Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

coloring bookIf you’ve spent much time on the internet in the last year or two, you’ve probably heard about how awesome adult coloring books are. If you’re not convinced filling in intricately drawn bubbles with pinks, blues and yellows, perhaps what you can gain from it can persuade you. Here are 4 benefits of adult coloring books.

Break Time We all need to give our, minds, bodies and souls a break. Working coloring into our schedule gives us that rest that we might not otherwise take if we just say we’re going to take a break. It’s a time that you can sit down and not have to think beyond “should this paisley be green or purple?” But because it’s all laid out for you and gives you focus, it takes pressure off the part of your brain that generates a fear response making you feel generally more relaxed.

coloring-bookEasy Challenge Unlike other crafts and creative activities, you don’t have to be an expert to make your coloring book look awesome. If you’ve ever been envious of your creative friends who know how to put together the perfectly crafted Easter centerpiece, you don’t have to be left out of the creative circle with a coloring book.

Chillax You can build social activities around coloring — rather than hosting a book club or a knitting group, host a coloring party in which everyone brings snacks and wine and you can chat and catch up over coloring. It’s a way of being more purposeful with your time with friends than going out and having dinner and drinks every few weeks.coloring-bookFountain of Youth Creative activities help keep your brain young. As we get older, our brains to work as well as they did when we were young, but, like exercise, it works your muscles to keep them strong. In fact, engaging in creative activities like coloring slows down mild cognitive impairment. Not only does coloring keep your brain young, it also stimulates your brain while encouraging its communication with other parts of your body.

The Lakeside Collection has coloring books and crafts to keep you creatively challenged no matter what level of crafter you are. From colored pencils to scrapbooking accessories, shop Lakeside for all your creative needs.coloring-book

The Lakeside Selection: Our Favorite Items for the Week

Snow storms and cold temperatures are keeping most of us inside this week! We’re working on staying busy and staying warm! With that in mind, we put together a list of items we think you’ll find useful this week.  Here is this week’s The Lakeside Selection: Our Favorite Items for the Week.


You’ll find many uses around the house for this 2-Tier Cabinet Basket. It has a removable basket on each level for storing spices, office supplies, toiletries and more. 8″W x 10″D x 14″H, overall. Each basket, 7-1/4″W x 10″D x 4″H. Steel.


Kids can build cabins, forts, stores or a whole frontier village with these Wood Log Building Sets. The construction options are endless with these gigantic sets. Pine wood and plastic. For ages 3 and up.


A Set of 2 Fashion Scarves keeps you on-trend without breaking the bank. These vibrant designs are sure to make you stand out. They spice up any outfit. You can also wear them as head wraps or decorative belts. Fringe on the bottom. Polyester. 16-1/2″ x 65-1/4″, each. Imported.


The unique shape of this stoneware Cozy Hands Mug is designed to warm your hands when you hold it. There’s a place on the side of the mug that’s perfect for tucking your hand in. Ridges on the outside of the mug help you grip it. Keep it for yourself or pair it with coffee, tea or hot cocoa for a fun gift. 16 oz. Dishwasher safe.


Indulge in the elegant luxury of the 7-Pc. Anastasia Comforter Set. Waves of glamorous ruffles on each piece will give your room a sophisticated air, while the soft, wrinkle-resistant fabric pampers your skin. Queen comforter, 90″ sq. King, 106″W x 90″L. King set includes king-sized shams. Polyester. Comforter, shams, and bedskirt, machine care. Imported.

National Puzzle Day: How Puzzles Do Your Brain Good

puzzleJanuary 29 is National Puzzle Day! We’ve been putting together puzzles for hundreds of years. The first puzzle ever made was used to teach geography lessons and it morphed into a leisure activity. Although we just do them for fun now, puzzles are actually an excellent brain booster. In case you need a reason to put one together than just the satisfaction of matching thousands of tiny pieces to create a picture, there are other benefits of puzzles. Here are 5 ways puzzles do your brain good.

Psychological Prowess As far as building cognitive skills, children’s brains benefit the most. While their brains are still growing, puzzles help kids boost their memory and recognize shapes, as well as develop critical thinking skills.

puzzleBrain Workouts The same way interval training and bicycling works your heart and muscles to prevent disease, puzzles exercise your brain to keep it healthy and thinking. Researchers even believe it can slow the brain from breaking down as we age — in one study from the United Kingdom, scientists actually found a correlation between puzzles and slowing down Alzheimer’s disease.

