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Placing an order online is not only easy and convenient, but the best way to place an order. You are able to view the items, get descriptions and details to follow your order status until it arrives at directly to your door.

Two ways to order
1. We offer two ways to order online. You can shop by the category when you shop online and add to your cart directly from the item. By using the catalog quick order form. Either way you are on your way to receiving your favorite items.


To save some time, use the catalog quick order form and enter specific items. Either way you are on your way to receiving your favorite items.


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What happens next?
3. What happens after you hit checkout? Behind the scenes, the Lakeside team is hard at work filling thousands of orders each day.

Waiting on your order? These easy steps help you track your order
1. Go to our homepage and click on order status at the top of the page.


2. Enter your order confirmation number and last name in the Check Order Status section and click View Order.

3. Once you click on View Order you can view the status of each item from that specific order.


Now that you know how to check on your order status… tune in next week for the next helpful tip.


Stay Connected This Holiday Season

During the holidays, people crave a deeper sense of connection with those who are most important to them. It’s a time to gather in person around a table or near the tree to exchange presents and enjoy each other’s company. When it isn’t possible to stay connected personally, technology can lend a hand. Smartphones, voice mail, email and social media can keep people close no matter how far they travel.

Lakeside Logo

At the Lakeside Collection, we know that staying in touch is vital. That’s why we have so many ways to connect with you, making it easier than ever to find great holiday deals, track orders and delight everyone on your gift list. Whether you’re ready to place an order, want to comparison-shop or are just looking for great gift ideas, we want you to have an easy time finding everything you need!We got our start as a catalog company, and our print catalogs are still one of the best ways to shop with us.Get your shopping done in comfort and at your own pace when you order directly from the Lakeside catalog. The current Christmas edition has something for every room of the house and everyone on your shopping list. You can also opt to have email notifications of special offers sent to your in-box; with email alerts, you’ll never miss a sale. When you get your catalog, order by phone, by mail or online; if it’s convenient for you, it’s great for us too.

Social media mavens can find us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. With these instant connections, you’ll stay up to date on the latest sales, get notification of new blog posts and discover the Ideas and Inspiration section.If you’re hoping to find a special gift under the tree, make your wishes known when you pin or follow Lakeside. Using social media is also a great way to discover what friends and family might want for the holidays. If your aunt has a favorite sweater pinned, it’s a safe bet she’d love to unwrap it this holiday season.

You’re busy enough keeping up with distant family and friends, so having the freedom to shop online whenever you like lets you fit more into your busy schedule. That’s why we offer an online catalog that includes exclusive items available only from the Lakeside Collection website. When you’re a registered shopper, buying from the online catalog takes just a few clicks. Forget the long lines on Black Friday or the endless traffic to get to the mall when you can find everything you need online.

The days of staying connected with just your local community are long gone; today, social networks can span the globe. No amount of voicemail or Facebook messages can fully replace the connection friends and family feel when they’re together. During this holiday season, Lakeside can help you forge a closer connection with those you love. With Lakeside’s outstanding prices, you can afford to remember everyone with a gift this year.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

This week, we’d like to celebrate all the artists who add a little more beauty to the world in so many ways. Some artists work with pencils and paper while others prefer canvas and paint, but they aren’t the only artists who deserve the spotlight. Sculptors, writers, carvers, musicians, woodworkers and chefs also merit praise for their creativity. If you do anything that’s just a little more beautiful, decorative or delicious than it absolutely has to be, then you’re expressing yourself artistically. Take a look at some of these tools you can use to develop your art and find new ways to be creative.

Everyone from aspiring artists to professionals will find something to love in this huge Deluxe Sketching and Drawing Set in its own sleek carrying case. Colored pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal sticks, chalk pastels and blending stumps inspire creativity and exploration. Learn how to use new artistic media, hone your skills with familiar tools or discover mixed-media art with this comprehensive kit. With an artist’s wooden mannequin for help with figure drawing, a guidebook for novices and enough compartments for any artist to work “en plein air”, this set is an outstanding value.


