Top Tips to Consider Before Tackling Home Improvement

Home improvement has experienced a huge boom in recent years, which is in no small part down to the recession that hit the globe in 2008. Rather than face the hassle of house hunting, more people are choosing to revamp than relocate.

In a 2011 survey conducted by Wickes, 66% of people said that they gave their home a facelift in the past year, and only 9% of these were doing so to sell their property.


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However, the eagerness to improve doesn’t always match our abilities, as 26% of people admit to being unhappy with their level of DIY prowess. Therefore to avoid a kitchen catastrophe or botched bathroom, make sure that you’re clued up the top tips that any do-it-yourselfer needs to know.

Take care with your materials
If you buy cheap materials, you can expect cheap results. Substandard or budget materials are fine for a quick fix, but don’t use them thinking that they will last the long haul, as it’s likely that you’ll end up having to re-do the job again a few months down the line, therefore costing you twice. Ensuring that you have the right tools to hand is also essential – a spirit level could prevent you from endless incorrect screw holes in the wall!

There is also an age-old mantra to apply when deciding how much you need of what; measure twice, cut once. You can’t usually make something longer once you’ve cut it too short, so make sure that you’ve got the measurements exact so you don’t waste materials, time or money.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew
Hiring a professional to help with a house upgrade can have the same stigma attached as asking for directions; some people don’t want to lose pride by admitting that they can’t quite manage by themselves. However this could have disastrous results if you’re blindly fumbling your way through a relatively major renovation – 1 in 5 people admitted during the Wickes survey to experiencing a DIY disaster.

If in doubt, you can always…

Call in the professionals
Unless you possesses an electrical training course certificate, a carpentry qualification or can plumb to a professional standard, it may be worth hiring help, especially when the project could potentially affect the value of your home.

Almost half of people asked say that a kitchen is a key deciding factor when buying a house, but only 22% of people would hire a trades-person when re-doing their kitchen. Neglecting professional help now could mean an emergency call later on to right your wrongs – 34% of people interviewed by Wickes admitted having to enlist expert help to correct their bungled attempts. This could therefore end up costing double your budget if the job needs to be done twice, so swallowing your pride and picking up the phone to the professionals may be the best route for big projects.

Watch out for your fingers!
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents reported that 200,000 accidents are caused each year by DIY around the home. These faux-pas range from 23,500 accidents arising from the more suspected sources such as scalpels and screwdrivers, but even to 1,500 incidents caused just by hanging wallpaper.

Therefore if you are choosing to forgo professional help, watch out for your fingers to avoid becoming another addition to the home improvement induced injury statistics.

Amy Fry writes for a variety of topics and industries such as health, business and education. However Amy specialises in lifestyle topics ranging from self-improvement and further learning in areas such as electrical training courses to interior design.

5 Storage Ideas You Didn’t Think About

storage-ideasWhether you have a compact apartment or a sprawling house with a spacious yard, you probably still wish you had more room for easily accessible storage. Almost everyone has that one junk drawer or packed closet that defies your organization attempts, but you can tame the clutter when you get creative with other places that haven’t yet been filled. You might have more room than you think when you make the most of these overlooked storage spaces.

1. Keep Looking Up – Most storage solutions have their feet firmly planted on your floor. Bookcases, bureaus and chests are always a valid option for carving out more storage, but going vertical opens a whole new dimension for attractive storage. Shelves can line walls almost to the ceiling. Put items you rarely use such as your Thanksgiving turkey platter on display on upper shelves and save lower ones for items you use daily. Another possibility: tall, narrow storage cabinets that make the most of a room’s upper reaches. By removing or reducing the footprint with vertical storage, you gain more floor space.

2. Open Doors to New Storage Space – Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are notorious for not having enough room, but they all have at least a door or two on which to hang storage equipment. A spice rack inside a cabinet door lets you keep favorite flavors within easy reach while making room on shelves. Because the rack won’t let smaller bottles hide behind larger ones, your herbs and spices also stay organized. The same principle also works in bathroom and bedroom closets with over-the-door systems such as the Closet Mates Connectable Storage center. Keep jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories visible so you’ll wear them more often by storing items in mesh or clear plastic.

