Red And White Wine Glasses – What Is The Difference?

wine-glassesAs a regular or occasional drinker of wine, you may have found yourself wondering what the difference is between red and white wine glasses. Perhaps you just want to avoid an embarrassing social faux pas. The red wine glass is just a little wider – why does it matter if you pick one shape of glass over another? The truth is, you should select the correct wine glass shape as it affects the experience of the tasting.

Red Wine Glass
The bowl of a red wine glass is taller, wider and rounder in shape because this allows for more oxygen to come into contact with the liquid. This helps to enhance both the taste and the smell of the wine – and also why you should give red wine time to breathe once you’ve opened a bottle. The bowl of a red wine glass is wider so that it can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand, as when drinking red wine it does not matter if your body temperature affects the temperature of the wine.

White Wine Glass
White wine glasses tend to have a smaller bowl as they don’t require oxidation like red wine does. In fact, oxidation is likely to mask the delicate overtones of the wine. This means that many white wine glasses have a smaller mouth to reduce the surface area, to preserve a crisper clean flavor. White wine should be drank by holding the stem – as it is often served chilled it helps to prevent the temperature being affected by warm hands.

Champange Glass
Sparkling champagne will be served in flutes, which are designed to be even thinner – this is so that it is exposed to even less oxygen so that it will retain its fizz for longer.

Size and Shape
You’ll notice the differences that the size and shape of a glass make to the flavor and smell of a drink if you test it with a drink you’re more familiar with on a daily basis. For example, if you try your normal tea or coffee in a plastic or polystyrene cup, you’ll notice the experience is not as enjoyable. The material of your cup or mug will affect the taste, the smell and possibly its coloring.

So when choosing a wine glass to buy, if in doubt, think about how your senses will be affected during the tasting experience. For example a clear, colorless glass will allow you to fully appreciate the color of your drink, while a large glass will allow you to value the aroma. Choose wine glasses with a large enough stem to hold when serving so that you don’t leave fingerprints on the stem. Forever Crystal is a good bet for wine glasses to suit any taste and budget – from contemporary to traditional, they’ve got it covered.

Wine Club
If you’re a new wine drinker, the Sunday Times Wine Club will be able to answer many other questions you may have, such as the best way to taste wine, the ideal temperature to serve and how to store your wine properly.

By Gemma Benning. This post was been written in partnership with and Gemma, to bring you the best advice on wine etiquette. Gemma has been working in events and promotions for the last three years and is currently working on a super yatch.

3 Ways To Stay Safe Under the Sun

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr

As a family nurse practitioner with a special interest in dermatology, I frequently have people ask me how they can not only prevent skin cancer on their faces, but how to keep their skin looking youthful.

The list of age-defying products, foods, tips, and “secrets” is endless. Typically they involve expensive lotions and creams, eating foods that contain antioxidants, or even sometimes rubbing those foods on your face. But here are some simple, everyday changes that can alter your look without altering your lifestyle or significantly impacting your budget.

1) Use daily moisturizer with sunscreen on your face all year round.


Everyone already knows that to prevent premature aging, they should protect themselves from harmful UV rays from the sun.  But think about it. How do you typically use sunscreen? You arrive at the beach and proceed to put it on. What about your drive there, though? It’s likely that the sun was beating down on your face as you wended your way down the road from your house to the beach, daydreaming of your toes in the sand. You should apply sunscreen before you leave the house. There are many facial moisturizers that contain between 15 to 50 SPF that are available in discount pharmacies as well as department stores. Higher price doesn’t necessarily mean more sun protection.

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr

Since my private practice is in the state of Washington, many patients say to me, “but we don’t have sun here in the winter.” Any amount of sun can be damaging to your skin, leading to age spots, wrinkles and cancer. Just like you should brush and floss your teeth daily, developing a daily habit of year-round sunscreen is best. See your healthcare professional or cosmetic dermatology practice to discuss treatments available to remove sun spots, skin cancer and minimize wrinkles. Using daily sunscreen can minimize the return of these aging effects of the sun.

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr

2) Just as less makeup is more youthful 


In most situations, less scrubbing will help protect your skin from damage. Dab – don’t wipe – your face with a towel to dry it off. I have seen women who, although using age defying cosmetics, are absolutely brutal with their face when it comes to removing the very makeup they are hoping will keep them looking youthful. And don’t forget, your daily makeup applying and removing rituals aren’t the only times you interact with your face!