While some artists use pens and pencils to create, others use tools to shape wood and metal. With this Hand Tool Set, artists and artisans will have all the basics for creating art as well as doing more mundane tasks such as hanging a painting or repairing a wall. Plenty of art forms start with hard work and the right tools to make that effort easier. An assortment of pliers are perfect for everything from creating wire armatures to attaching jewelry findings, and the set’s utility knife works beautifully for carving or collage. Wrenches, screwdrivers and a compact hammer make the kit a great choice for practical tasks too. Even an artist needs to perform the occasional plumbing repair or hang a shelf, and this kit has just the right tool for the job.


If you’re not sure a chef counts as an artist, one bite of a truly amazing dish will change your mind. A chef’s art is one you can appreciate with every sense, and a great cook can create art every night at dinner. Home cooks and professional chefs alike need an array of tools to craft their culinary creations; this Hors D’Oeuvres Baking Set is a great place to start. This kit contains a big baking tray that holds up to 24 miniature pies, quiches, tartlets or cakes and a wooden press that forms perfect pastry shells every time. The non-stick pan is sturdy enough for professional use and easy enough for a home kitchen. Let your imagination go and use this great set to make everything from savory hors d’oueuvres to sweet desserts. Serve bite-sized delights at your next cocktail party or dinner and show your guests a delicious sample of your artistry.You don’t have to be Rembrandt to be an artist; you just need a little ingenuity, a desire to make something lovely and a good set of tools to unleash your creativity. Get in touch with your inner artist and see where your imagination leads you!


Frugal Wedding Planning

frugal_wedding_bannerMany romantically-minded people like to think of their approaching wedding as the best day of their lives – and with such high expectations, it’s hardly surprising that they spare no expense in organizing the big day. As a result, the cost of weddings is at an all-time high, with more elaborate affairs running easily to tens of thousands of dollars.

While your wedding is without doubt one of the most memorable events in your life and should be planned with care, many modern couples dislike the thought of spending the early years of their marriage paying off the bill for what is effectively a one-day party. This has seen the rise of the frugal wedding movement, which has quickly gained currency among young couples just starting out in life and others who are perhaps getting married for the second time and hesitate to make a big fuss.

Fortunately, a frugal wedding can still be a stylish event, and once you’re forced to get creative about all the details, it can often be an even better opportunity to express the personality of the bride and groom. If you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget, here are a few tips to help make your wedding frugal but fabulous…

First up, consider the venue: hotels and other specialized “event” venues are notoriously expensive, and there are often many hidden charges (ranging from linen rental to corkage fees) that drive up the cost still further. Instead, think outside the box and consider a beach, park or private garden – not only is there less of a fee (if any) to use these spaces, but you’ll save money on decorations, as a beautiful location won’t need much embellishment. (Just make sure you check the local liquor laws if you’re holding the reception outdoors as well – you don’t want the police making an unexpected appearance at the party!)

If you’re worried about the weather, try booking a small, family-run restaurant – these can frequently offer a more affordable and easily customized wedding experience. Also consider the timing of your event – many venues are less expensive during off-peak months or if you book for less popular times of day. Scheduling a morning or afternoon wedding also means that you won’t be expected to provide a full meal – a buffet of finger foods is more appropriate.

Bear in mind one of the most dramatic ways to cut costs at a wedding is to trim your guest list – each added attendee usually means added cost. However, if you don’t want to prune back the list too much, you can always take advantage of the numbers by asking guests to use their talents to contribute to the wedding in lieu of a gift. This is a particularly good option for modern couples who are already cohabiting and have most of the household goods they need.

For instance, if you have a relative who is a talented at baking, ask them to provide the wedding cake. Or if your friend is a keen amateur photographer seeking to build up a portfolio, put them in charge of taking the wedding photos. You can easily get all your guests involved by making the wedding meal a potluck buffet, and have each attendee contribute a dish – that way you’ll only have to provide the crockery and catering equipment, which you can often purchase or rent wholesale.

