5 Ideas to Do Once The Weather Breaks

snowmanToday is the day many of us have been thinking about since the cold weather hit—it’s spring! However, some of us are still feeling the icy chill of winter. It may not seem like it now, but soon we will be enjoying the sun, barbequing with our loved ones and heading to the pool. Below is a quick list of cost-friendly things to do once the weather finally does break.

Enjoying the warm sun, watching your kids play at the park and snacking on a sandwich can be a perfect weekend outing. All you have to do is grab a blanket, pack a lunch and you are ready to go! If you have problems keeping your soda can sturdy, check out our outdoor beverage holders. They make a great addition to any picnic or outdoor event.

Start a Kick Ball Team
Sports are a great way to have fun and socialize. Why not gather a group of friends and start your own kick ball team? Parents and kids alike can enjoy the fun. Get everyone in the spirit by getting matching T-shirts. Nothing says team like matching outfits.

Spring Cleaning
After months of a closed up house it’s time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and clean up the clutter. To get kids motivated make a game out of the day. See who can organize their room the best. If you chose to do this, make sure there is a prize for the best room. It can be something as simple as a soda or more fun like a croquet animal game set.

Throw a Beach Party
You don’t have to live at the beach to party like you do. Go all out and buy beach theme decorations for the occasion. Find some great beach towels and hang them around the house. Cook some hot dogs and hamburgers and you are on your way to a great beach party—who needs the beach anyway?

Scavenger Hunt
This takes some planning, but who doesn’t like a good scavenger hunt. You can set one up in your backyard, enlist the help of your neighbors for a larger scale event or host it at your local park. Get your creative juices flowing and plan for a day of fun and excitement.

Although it might not seem like it now, warm weather will be here before you know it. It’s the first day of spring after all. Do you have any traditions you and your family like to do once the warm weather breaks? Let us know in the comments below.

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

It’s Friday! That means the next two days are all about you and your family. Whether you have an extravagant St. Patrick’s Day planned or rest is on the agenda, this weekend should be filled with everything you want. We’ve collected our favorite items of the week for you to enjoy this weekend.


Delightful Croquet Animal Game Sets encourage children to play and develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Every colorful wicket is shaped like a lively animal. Play croquet with this animal game set in your own backyard, or easily take it to a picnic for hours of fun.


Raised waist top and capri pants combine for an irresistibly cute and comfy set of knit pajamas. Any woman would love the delicate floral print and bow details, while the elastic waist and bust give these PJs the perfect fit.


Brighten your outdoor space with this Solar Color-Changing Wind Chime. It has a crackle glass ball with a light inside that changes from shades of red to green to blue. The chimes themselves are made of stainless steel and create melodious sound as the wind blows.


Expandable Hot/Cold Food Carrier has upper and lower sections that are insulated to keep cool dishes at just the right temperature. The bottom compartment also features a mylar lining to hold hot dishes right out of the oven and keep them warm.


Turn an ordinary houseplant into a decorative home accent with a Ceramic and Metal Animal Planter. With a planting pot of glazed ceramic, it features metal legs and floral accents. A friendly animal face gives it extra charm and personality.

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

Lakeside-SelectionIt’s Friday and that means comfy pants, family time and catching up on errands are in the near future. While you are checking off errands on your to-do list this weekend go check out our favorite items for the week. Whether you are looking for that perfect garden decoration, summer clothes for your little girl or a new living room table we have got you covered.


Contemporary yet classic, these versatile tables boast a dark walnut finish and durable wooden construction. This collection includes different tables to suit your needs, each with an ample top surface as well as a bottom shelf for storage or display.


The splashy palm-leaf print of this girls’ dress and headband set is sure to make her smile. The matching headband completes the look, or she can wear either item separately to vary her seasonal wardrobe.


The Set of 24 Butterfly Stakes gives you a wide array of colors and designs to decorate your outdoors. Each figure is on a thin metal stake that’s easy to conceal giving the illusion of real butterflies. A small spring attaches each butterfly to its stake, so it will sway slightly in a breeze.


Get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming about with a Comfort Loft Mattress Pad. It will make your well-worn mattress feel like you just brought it home from the showroom.


