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Are you trying to get in touch with customer service? Have a question about a product you received, or when you’ll receive your order? Then customer service is the department you’ll want to talk to.

13 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. Is there a way that I can bring up my items that I bought in past years? I bought some pully devises for my plants. They let you pull your plant down to water them and then you can raise them back up. I think I bought them a year or two years ago. I would like to purchase more and can’t find them any where. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Jodene,

      We do retain your account order history. I did locate a Plant Pouch and Plant drip pans that were ordered previously. I am so sorry, but both items are no longer available. I will however forward along your interest in this type of item to be carried again in the future.

      Warm regards,


  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    I sincerely apologize that the Lighted Bell Snowman with Top Hat was missing from your shipment. I have processed your replacement and you should have it in 7 – 10 business days. This replacement was sent free of charge since we have already billed you for this item. If there is anything else I can assist you with please let me know. I can be reached directly at my e-mail address, Have a great holiday!

    Warm Regards,

    Jodi at Lakeside

    • Hi Diane,

      I apologize for the inconvenience! I’m happy to track the order for you right away! Please e-mail me your account details to and I will be in touch with you from there! I look forward to figuring this out for you!

      Warm Regards,

      Jodi at Lakeside

  3. Called to check on my order,,,and talked to a very nice Gentlemen named Matt,,
    he was extremely pleasant and very helpful,,,wish every one else had some one
    like Matt to help them.. Thank You,,,Until I find something else to order from you,,
    A very Satisfied Customer

    • Hi Virginia,

      Thank you for the wonderful shout out! We appreciate feedback from our customers and enjoying hearing great compliments about our employees. I will be sure to pass on your praise.

      We look forward to your future business and have a great day.

      Best Regards,

      Jodi at Lakeside

  4. I have ordered several items over the years Through mail & online. Always satisfied with your products & service. For some unknown reason I cannot order online as my password will not be Accepted, I Have tried several times. Should I just use My Acct# ? Thank You…….

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I am sorry for the inconvenience.

      Please send your account information to and I will be more than happy to resolve this for you.

      I look forward to your email.

      Warm regards,

      Jodi at Lakeside

  5. I order 2 pair of men moccasins one natural and one black. They were suppose to both be size 9 , the natural was size 9 but the black was large 11 to 12.How do I handle this prouble.

    • Dear Douglas,

      I sincerely apologize that you received an incorrect size. Please let me know if you would like me to send you the correct size, or process a refund. A return of the wrong sized Moccasins will not be necessary at this time.

      Warm Regards,

      Elaine at Lakeside

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