3. Go Diagonal – How do you fit a 20-inch utensil into a drawer that’s only 12 inches deep and 10 inches wide? If you remember your geometry classes, the answer will come easily to you. By dividing the drawer diagonally, you create a storage solution that’s as elegant as it practical. Instead of keeping small and large items in a tangle in your kitchen drawers, arrange diagonal dividers and use the smaller compartments for items that otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Never dig through a pile of wooden spoons and tongs to get to your measuring spoons again!

4. Use Wall Space – If you’re willing to tackle a minor construction project, you may be able to find space for irregularly shaped or small items between the studs in your walls. Unless your home has thick walls or an unusual layout, you won’t have room for deep bookshelves, but you can probably fit a medicine cabinet, built-in spice rack or wine storage in a wall. Removing plaster board, installing shelving and framing the new custom storage area isn’t a job for novice do-it-yourselfers, but with the proper home improvement tools, it’s a one-afternoon job.

5. Take It With You – Sometimes, you have plenty of space, but it isn’t convenient to use. A multi-purpose room should have options beyond over-stuffed cabinets and closets. With rolling storage systems, you can put spaces to different uses. Store your sewing equipment in a rolling cabinet and bring it out only when you’re working. Keep a computer or television on the cart for easy removal when it’s time for the kids to do their homework.

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Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Independence Day might be over, but we love the fresh, summery look of red, white and blue so much that we’re making it our focus for the week. Bold reds, crisp whites and tranquil blues enliven every room of your home. Take a look at some of our favorites, and give your kitchen, bath or backyard a patriotic makeover this week!


The hues of Old Glory are a natural fit for classic American design elements. We love the country charm of the Americana quilt collection. In shades of denim blue, bright red and cream accented with mellow antiqued gold, the set features everything from the summer-weight quilt to matching shams and star-shaped throw pillows. The quilt set is designed to let you mix and match elements with linens you already own, so it’s as versatile as it is beautiful.


Speaking of denim, nothing’s more American than blue jeans. In the summer heat, they aren’t always your most comfortable choice, but with these cotton knit jeans, you get the look of classic denim in a cool, breathable fabric. Spandex gives these jean-style pants a little stretch for comfort and a smooth, flattering fit. We love these coupled with a red T-shirt or a simple, white button-down blouse, but they go with anything.


You’ll see stars in red, white and blue with this wall art collection of three distressed metal stars. The metal stars have a weathered finish that gives them an antique look. Group them together to create a focal point in a single room, or break up the set and hang each star in its own special place. Each star is almost a foot across, so they make an eye-catching statement no matter how you display them.


For summer, we adore sheer curtains in pristine white. White is the ultimate summer neutral; it works in any room and instantly freshens your decor. We love these by themselves for their ease and elegance, but the sheer panels can also be part of a more formal window treatment when paired with heavier curtains or a decorative valance.


Who says your kitchen has to look boring? Grab a set of these red and white speckled bowls for your next batch of pancakes or potato salad. Red is an appetizing color because it reminds us of some of our favorite foods. Think of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, luscious strawberries and juicy watermelon, and you’ll see what we mean. Ideal for mixing everything from brownies to biscuits, the bowls are equally at home as serving containers. The speckled texture is as traditionally American as the apple pie you’ll, no doubt, feel inspired to bake when you own these pretty and practical bowls.While you’re in the kitchen, why not add another pop of cheerful red with our adorably kitschy ladybug kitchen decor collection? In glossy red enamel trimmed with inky black dots and cream accents, the set includes serving bowls, drawer pulls and utensil holders in a ladybug motif. These are the only bugs we’d ever allow in our kitchen, but we’re happy to make an exception for these cheery pieces.

Mixed Patterns: The Do’s and Don’ts

mixed-patterns-charcoalsFashion designers and interior decorators love the look of mixed patterns. They blend sophisticated plaids, cheerful florals and crisp stripes with professional flair, but mixing and matching patterns isn’t as easy as the magazines make it look. One misstep can take a room or an outfit from daring to disastrous. The same principles apply to your wardrobe and your home decor, so you and your home can both get a flawlessly finished look when you use these basics to put the art and science of pattern mixing to work for you!

1. Do Choose a Motif

Having a theme in mind instantly unifies different patterns. When you bring together elements that occur in the same environment, such as a seashell print and beach-ready cabana stripes, you create harmony. To bring the beauty of a cabin in the woods to your home, you might pick bedding sets in earth tones and combine them with restful leaf motifs on pillows and window treatments. Add leaf-shaped or antler finials on curtain rods for a decorator touch. Country gingham checks with a strawberry print could give your kitchen a fresh new look.