The fun never ends with The Light-Up Bubbleizer! It blows bubbles nonstop since it never runs out of breath. Pull the trigger and watch the bubbles flow. Its transparent body lets you see the bubbles forming. Streaks of colored light illuminate each shiny bubble as it floats in the air.

What’s your favorite Lakeside item? Let us know in the comments below.

St. Patrick’s Day: A Brief History

St-Patricks-DayToday St. Patrick’s Day is filled with a lot of green, parties and everyone claiming to be Irish for the day. However, it wasn’t always this way. St. Patrick’s Day dates back to the early seventeenth century and was originally a day celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

St. Patrick
Unlike St. Valentine, we know who St. Patrick was. He was born in the fourth century and was kidnapped by Irish raiders from his Roman Britain home at the young age of 16. While captive, he was “told by God in a dream to flee from captivity to the coast, where he would board a ship and return to Britain. Upon returning, he quickly joined the Church in Auxerre in Gaul and studied to be a priest,” reports Wikipedia.

In 432 a.d. and now a bishop of the church, St. Patrick was called back to Ireland to help teach the Irish people Christianity. It is believed he used a shamrock to explain the doctrine of the Trinity. On March 17, 461 a.d. St. Patrick died and was buried at Downpatrick.

One story associated with St. Patrick is that he drove all of the snakes out of Ireland with his flute.  Unfortunately, this story is only a myth. Many believe this story was created as a metaphor. St. Patrick is known as the person who converted Irish pagans to Christianity—hence he drove the “evil” from the land.

Irish Feasts and U.S Influence
In Ireland this national holiday was celebrated in the ninth and tenth centuries with a feast, but wasn’t an official national holiday until 1903. By the 1970’s Ireland started celebrating the holiday on a much larger scale. Philip Freeman of Luther College in Iowa, tells National Geographic, “St. Patrick’s Day was basically invented in America by Irish-Americans. Today, the U.S. tradition of St. Patrick’s Day parades, packed pubs, and green silliness has invaded Ireland with full force.”

Irish-American history expert Timothy Meagher also told National Geographic the reason for such a strong American-Irish impact on the holiday, “It becomes a way to honor the saint but also to confirm ethnic identity and to create bonds of solidarity.”

Blue not Green?
In the early years of celebration, St. Patrick’s Day was associated with the color blue—not green. Sky blue was associated with St. Patrick’s Order established in 1783. According to ABC News sky blue was assigned to differentiate from the Order of the Garter (dark blue) and the Order of the Thistle (green). Green came into the picture slowly because of his use of the shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity. By 1798, during the Irish rebellion, Irish soldiers wore full green uniforms on March 17th in hopes of catching public attention. After this statement, green became the dominate color associated with the holiday.

Lots of Guinness
If you think it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a pint of Guinness you aren’t alone. According to the brand, 13 million pints are consumed around the world on March 17th. This is double the average daily consumption which is around 5.5 million. Beth Davies Ryan, the global corporate-relations director for Guinness says, “Historically speaking, a lot of Irish immigrants came to the United States and brought with them lots of customs and traditions, one of them being Guinness.”

Do you have your own St. Patrick’s Day tradition? Let us know in the comments below.

7 Insider Makeup Tips to Get the Perfect Look

make-up-tipsJust like any fine artist working on a masterpiece, the technique that you apply to your canvas speaks more to the overall outcome. This concept holds true even if your brush is a makeup brush and your canvas is your face; learning the proper techniques and tricks to get your makeup to work for you (instead of the other way around) is easier than most women think.

Get the Proper Tools
Like any artist, if you aren’t working with the proper tools, no matter how good you are, you won’t get good results.  Unfortunately, not every woman has the right makeup brushes and applicators in their bag, so be sure you’re working with these and only these brushes (you don’t need more):

Fluffy powder
Small blending
Flat eyeshadow
Precision angle

Now that you have your tools, the next step is learning how to hold them correctly, something that affects your control.  Keep your fingers close to the silver barrel on the brush and apply finger pressure for tight corners and lines, keep them further back towards the end of the brush with a light grip for airy application.  For even applications, keep your fingers towards the center of the brush.

Mixing Your Primer with Your Foundation
I know, it sounds odd.  But you can wear cream foundation just the way it is for full coverage, or you can break it down to be more translucent by mixing it with some primer.  This keeps the foundation’s coverage without looking like it’s caked on while retaining the added benefit of longevity that creams have over liquids.

