At Lakeside – We’re Making It Personal

wall-plaqueWith so many different gift ideas out there on the market, shopping for that special someone can seem a bit overwhelming. I mean, how do you choose the perfect gift that completely embodies the personality of the person you’re buying for? What do you do when a gift card just doesn’t say how much thought you put into choosing a gift? Well you’re in luck! The Lakeside Collection has an array of personalized gifts that will keep people talking.


On our website, you can view all the items we offer that you can personalize at the click of a button. The process is simple. Using our search feature on the homepage will assist you in finding our personalized products. All you have to do is type “personalize” into the Search box and click the “Go” button. Before you know it there is a variety of items right there at your fingertips. From plaques and gift baskets, to apparel and jewelry, finding the right gift to make your own is easier than ever.

Once you have found that perfect item, personalizing it takes almost no time at all.  Since each item is different, following the step by step instructions will allow you to see and choose the correct personal features for your item. Each item that can be personalized will have a special section on the website where the personalization can be completed. This section allows you to choose the style or colors of the product, as well as the font style if applicable.

There will also be a place where your desired text can be entered. For your assistance each text box will display the character limit so you know how many characters can fit in each text box. Your personalized text will appear exactly as you enter it, so you will need to verify all spelling, upper/lower-case letters and punctuation. If selecting a monogram, the initials should be entered in the order you would like them to appear from left to right. Next you will be able to proofread your information to make sure you are happy with the result.

Once you have entered all of your personalized information just check the box confirming that the personalization information that you have submitted is correct. The last step is to edit the quantity and add the item to your shopping cart.


Customer Service
Shopping for personalized items can create a memorable moment for that special someone, and a breeze for you to do. So don’t forget to check out our personalized items on our website, or if you’re not interested in using the website feel free to contact us at 847-444-3150. One of our customer service agents will be eager to assist you from 7am to 8pm CST, Monday through Friday.

So give that special gift that will keep people talking for years to come. You can find what you need here at The Lakeside Collection were we are committed to providing unique products at tremendous values to our customers.


How to Find Answers to Your Lakeside Questions

When you are searching your favorite website you spend hours filling your cart with treasures but what happens when you have a common question or just want more information? You don’t need to search the world wide web for answers, you can find them right on our website.

Additional Lakeside Information

So let’s start with our company mission statement.  Most if not all companies have one and I have to say, ours is pretty exceptional.  To the right of that, we have our Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation logo, then our Norton Security, the credit cards we accept and PayPal as our forms of payment.

Next we have our Sign- up for Exclusive offers and Previews.  Now who doesn’t want that? We all love to find a way to save and this is it.


Still have questions? Our FAQ section is a wealth of knowledge for commonly asked questions about ordering and our website.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked question (FAQ) section located at the bottom of our page holds a variety of questions and their answers just for your learning.



As you click on each category, we have anticipated question/ answers that were frequently asked by other customers.  Take catalogs for instance.  Say you want a catalog sent to you in the mail, but don’t know how to request one.  Just click on “How do I request a catalog?” and your answer will pop up.


Send a Gift with Lakeside

blue-presentAll of us at some time have been a gift giver or a gift receiver.

Think of the importance of the person you are sending a gift to and what they mean to you before you start your search for the special gift item. This can sometimes be an easy task and at other times for those people that seem to have everything, selecting a gift can be quite daunting. Here are some special tips to help you along the gift selecting and sending path.

Hobbies  or collectibles 
This will give ideas of the kinds of things to look for and to avoid when shopping. You can bring this up in casual conversation or even ask mutual friends or family.

Sports or team
Sports fans seem like the perfect person to buy a gift for because sport related items are everywhere. The key with sports items to pay attention to what your sports fan already has so you can avoid buying the same item.
Traveler or Homebody
Do they love the outdoors or just love to sit home and relax ? New luggage or a bag for travelers are a great gift option while a movie or a good book is perfect for those on our list that rather curl up by the fire.

Kitchen or crafty
If you have someone on your list that loves to cook, may already have a lot of cooking utensils. Look for fun gadgets that might make jobs easier in the kitchen.Craft lovers would also benefit from fun gadgets or storage for small craft items.

Kids or Adults
Children like a whole range of items, so let them pick out the favorite items in the catalog by marking the pages with their name. If you rather surprise them, bring up their favorite items in conversation. Most kids love to talk about their favorite items. This applies well children but keep in mind it can also apply to adults!

Fun family member
Got that goofy family member that likes to have fun all the time? We have a great selection of fun gift items that will put a smile on their face.

Have it all
For those on your list that seem to have everything, have no fear! We have something for everyone. Lakeside has unique treasures for everyone on your list!

