Women’s Apparel: Finding the Perfect Fit Just Got Easier

At Lakeside, our Women’s Apparel team works hard to make it easier to find the perfect fit. In addition to our current apparel size charts that are provided on online product pages, selected garments in the new Spring Catalog, as well as select apparel products in the future, will feature more details to guide you to a better fit. Learn more about these exciting new details, or start shopping right now to see the measurements yourself!

New Garment Measuring Details

Current Size Chart for Women’s Apparel

Here is the current women’s apparel size chart that can be found on many women’s apparel product pages. As you likely know, each size is represented from Small (6/8) to 3X (26/28) with measurements for the Bust, Waist and Hips. The new size chart will include measurements such as Sweep & Length. In addition, each new size chart will provide measurement instructions to help you find your personal measurements at home.

Size Chart for Women's Apparel

Where Can You Find the New Size Charts?

Apparel items that include a new size chart will feature a thumbnail image on the product page. If there is no thumbnail image on the product page, please use the original size chart located by the “Add to Cart” button.

New Women's Apparel Size Charts for Lakeside

What Details Are Included In the New Size Charts?

The new details will be specific to the garment you’ve selected. For example, new measurements provided for the Women’s Light and Airy Sleep Sets include Sweep and Length for the top, as well as detailed waist, rise, hip and inseam measurements for the pants. The terms are defined under the garment measurements, and include some basic instructions to help you figure out your personal garment measurements at home.

New Size Chart for Women's Apparel (Example)

What Are Some Products With New Size Charts?

Check out the new size charts right now in our 2017 Spring Catalog by clicking on any of the apparel items below, and look forward to finding these new size charts on select women’s apparel from this point forward.

Women's Swing Tank DressesWomen's Graphic Printed Knit TopsWomen's Vintage Wash Smocked Waist Dresses

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items For the Week

As the days and nights of summer roll on, we spend more and more time outdoors. Make your yard as much of a showplace as the inside of your home with beautiful stakes, steppingstones and solar lights that make the evenings glow. Here’s the Lakeside Selection: our choice of favorite items for the week.

The cool shape of this Set of 2 Color-Changing Solar Lanterns gives your yard a modern look while casting a rainbow of colors in the darkness.

The cool shape of this Set of 2 Color-Changing Solar Lanterns gives your yard a modern look while casting a rainbow of colors in the darkness.


Be a greeted by an inspirational message and sweet harmonies every time you walk outside with this Wind Chime and Steppingstone Set.


Brighten your yard or garden all year long with a Solar Lighted Willow Tree Stake.


Decorate a peaceful site with a Memorial Garden Stake.


The enchanting Solar Hanging Garden Decor decorates your garden with beautiful colored light at night.





At Lakeside – We’re Making It Personal

wall-plaqueWith so many different gift ideas out there on the market, shopping for that special someone can seem a bit overwhelming. I mean, how do you choose the perfect gift that completely embodies the personality of the person you’re buying for? What do you do when a gift card just doesn’t say how much thought you put into choosing a gift? Well you’re in luck! The Lakeside Collection has an array of personalized gifts that will keep people talking.


On our website, you can view all the items we offer that you can personalize at the click of a button. The process is simple. Using our search feature on the homepage will assist you in finding our personalized products. All you have to do is type “personalize” into the Search box and click the “Go” button. Before you know it there is a variety of items right there at your fingertips. From plaques and gift baskets, to apparel and jewelry, finding the right gift to make your own is easier than ever.

Once you have found that perfect item, personalizing it takes almost no time at all.  Since each item is different, following the step by step instructions will allow you to see and choose the correct personal features for your item. Each item that can be personalized will have a special section on the website where the personalization can be completed. This section allows you to choose the style or colors of the product, as well as the font style if applicable.