Eliminating Unwanted Colors
We all deal with redness around the nose, a blemish  or a flaw we want to cover. A great way to do it is this–learn your color wheel.  Remember learning about that in art class back in elementary school?  Well, it will finally come in handy.  Opposite colors on the color wheel cover each other up, in essence canceling each other out.  So, green covers up red pimples and blue covers up orange tint, etc.  But the red also cancels out the green so you won’t have green on your face!  Perfect.

Making Wanted Colors Pop
While we’re here on the color wheel, it makes sense that while placing opposite colors on top of each other cancels them out, placing them right next to each other makes them pop.  This is perfect for choosing the right eye shadow for your eye color:

Blue: Anything with orange makes blue eyes stand out more. Think  gold, apricot or peach.
Green: Green eyes pop when you use colors that have red undertones, like deep plums and wine.
Brown: Brown is a neutral so any color will work well, but blue and purple are perfect at making them pop.

You’re Putting Eyeliner on Incorrectly
Well, maybe not you, but most of you.  You aren’t supposed to go in one motion as most of us were taught.  This is because the pencil catches on the little bumps on your skin.  Instead, start from the inner corner of your eye and go to the center of your eyelid, then start from the outside corner until you meet the first liner in the middle.

Layer Your Lips
Single lipstick application is far too lazy; you’ve got to prime your lips to build them up.  Apply foundation to your lips first, then outline your lips with a white eyeliner pencil, then a colored lip pencil of your choice.  Then, apply lipstick in a downward motion from the corners to the middle (just like with the eyeliner), finally finishing it all off with a light base foundation, blending it into the lip line.  Apply a dab of gloss to the top of your lip and to the bottom, but only in the centers.

The Hollywood V
Getting rid of bags under the eyes is a fight against Mother Nature that you’ll eventually lose, but why make it easy for her?  Using a concealer brush, swipe the proper concealer for your skin tone under your eye in a downward “V” shape, starting at the outer corner and working to the inner corner. Then, buff the concealer into your skin until you reach the center of your lower lid.  At the lower lid, start to feather the concealer for a lighter application.

Ash Moore, the author of this article works for Trend N Stylez, one of the best fashion portals bringing you the latest in fashion, celebrity gossip, fashion shows etc. For some latest tips on makeup, do check out TrendnStylez favourite make up tips or if you’re on the lookout for popular eye shadow shades in 2013, check out trendnstylez.com today.

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What Color Should I Paint My Home?

color-palletsChoosing a color for your home is really a personal preference, so I’m not going to tell you to paint the rooms in your home green if you hate green! However, in this article, I will talk you through how colors set the mood of a room, what colors really work well together and just generally how to choose a color that works well with what you already have.

What mood are you trying to set?
Depending on the kind of mood you are aiming for, you will have to choose the paint color accordingly.

If you want to create a fresh and relaxing mood, then choose a light color, like cream or a very light blue. Not only do these neutral colors create a relaxing mood, they also make a room look bigger. With the help of light colors and mirrors, you can make a room look more spacious.

However, if you are looking for something more vibrant and exciting, then a red or an orange would be fantastic; these colors can create a very warm feeling and are often associated with energy.

To create a romantic mood in a room, a light red or a pink are good choices. Pink and red are often associated with love and romance.

Here are some other color meanings:

Green – has connotations of nature, freshness and peace.

Blue – suggests wisdom and confidence  and often suggest seriousness and power.

Purple – often associated with royalty, so it suggests luxury and power. A light purple can be linked to romance and a darker purple is more mysterious

Yellow – usually linked to sunshine and happiness because it is quite bright. Like reds and oranges, it has a sense of energy and excitement.

What colors work well together?
There are a few ways you can find colors that  really work well together. There are four main types of color matching. Refer to the color scheme circle here to follow the types of color matching below.

Monochromatic Color – choose one color you want to use and then choose various shades of that same color. For example, if you want your room to be purple, then light and dark purple would work very well together. The same principle applies for any color you want to use.

Triadic Color – If you draw an evenly spaced triangle within the circle, then the three colors being pointed to, by the corners of the triangle, would work very well together, for example purple, green and orange would be great.