In terms of supplies for the wedding, the earlier you start planning the better – that way you’ll have time to shop the sales and pick up discounted items in bulk. This is particularly useful for decorations – you can find balloons, ribbons, candles and other trinkets in gold, silver and white in the post-Christmas sales, or wait until after Easter if your color scheme requires pastels. Choose flowers that are in season and available locally – these will generally be less expensive – or source fresh blooms from your own garden and enlist an arty friend to create some simple yet elegant arrangements. Once you have these basic supplies, unleash your creative side and come up with your own centerpieces and table settings – you’ll be amazed how little it can cost to devise a striking and totally unique look.

And what of the all-important wedding dress, which is a major expense for many brides? Again, if you start looking early, you may find the dress of your dreams heavily discounted in the sales. Alternately, buy a very plain dress and hire a dressmaker to customize it, or even to make a copy of a dress you love – this way you can get a bespoke look at a fraction of the price.

These are a few of our favorite tips for organizing a fantastic wedding on a limited budget – what are yours?

Domenica Goduto is a blogger and copywriter who specializes in writing about food, events, lifestyle and travel for a variety of clients, including Lockhart Catering.


5 Easy Ways to Get Organized at Home

Beverly-Hills-Polo-Club-StorageBeing organized for some people is easier said than done. Many of us have days where we take the time to clean and organize our home to perfection. Fast forward a week or two later and we are back at square one. So how can you crack the organization code and keep your clutter at bay? Check out these five easy ways to get organized.

Find Multiple Uses for Everyday Items
Organizing can be expensive if you start buying a ton of containers and other organizing must-haves. This doesn’t have to be the case. Have some empty jewelry boxes you’re about to throw out? Instead, paperclip the boxes together and make handy drawer organizers for pens, pencils and other miscellaneous items.

Shower hooks are also a great way to hang your hand-bags in your closet. This allows you to keep your purses at eye-level and gets them off the floor. A win, win. Real Simple had the genius idea of using an old tissue box as a plastic bag dispenser—who would have thought?!?

Think Togetherness
The bathroom is a great example of how things can get messy fast. Women have tons of make-up products, hair products and let’s not forget all the lotion. Instead of having everything thrown on top of the vanity, start by grouping like products together. Once you know what items go with what it’s time to contain the clutter with a basket, box or other bathroom storage device. You’ll be surprised how much more room you’ll get by doing this.

Bring it to the Kitchen
Do you use wire shelving in other areas of your home? Why not incorporate some shelving inside your refrigerator? TidyMom has some other great ideas for your fridge–you can check them out here. Other shelving ideas work wonders in the kitchen. Organize your never ending spice collection with some shelves inside your cabinet door. This frees up countertop space and precious shelving inside your cabinets.

When in Doubt Go Vertical
Shelves are great for numerous reasons. They can add style to a room, bring more storage to small areas and in some instances both. If you are running short on space, think about how you can store items on a shelf. Not a fan of showcasing clutter? There are creative ways around this. If you have a bookcase that has more than books on it—hang a curtain over it. This adds color to the room and hides your items you don’t want on display.

Everything Needs a Place
This is the most important part of organizing. If you don’t have a place for something—find one. Make sure everyone in the family understands where things go and stick to the rules. This might be a big change for your family so become a stickler for the rules at first. After a couple weeks, your new organization schedule will become routine and no one will think twice.

Organizing takes time and dedication. There will be bumps in the road, but eventually it will become second nature. Studies have shown clutter can increase stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. Taking the right steps to a clutter free home can drastically decrease all of these symptoms. Setbacks may happen, but that’s ok. Eventually you’ll have a great looking home that reduces stress at the same time.

Do you have some great organizing tips we missed? Share your favorite tips in the comments below.

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

It’s Friday! That means the next two days are all about you and your family. Whether you have an extravagant St. Patrick’s Day planned or rest is on the agenda, this weekend should be filled with everything you want. We’ve collected our favorite items of the week for you to enjoy this weekend.


Delightful Croquet Animal Game Sets encourage children to play and develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Every colorful wicket is shaped like a lively animal. Play croquet with this animal game set in your own backyard, or easily take it to a picnic for hours of fun.


Raised waist top and capri pants combine for an irresistibly cute and comfy set of knit pajamas. Any woman would love the delicate floral print and bow details, while the elastic waist and bust give these PJs the perfect fit.