There will also be a place where your desired text can be entered. For your assistance each text box will display the character limit so you know how many characters can fit in each text box. Your personalized text will appear exactly as you enter it, so you will need to verify all spelling, upper/lower-case letters and punctuation. If selecting a monogram, the initials should be entered in the order you would like them to appear from left to right. Next you will be able to proofread your information to make sure you are happy with the result.

Once you have entered all of your personalized information just check the box confirming that the personalization information that you have submitted is correct. The last step is to edit the quantity and add the item to your shopping cart.


Customer Service
Shopping for personalized items can create a memorable moment for that special someone, and a breeze for you to do. So don’t forget to check out our personalized items on our website, or if you’re not interested in using the website feel free to contact us at 847-444-3150. One of our customer service agents will be eager to assist you from 7am to 8pm CST, Monday through Friday.

So give that special gift that will keep people talking for years to come. You can find what you need here at The Lakeside Collection were we are committed to providing unique products at tremendous values to our customers.


The Olympic Flame: No Smoke, Just Mirrors

Olympic-FlameWith the games coming to an end, we will all be left with great memories. Athletes will return home with their treasures and hopes of returning to the next Winter Games. The closing ceremonies are now upon us as we reflect on the past two weeks. The Olympic flame will be extinguished and it will all come to an end. However, have you ever wondered why there is a flame in the Olympics? Where did this idea come from? Upon planning our Lakeside Games, we learned about the Olympic flame and how it has evolved.

Back to Greece

The origins of the Olympic Games can be traced back to Greece. The flame can be traced back just as far. At the beginning of the games in ancient Greece a flame was lit to symbolize Greek heroes from death to rebirth. Even at this time the flame was left to burn throughout the duration of the games.


Though the flame has been around since the games in ancient Greece the torch has only been around for the past 78 years. The first torch was lit and carried in relay fashion at the 1936 games in Germany.  At the beginning of each Olympics a new flame is lit in Greece in the ancient Olympic stadium.

Fire and Mirrors

Most of us might be imagining the flame being lit with a flick of a match like we would light a candle at home but it’s actually a bit more complicated. The flame actually uses a parabolic mirror which has a curved surface.  The curvature in the mirror focuses the rays from the sun to a single point creating the heat. When the last carrier of the torch proceeds to light the flame, the heat from the sun helps to ignite the torch. Who knew?

Just like the games in Sochi the Lakeside Games must now come to an end. Our athletes trained and battled for the gold at each and every game.  We are proud to have such amazing athletes at Lakeside and can’t wait for the next games.

Our Olympic flame was lit at our opening ceremonies and now must be extinguished at the conclusion of our closing ceremonies.

Thank you to all of our talented athletes and everyone who came to cheer them on at the events. That’s it from Winter #LakesideGames. We will see you in four years!

Winter Olympic Events You May Not Know About

The Olympics are in full swing and has everyone talking. With so much action packed into two weeks you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the games. The athletes trained for years for their chance to win gold in 15 different events. We are all used to hearing about figure skating, skiing and snowboarding but there are some events that only gain attention during the games. We’ve got the scoop on the events you may have wondered about.


This sport is played on the ice but without skates. The athletes wear special curling shoes. These special shoes have a combination of a slider sole and grip sole. This helps the players be more flexible and gain more control on the ice when curling. The field is a long icy stretch that leads to a target area. The target is separated by four rings. The players use a curling broom to push curling stone towards the targets. The athlete’s goal is to push the stones as close to the center of the target as possible. The team with the most stones the closest to the target will win.

Image Credit: wikipedia.org



At first glance you may think you know what a skeleton is but make no bones about it; it may not what you think. The Skeleton sport is one of the events in the Winter Olympics you probably have seen but didn’t know what it was called. These athletes ride face down on a sled straight down a frozen track.  So how fast can they really go? This sport takes athletes through turns that can propel them up to 5 Gs of force.

Image Credit: theage.com.au


The Olympics have evolved by adding and even eliminating events from the program and the Lakeside Games are no exception.  The second event in our office Olympics is Chair Rowing. This skilled sport challenges everyone to work as a team during the race to be the first to roll across the finish line. The event was quick but the victory was sweet!

