The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week

When the cold winds of winter blow, there is nothing better than snuggling up in a comfy shirt or relaxing loungewear. Not only does The Lakeside Collection have a wide variety of cozy gear, we also have wonderfully scented candles to fill your home with fragrance. If you must head outdoors, don’t forget a toasty coat. Here is The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week.

The Women's Feminine Fit Flannel Shirt is a laid back style made just for you.

The Women’s Feminine Fit Flannel Shirt is a laid back style made just for you.

He'll be in the mood to kick back and relax with these Men's Licensed 2-Pk. Boxers.

He’ll be in the mood to kick back and relax with these Men’s Licensed 2-Pk. Boxers.


Sweet Treat Aromabeads™ Candle Jar makes your smell like a bakery or candy shop.

Sweet Treat Aromabeads™ Candle Jar makes your smell like a bakery or candy shop.

Girls' Hooded Toggle-Front Peacoat will keep her warm and looking stylish all winter long.

Girls’ Hooded Toggle-Front Peacoat will keep her warm and looking stylish all winter long.


6 Tips On How To Look Thinner

knit-sweaterMany women out there have a few extra pounds they wish they didn’t have. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until you start losing some weight to begin looking slimmer. There are effective things any woman can do to slim down the way she looks when she gets dressed.

Boot Cut Pants
Boot cut pants will make you appear slimmer by providing you with a more symmetrical appearance. When you are trying to hide those extra pounds you should avoid slim ankle or flare cut pant legs because they’ll make your thighs and hips look larger. Also, stay away from taper-cut legs as they’ll make you look top heavy if you have slim legs but a large stomach or wide hips.

Skirt Size
If you are a tall woman trying to dress thinner wear longer skirts, and if you are a shorter woman trying to look thinner wear skirts that come below the knee. Long skirts will help to accentuate the legs of a taller woman making her body look slimmer.

If you are short a long skirt could make you look shorter than what you are, thus making you appear wider and heavier. When you’re short wear skirts that come right below your knee to help you look a little slimmer and taller as well.

Keep an Eye on Your Waist
Most women have problems with areas such as their hips and waist. The best thing to do is avoid wearing belts or any other thing that will draw attention to your waist or midsection. Also, wear looser clothes that won’t stick to your waist like tight fitted clothing would. Look for dresses and skirts with elastic waists so your clothes won’t bunch up and draw attention to your waist.

Use Patterns
Patterns can help to take away the attention from your problem areas. Wear patterns like stripes or animal prints that can help fool the eye. Patterns you should stay away from because they normally add to the bulk and size of a person include big polka dots and floral prints. Also, stay away from stripes that run vertical or horizontal as they can make you look bigger.

Use Heels
Heels are great when you are trying to dress to make yourself appear slimmer. As a matter of fact, you’ll achieve a greater slimming effect the higher the heels are. When you wear high heels it will make you appear thinner by accentuating the smaller lower part of the legs while increasing height.

Wear the Proper Size
This should be an obvious one, but you have to pick the right clothing that’ll fit you properly if you want to look thinner. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight on your body because it’ll make the rolls, bulges, fat, and all your flaws show through.

If you wear clothes that are too big for you it can make you look bigger by adding bulk to your frame. Know your body and always wear the the perfect size so you can look as thin as possible when you dress yourself.

When you wear the right size clothing it will also make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re out. When you feel good and are comfortable with what you’re wearing it will make a huge difference in how you look.

You should have a look at Gypsy Dharma and see more about women’s fashion such as boots for women and get everything you will want to look your best.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Independence Day might be over, but we love the fresh, summery look of red, white and blue so much that we’re making it our focus for the week. Bold reds, crisp whites and tranquil blues enliven every room of your home. Take a look at some of our favorites, and give your kitchen, bath or backyard a patriotic makeover this week!


The hues of Old Glory are a natural fit for classic American design elements. We love the country charm of the Americana quilt collection. In shades of denim blue, bright red and cream accented with mellow antiqued gold, the set features everything from the summer-weight quilt to matching shams and star-shaped throw pillows. The quilt set is designed to let you mix and match elements with linens you already own, so it’s as versatile as it is beautiful.


Speaking of denim, nothing’s more American than blue jeans. In the summer heat, they aren’t always your most comfortable choice, but with these cotton knit jeans, you get the look of classic denim in a cool, breathable fabric. Spandex gives these jean-style pants a little stretch for comfort and a smooth, flattering fit. We love these coupled with a red T-shirt or a simple, white button-down blouse, but they go with anything.