Analogous Color – You can choose three colors that are next to each other in the color scheme circle and they will look great together, for example, you could have light green, dark green and light blue or you could have a dark yellow color with a light green and a regular yellow.

Complementary Color – The colors that are directly opposite each other would go well, for example a purple and a yellow or a light green and a light purple.

How do I match colors to what I already have in my home?
Well now you know what colors match, you can know begin matching the paint to the colors already involved in a room. If you have a red sofa, then you can use a green paint for the walls. Or if you have a green sofa, then you might want to paint your walls purple. If you do not have any furniture yet, then you can think about what color you want the room to be first and then you can think about matching the furniture.

Now all you need to do is think about what color you like and then you can work out, from there, what colors will work well together. Matching colors is not as difficult as you thought it would be, is it?

About the Author: Jeff Smith loves everything DIY related and enjoys sharing the knowledge he has with others. He recommends taking a look at Smart Property Investment Magazine for more information on the best ways to renovate a home.

Image Credit: Sherrie Bailey Designs

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

We made it through another week, and the weekend is in our sights. No matter what your plans are this weekend, take a few minutes and check out some of our favorite items for the week. We have a wide variety of items ranging from home storage to fun gardening items.


Wrap yourself in the soft luxury of beautiful Printed Floral Quilts or Shams. Elegant patterns provide a warm, welcoming feeling to your room. The pieces in this collection are reversible for twice the wear and style.


A great addition to yard or garden décor, the Tiffany-Style Solar Light also makes a distinctive centerpiece on a patio table or accent on a porch or deck railing. It boasts a beautiful hand-painted shade that looks like colorful stained glass. It resembles a lantern in miniature and has a solar panel on top that collects energy during the day.


Our wooden Ladder Shelf Storage suits your contemporary style. Its clean and simple lines make it ideal for display or storage. The 5-Tier Ladder Shelf has five spacious shelves for holding books, board games, DVDs and more.


The stylish 6-Bin Animal Print Storage Unit looks good in any room of the house. The wooden cabinet has 6 compartments that hold the bins and offer a lot of storage to keep you organized. The bins can also be taken out of the cabinet and used on their own to hold toys, books, clothing, linens and more.


Place the Solar Color-Changing Jar on a patio table, or hang it on a tree or front porch. The LED light inside makes the detailed decorative design glow. It adds a miniature scene to your favorite outdoor area.

What’s your favorite Lakeside item? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Ways You Didn’t Think of To Use a Curtain

wildflower-curtainOver the years, many of us have accumulated a lot of stuff. Whether that be clothes, sheets, curtains or all of the above there are plenty of unused items lying around the house. Instead of throwing them away or having them take up precious space, why not use them in a different way? Below are five ways you can use your unused curtains.

Decorative pillows can range from affordable like our 2-Pc. Embroidered Pillow Sets to downright expensive. If you are on a tight budget this spring and can’t afford to purchase new pillows, you’re in luck. Use an old curtain to make a throw pillow yourself. With a few stitches and some stuffing you can have a great pillow for little to no-cost.

Shower Curtain
You might search and search and never find the exact shower curtain you want. A quick designer tip is to use an old curtain. Hang the curtain higher than a normal shower curtain, make sure you have a liner and voila! A new shower curtain that looks luxurious for a fraction of the cost.

Bed skirt
Updating your bed skirt can change the look and feel of your entire bedroom. Instead of purchasing a new bed skirt, see if you can use your old curtains. With the right color or design you will be surprised of the outcome.

Cloth napkins are another one of those great to have, but don’t really want to buy items. Unless you are entertaining on a monthly basis most of us don’t have cloth napkins lying around. By cutting up your old curtains you can get some really great looking napkins that are unique to your house.

Hang higher
Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything to the curtain to transform the look. If you don’t have a vaulted ceiling but love the look, you can trick your guests into thinking you do. Instead of hanging your curtains directly above a window hang them a few feet above the window. If your curtains are long enough you will create an elongated look and make the entire room look bigger.

Have you recycled your old curtains? Tell us about your DIY project in the comments below.

Shopping on a Budget: 5 Ways to Save Money Now

saving-moneySaving money is something we all strive to do better. Whether it is buying groceries,  extracurricular activities for our children or just the occasional special dinner our money seems to go out faster than it comes in. According to the Statistic Brain, the average American family savings account balance is $3,800 and 25 percent of American families do not have saving at all. No matter what the status of your savings are, saving money can be possible. Check out some of our tips to help get you on the right track.