2. Don’t Make It a Stage

Themes work well when mixing patterns, but avoid turning a theme into set decoration or costume by incorporating a few solids to break up the prints. Sandwiching a layer of solid color between two prints keeps them from overwhelming an outfit or a room while adding impact to the patterns. Window curtains can bridge the gap between plaid and floral print without competing for attention. Your theme might evoke a castle or a forest, but it shouldn’t look like a movie set.

3. Do Consider Proportion

Scale matters when mixing patterns. As a rule, choose smaller prints to coordinate with larger patterns to keep a room or outfit in proper proportion. A wide stripe looks striking with a scaled-down floral or tiny plaid, but it competes with fabrics that match its scale and impact. Big, bold geometrics need delicate prints to offset them. When dressing in mixed patterns, take the size and silhouette of the garment into consideration too. A full skirt makes a bold style statement even in a demure calico floral and needs broad stripes on a slim jacket to provide visual balance.

4. Don’t Combine Too Many Prints

Even in a large room, more than three prints can become overwhelming. While it’s tempting to show off your skill at mixing patterns with daring combinations, the overall impression may create visual noise. Sticking to a pair of coordinating prints is a good place to start. If the room still needs a little pizzazz, bring in a few bright solid colors as punctuation to your style statement.

5. Do Pick Harmonious Colors

The best way to keep mixed patterns from clashing is to unify them in some other way. Creating a color story brings disparate elements of an outfit or room together effortlessly. A big rose print in shades of Schiaparelli pink, cream and green is a beautiful foil for a narrow plaid in harmonious tones. Look for lighter and darker hues within the same color family for a more sophisticated play of color and pattern. In the kitchen, for example, you might choose kitchen accessories in crisp black and white accented with cantaloupe to go with a color scheme in grays and light peach.Once you have the knack of mixing patterns, every room in your home can have a decorator look.


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The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Children’s Education

kids-arts-craftsWhen it comes to teaching children, whether it is at home or within a school, art is an important part of the education system. Most parents will know of the obvious benefits from English, math and other more academic classes; however arts and crafts are overlooked. It is seen as something that is just a bit of fun, but in fact it actually benefits children in many ways.

First of all arts and crafts are two separate things and both bring different skills to a child. Art is carrying out something like a painting or drawing, where as crafts are more structured and there is a goal to complete something in a certain way, such as making a purse or bird house.

First of all art is a way for children to express themselves, sometimes before they can even talk! It can really help them to understand their feelings. Using bright colors and getting messy with paints, pens, glitter and more items is a really fun and engaging activity for young ones to take part in. Enjoyment is a huge part of learning, obviously if you like something you will spend more time doing it, and so for children who like to get creative it will bring them great joy and they will want to do it well. If you have a child and have watched them carry out a painting, you will notice the look of concentration on their face, which is fantastic and should help improve their ability to focus.

When it comes to crafts these are more structured and the help of parents or teachers is usually required, some types of crafts are better for children who are slightly older too. Art helps with developing feeling whereas crafts help with the more practical and thinking skills. Children can get hands on helping to put together a hand puppet, weaving, doing cross stitch and more. It will help them to think ahead to the next step and also they will feel so proud once they have completed their little project.

From the above there are many beneficial skills that children will pick up, and the best part is they probably wont realize they are doing so because the activities are so enjoyable! It is also helpful to develop communication skills, so they will ask for help if they need it and also as a great bonding exercise between parents and children. Make sure to include arts and craft activities at home and you can get a great range of products to help carry them out from Early Years Resources.

Zoe Robinson is an enthusiastic writer in the subject matter of children’s learning. The websites recommended by Zoe Robinson have been thoroughly researched and come highly acclaimed from direct experience. Take a look at a range of arts and crafts supplies from Early Years Resources today.

5 Life Lessons from Reality TV

reality-tv-collageIt may be called reality TV, but as anyone who watches some so-called reality shows knows, what’s on the screen doesn’t look much like real life. The whirlwind romances with rose ceremonies and knock-down fights that make reality shows so addictive may not reflect what goes on in the average viewer’s living room, but they have some lessons to teach.