Brighten your outdoor space with this Solar Color-Changing Wind Chime. It has a crackle glass ball with a light inside that changes from shades of red to green to blue. The chimes themselves are made of stainless steel and create melodious sound as the wind blows.


Expandable Hot/Cold Food Carrier has upper and lower sections that are insulated to keep cool dishes at just the right temperature. The bottom compartment also features a mylar lining to hold hot dishes right out of the oven and keep them warm.


Turn an ordinary houseplant into a decorative home accent with a Ceramic and Metal Animal Planter. With a planting pot of glazed ceramic, it features metal legs and floral accents. A friendly animal face gives it extra charm and personality.

5 Items You Need for Easter

It feels like we just survived the holidays and New Years and it’s almost time for Easter! With the date being so early this year, many of us are playing catch up. Try not to stress too much, there is still plenty of time to get all the Easter goodies you want. Check out some of our Easter products below.



Seasonal Dishwasher Magnet Art makes sure your dishwasher is festively dressed for the holiday. Order each design individually or save and buy them all as a 4-piece set. Magnet backing makes them easy to switch as each new holiday approaches.



Cute Set of 5 LED Lighted Bunnies glows in color-changing springtime pastels. The bunnies make a charming decorative accent when displayed on shelves or scattered around a room.



Cheerful seasonal designs from artist Tina Ledbetter highlight these decorative lighted blocks. Diffused lighting emanates from inside the glass for an appealing look.



Greet friends, family and neighbors with the friendly rabbits on these Springtime Easter Yard Stakes. Adorable yard decor is sure to make your holiday complete. Order them separately, or get the 3-pc. set and save!



Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg is a fresh take on the Easter egg. The egg is loaded with 6 solid milk chocolate baby dinosaurs: 2 each of T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

Top 10 Peplum Wedding Dresses from Spring 2013

The wedding day is one of the few occasions where women struggle to choose between time honored traditions and their individual style. A peplum wedding dress could give you the best of both worlds.

Sassi Holford’s ‘So Sassi’ Collection
Bianca is a beautiful peplum wedding dress designed by Sassi Holford. This dress is incredibly sleek and simple.

Bianca works for the bride who wants to keep a traditional dress in mind while adopting their own style, but for some brides they may find its simplicity a little bland.


Claire Pettibone’s Peplum Wedding Dress Collection Spring 2013
Claire Pettibone’s off the shoulder and highly detailed lace dress is absolutely stunning. Hazel is designed with vintage fashion in mind and it makes for an inspired alternative to the structured peplum dress design.

The free flowing almost floating fabric adds to the vintage look and feel of this wedding dress. Despite the dress’s outlandish appearance it incorporates the peplum very delicately.

Reem Acra’s Peplum Collection
If you’re a lover of lace and long sleeves then one of Reem Acra’s dresses from his fall 2013 collection could be the winner for you! His peplum waistband dress is literally lavished in lace.

The elegant and almost eccentric design is guaranteed to get people talking. Reem’s wedding dress is made of beautifully detailed lace fabric and includes a high neck, luscious long sleeves, a lace fishtail skirt, a buttoned back and the peplum detail that women are so keen to include in their wedding dresses.


Ines De Santo Peplum Collection
The Ines De Santo collection of peplum wedding dresses is simply stunning. One look and you know they are designer high quality dresses that make your wedding day memorable. For a wedding dress that is original, unique and magical, without losing an ounce of femininity then the Ines De Santo peplum collection is the only choice for you.

Alvina Valenta
The Alvina Valenta dress is similar to the Bianca dress in the sense that it is simplistic and almost classical in nature and design. However, this stunning satin dress offers a small, slight peplum which complements the rest of the dress.

If you want a satin peplum wedding dress that is understated, simplistic and yet stunning then this could be the dress for you.

Kenneth Pool Peplum Dress Spring 2013
If you’re looking for a big, beautiful soft and flouncy peplum dress then the Kenneth Pool peplum dress from his spring 2013 collection is certainly a dress worthy of your consideration. The peplum almost melts into this beautiful layered dress which gives lots of volume without looking bloated and uncomfortable. The gorgeous detailing and natural waves of the dress are sure to have your man melt as he watches you walk down the aisle.