Social & Emotional Intelligence People of all ages can use puzzles to help with social and emotional skills. The act of putting together puzzles is designed with a definitive goal, and the more difficult it is the more you have to persevere. Young and old, puzzles are an active example of meeting goals through hard work.

Both Halves Puzzles use both sides of the brain to fit the pieces together. The right side of the brain is where we draw on our intuition. The left side of the brain uses logic to solve problems. We need both intuition and logic to fit the pieces of puzzles together.

puzzleBrain Builders Puzzles are the ultimate brain builders for kids. They help sharpen fine and gross motor skills and gives them hand-eye coordination practice. Puzzles with large pieces are a good start and when the kids master those, they can move up to jigsaw puzzles to continue to sharpen their skills.

The Lakeside Collection has puzzles for every member of your family! While away the winter and celebrate National Puzzle Day by fitting a few pieces together!

National Oatmeal Month: Our Favorite Oatmeal Recipes

Nothing says cold winter morning like a warm bowl of oatmeal! It’s no coincidence that January is National Oatmeal month. However delicious it is for breakfast, oatmeal can be so much more than just a bowl of sustenance on a chilly day. We thought we’d introduce you to oatmeal’s range of goodness so we put together a list of our favorite oatmeal recipes for National Oatmeal Month.blueberry-oatmeal-crumble-bars

Blueberry Heaven How about these beautiful blueberry-oatmeal crumble bars? Averie Cooks came up with these. You can eat them as a snack or for breakfast, but either way, they’re easy to make and easy to clean up — she uses one bowl! They’re like dessert, but you get all the calcium and potassium your body needs that you’d get from a plain bowl of oatmeal.baked-oatmeal

Double-Duty Recipe Here are two recipes rolled in one! Love Grows Wild came up with this recipe that combines all the warm deliciousness of oatmeal with the fruity, cinnamony goodness of banana bread. With an egg to keep the oats and banana together, it makes a close-to-perfectly-balance breakfast — all you need is a glass of milk for your calcium and you’re ready to conquer the world. Or at least a frigid day in January.oatmeal-peanut-butter-bars

Easy-Peasy Protein If you’re good at planning and short on time, Mothering with Creativity whips up these no-bake peanut butter oatmeal bars for afternoon snacks. They only require three ingredients and they’re so easy to make, you’re going to want to know what the catch is! The only catch is it’s a high-protein, whole grain snack you need to put on the menu as soon as possible.  blueberry-pancakes

Gluten-Free For a delicious sit-down breakfast, Ambitious Kitchen makes a great gluten-free version of oatmeal blueberry pancakes. Yogurt gives it protein rather than egg and banana makes it a hearty, nutrient-rich sweet breakfast treat.overnight-oatmeal

Make Ahead Jeanette’s Healthy Living has mastered the art of making a healthy and tasty breakfast that’s easy to make ahead for busy mornings. She makes her oatmeal overnight with soy milk and chia seeds (lots of protein!) and tops it with fruit. She put together 20 fruit and oatmeal combinations — there’s one for just about anyone who wants a delicious breakfast that is good for you.

The Lakeside Collection has ideas and products to make everyday in January a little more pleasant for you. Whether you need fun recipes to enjoy oatmeal on a cold winter day or you’re looking for cozy throws to keep you warm on movie night, look to Lakeside for fun ideas and products at reasonable prices.

Pinteresting Picks for December

The holidays and family time are over, for our Pinterest followers, it looks like they wouldn’t mind extending the time into the new year! Here are our Pinteresting Picks for December.

lak-beer-holsterWith a Monogram Beer Holster, you’ll never have to set your beer down and forget where you left it or mix it up with somebody else’s drink. The holster keeps a 12-oz. bottle or can of beer right where it belongs…at your fingertips. Perfect for backyard BBQs and tailgating! Two snaps at the top allow you to loop it over your belt for quick and easy attachment. 12″ x 3-1/2″ sq. Polyester. Imported.

lak-peace-nightstandThis groovy Peace Sign Night Stand will add style to any girl’s or boy’s room. Each night stand has a roomy pullout drawer and a large peace sign cutout on two sides. The shelf on the bottom offers open storage for books, small toys, gaming controllers and more. 15-1/2″ sq. x 22″H. Shelf opening to the bottom of drawer, 11″. Wooden. Assembly required; assembly hardware included.

lak-hold-my-hand-foreverSentiment Art by Marla Rae expresses love in a beautiful way. It features a romantic saying accompanied by a related silhouette. Textured gel coating and a recessed frame complete the look. Coordinating sentiments look great as a pair but also make a standout display on their own. 12″ sq. Wooden print with plastic frame. Ready to hang.