1. If you’re going to throw a drink in someone’s face, do it fashionably.
The stars of the “Real Housewives” franchise are no strangers to arguments, and although they sometimes lose their cool, they never lose their sense of style. These Drinking glasses with bright zebra stripes look good enough for a stint on television. A thrown drink is much more dramatic when it has ice, and a double-walled tumbler keeps drinks cold. Your own set of drink ware will probably never see anything more dramatic than an accidental spill, but it’s great to know they’ll survive in style.

2. Life goes on after the rose ceremony.
On each season of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” the show leads up to a final decision between two potential partners. The series may take a brief look back at a season, but most of the show is about the buildup to the offering of the final rose. Everything that’s a part of the show is just a prologue to real life, and most marriages last longer than 72 days. In the real world, you’ll spend more time picking out tv furniture together or doing laundry than you’ll spend on glamorous dates. That’s a good thing, too; an occasional balloon ride might be exciting, but curling up on the couch to watch your favorite reality shows together is far more comfortable.

3. Teamwork usually wins.
Loners on competitive reality shows often declare that they aren’t there to make friends, but few of them make it to the show’s later rounds without support. Reality show contestants are after a big prize, but until they get to the final four or five, the successful ones are good at building coalitions. Even if you aren’t competing for a million dollars, you’re part of various teams too. Whether you play a key role at the office, are part of a family or have a favorite NFL team you support, show your team some love, and you’ll be rewarded.

4. Accessories make the outfit.
A toddler without her tiara is just a playful little girl, but give her a crown and a scepter, and she becomes a queen. Finding places to wear a tiara in everyday life is tough, but taking a page from fashion reality programs can show you how to use accessories thoughtfully. As “Project Runway” proved, designers who made the most of their available accessories could win challenges even when the clothes they designed were simple. The right chain or handbag can transform a basic T-shirt and jeans into a date-ready outfit.

5. Pack light.
Contestants on “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” know they’re going to face living conditions very different from those they had at home, but having a few reminders of home can be enough to make a challenging time easier. You might not travel around the world on your next trip, but you’ll still be glad to have packed your luggage with versatile, useful items. No matter how much you love that linen suit, you’ll get more wear from a simple cotton dress that you can wash in the hotel sink.You don’t have to be a real housewife or come from the Jersey shore to appreciate reality television. Take the positive lessons from what you see, and leave the rest on the cutting room floor; you’ll enjoy your TV time more when you can apply a few of its lessons to your own everyday life.


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Pick your Style Statement!

Oyster-and-pearlsNo matter what occasion it is, pearls will make you the talk of the party. It’s symbolic beauty and elegance is breath taking and empowers you to walk confidently.

Style is your statement or definition to define yourself. It is very important to wear or carry something to suit your whole personality or something you could carry well. It is helpful designers these days are educating what really goes awesome with their entire look and also help upgrade their aesthetics for further grooming. From clothing to jewelry, every single spec adds life to your look.

Pearls and Jewelry
Jewelry is one of the most eye-catching accessories among all. It enhances the entire glance of the charisma that you deliver. Pearls and jewelry walk hand in hand. Adornments with pearls give a very sophisticated and cherishing look to its design and help earn appreciation. Out of all kinds of jewelry, pearls stands high. It is astonishingly classy and gives a very elite look. A nice trendy accent with a Pearl Necklace Pendant is enough to catch the eyes of those around you. It is not only glamorous to carry simple and subtle pearls but it helps you gorgeously amazing. There are different styles in pearl necklaces like Bib Necklace, Rope, Collar, Matinee, Princess, Opera and Chokar etc. Each style is designed to bring versatility to necklace range. No matter what design you wear, pearls in them are enough to make others fall in love with it. Thus, it draws back attention to itself no matter what!!

Pearls are nature’s best gift for its women. It is a symbol of purity, grace and dignity present in different colors and sizes. With the growing demand of pearl jewelry, designers or pearl dealers have started harvesting them with great care and in depth knowledge, therefore known as ‘Organic Gems’. Artificially harvested gems are comparatively cheaper than those naturally found in ocean bed. HURRAY!! You don’t need to look desperate any more. Pearls like Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian Pearls are now available is very reasonable price range, color and sizes. Wear what you dreamt of and be the way you love.

Buying pearls is not an easy job. You need to have true knowledge and insight while actually going for pearls or else someone can take good use of your innocence. It’s best to approach for some of the trusted names for pearl jewelry. There are some renowned stores dealing in pearls since decades and delivers you the best of pearl jewelry at your door step. All you need to check their online gallery to pick the best of style, design and size when you are going to buy pearls.