You’ll see stars in red, white and blue with this wall art collection of three distressed metal stars. The metal stars have a weathered finish that gives them an antique look. Group them together to create a focal point in a single room, or break up the set and hang each star in its own special place. Each star is almost a foot across, so they make an eye-catching statement no matter how you display them.


For summer, we adore sheer curtains in pristine white. White is the ultimate summer neutral; it works in any room and instantly freshens your decor. We love these by themselves for their ease and elegance, but the sheer panels can also be part of a more formal window treatment when paired with heavier curtains or a decorative valance.


Who says your kitchen has to look boring? Grab a set of these red and white speckled bowls for your next batch of pancakes or potato salad. Red is an appetizing color because it reminds us of some of our favorite foods. Think of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, luscious strawberries and juicy watermelon, and you’ll see what we mean. Ideal for mixing everything from brownies to biscuits, the bowls are equally at home as serving containers. The speckled texture is as traditionally American as the apple pie you’ll, no doubt, feel inspired to bake when you own these pretty and practical bowls.While you’re in the kitchen, why not add another pop of cheerful red with our adorably kitschy ladybug kitchen decor collection? In glossy red enamel trimmed with inky black dots and cream accents, the set includes serving bowls, drawer pulls and utensil holders in a ladybug motif. These are the only bugs we’d ever allow in our kitchen, but we’re happy to make an exception for these cheery pieces.

Get the Look: This Fall’s Latest Trends that Don’t Cost a Fortune

This fall and winter, designers have overwhelmingly opted for gorgeously wearable styles instead of avant-garde looks that only a model can manage. That’s the good news; the bad news is that designer fashions can still cost as much as a respectable down payment on a new car. Get the look for less by paying attention to the common themes and trends across collections and translating those elements of style to your own wardrobe. Here are a few of the things we loved for this fall.

Colorful Cardigans


It may not be sweater weather at the moment, but designers’ fall and winter collections put the focus on cardigans in contrasting tones for men and women. While the demure sweater set is a timeless classic, a fresher way to enjoy sweater dressing is with mixing and matching. If you invest in cashmere or angora from a designer name, you could spend extravagantly, but this is a great look to get for less. Our women’s cardigans feel cozy and look stylish over a simple T-shirt in a contrasting hue.

Scarves with Everything

It started as a hipster style statement, but bright scarves for women have gone mainstream and are one of fall’s hottest accessories. What makes the style new for this year is its ease. These scarves aren’t carefully pinned and tucked but are casually looped around your neck. This trend is as practical as it is pretty; when the weather turns blustery, your scarf can keep your hair sleek. Designers are showing squares of colorful fabric with triple-digit price tags, but we don’t see any reason to pay more than a few dollars for one of the season’s most fun styles.

Colors as Neutrals


Rich maroon, goldenrod yellow and pale ice blue may sound far from neutral, but designers sent them down runways in place of staid beiges and conservative browns this season. What makes brighter tones work as neutrals is pairing them with lighter, more vibrant accents. An oxblood coat becomes a potent color statement when combined with a traditional neutral such as ivory or black, but wear it with a flash of vivid poppy orange, and it plays a supporting role beautifully. Wear this major style with a minor impact on your budget by picking a coat or dress you already have in a rich tone and finding a bright new accent color to go with it. Wearing multiple colors calls for subdued makeup, so borrow a style tip from the runway and go with nude hues on your face.

Green for Fall


Speaking of color, one standout hue for the fall was green. Blue-tinged teal, fresh chartreuse and rich emerald hues all had their proponents, but designers seemed to prize a mossy loden green above all. The shade was a big hit in the late 1960s too, so combining it with retro accessories is fun; we like it with our patchwork shoulder bag. A runway-ready green leather duster could put a dent in your budget, but the same stylish hue in a more affordable material can be yours for well under $100. Green is nature’s favorite color, so it’s no wonder that it goes so well with any neutral. Combine it with crisp white for early fall, then transition to darker charcoal grays, blacks and browns as the season progresses.

Fashion is what designers do for a living, but style is something you create on your own. Don’t be timid about setting trends. Start with these fall basics and add a touch of your unique style to them for a look that’s priceless.