Metal Monogram Wine Cork Holder looks distinctive empty or when filled with tokens from your favorite wines. When you finish a bottle, save the cork and add it to this letter-shaped frame. Start from the bottom and build your way up. Use a dot of glue on each cork for extra security. Ready to hang. 12″ long, each. Widths range from 7-3/4″ to 15-3/8″.

mothers-birthstone-necklaceA wonderful gift for mothers and grandmothers, a Mother’s Birthstone Necklace or Charms helps celebrate her family with a birthstone charm for the month in which each child was born. The silvertone necklace features a 3/4″ heart-shaped pendant on a 16″ long chain with 2″ extender. An opening on the heart allows you to slip on the 1/2″ rhinestone charms. The necklace and the charms are sold separately. Metal.

New Year’s Eve Parties to Remember

fireworksIt’s time to have fun and shake out the silliness of 2015 to make room for all the good things for 2016. Of course, we want to make our last night of the year to be spectacular with all things glittering and piles of confetti to make it memorable. With that in mind, we put together a list of places that put on New Year’s Eve parties to remember.

Austin They do family-friendly New Year’s Eve in Texas if you can’t make it to Disney World. Austin’s New Year (ANY) is a way to ring in 2015 with art and culture. The event is interactive, but there is plenty of music and film for breaks between  making art and walking through glow in the dark mazes. The festivities conclude with a fireworks display at 10pm. If you need to get wild, Sixth Street has enough bars with live music to keep revelers entertained until midnight.

Disney World For family-friendly festivities, Disney World puts on a great party for all ages. The park stays open until 1:00am so families can take in all the performances and live entertainment starting with a Main Street Electrical Parade at 6:30.  There’s a sparkling fireworks display at midnight and hot chocolate and cookies are served until 1:30am.

happy-new-yearLas Vegas If you need glitter and glamour without the freezing temperatures, take a quick trip to Las Vegas! On New Year’s Eve the Strip is shut down to traffic for a block party to rival Times Square. 300,00 people turn out every year to see live bands and a spectacular fireworks display you can only see in the desert. If you do make it to Vegas for New Year’s Eve, you may get a rare glimpse of snow in Sin City — there may be a few snow showers this week.

Los Angeles Los Angeles is home to celebrity A-listers which means exclusive — and expensive — New Year’s Eve celebrations. But there’s an option for people like us — New Year’s Eve at Grand Park. The event is free to the public with streets shut-down around the park so revelers can walk around to enjoy live music, art and plenty of food.

Miami Miami boasts of putting on the biggest New Year’s Eve party south of Times Square — as it should. With the temperatures hovering around 75℉, it’s hard not to enjoy January 1st. Miami is known for its nightlife, so they do no less than dazzling for New Year’s Eve. Dancing downtown starts at 8pm and they kick it up a notch with a fireworks over Biscayne Bay at midnight.

fireworksNew Orleans If you can’t make it to Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve is the next best way to experience the Big Easy. The city puts on a rowdy party you can only find in New Orleans. In the heart of the French Quarter, instead of a ball, they drop a fleur de lis to countdown to 2015 with a 15-minute fireworks display over the Mississippi River. The party doesn’t stop at midnight — Bourbon Street bars are packed well into the new year.

Season’s greetings from all of us at The Lakeside Collection! We wish you well this season and for the year to come.

Holiday Hustle: Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift for Anyone

nfl-pool-table-coversIf you haven’t started your holiday shopping, you’re not alone. Though most people love to shop, buying gifts for other people can be exhausting. It takes a lot of thought, and even when you put a lot of energy into an awesome present, it might not be right. Here are 4 tips for finding the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Excesses Try working backwards. Think about things your loved one already has too much of. If she has a curio cabinet packed with knick knacks, another curio might get lost in the mix. If his man cave is already covered from floor-to-ceiling with team flags and posters, he may not need anymore NFL decor. These are things you should eliminate from your list and steer clear of when you start your shopping in earnest.

travel-collectionNeeds Think about life events that are coming up for your loved one: a European vacation, college graduation or moving to a new city. All of these events require items people don’t use every day. Vacations necessitate special luggage and clothing. Graduation means starting a new life from scratch. Moving to a new city means a new home with fresh decor. It’s easy to narrow down gift ideas based on what the recipient might need rather than what he or she might want.

