Sun Safety Tips for Babies, Kids and Teens

It is estimated that up to eighty percent of a person’s lifetime exposure to the sun occurs in the first 18 years, so when it comes to sun safety it’s important to start developing some good habits with your kids as early as possible. Learn how to properly protect babies, kids and teens from sun damage with these sun safety tips.


Babies — The Less Sun the Better
Babies under the age of six months shouldn’t be in the sun at all. The damage that sunburn can cause with babies has the ability to effect them throughout their life, compromising their immune system and increasing the risk of skin cancer years down the road. If you are outside, keep them properly covered or in the shade.

It isn’t recommended to use sunscreens on babies under six months old, so covering up their skin is very important. Pants and long sleeve shirts cover the most skin, while bucket hats protect their head and offer a little shade. If they do get exposed to the sun, apply wet towels to their skin frequently to reduce swelling.


Kids — Sunscreen On the Go
Kids are the hardest to monitor when it comes to making sure they’re using sunscreen. Once they get out of the house with their friends they could be gone for hours. Even if you send them out the door with sunscreen there’s a good chance it will wear off before they return. Send kids off right with some travel-size sunscreen.

If they’re playing close to home or within sight, don’t be afraid to interrupt their activity to reapply some sun protection. If they do come back with a little sunburn or some bad blisters, hydrate their skin with a wet towel, apply a topical moisturizer and ibuprofen if needed and keep them out of the sun until they heal completely.


Teens — Tanning Can Be Trouble
Many kids start tanning in their teens. If your teen wants to get a nice tan, try to keep them out of the sun between the fiercest hours of the day. 10:00 am to 2:00 pm is when UVA and UVB rays can do the most damage to skin. It’s also the best time to tan. Being closer to 10:00 am or 2:00 pm is better than midday.

While it is tempting for teenagers to hit the tanning salon when the sun isn’t shining, radiation in tanning beds can be worse than the sun. Any type of tanning is technically harmful to your skin. One method isn’t any healthier than the other, but tanning beds have been known to have higher levels of UVR radiation.

4 Tips to Find the Best Convertible Car Seat For Your Baby

Car-seatWhether you are new to being a parent or a pro it is important to find a car seat to keep your child safe. With new technology always emerging, it is important that parents should be more wary about the need and importance of using these safety gears when their babies and kids are inside the moving car.

Given that there are a lot of car seats in the industry, finding the most suitable for your baby can be very difficult. That is why it is very important to know the basic things on how to find one. Here are the things that you can do in finding the best convertible seat for your child:

Read product reviews

Reading product reviews can help you a lot in deciding which brand and model of convertible seat to get. The reviews are your best guide since all the important elements are covered so that you may learn about them. Reviews will tell you the details on how a certain feature works, which you cannot see with your naked eye. For instance, you will never know that the side impact protection really works unless you will get involved in a side collision. Thus, with product reviews, this feature is emphasized because of the fact that it has been tested by the authorities and has been deemed safe.

Read testimonials

You will have a better decision when you read testimonials from previous users of seats. These testimonies are based on how they were able to use the seat and how it made their lives better or a nightmare. What you need to do now is to gauge the pros and cons, this is because a certain car seat may not be good for one person but may be good for someone else. This means that it is often subjective. Thus, consider this for a better judgment.


It is best to get a convertible seat from a reliable brand. A reliable brand should have long-standing great reputation among a lot of parents. It should be in the market for quite some time and has proven its worth. Of course, on way to check out this are ratings of the seats that they have been selling in the market. You can check out from different websites on the safety ratings of these seats.

Safety features

A convertible seat is used primarily for safety. That is why you need to make sure that it should be safe for your baby to use every day as some of the seats may hurt your child even when there is no car crash. This is because some seats may actually pose more danger to your child rather than saving your child in case of car crash.

The most important safety features are side impact protection, five-point harness, energy absorbing foam, easy to install LATCH system and among many others. You will know if these features are effective by checking their safety ratings.

With all of these, you can surely find the best convertible car seat for your child.

Sherry Becky is a new mother and part time freelancer writer who has a five months old baby girl. She is very care about health and safety of child. She has recently run a website with her friend: Car Seat Tree, where can help parents to find the best convertible car seat for baby.