Buyers’ Picks – Items we love: Easy Change Artwork Frames

Our buyer’s pick this week is from our Home Décor buyer, Lia. Lia’s pick are these Easy Change Artwork Frames.  These frames are an easy way to display your children’s artwork. Keeps the room looking tidy by simply placing the latest piece of art in the easy to open frames.  Here is what Lia had to say:

I think this is a great way to display your children’s’ work of art with a finishing touch. The compartment behind the frame helps keep all the artwork organized and in one place. Change the artwork quickly and easily as your child creates more. Be sure to display several frames for each child ensuring that everyone’s artwork is evenly displayed.

I bought several for my sister who has 2 kids and they took great pride in having their artwork framed. My sister now can hang their artwork in the family room without the room looking disheveled.


Buyers’ Picks – Items we Love: Pet Food Container

Our buyer’s pick this week  is from our Pet buyer, Tim. His pick is the Pet Food Container with Scoop. This is a great container for dog owners, whether you have a large dog or a small puppy. Here is what Tim had to say:

The Pet Food Container with Scoop has been even more useful than I had expected.  With two dogs in the house, the mutts can definitely move through some kibble in a couple of days.  I can dump a whole bag of dog food in this container which means no more trips to the garage to get the rest of the bag.

The best thing about the container is that because it has an airtight seal it keeps that dog food smell out of my pantry.  I mean, it’s nice that the puppies get fresher tasting chow, but now my pantry doesn’t smell like a pet store.  Other cool features?  I can spot check through the clear sides to see how many noms are left for the dogs.  The included scoop keeps my hands clean during dinner time.  Finally, I can roll this bad boy in and out of the pantry with ease.  The pups now know that the sound of rolling wheels mean it’s time to eat!

Buyers’ Pick – Items we Love: Plush Turtle Ball Pit

Our buyer’s pick this week is from our toy buyer, Nancy. Her pick is the Plush Turtle Ball Pit. A great item that will bring your child through a few years as well as being an adorable item for any child’s room. Here is what Nancy had to say:

A fun activity for ages 6 months to 3 years old! Keep your little one entertained for hours.  The cute plush turtle alone is a ball bit, toy holder, and plush pal all in 1. He has multiple activities to keep your little one entertained such as crinkling feet, mirror, and squeaker.  As we show the turtle acts as a fun little ball pit and easily zips up when not in use. Without the use of the ball pit this turtle can easily help keep the playroom clean and organized as a place to hold other fun toys.

What makes this Turtle even more exciting is that this is a Lakeside exclusive item! Any child would surely be happy to have this Turtle in their playroom.


Buyers’ Pick – Items we Love: Manicure Gift Sets

Our buyer’s pick this week is from our Stationary Buyer, Chrissy. A Manicure gift set is the perfect size for any woman’s handbag or just to keep around the house. Here is what Chrissy had to say:

This set is great for carrying in your purse or even placing into your desk drawer.  These kits are perfect for emergency nail situations with all the right tools. I have found myself in need of a quick touchup during the day and this is easily stored at my side. The gift set comes in 3 different patterns to choose from. They are all bright and make a colorful addition to my purse. They are also the perfect size for storing just about anywhere. I keep one in my desk drawer just in case.

Buyers’ Picks – Items We Love: Coleman® NFL Chair

Our buyer pick this week is from our Sporting Goods buyer, Drew. This is a great pick for the upcoming Labor Day weekend as well as the upcoming football season. Here’s what Drew had to say about his pick:

Two legendary American brands combine for 1 awesome tailgate item; Coleman® and the NFL.

My favorite and essential tailgate item is my Bears chair. It’s sturdy and strong enough to last me through many football seasons, while also comfortable and practical to last through the game.  Bright colors and bold logos tell everyone who I’m rooting for.  We are just about 30 miles north of Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears and as a lifelong Bears fan I never tailgate without bringing the Coleman® Bears chairs.  It just has everything a professional tailgater can ask for.

Buyers’ Picks – Items We Love Quilted Travel Collection

This week our Handbags/Luggage Buyer Janet was excited to highlight a product that she and her daughter absolutely love, the Quilted Travel Collection.  Quilted purses, wallets, apparel and luggage are very popular right now and the Lakeside Collection has a number of products on this trend.  Here are Janet’s thoughts about this cute luggage set.

I recently bought the quilted travel collection for a trip to California. I was so excited to use it! It was lightweight, easy to carry, and I received a ton of compliments on the fun print design. I was able to think of endless uses for this spacious bag. The mini organizer pouch was great for keeping safe my smaller items and made everything really easy to find. My daughter wants one to take back to college with her! This is bag is a must have for anyone on the go.

                                                      -Janet, Handbags/Luggage Buyer

Buyers’ Picks – Items We Love Smencils®

Last Buyer’s Pick our buyers highlighted one of their favorite trends this year, owls, with the Owl Friend Bath Ensemble.  This week, our Stationery Buyer Chrissy wanted to feature a top trend for kids…Smencils®!  Throughout the office here in Chicago people have been discussing the rapidly growing popularity of these sweet-smelling writing utensils.  Here is what Chrissy had to say about her pick this week:

My Buyer Pick today is the Sets of 10 Smencils®.  You won’t believe all the amazing scents! I love them because they are soaked in gourmet liquid scents (made by an award winning fragrance company).  Some of the fun scents include cotton candy, cinnamon and root beer. Each Smencil® is wrapped in its own corn-based biodegradable freshness tube to preserve it. All 10 are packaged in a reusable zippered case for storage.  Smencils® are actually made of 100% recycled newspaper.  They work just like a regular pencil, but smell awesome!  

                              -Chrissy, Stationery Buyer

Buyers’ Picks – Items We Love

I’m excited to announce we have a brand new section on the “Lakeside View” blog called ‘Buyers’ Picks.’ This section will give “Lakeside View” readers an exclusive look inside the minds of our buyers.  Our buyers will reveal upcoming trends, share their personal favorite products, and tell never before heard stories about the items they love.

Kicking things off, one of our Domestic Buyers is highlighting one of her favorite collections below.

My Buyer Pick today is the Owl Friend Bath Ensemble.  Owls have been a hot trend in the market place for some time, but a stunning owl bath collection is really a rare find. The shower curtain edges on boho-style while the accessory pieces look like they’re hand carved from real wood. It’s a great collection for any age.

                -Domestic Buyer

1) Shower Curtain 2) Set of 12 Shower Curtain Hooks 3) Window Valance 4) Set of 2 Towels 5) Toothbrush Holder 6) Soap Dish 7) Lotion Pump

Traveling Buyers in Hong Kong and China

If you follow our Lakeside Buyer Sam on Twitter, you know some of our buyers recently took a trip to Asia in search of hot new items. Below are some great pictures they captured from Hong Kong and China. *Special thanks to our buyer Beth for sharing these awesome pictures!

This harbor shot shows the Hong Kong Convention Center (in the middle on water front) where our buyers attended the Hong Kong Housewares Show Mega 1. This show had over 2,000 exhibitors spread accross a 52,616 sq meter gross area. There were over 26,000 buyers from around the globe in attendance (though only a handful from Lakeside). Our buyers enjoyed checking out housewares, gifts, home décor, garden, storage and pet items. Continue reading