Elizabeth Filmore Peplum Dress
If you’re having an outdoor wedding and you want a backless peplum dress rich with lace detail then the Elizabeth Filmore peplum dress is certainly the perfect partner for your outdoor wedding. The simple elegant dress is sure to look simply stunning on brides that are tall and slim. Add a white flower arrangement to the hair for a natural beauty that begs to be seen.

Monique Lhuillier Peplum Wedding Dress Spring 2013
Monique Lhuiller is making waves on the catwalk, as are her beautiful peplum wedding dresses. Intricate lace layers and big bows underneath the bosom make this a very unusual peplum wedding dress. However, its graceful free flowing layers are sure to make it very popular with brides to be.


Carolina Herrera Peplum Wedding Dress
From the extrovert and the intricate of the Monique Lhullier dress to the simplistic and the understated, Carolina Herrera’s satin peplum wedding dress for spring 2013 is uncomplicated and uncompromising in it’s beauty. Combine this dress with a simple and slightly oversized bouquet for a beautiful bang on trend look at your wedding.


Angel Sanchez Peplum Wedding Dress
If there’s one name being whispered fervently on the catwalk and throughout the wedding dress industry it’s Angel Sanchez. Angel’s breathtaking peplum wedding dresses are stunning and no matter what your style or taste you are sure to find something in this exquisite collection that catches your eye and reminds you of how much fun it is to be a bride.

Peter Smith has authored this wonderful post about wedding dresses. He is a great designer who keeps giving his article about the latest style and dresses. He designed some new crop tops and displayed it at the front page of his site. 

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

Lakeside-SelectionIt’s Friday and that means comfy pants, family time and catching up on errands are in the near future. While you are checking off errands on your to-do list this weekend go check out our favorite items for the week. Whether you are looking for that perfect garden decoration, summer clothes for your little girl or a new living room table we have got you covered.


Contemporary yet classic, these versatile tables boast a dark walnut finish and durable wooden construction. This collection includes different tables to suit your needs, each with an ample top surface as well as a bottom shelf for storage or display.


The splashy palm-leaf print of this girls’ dress and headband set is sure to make her smile. The matching headband completes the look, or she can wear either item separately to vary her seasonal wardrobe.


The Set of 24 Butterfly Stakes gives you a wide array of colors and designs to decorate your outdoors. Each figure is on a thin metal stake that’s easy to conceal giving the illusion of real butterflies. A small spring attaches each butterfly to its stake, so it will sway slightly in a breeze.


Get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming about with a Comfort Loft Mattress Pad. It will make your well-worn mattress feel like you just brought it home from the showroom.


The fun never ends with The Light-Up Bubbleizer! It blows bubbles nonstop since it never runs out of breath. Pull the trigger and watch the bubbles flow. Its transparent body lets you see the bubbles forming. Streaks of colored light illuminate each shiny bubble as it floats in the air.

What’s your favorite Lakeside item? Let us know in the comments below.

Pinteresting Picks for February

February seemed to fly by, and a lot of action took place on our Pinterest page. From yummy treats to our latest products there is more than enough to discover  on our boards. If there is one thing we learned, it’s you like our new owl décor. Check out our most popular pins below.


Household Helpers 10-Book Set
Discover home cleaning tips, remedies for common ailments, laundry and clothing care solutions, pet care ideas, arts and craft projects, skin care aids, and so much more. You’ll always have the answer with these books lying around.


Perched Owl Bath Collection
Wake up to bright colors and cute owls with our new bath collection. The Owl Bath Collection features a flock of bright owls that is ready to bring color to your home.


Give A Hoot Sentiment Wall Art
Give A Hoot Sentiment Wall Art combines a charming owl image with an uplifting message. The innocent, childlike imagery will appeal to kids and adults alike.


Contemporary Wall Shelf
Update your home for less with this great new shelf. Our Contemporary Wall Shelf is ideal for your music or movie collection, or use it to hold decorative objects.

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Hanging Wine Cork Holder
Like wine? So do we! Save the corks in our Hanging Wine Cork Holder to enhance the decor of your home. It looks great above a counter, near a wine rack or on any wall.