winter movie nights to keep you toasty while you munch on popcorn in front of the TV.

The Lakeside Collection has dozens of products and ideas to make the most of every season. Whether you’re looking for crafting and DIY ideas or you just want to give your home seasonal flair, look to Lakeside for great ideas and fantastic products.

Forward Thinking: Product Picks for An Early Spring

It doesn’t feel like it, but we’re not even half-way through winter! We know there’s a lot of sunshine in our future, but it doesn’t stop us from hoping for warm weather to get here a little sooner. Of course, we leave the fate of our weather up to a ground hog on February 2, but until then we’re going to keep fantasizing about sunning ourselves in the garden and spending afternoons by the pool. With that in mind, we put together a very optimistic list of product we think you’ll like. Here is this week’s Lakeside Selection: Product Picks for An Early Spring.

lak-grow-towersIt’s easy for apartment dwellers and people with limited space to start a container garden or expand on an existing one with a Grow Tower. It’s easy to use with a small plant, then add the included additional rings for support as the plant grows. The 3-Tier Tomato Tower (9-3/4″ sq. x 46-1/2″H) is self watering. Just pour water through the hole in the base, and the soil will soak it up. The Grow Cage (9-5/8″ sq. x 62″H, including 11-3/4″ stake) is great for any climbing vegetable or flowering plant. When covered in flowers, it makes a lovely display. Can be used for indoor plants as well. Easy to disassemble for storage in the off season. Plastic. Assembly required.lak-shark-tail-topUpdate your look with the modern edge and trendy print of this Women’s Printed Shark Tail Hem Top. The drape neck creates a soft, feminine look, while the shark tail hem flatters your figure with jeans, slacks or a skirt. Polyester and spandex. Machine wash. Made in the USA.


Decorate a door or wall of your home with a Spring Floral Swag. It features colorful blossoms and foliage cascading down from a themed image. For use indoors or on a front door protected by a storm door. Butterfly, 12″W x 3-1/4″D x 18-1/8″H. Plastic and metal. St. Patrick’s Day, 8-1/2″W x 3-7/8″D x 18-3/4″H. Easter, 8-1/2″W x 3-1/2″D x 20-1/4″H. Plastic, vines and metal. Ready to hang.

spring-table-clothWelcome the joy of spring with this collection of delightful critters, eye-catching designs and bright colors.  Display appetizers, snacks and more on the Bunny Cake Plate (10-1/2″ dia. x 3-1/4″H). The Treat Jar (6-1/2″W x 10-1/4″D x 12-1/2″H) gives you quick access to a cookie or piece of candy. The Salt & Pepper Shakers (approx. 1-3/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 3-7/8″, each) are a practical addition to your dining area. Serveware and kitchenware, dolomite. All serveware and kitchenware, dishwasher safe. A Pastel Tablecloth adds beautiful colors for cheery table settings. Cotton. Machine care. Our exclusive 3-Pc. Easter Garland Set features 6 ft. of garland held on either side by 2 sand-weighted polyester bunnies (approx. 11-3/8″H, each). Add a pop of color to your walls the Bunny Ribbon Wreath (13-1/2″W x 24″L) with its wire frame that easily folds for storage. Polyester and metal. Ready to hang. All fabric items, imported.

wood-terrariumGive your herbs or flowers a safe place to grow while adding to your own decor with this Wood Terrarium Planter. Resembling a mini greenhouse, its charming weathered look will complement different decor styles. The plastic front and back panels protect the herbs and flowers from direct rain and other weather elements, while the sides are open to let them breathe. The latch hook in the front and the hinged back allow you to open and close it with ease. Herbs, 8-5/8″W x 4-3/8″D x 11-1/4″H. Hope, 10-1/4″W x 5-1/2″D x 13-3/4″H.