Price Range
Determine the price range that you would like to spend and let the shopping begin. Price range can be important, especially when buying within a group. If a budget has been set, be sure to stick to it.

Gift Sending made easy with Lakeside Collection.Lak-screenshot

Now that you have your gift items selected- you are ready to check out. You will have the option to send the items directly to the gift receiver. And the best part you ask?! The personal message you can include with your gift. Great thought goes into a personal message and we have provided 140 characters spaces for you to send your personal message.

Whether you are the gift giver or the gift receiver, you have touched one person’s life with your heart!

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Follow The Order Path

Placing an order online is not only easy and convenient, but the best way to place an order. You are able to view the items, get descriptions and details to follow your order status until it arrives at directly to your door.

Two ways to order
1. We offer two ways to order online. You can shop by the category when you shop online and add to your cart directly from the item. By using the catalog quick order form. Either way you are on your way to receiving your favorite items.


To save some time, use the catalog quick order form and enter specific items. Either way you are on your way to receiving your favorite items.


Ready to check out
2. Once your order is complete, just click on check out.


After reviewing your order and going through our secure checkout process, you will receive your order confirmation number.

What happens next?
3. What happens after you hit checkout? Behind the scenes, the Lakeside team is hard at work filling thousands of orders each day.

Waiting on your order? These easy steps help you track your order
1. Go to our homepage and click on order status at the top of the page.


2. Enter your order confirmation number and last name in the Check Order Status section and click View Order.

3. Once you click on View Order you can view the status of each item from that specific order.


Now that you know how to check on your order status… tune in next week for the next helpful tip.


Convenient Ways to Pay for your Lakeside Orders

With Lakeside’s easy ways to pay, your order will be on its way to you in no time. Payment methods include credit cards, Money Order, PayPal and checks and with these five tips, you can be sure your order is complete.


1. We are ready for your credit card number

You can feel safe when placing your order with Lakeside; our website is secured with a security protocol that encodes data before it is submitted over the Internet. In addition, all information is stored behind a firewall and safe guarded from unauthorized access.

2. Don’t always have time to call or go online

No time to get online and too busy running errands? Try dropping your order in the mail while you are out and about. Don’t forget, make sure to include a check or Money Order along with your order form inside a sealed envelope. We want to make sure you get your toys in time for your birthday parties and there are no delays. When you provide a check as a payment you will be giving us a one-time authorization to transfer funds from your account.

 3. Check to see if your order requires for sales tax

Sales tax is only required in the state of Illinois when ordering with Lakeside. You need to calculate at 7.5% of total payment amount, including merchandise subtotal and shipping charges.  No tax required for other states within the United States.

4. Funds not available

Making sure the funds are available is important to avoid any fees.Once given a check, Lakeside has the authorization to apply an allowance $30.00 fee from the state of Illinois if a check is returned. We all have a busy life style and it’s understandable so if you would like this revoked prior to the electronic debiting please write a notice to Lakeside Collections, sent certified mail and return receipt requested.

The Lakeside Collection
P.O. Box 3088
Northbrook, IL 60015-3088


5. Ready, set, gift card

Using a gift card can be fun when shopping our Lakeside Collections catalog. Lakeside accepts gift cards with a major credit card logo including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Your cart will keep growing after every page you click or flip. You can now get your sports attire ready for game night.

Be confident that the orders you place with us are safe and secure. You can start your check off list and begin to fill your cart with gifts for you, your friends and family. That perfect item you were looking for is just a click away!


3 Tips for your Lakeside Order


Packing-BoxesEach click on an item builds the excitement of waiting for your order to set sail and arrive at your doorstep.

1. Timing is everything

Whether you have your favorites marked or your cart stocked, you want to ensure your gifts are on time for family and friends. At the moment, Lakeside only ships to the contiguous United States of America. Though express shipping is not offered at this time, being confident in a delivery time is just a phone call away. The time-frames will very on seasons so be sure to call your favorite reps in customer service at (847) 295- 6058 to assist you with a time-frame in your area.

2. Additional Delivery means added value

When redecorating or moving into a new home its important to have some solid staples such as side tables, wall décor, and home office essentials. Additional Delivery or AD can be found on the website below the item number or on the check out page. This additional shipping cost allows Lakeside to offer all the wonderful key items that can bring any room together. Whether it’s organizing books or adding the last piece to complete a room, your space will look impeccable.

3. Location, location, location

It is important to all of us that our Lakeside finds get to us ASAP and one way to do this is to provide a physical address for your items to be delivered to. Though your package may be sent through UPS or the Post Office, UPS can only deliver to a physical address. Attempting to send your order to PO Box may cause a delay in receiving your favorite items. In addition, provide an apartment or suite number if needed to ensure the package is taken to the correct address. These steps will help eliminate any delay in receiving your favorites.

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