Many times throughout the day we touch our faces without even thinking, breaking down the elasticity of our skin and creating perfect homes for wrinkles. Try to be conscious of when you touch your face;  fold your hands in your lap when you are tempted to rub your temples or rest your chin on your hand, and be gentle when using a napkin.

3) Sunscreen is not the only way to protect your skin.


Sun protective clothing, gloves and hats are all great ways to block the sun’s rays.  Each day I see men with cancer or precancerous lesions on their ears, temples, cheeks and neck, even though they have worn a baseball cap every day for most of their lives. You need to wear a broad brimmed hat to fully protect your face, ears and neck. Since I have fair skin, I make sure to wear a hat with UV50+ sun protection year-round, even when the sunshine is not as intense. Cowboys and people on the prairie learned this lesson a long time ago, and sun protection can be a fashion statement as well as a health decision.

Image Credit: Flickr

Image Credit: Flickr

With just a few tiny adjustments, you will be well on your way to maintaining a youthful appearance. Like other things in life, I believe it’s the little things like these, that when compounded over time, can make the most profound difference.

Susan J Jones, ARNP is a registered Family Nurse Practitioner. She now runs her own family practice on Whidbey Island, Washington. In 2011, Susan was awarded the Hometown Hero award for her medical work, both domestically and in Latin America.

The Evolution of Online Shopping: Then and Now

It seems like we have always been able to shop online or maybe it’s that I can’t imagine not shopping online!  Well it wasn’t always that way, let’s take a look at an overview of how this online world started:

 1971: Email

Email began in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.  Also the “@” symbol began.

1978: The Bulletin Board System (BBS)

Since we are headquartered in Chicago, I didn’t find it surprising that the first bulletin board system (BBS) was developed here in Chicago during a blizzard.

1978: Spam is born

No you don’t want spam but you do not want your Lakeside emails going to spam!  Double check and make sure you are getting all our deals and promo emails, if not sign up at

 1982: The first emoticon


Began by Scott Fahlman in 1982.

1989: AOL is launched

1993: Governments join in on the fun

The White House and the United Nations go online, using the .gov and .org domain names.

1995: Commercialization of the internet

1995 is believed to be the first year the web became commercialized- happy shopping!  Amazon started in 1995.

1995: Geocities, the Vatican goes online, and JavaScript

Yes a new pope was chosen this year which was all over the internet but the  Vatican also went online for the first time in 1995.

1996: First web-based (webmail) service

1998: Google!


Google went live in 1998, changing the way people search and shop online.  Go ahead and google Lakeside Collections!

2001: Wikipedia is launched


2003: MySpace

MySpace began in 2003 and grew to be a huge social network that is until Facebook came!

2004: Facebook


2005: YouTube

YouTube launched in 2005, you can look up all the Lakeside Collection videos there too.  I love the Lakeside Collection Photo Shoot Behind-The-Scenes one!

2006: Twitter

Twitter launched in 2006.

2007: The iPhone and the Mobile Web


The iPhone, what a creation!  I don’t know how I would get by without mine or shop online at without it!

The Future?

The Lakeside Collection will continue to bring the latest trends and technology to our website so we can offer our wonderful customers the best shopping experience possible!

Mother’s Day is Around the Corner–Here are Some Brunch Party Tips

brunchHaving a get together for Mother’s Day is a great option. You can avoid large crowds (not to mention wait times) at restaurants and focus on what is important–Mom. Here are some quick tips to make a great brunch party she’ll never forget.

Plan a Menu
Let’s face it, the center of any brunch party is the food. It’s one of the biggest parts of the get together. Since this brunch party is focused on Mother’s Day decide what Mom’s favorite meal is and start there. The rest of the food will fall into place once the main dish has been decided.

Decorate with Purpose
Sometimes we can get caught up in the smaller details of a party. What color do you want the flowers to be? Do I need streamers? What about pictures. Instead, ask yourself what the purpose of those decorations are—then decide what is needed. For example, if you are honoring more than one mom this Mother’s Day, find some great photos of each mom the day they became a mom. Hang those around the house and add a pop of color with some flowers and you have got a great look without adding too much décor.