Cyber Sleuthing Start looking at what your recipient posts on his or her social media accounts. If this person posts a lot of pictures of his cat, think about the different cat accessories you can give him. If she posts a lot of pictures of the treats she makes in the kitchen, maybe look into a fancy cookbook or kitchen gadgets she might find handy. If your loved one is a new mom and posts nothing but pictures of her little one, a scrapbook might be the perfect gift for her so she can document every event in her new baby’s life. These are all items your loved one probably wouldn’t think to tell you they want, and you don’t even have to ask.

personalized-matMake it Personal There are a couple of ways to make a gift very personal. Either you can craft something yourself — knit homemade mittens to brighten those dark days of winter, or stitch together felt covers for smartphones and tablets — or you can buy something to personalize with their names like wine totes, rubber stamps or jewelry. When you make something for someone or you turn an everyday item into something unique for your loved one, it shows that you’re a thoughtful, caring


Of course you don’t have to put that much thought into a gift for it to be a hit! Try our Perfect Present Gift App to help you find the right gift for everyone on your list. Just a few minutes, a couple of clicks and you have your holiday shopping done!

Turn Back Time: Tips for Getting Used to the Time Change

plush-micro-velvet-bed-blanketsDaylight Saving Time ends in just a few days. We only turn the clocks back one hour, but that one hour shifts our entire reality. But it doesn’t have to be a shock to the system. Here are 4 tips for getting used to the time change.

Bed Time Soon it will be getting dark much earlier and you may want to go to bed earlier than necessary, but that could disrupt your sleep during the night. A few days before the time change, start adjusting your sleep schedule. Change it just 15 minutes each night — the first night, go to bed 15 minutes later than normal; the second night, go to bed 30 minutes after your regular bedtime and continue until it’s a full hour. This helps you wake up at your regular waking hour and you won’t get too much or too little sleep.

light-bulbUse Light to Your Advantage Any kind of light — whether it’s sunshine or an email alert on your phone, it disrupts your melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates sleep; our bodies can only produce it when there’s no light. That means you can use bright lights to help you stay awake a little longer in the evening so you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up at your regular time without feeling groggy.

Electronics When you have that one hour messing with your sleep schedule, any little thing can derail your plans — including electronics. Though we like to be connected day and night through texts, emails and social media, the buzzing and the lights can work against our efforts to sleep. All the stimulation keeps our brains working, making it difficult to calm down enough to rest. Try shutting off all your gadgets and leaving them in another room and you can reduce your risk of losing sleep to the time change.

college-fight-song-alarm-clockExercise for Sleep Some experts suggest exercising in the evening is bad for your sleep. Exercise is, after all, good for a burst of energy which can make it hard to sleep at night. However, it may be better to get your workout in at night than foregoing exercise all together. According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, adults who exercise — regardless of time of day — get better sleep than those who don’t exercise. So if you’re concerned about sleep, consider adding exercise to your daily routine.

Adjusting to the time change varies from person to person, but, generally, it only takes about a day to get used to the shift in light. At The Lakeside Collection we have products to make the time change easy on you — from sheets to alarm clocks, we have you covered.

Beyond the Sandwich: Lunches Your Kids Can Make Themselves

school-lunchThe kids are settling into the school year — while they now have somewhere to go every day while you’re at work, there’s still quite a bit of planning you have to do, lunch in particular. But that’s something you can recruit your kids to help out with. Here are a few ideas for lunches your kids can make themselves.