Track all your Finances
Before you can find areas you can save, you need to know where your money is going.  Mint.com is a great site that tracks your expenses for you—for free.  It doesn’t get much better than that! If you have Excel on your home computer, that is another cost effective way to track your spending. Other sites like Intuit have more robust tracking features, but you do have to pay for those.

It may seem like a lot of work, but after 30 days of tracking all your expenses you will be amazed at where your money is going

Set a Budget
Once you know how much you are spending, it’s time to set a budget. Can you really spend only $200 a month on your grocery bill? This blog post outlines how this mother  of three cut her grocery budget to $250 for her family of five. When budgeting, make sure to plan for fun as well—going to the movies or out to dinner is something you can do. Just make sure you budget it accordingly.

Become a Crazy Coupon Lady
Who says coupons are only for the crazy ladies? Saving money is saving money. Sites like couponmom.com and coupons.com are great places to start. These types of sites usually are a great resource for not only coupons, but great money saving tips. A win, win! So grab your favorite coupon organizer, and hit the pavement ready to save.

Become the Family Planner
We have all heard making a grocery list helps save money, but how many of us actually put pen to paper every week? , make it a family activity to plan the following week’s meals. Not only will you have a better idea of what needs to be purchased, you get much needed family time as well. You can even make a game out of it. Who can plan the best meal for the week–nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.  Don’t have time to plan every week? TheKichn recommends creating a default grocery list for those weeks you just can’t round everyone up.

Labor costs add up—no matter the product. If a business has to pay someone, you are seeing that in the price of the product/service. Instead of paying for name brand cleaning supplies, opt for the off-brand or better yet make it yourself. You can be surprised what you can do with some vinegar and baking soda.

Have you found some great money saving tips for your family? Share them in the comments below.

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Cheap Family Entertainment with Cheap Sports Tickets

sport-ticketsIt’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and you’re wondering what you can do to entertain your family and all of a sudden you get an idea: if I could find cheap NBA tickets, I’d definitely take my family to the game! Then, you remember how expensive tickets are at the team’s box office. You also remember the frustration of ticket “convenience” fees that add excessive costs to the already inflated ticket price. After reading this article, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to save tons of money on great local entertainment for your family!

Use Discounted Ticketing Sites
There seems to be a daily deals site for everything and now, there’s even one for sports tickets! For consumers looking to save money on tickets, this kind of site should be their first stop when searching for tickets. Crowd Seats, the first daily deals site for sports tickets, allows sports fans to get great seats for great games without paying ridiculous ticket prices. Each week, they offer different games with big discounts – a great way to save money on your favorite team. There are even more ways to save money too!

Forget About Fees – They’re NOT Convenient
No one likes paying fees – especially on sports tickets. If you look hard enough, you can find trustworthy sites that don’t charge an arm and a leg in extra fees. Did you know ticket fees can add 30% or more on top of the ticket price?! That’s just simply unfair to sports fans who want to be able to afford tickets. Again, there are some sites that charge fees and some that don’t. Ticketmaster charges 20-30% in fees, at least. StubHub charges excessive fees as well.

Monday is the Best Day to Buy
Just like airline tickets, you can save money if you buy tickets on a specific day. We’ve found that buying tickets on Monday is the best way to get the best price. It seems like prices fluctuate and are lowest on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Free Parking is Possible
Parking at stadiums can cost $25 or even more! If you have a large SUV or truck, you can pay as much as $50 to park – that’s not fair. An insider tip is to do a Google search for free parking around Stadium Name. Perhaps there is public parking or cheaper lots within walking distance that can help you save money!

Wrapping Things Up…
If you’re a sports fan, you should be feeling pretty confident now that you can find the best places to get a good sports ticket deal. Don’t pay box office prices and definitely don’t buy from sites that charge you fees. You’re the customer, you should be treated well! You’re now ready to find cheap NBA tickets!

This is a guest post by Crowd Seats, the first flash deals site designed exclusively for sports fans. They offer exclusive, time-sensitive deals to your favorite sports games and events at discounts of up to 90% off with no added fees.

Image Credit: Ballpark Shenanigans