Congratulations to Advertising! They rowed themselves to victory and tied up the games! Who will win the next event and break the tie? Don’t touch that dial!  We have more thrilling coverage of the #LakesideGames coming your way soon!



History in The Making: 4 Olympic Facts You Might Not Have Known

Olympic-MedalsWith the opening of the 2014 Olympics excitement has been building in anticipation of what teams will take gold, silver and bronze.  So far we have seen some great competition. Figure Skating, Snowboarding, Luge, Ski Jumping and Speedskating are just a few.  The Olympic tradition has been going on for centuries and has evolved into the great Winter and Summer Games we know today. Here are four historic facts about the Olympics that you may not have known.

1. Ancient Greece

The Olympics were originally celebrated as a religious festival starting in 776 B.C. celebrating the Greek God Zeus. History tells us the first Olympian to win an Olympic event was Coroebus who at the time was a chef. The event was The Stade which was a 192 meter footrace. Around 393 A.D the celebrated games were banned and wouldn’t surface again until 1894.

2. Olympic Revival

Though the Olympics were banned for quite some time, hope was not lost for the ancient games.  Baron Pierre De Coubertin proposed a reviving the games in a new tradition. The revival of the ancient games took place in Greece in 1896 which is what we now know as the Summer Olympic Games. The first Winter Olympic Games came about in 1924 and was held in France.

3. Four Years or Two

The Olympic Games were traditionally held every four years up until 1994. In 1986 the International Olympic Committee ruled that the games still be held every four years but on alternating cycles. This historic decision changed the Olympics to a 2 year cycle that alternated between the Summer and Winter games.

4. The Games in Your Living Room

We have grown accustom to watching the Olympics in our living rooms on T.V. for years, some of us for as long as we can remember but the games were not always at our finger tips. The Olympics were not televised until 1960.  On February 18th 1960 Walter Cronkite guided families through this historic televised event on CBS.  The Olympics have been broadcast over the airwaves ever since.

The Olympics have impacted history throughout the years whether you are watching them on T.V. or attending. After our historic opening ceremony of the Lakeside Office Olympics our athletes prepared for their first event; The Recycle Bin Relay. This intense relay challenged our athletes to recycle as many pieces of paper possible into a recycling bin within one minute. The event was fast passed and kept us at the very edge of our seats!

Congratulations to the first Lakeside Games winner; Customer Service! They took on the Recycle Bin Relay head on and never gave up.  Stay tuned to the Lakeside View! We have more exciting coverage of the #LakesideGames coming your way!


News Flash! Olympic Fever Has Hit Our Office!

With snow on the ground and a chill in the air, most people think of Valentine’s Day when they think of the month of February. This year the month of February holds more in store for us as the Winter Olympics has returned in 2014. This year the Olympics will be held in Russia from February 6-23 with 98 events in 15 diverse sports.

With the opening ceremonies just a few hours away Olympic fever has started to spread and we are no exception! We are so excited to watch this year’s Olympics; we’ve decided to create our own office event right here at Lakeside. When planning an Office Olympics, organization is key. Here are a few tips on how we planned our momentous events.

When planning any extended event, it is helpful to first decide on how many events you would like to host. Take in consideration the opening and closing ceremonies along with the actual games themselves. When choosing your games be sure they are office friendly and work with the space you have available.

This may be the most important part to plan. In any competition whether it is just for fun or for an Olympic medal, rules keep your events running smooth and your games fair. Olympic athletes train hard and put their all into the games. It’s important they know they won or lose fair and square.

Once you have rules in place teams must be created. Make sure all teams have an equal amount of people. Request your teams to create a team flag and a uniform so there is no confusion of who is participating. It also is fun for the teams to create the ultimate team symbol to showcase during the games.