Designate a Play Place
Since there will be a few kiddos at the party (it is Mother’s Day after all) designate some areas that are just for the children to play in. If the weather cooperates, outside is always a great option. Grab some sidewalk chalk, and they’ll be set for hours of colorful fun. Put out some tables so the adults can monitor from a safe distance, but still have their adult time as well. A good planned flow will make it nice for all involved.

When in Doubt Delegate
Depending on the amount of people invited, you might need some help—and that’s OK. Don’t have time to cook, clean and get ice? Ask one of the guests to bring it, there is nothing wrong with that. Asking for help isn’t passé, it is a quick and easy fix to some of those pesky problems that pop up last minute. Don’t have time to add those picnic table covers? See if one of your guests can stop in a few minutes early to help. Remember, you are only one person.

Have Fun
This is a party after all, make sure you pencil in some time to have fun as well. Mom’s know all too well that you can plan and plan, but sometimes things just go astray. It’s ok, just go with the flow and make the most of what you’ve got. The less stress you have the more fun you and your guests will have on the big day.

Are you planning a brunch party this Mother’s Day? Let us know your brunch tips in the comments below.

The Popularity of Shopping

ShoppingWhat would you say is the world’s most popular pastime? What do the greatest numbers of people enjoy doing in their free time? Is it reading? It probably used to be in some places but now is more likely to be watching television. But apart from these couch potato activities, the world’s most common leisure activity is surely shopping.

As the world becomes more and more industrialized and urbanized, more and more people have access to consumer shopping as we have come to know it.

Things we can find shopping:

Fashion accessories
— Cosmetics
— Cell phones
— More fashion accessories and cosmetics

The clothing and make-up products such as lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and blush are all fun products to buy on a casual Saturday afternoon.

Not Just About Spending
Spending money on things such as a cute purse, bathroom rug or even a kitchen dinning room set doesn’t  mean you have to spend tons and tons of money. Shopping smart and sticking to a budget is possible. Make sure your friends are on the same page when venturing out for a day of shopping. They can keep you in check if you decide to rack up the cash in one spending spree.

Wise Investments
Jewelry is certainly not necessary in terms of absolute survival, feeding and clothing ourselves, but at least it may last a life time and be considered an investment. Indeed, a lot of jewelry has lasted a lot longer than any of its owners. An art deco diamond ring, for instance, may have been owned by someone’s grandmother and mother and might in turn be owned by another generation or three. Precious stones may not be necessary in terms of clothing, sheltering and feeding one’s family, but a valuable ruby could be a life saver during times of hardship.

Shopping For Fun
For very many people in very many places, shopping has become the most popular leisure activity. People go to shopping centers or retail parks to meet friends, get together and socialize. They may buy nothing more than a drink and yet spend a couple of hours wondering around, chatting, looking at all those consumer goods. Shopping is not only about buying. Recreation is a big part of it, too.

Why So Popular?
At the end of the day shopping is something we can all enjoy. For some it relieves stress, for other’s it’s a great social activity. Whatever the reason, shopping is a great pastime for anyone and all ages. Just make sure  your bank account agrees before going out for that next big splurge–you’ll wallet will thank you.

Author Bio: This article was written by Misty Angel for Kalmar Antiques. She loves shopping antique jewelry online

Emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year: How can you incorporate the color this year?

I must say I couldn’t be happier with Pantone’s choice of color this year.  Maybe it makes me think of my Irish heritage or maybe it is the tranquil peaceful feeling green gives me.  Whatever the case the decision is in and the rich, bold emerald green is the winner!  “Green is the most abundant hue in nature—the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a press release. “It’s also the color of growth, renewal, and prosperity—no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”


Here’s how you can incorporate the color into your lifestyle:

Pantone's-Green- Color

  1. Wear it

This color has been everywhere on the fashion runways! Here we have a real Lakeside Collections employee showing off this year’s hottest green color.  Yes at Lakeside we are on top of fashion, how else do we pick all our awesome Lakeside products!  Nervous about wearing all green?  That’s ok you can do just a green top or green jeans are really in too.  Or just accessorize with green earrings, necklace or a bracelet.  There are so many different styles available to mix and match to make your outfit gorgeous with this color.