Pearls are associated with motion, fluid or water energy. It is believed Pearls are best for those who are inclined towards water element. It goes well with young women or ladies who love to socialize regardless of what time they are hanging out. The best part about pearl accessories is that it has a pleasant room to accommodate any event type or hangouts. It’s simple but enriching, in short it’s the best among all jewelry lines.

Christy Reddy is an online blogger and passionate writer, she loves to discover more ways to describe her thoughts. She love to write on different industries topics especially for fashion industry.

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Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

You finished doing your spring cleaning months ago, but have you really been trying your hardest to maintain the neatness? It’s always easy to allow your home to revert back a total state of disarray, but maintenance doesn’t always have to be such a chore. After all, you’ve worked so hard to organize, tidy up, and get rid of the clutter, you should be able to enjoy it for more than just a month or two! The best maintenance is hassle-free and doesn’t interfere with your daily or weekly cleaning routines.

For instance, if you have pets, you already know how hard it can be to perpetually make sure that your couch and the furniture stay clean! Furniture covers are a great way to keep dander, and pet fur from consuming your time. Their quilted design and plush armrests make them comfortable enough to be the perfect lounging area for your pet. Need to entertain guests? Removal is a breeze. Also, storage is very simple as they fold really well to fit into tight spaces. Since they come in such vibrant colors, we love to use these to spruce up old or dull pieces of furniture. Whatever your needs are, take advantage of these to maximize your spring cleaning efforts!

Paying attention to cleanliness is just the start, though. Even a clean house can look dirty if things are strewn about. Do you own many pairs of shoes? These are almost always the worst offenders to cleanliness.  They have the uncanny ability to make an area appear extremely messy within mere seconds. Cabinet storage is the best way to keep your floor free from any unnecessary clutter. These are available in either 24-pair or 36-pair units to accommodate shoe collections of all sizes! They come equipped with a zippered sheet so you’ll never have to worry about trying to find a lost shoe again. Vertical storage is absolutely the best way to open your floor plan for more space.

After a vigorous cleaning, the last thing you want to see is a dull floor. Unfortunately, hardwood floors quickly lose their luster, especially in high-traffic areas. The result is that people often get fed-up and end up neglecting their floors. Floor runners are the perfect solution for these kinds of problems. Not only do they stay in place, but they protect your floors from unnecessary wear and tear. These runners come in 60”, 90”, and even 120” to meet the particular needs of any floor. Also, select from a myriad of colors to match your décor, and make the most of it!

These are just a few of our favorites from the week to help you maintain a clean and beautiful home. Don’t put up with a month of beauty and neatness, and eleven months of mediocrity. These simple solutions can save you a great deal of time, and most importantly, a great deal of extra work. Explore our collection for new and exciting ways to make your spring cleaning efforts last well into the summer months, and beyond!

Get the Look: This Fall’s Latest Trends that Don’t Cost a Fortune

This fall and winter, designers have overwhelmingly opted for gorgeously wearable styles instead of avant-garde looks that only a model can manage. That’s the good news; the bad news is that designer fashions can still cost as much as a respectable down payment on a new car. Get the look for less by paying attention to the common themes and trends across collections and translating those elements of style to your own wardrobe. Here are a few of the things we loved for this fall.

Colorful Cardigans


It may not be sweater weather at the moment, but designers’ fall and winter collections put the focus on cardigans in contrasting tones for men and women. While the demure sweater set is a timeless classic, a fresher way to enjoy sweater dressing is with mixing and matching. If you invest in cashmere or angora from a designer name, you could spend extravagantly, but this is a great look to get for less. Our women’s cardigans feel cozy and look stylish over a simple T-shirt in a contrasting hue.

Scarves with Everything

It started as a hipster style statement, but bright scarves for women have gone mainstream and are one of fall’s hottest accessories. What makes the style new for this year is its ease. These scarves aren’t carefully pinned and tucked but are casually looped around your neck. This trend is as practical as it is pretty; when the weather turns blustery, your scarf can keep your hair sleek. Designers are showing squares of colorful fabric with triple-digit price tags, but we don’t see any reason to pay more than a few dollars for one of the season’s most fun styles.