Now that you have the games in place and your teams ready to train there is only one thing left to do, tell everyone! Send out emails and suggest the recipients forward the information on to others. Start talking it up at the water cooler and just happen to mention there may or may not be medals involved at lunch. Create a buzz and get everyone in the office talking about your Olympic games. This will not only create excitement but your games will gain spectators to cheer on their favorite team.

Lakeside is holding the 2014 Office Olympics where two teams will go for the gold. Three challenging events bring our Advertising team and Customer Service team to our Olympic battle ground to see who will reign victorious. Lakeside will host three events; Recycle Bin Relay, Chair Rowing, and a final face off in Cup Stacking. We kicked off our games with a grand opening ceremony and lit our Olympic flame which will burn throughout the games.

Don’t touch that dial! We have more news from our Office Olympics coming up. Who will win the first event? Did the Olympic flame stay lit? Will our host shimmy in every video? Follow us at the #LakesideGames and Stay tuned!

Lakeside Selection: Our Weekly Favorites

Jewelry adds panache to any outfit, but it often has a deeper symbolic meaning that makes it even more precious. A wedding band’s unbroken circle, the timeless sparkle of a diamond engagement ring or a locket worn close to your heart is more than just jewelry; it’s a declaration of love. This week, take a look at what else you can say with jewelry when you shop the Lakeside Collection.


Clip watches are popular with anyone who needs to keep her hands free. These Stone Inspirational Clip Watches combine the practicality of a clip with the natural beauty of stone. Each stone coordinates with the watch face and has a deeper meaning attached to it. Choose rose quartz to symbolize love, turquoise for protection, purple amethyst for calm or elegant onyx for strength. The back of each watch bears the inspirational message the stone signifies, giving you a psychological or spiritual lift whenever you check the time. Perfect for teachers and nurses, these watches feature a sweeping second hand and a sturdy carabiner clip.Not every message your jewelry sends has to have a deep meaning.


Wear your NFL team affiliation on your sleeve with Lakeside’s NFL Watch and Wallet Gift Set. These officially licensed watches feature your team’s logo in full color across the watch face and a sporty leather-look strap in stylish black. Handsome silver-tone finishing on the watch bezel and buckle goes with anything from a team jersey to your favorite dress shirt. This set would be a great gift if it were just the watch, but with the bi-fold team logo wallet included, it’s a fantastic present for commemorating a playoff run, celebrating Valentine’s Day or marking a favorite fan’s next birthday.


Charm jewelry carries many different meanings as unique as the one who wears it. This gorgeous Cupcake Birthstone  Necklace features a lucky birthstone as its focal point, but the other sweet charms make it even more special.The cupcake represents a celebration to honor your birth. The 15-inch chain has a secure clasp and an extender to make it versatile enough to work with any neckline. Whether you wear it with a jewel neck, a turtleneck or your favorite T-shirt, it always makes a beautiful statement.


What could be more meaningful than the names of the people closest to you? Lakeside’s Personalized Family Bracelet has room for six linked names to encircle your wrist in sleek stainless steel, gold-tone or black. A generous 8 inches long, the bracelet will drape gracefully on the wrist and complement any ensemble. A genuine one-point diamond accentuates the bracelet’s clasp, adding a touch of sparkle to a deeply meaningful piece of family jewelry.

Whether your jewelry tells a story about yourself, your family or your favorite team, what you wear speaks volumes. With Lakeside’s jewelry collection, you’re never at a loss for something beautiful to say with your accessories.

Lakeside Collections: Our Weekly Favorites

This week we’ve compiled a list of four items for a room that sometimes needs the most help: The bathroom. We’ve come up with four of our favorite items that will help you keep the room you get clean in, clean and cozy. Because the last thing you want in your bathroom, is the feeling of being some white-walled sterile operation room.


Our first item is the Toilet Roll Storage Stand. Never have that worrisome moment again where you’re not sure how many rolls are left, or where they are stored, or worse, if there’s any left at all. With this handy stand, you’ll always know when you need a refill. Also the chrome finish lends a modern finish to your bathroom.