Pantone Color of the Year 2013, Emerald Green

2.  Interior design

Since fashion ran with this color, so as well will the home decor world.  The rich jewel tone brings elegance to any room.  Just like your fashion wardrobe, accessorize this color in a pillow, rug, vase, chair or frame.

green- interior-design

via Pinterest

3. Go bold and paint a room emerald green!


Lonny :: Interior Designer Miles Redd

Green is a soothing color, it represents nature and relaxing. Designer Miles Redd shows that this hue is a beautiful backdrop for a room with a mix of colors and pattern.  Whatever your home decor and fashion sense is, take advantage of this award winning color of 2013 and use it your life- you will love it!

Monday Madness: 5 Items that were Popular Over the Weekend

Is it really Monday?  Here we go again the beginning of the week where Friday seems so far away.  Either back at work or school or getting those kids ready for another busy week.  But wait have no fear, maybe it really is a start of an amazing week.  Seize this first day of the week and find the joy of tackling a new week and a new exhaustion!  How you ask?  Let me begin with the, drumroll please…5 Items that were Popular Over the Weekend!  Then stay tuned the rest of the week for all our exciting tips and future blog stories!  At Lakeside we are here for you and let’s get through this week together!


Fashion Tote with Matching Flip-Flops keeps your coordinated when the temperatures start to soar. The snap closure on the tote keeps your items secure. The bold bag is accented with a large ribbon bow and double straps.


Solar Post Cap Lights
brings the exquisite look of stained glass to your home’s exterior. A solar panel soaks up the sun’s rays to activate the light in darkness. It’s designed to fit standard 4″ or 3-1/2″ wood or vinyl posts on outdoor decks, porches, patios and fences.

kids-beach chair

Don’t let a day at the beach turn into painful sunburns! This lightweight Kids’ Beach Chair with Adjustable Umbrellakeeps those harmful rays off exposed skin. The chair folds flat for easy transport.


The delicate look of lace makes a big impression whenever you wear this Plus-Size Lace Trim Cardigan. It instantly brings new style and character to anything you wear with it. The sheer lace shoulders and shirred, elbow-length sleeves give this beautiful top a look that stands apart from the crowd.


Portable Picnic & Party Servers
keeps salads, crudités, appetizers, chips,hamburger fixings and dips separate. The 2 removable 12-oz. bowls have twist-on lids.


Our Step-by-Step Guide to Wallpapering

Freshening up your rooms with a vibrant, statement wall is one of the best ways to update your home. More exciting and personal than a lick of paint, wallpapering a room can completely transform it from drab to fab in a matter of hours.

Ask any DIYer though, and they’ll tell you that wallpapering is their least favorite task. But luckily for you you’ve got our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to wallpapering your room like a pro:

You will need:

Wallpaper – make sure you have enough to cover your wall or room, and enough to cover any mistakes you make early on
Wallpaper paste
Plumb line
Batten or long ruler
Paint brush
Smoothing brush or roller

How to wallpaper professionally:

1. Start by cutting enough lengths of wallpaper to cover your first wall. Make sure you add an additional 4 inches on to each strip (or more if you have a large pattern) for trimming.

2. Push a length of the paper into the top corner of the wall, and mark the wall approx an inch from the free edge. Hold the plumb line at ceiling height so that it passes through your pencil mark; make several more marks along this line and join together with the ruler.

3. Spread a little wallpaper paste onto the centre of your first sheet. Spread the paste to the edges of the sheet to ensure a strong bond.

4. Fold the pasted sides inwards so that no paste is touching the face side, and hand over a broom for a few moments. This will allow the paper to absorb the paste and become more pliable; making it much easier to hang.

5. Lightly press the top of your piece of paper against the wall. Use the smoothing brush to get rid of any air bubbles and continue to spread the paste evenly over the sheet. Trim the excess paper off.

6. Follow steps 1-5 for your next sheet of wallpaper, making sure the edge neatly matches the previous sheet. Match up the patterns if you use a decorative paper. Sponge off any excess paste with a clean, wet sponge.

7. At the corners, measure from the last full width roll to the corner and add about half an inch. Paste on the wall in the method outlined above, and press the small overlap around the corner. Using a plumb line for accuracy, overlap with the next piece.