Colors as Neutrals


Rich maroon, goldenrod yellow and pale ice blue may sound far from neutral, but designers sent them down runways in place of staid beiges and conservative browns this season. What makes brighter tones work as neutrals is pairing them with lighter, more vibrant accents. An oxblood coat becomes a potent color statement when combined with a traditional neutral such as ivory or black, but wear it with a flash of vivid poppy orange, and it plays a supporting role beautifully. Wear this major style with a minor impact on your budget by picking a coat or dress you already have in a rich tone and finding a bright new accent color to go with it. Wearing multiple colors calls for subdued makeup, so borrow a style tip from the runway and go with nude hues on your face.

Green for Fall


Speaking of color, one standout hue for the fall was green. Blue-tinged teal, fresh chartreuse and rich emerald hues all had their proponents, but designers seemed to prize a mossy loden green above all. The shade was a big hit in the late 1960s too, so combining it with retro accessories is fun; we like it with our patchwork shoulder bag. A runway-ready green leather duster could put a dent in your budget, but the same stylish hue in a more affordable material can be yours for well under $100. Green is nature’s favorite color, so it’s no wonder that it goes so well with any neutral. Combine it with crisp white for early fall, then transition to darker charcoal grays, blacks and browns as the season progresses.

Fashion is what designers do for a living, but style is something you create on your own. Don’t be timid about setting trends. Start with these fall basics and add a touch of your unique style to them for a look that’s priceless.

How Shopping Online Can Help Trim Your Gift Budget

Shopping-OnlineBuying presents for the people you care about can, at times, become a real burden for your finances. If you want to provide what’s best for the people you love most, the expenses can quickly pile on and you may find yourself spending way more than you should.

However, there is an answer to getting the best gifts and staying on the budget – it just takes a little time, planning, and, most importantly, knowing where to look.

The Internet is great not only as a source of information and entertainment, but also as a place to find the best deals while shopping. If you know where to look and plan in advance, you can save very significant amounts over the course of the year.

There are a few key ways approach online shopping, if you want to get the best prices.

Plan Ahead
If you want to get the best out of shopping online, sometimes you have to wait for the best prices. Make a list of all the people you plan on buying gifts and start putting aside money for the planned purchases. Then it’s just a matter of looking for sales and waiting for the right time to buy.

If you plan ahead, you not only save money, but don’t have to buy the gifts all at once–avoiding big spending over a short period of time.

Off-Season Shopping
The best time for certain things is when you actually don’t need them – for instance, buying coats in the summer or summer dresses in the fall/winter seasons. That is because sales of seasonal goods tend to be slow in the off-season and sellers usually drastically cut their prices to sell off the remaining goods before the new season approaches.

So always try to think in advance of what you’re going to buy and do it when the prices for it are the lowest.

Moving/Closing Sales or Stock Clearance
When a business relocates or is closing down, it usually tries to get rid of their goods, because it would be too expensive to transport to a new location or because they will have no use for it, and consider it better to sell short than to leave it to collect dust in a storage facility.

That is your chance to get amazing deals, that are a fraction of the retail price, so always look for businesses that are looking to let go of their goods.

Rule Of Thumb: Always Ebay It
There’s no other place to find great deals online like Ebay – you should always check if the thing you’re looking for isn’t available at a great price.

Either by bidding an auction, or by finding someone selling at a great Buy It Now price, you can often find that since anybody can sell on Ebay, the prices may sometimes are way below retail.

However, because anybody can sell, you should also be very careful when buying. Always look for trusted sellers with a good reputation, because otherwise you may get used, damaged or even fake goods instead of what you think you ordered.

Always Be Careful When Shopping Online
There are thieves everywhere, so don’t be surprised that there are people trying to cheat you on the Internet, too. Sometimes the unrealistic deals can mean that they actually are “unreal” and that you might not get your moneys’ worth.

Try shopping at places that have a reputation – you can even do a background check, looking around for reviews of the seller. If they swindled someone before, chances are they shared it with others.

While there may be a lot of stores and malls where you live, it certainly fades in comparison to the Internet – the biggest marketplace on the planet. That’s why you’ll always find the best deals shopping online – there are simply so many sellers to choose from, you’ll certainly find someone who offers a price that is affordable to you.

So, if you play it smart and follow these main principles while shopping online, you can buy the gifts you want and save money in the process, because, as the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Michelle Forsyth is a self-employed writer and blogger with a BA from Melbourne University. When Michelle is not writing or blogging she spends time with her two kids and spends time online shopping  for the best deals!