5 Storage Ideas You Didn’t Think About

storage-ideasWhether you have a compact apartment or a sprawling house with a spacious yard, you probably still wish you had more room for easily accessible storage. Almost everyone has that one junk drawer or packed closet that defies your organization attempts, but you can tame the clutter when you get creative with other places that haven’t yet been filled. You might have more room than you think when you make the most of these overlooked storage spaces.

1. Keep Looking Up – Most storage solutions have their feet firmly planted on your floor. Bookcases, bureaus and chests are always a valid option for carving out more storage, but going vertical opens a whole new dimension for attractive storage. Shelves can line walls almost to the ceiling. Put items you rarely use such as your Thanksgiving turkey platter on display on upper shelves and save lower ones for items you use daily. Another possibility: tall, narrow storage cabinets that make the most of a room’s upper reaches. By removing or reducing the footprint with vertical storage, you gain more floor space.

2. Open Doors to New Storage Space – Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are notorious for not having enough room, but they all have at least a door or two on which to hang storage equipment. A spice rack inside a cabinet door lets you keep favorite flavors within easy reach while making room on shelves. Because the rack won’t let smaller bottles hide behind larger ones, your herbs and spices also stay organized. The same principle also works in bathroom and bedroom closets with over-the-door systems such as the Closet Mates Connectable Storage center. Keep jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories visible so you’ll wear them more often by storing items in mesh or clear plastic.

3. Go Diagonal – How do you fit a 20-inch utensil into a drawer that’s only 12 inches deep and 10 inches wide? If you remember your geometry classes, the answer will come easily to you. By dividing the drawer diagonally, you create a storage solution that’s as elegant as it practical. Instead of keeping small and large items in a tangle in your kitchen drawers, arrange diagonal dividers and use the smaller compartments for items that otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Never dig through a pile of wooden spoons and tongs to get to your measuring spoons again!

4. Use Wall Space – If you’re willing to tackle a minor construction project, you may be able to find space for irregularly shaped or small items between the studs in your walls. Unless your home has thick walls or an unusual layout, you won’t have room for deep bookshelves, but you can probably fit a medicine cabinet, built-in spice rack or wine storage in a wall. Removing plaster board, installing shelving and framing the new custom storage area isn’t a job for novice do-it-yourselfers, but with the proper home improvement tools, it’s a one-afternoon job.

5. Take It With You – Sometimes, you have plenty of space, but it isn’t convenient to use. A multi-purpose room should have options beyond over-stuffed cabinets and closets. With rolling storage systems, you can put spaces to different uses. Store your sewing equipment in a rolling cabinet and bring it out only when you’re working. Keep a computer or television on the cart for easy removal when it’s time for the kids to do their homework.

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Five Versatile Items Every Closet Needs

five-versatile-items-every-closet-needsA few key types of items and fashion accessories are truly versatile in every sense of the word. If you ever need something to help cap off a great outfit, you need to make sure that your closet is ready to handle that requirement. By having a few well-placed items you can make sure you’re prepared for any situation.

A Black and White Dress

One of the most important things you can have in your closet is a nice black and white dress. Black and white is great because it can go with just about anything. By starting with a black and white dress and building your outfit around it, you’ll have a much easier time and still end up with a look that is perfect for almost any occasion.

A Colorful Scarf

Having a colorful scarf  is a great idea for a few reasons. For starters, scarves look great when combined with a wide variety of different normal items. Secondly, a scarf is a great way to quickly inject a little color into your look without too much fuss. You can add a nice blue scarf to a black or grey outfit and suddenly take on a whole new appearance. Be sure to match your scarf with another element of your outfit. If you’ve got colored glasses, for example, make sure the color of the scarf matches the color of your lenses.

Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans are a great opportunity to embrace a casual look but still maintain an air of sophistication. Wide-leg jeans go well in practically any context and can easily be dressed up or dressed down at your own discretion. You can dress up wide-leg jeans with a tank top, or dress them down with something like a regular printed top.

A Bold Necklace

Keeping a single bold necklace gives you the opportunity to complete a wide variety of different outfits both dressy and casual. Gold and silver necklaces in particular are incredibly versatile and go with just about anything. A bold gold or silver necklace could also be just what you need to complete an outfit before you head out for a night on the town.

Lightly Colored Tops and Bottoms

By making sure that you always have a few lightly colored tops and bottoms in your closet, you can instantly throw together a nice and colorful outfit whenever you need. When worn separately, light tops and bottoms can appear boring and bland. However, wearing all of your lightly colored items together is a great chance to try out an outfit that is suddenly both striking and minimalist at the same time.

You really never know when a situation might arise where you need to quickly throw together an outfit before heading out. By making sure that you’ve got a few versatile clothing items and accessories in your closet, you won’t have to fret over what to wear and can instead have fun putting together a whole new look before you leave the house.

Chelsea Hasbrouck is a beauty technician and fashion enthusiast. She enjoys sharing her style tips on various beauty and fashion websites. Find out how to buy contact lenses online and have them shipped directly to your home.

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