And there you have it! A simple step-by-step to wallpapering your room, and not a professional in sight.

Walton Homes is a builder of new homes in Birmingham; mainly in the Staffordshire and Tamworth areas. To find out more about their developments and the locations of their homes, visit their website today.

5 Tips For A More Luxurious Bathroom

Luxurious-bathroomIf there is one room in the house which you will want to make especially relaxing and if possible luxurious then it is probably the bathroom.

Get a Shower Cabin
If you are a fan of long, luxurious showers than a shower cabin will be just right for you. Even on a cold day the hot, steamy atmosphere will let you get lathered up and sing to your heart’s content for as long as you want . They are very practical but they also look stylish and add a nice bit of class to any bathroom. There are designs for most types of bathroom, so you don’t need to worry if yours is small or awkwardly shaped.

Give It a New Color
An even simpler idea is to make the place look nicer by giving it a fresh coat of paint. It is amazing how much difference this can make to a tired looking bathroom if you choose the right color. There are lots of luxurious paint tones around so you might want to buy some sample pots and try a few of them out before you make your final decision.

Add a Sauna
The growing popularity of home saunas is down to the fact that they give you a tremendous way of relaxing and making the place look better too. If you have always longed to try a session in a sauna then now is a fine time to do so without leaving your house.

Listen to Mood Music
We all love music in the bathroom. Whether it is for singing along to in the shower or relaxing with in the bath there is nothing like a classic song to help us enjoy this room. If you want the luxurious feel then something classy and inspiring in the background will make you feel as though you are in an expensive spa.

Add a Special Touch
The finishing touches to your bathroom can come in a variety of ways. For example, some big candles and a heated towel rail are excellent ideas. Another modern feature which you might like to consider is the new style of mirror. Illuminated bathroom mirrors perform the basic function of letting you see yourself as you wash or shave but look wonderful too. You will find that there are lots of different bathroom mirror designs to look at on the Pebble Grey one. You will soon wonder how you ever lived with a conventional mirror.

Steve Harrison is a lifestyle blogger who sometimes writes for Pebble Grey

5 Common Budgeting Mistakes

Family-BudgetBudgeting. For some that word only instigates a headache. Crunching numbers and tracking each and every last penny spent is a daunting task. However, it is a necessary evil. It’s hard to think of every last expense you may or may not make. By the end of the month you could have spent a lot more than you accounted for at the beginning. Check out these common things people tend to forget when budgeting, so you don’t have to make that mistake again.

Annual/ Quarterly Payments
Whether it is your car insurance, gas bill or something else, these types of expenses can creep up on you. I mean, you have a whole year to pay them, so why think about it today? Instead of getting stuck a week or two out, panicking on how you’ll pay all your other expenses, set aside some of the expense each month. You’ll be glad you did once the payment rolls around.

ATM Fees
We’ve all been there. You’re out and about with the family and the breakfast place you’ve wanted to go to for months only accepts cash. No problem—you’ll just grab some cash from the ATM. What you don’t think about is the $3+ fee the machine charges plus your bank fee. That $60 you took out really costs $65. These little fees add up fast. Try and think ahead, and budget $20 for emergency type situations.

Car Maintenance
You probably account for your monthly gas bill, but what about that oil change you had last month? Or car wash? These types of car maintenance issues arise every few months so make sure you add them into your budget. Oil changes are usually $30-$40 so putting aside a few dollars in between tune ups guarantees you’ll be ready once the day comes.

Personal Care
Haircuts are something we all need. You don’t have to go every six weeks if you need to stretch your budget, but make sure you account for the expense. The cost for a family of four to get their hair cut adds up quickly. Don’t let it sneak up on you.

Eating Out
Some days are so hectic the only way to get dinner on the table is to make a run to McDonalds or your fast-food place of choice. It’s quick, easy and better yet – cheap. Make sure you account for this expense. Each month, plan on spending X amount on eating out. This includes sit down places as well as fast-food.

Budgeting might not be your favorite thing to do, but like anything the more you do it the easier it becomes. The best we can do is to track what we spend and try to project next month’s spending better.

Have you run into expenses you didn’t think to budget for? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Source: StyleMatters