The bathtub can get slippery. So bathmats are always a good idea, especially if you have children. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring white, or beige color that’s eventually going to show all of the dirt that gets washed away. Our Microfiber Tub Mats provide great suction so that they’ll stay in place. And these won’t cause mildew or store an odor. Typical bathmats are made of don’t stay in place, and therefore are susceptible to bacteria build-up underneath. Take advantage of a bathmat that won’t get your kids or pets sick and will match the décor you have in place. Add some color and personality to your bathroom with these mats, and have peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe.


The Kountry Krystal Soap Dispenser is another great way to add some personality to your bathroom. With its homey, vintage vibe, this soap dispenser will give your bathroom a cozy feel.These pieces are perfect for the holidays and if you are going to have any guests over at your place. The vintage of appeal comes from its resemblance to a jar and its country feel.


There are a lot of ways to decorate your home. Most people look to decorate their tree and stay away from anything not related to their family rooms and outdoor areas. However, for those extra festive folks, it can be amazing to take the decorations into the bathroom as well! This festive, fun santa toilet seat is sure to be a simple delight to all of your guests, and a source of joy for all of your family. The design fits just about any type of toilet, and was built for standard toilets. Also, it is a perfect addition to kid-friendly décor. Set them up in any bathroom in your house and listen to their reactions

Take time to decorate one of the smallest, yet most important rooms in your house. That’s one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays, friends, and family during this month. The bathroom décor trends you set this month can carry out throughout the next year and set the theme and tone for 2014. As we wrap up this year, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities to come up with some of your own great bathroom décor.


Send a Gift with Lakeside

blue-presentAll of us at some time have been a gift giver or a gift receiver.

Think of the importance of the person you are sending a gift to and what they mean to you before you start your search for the special gift item. This can sometimes be an easy task and at other times for those people that seem to have everything, selecting a gift can be quite daunting. Here are some special tips to help you along the gift selecting and sending path.

Hobbies  or collectibles 
This will give ideas of the kinds of things to look for and to avoid when shopping. You can bring this up in casual conversation or even ask mutual friends or family.

Sports or team
Sports fans seem like the perfect person to buy a gift for because sport related items are everywhere. The key with sports items to pay attention to what your sports fan already has so you can avoid buying the same item.
Traveler or Homebody
Do they love the outdoors or just love to sit home and relax ? New luggage or a bag for travelers are a great gift option while a movie or a good book is perfect for those on our list that rather curl up by the fire.

Kitchen or crafty
If you have someone on your list that loves to cook, may already have a lot of cooking utensils. Look for fun gadgets that might make jobs easier in the kitchen.Craft lovers would also benefit from fun gadgets or storage for small craft items.

Kids or Adults
Children like a whole range of items, so let them pick out the favorite items in the catalog by marking the pages with their name. If you rather surprise them, bring up their favorite items in conversation. Most kids love to talk about their favorite items. This applies well children but keep in mind it can also apply to adults!

Fun family member
Got that goofy family member that likes to have fun all the time? We have a great selection of fun gift items that will put a smile on their face.

Have it all
For those on your list that seem to have everything, have no fear! We have something for everyone. Lakeside has unique treasures for everyone on your list!

Price Range
Determine the price range that you would like to spend and let the shopping begin. Price range can be important, especially when buying within a group. If a budget has been set, be sure to stick to it.

Gift Sending made easy with Lakeside Collection.Lak-screenshot

Now that you have your gift items selected- you are ready to check out. You will have the option to send the items directly to the gift receiver. And the best part you ask?! The personal message you can include with your gift. Great thought goes into a personal message and we have provided 140 characters spaces for you to send your personal message.

Whether you are the gift giver or the gift receiver, you have touched one person’s life with your heart!

Image Credit: pdfinsider.com