Wraps Even though wraps are, for all intents and purposes, sandwiches, there’s something about the packaging that makes them more fun and exotic to kids. They take very little effort to prepare, you just have to remember all of the elements to include: protein, fruit/vegetable, something to hold it all together, and a good tortilla. Spread a little peanut butter or soy nut butter on a tortilla, top it with sliced bananas and raisins, roll it up and it’s off to school. If your child wants meat, smear the tortilla with mustard, sprinkle it with lettuce and tomato and lay down a slice of cured ham. If your kids want to make it even more interesting, slice them into pinwheels to make it look like sushi. It’s not too tough for kids to wrap together, they just need

Pasta A big bowl of spaghetti for lunch isn’t very practical if your kids have no way to heat it up at lunch time. However, pasta doesn’t have to be hot to be delicious — and kids love noodles. Putting together a good pasta salad allows you to sneak in vegetables your kids might not eat on their own, mix it with meat and cheese to create a one-dish meal. If your kids are old enough, they can boil the water for the pasta, cut the vegetables and cheese and stir it all together with Italian salad dressing. It travels well and holds up until lunch time.

Snack Platter Sandwiches don’t always have to come assembled, in fact, your kids might like them better if they’re not assembled! Have them put together crackers, meat and cheese they like alongside fruit salad or veggies and dip. It’s a way to make lunch easy for kids to make and interesting to eat.

Leftover Bento If you plan it right, you can have your kids make bento boxes out of dinner leftover from the night before. Bento boxes are all about the presentation — eating lunch from little compartments makes the food somehow more delightful. You don’t have to have a real bento box to create your own — you just need regular plastic containers with ways to create compartments to keep the food separate. You can use smaller plastic containers that fit inside or use silicone cupcake linerschool-lunchs. It doesn’t change the food, but how it’s presented makes it more fun to eat.

Just remember that if you pack lunch meats, mayonnaise or dairy, lunch should be packed with an ice pack to prevent it from spoiling. You can make easy ice packs out of sponges at home. Just get them wet, stick them in a closable bag and freeze them overnight.

The Lakeside Collection can help you make every meal can be an exciting meal! Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving dinner or you’re planning a picnic, Lakeside has products and ideas to make it spectacular.

5 Fall Casseroles to Try This Week

It’s about time to break out our pots and pans for warm meals on cold nights. We have so many plans to make our fall favorites, but we’re always looking for new recipes to get us through the season. We came up with a list of 5 fall casseroles to try this week.chicken-wild-rice-casserole

Go Wild If you’re looking for warm and delicious with a touch of healthy, you might want to try Chicken Wild Rice Casserole. This one comes from Pinch of Yum. Though a good amount of butter is used to make this casserole flavorful, it’s balanced out with plenty of carrots and chicken to give you nutrients. If you’re craving something green, pair it with a side of steamed broccoli splashed with lemon juice and drizzled with olive oil.

chicken-bacon-ranch-pasta-bakeOne-Dish Meal Here’s an easy, but balanced recipe for a one-dish meal. Inside Bru Crew Life came up with this one after a trip to Subway. She calls it the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Bake. It has plenty of tomatoes and spinach to cover your vegetable requirements, chicken and cheese for your protein and a healthy dose of pasta to round out your meal with a grain. Just twenty minutes of prep time and twenty minutes in the oven and you can feed your whole family!twice-baked-potato-casserole

Over-Stuffed Here’s a family favorite made easy by Love Bakes Good Cakes. It’s a twice baked potato without going through the labor of scooping the potato out of its skin and putting it all back in once it’s thoroughly transformed into a tasty mash. Rather, to make it a casserole, you just cut up the potatoes, mix them with sour cream and top it all with bacon and cheese. Though it’s not a one-dish meal, it does make an excellent side for baked chicken, pork chops or steak.lemon-chicken-pasta-bake

Keep It Simple This Lemon Chicken Pasta Bake from Cooking and Beer is delightfully simple. Pasta, cooked chicken, cream of chicken soup and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese is what makes this meal magical. With a few spears of asparagus, you don’t need much else to satisfy your weeknight hunger.jalapeno-popper-casserole

Add a Little Spice If you’re looking for some excitement in your dinner routine, try adding some spice to it with Jalapeno Popper Tater Tot Casserole from Premeditated Leftovers. It mixes fun with easy to make your dinner crazy delicious! It’s like your favorite school lunch fused with your favorite party dip — you just can’t go wrong with this. This makes a good side for a simple chicken dish.

Fall is one of our favorite seasons here at The Lakeside Collection! With the pumpkins and falling leaves, it gets us excited for all the holidays to come! Join us for all the celebrations and let us help you make each one magical with great products at discount prices.