National Book Month: Reading Tips and Challenges

Most of us understand how difficult it can be to make time to read. Getting the kids back to school, long days at the office and all the easy entertainment option at our fingertips that make picking up a book seem like an unnecessary chore. But October is National Book Month! That time of the year when most of us who haven’t been turning pages can rediscover the joy of reading. Get inspired to read with these tips and challenges.


5 Fall Reading Challenges
The weather is getting cooler and the new chill in the air encourages staying inside and cuddling by the fire with a good book. It’s the perfect opportunity for a fall reading challenge. There are many fun and interesting ways to create a challenge for yourself and your family, to expand literary horizons. Here are five fall reading challenges that will give you a reason to stay in your footed pajamas all day and enjoy your favorite pastime.


Back to School: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Reading
For the several months, your kids have been reading young-adult novels and flipping through picture books between running around from one summer activity to the next, but school is back in session and reading has changed. Kids look at the books they read for their school assignments much differently than the books they read for pleasure. Here are some tips to make sure they are getting the most out of their reading for school.


Holiday Shopping: Tips for Buying Books as Gifts
Thinking up a unique and personal gift for each person on your list can be a challenge. For some people, a good toy or a purse is the appropriate solution; for others, something to support a hobby, like yarn or knitting needles, is just the ticket. But for those who seem to have everything, a book may be your solution — you just need to figure out what type of book to get. Check out a few of these useful tips for buying books as gifts.

3 Ways to Choose a Book for Your Child

You want your child to enjoy reading, and you want to pick out just the right books. How do you do this? There are many ways to pick out books for children that help you be successful in your choices. Here are three ways to choose a book for your child.

Match your child’s daily life and interests.
Choosing books about everyday activities helps children learn how the world works, or at least how it should work. Books about waking up and going to bed, going to school, playing, having meals with family, or even having a fight with little sister can be more than entertaining as they teach kids what to expect in everyday life and how to resolve problems.

Choose books that match your child’s interests. Toddlers may like books about kittens and puppies, while older children may be attracted to more active storylines, such as one centered around a kids’ basketball game. Does your child like sports, music, or dance? What about an interest in science and how things work? Look for books that focus on these activities. Appealing to young readers’ interests and hobbies through books helps to entice them to read.


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Let kids pick out their own books.
You might consider encouraging your children to pick out their own books. This might be especially important with toddlers. Three and four year olds may recognize a few words, but what matters more are the pictures in a book. That’s what keeps young readers focused. Parents can read to them as they stare at the pictures. Put your toddler in front of a shelf of books, and see what he or she grabs. The same principle applies to older kids. Let your grade school child browse through books in a bookstore. When kids are ready for chapter books or even more advanced books, then this exercise will help you see that.


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Read book reviews.
Look for book reviews of children’s books. You can often find reviews and suggestions in children’s magazines. These can be found in print magazines as well as online. Search online for “children’s book reviews” to see what you come up with. Vary the search as needed. You should even be able to find age-appropriate suggestions by using this method. A book store online–such as —may also provide book reviews so that you can look over the book before you commit to buy it.

Local libraries are another source to review potential book titles for kids. Just ask the librarian if they have book reviews for children’s books. At the very least, the library might have a list of recommended reading for certain age groups. The library could be a very helpful resource in pointing you to just the right books for your child.

Save on children’s books online.
When finding books for children, visiting a book store online is a great way to go. You can preview a number of titles before spending a dime. Finding just the right books for your child in order to develop a love for reading is important. What other ways have you found that help in finding books for your child?

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