Healthy Work Habits: Start with Easy Desk Exercises

If you’ve ever wondered why your back is sore, your legs feel weak or your mind is stressed after a long day of work, it might have less to do with your workload and more to do with the damaging effects of a sedentary office life. Too much sitting takes its toll on the body and the mind, but with a busy schedule, it might be hard to make time for a 30-minute walk at lunch or a trip to the gym. But what if it was possible to limit the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle right at your desk? Turn your work life around with these easy desk exercises.

Healthy Work Habits: Start with Easy Desk Exercises

Stretching & Short Meditation

Stretching is one of the best things we can do for our muscles and our posture. It’s also widely neglected as a legitimate form of exercise or daily health. Some people feel that if they’re not getting their heart rate up or working up a sweat they’re not doing anything for their bodies. This is far from the truth, particularly if you’re trying to combat a sedentary work life. The best thing about static stretching exercises is that you don’t have to have a lot of space. These exercises are also very quiet. Another quiet activity that is often accompanied by stretching is meditation. Like stretching, meditation won’t take up an entire break and has many benefits.

Squats, Lunges & Calf Raises

Squats and lunges are two of the most important leg exercises you can do–and they’re both very easy to do at your desk. Squats require less space, and when done properly, work more muscles in your legs and your core. They’re also considered one of the best bodyweight exercises because they engage so many different muscle groups, building lean muscle and toning over time. Lunges also work many of the same areas, while other leg exercises like calf raises can help mix up your routine and allow you to add weight when needed.

Office Props for Exercising

Adding more resistance to your desk exercises can be easily accomplished with small weights, kettle bells or even that ream of paper sitting by the printer. Adding a little weight to each exercise can make it feel like you’re doing more of a workout. If you don’t have access to weights, a ream of paper or even that briefcase you use to carry all your gear are quick resistance fixes with limited resources or on short notice. But there isn’t any reason to add weight when bodyweight exercises are more than enough to get the blood flowing. Other common exercise equipment that’s great for the desk include stretching bands, bosu or fitness balls.

Change Your Daily Routine

Some offices offer more desk privacy than others, meaning many workers could be easily discouraged from trying even the simplest desk exercises. If you feel uncomfortable stretching, meditating and doing exercises like squats or lunges at your desk, don’t give up on your chance at a more active office life. Try taking a walk at lunch or on your break instead. There are many health benefits to walking at work, not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to get up from your desk and experience a well-deserved change of scenery. Sometimes it takes time to build momentum, adjust to your a routine and turn daily exercising into a healthy work habit.

Set of 2 Fitness Bands Empower 3-In-1 Adjustable KettlebellLarge Digit Pedometer Watch

Daily desk exercises can help you prevent many harmful effects associated with a sedentary work lifestyle. Whether you’re getting up out of your chair to stretch, adding a few lunch walks to your weekly schedule or storing a kettle bell between your office supplies, improve your work life with great products from Lakeside.

5 Ways to Set up a Study Space for Your Child

Orgainzed-File-KitsTeaching children good study habits when they’re young will keep them in good stead throughout their academic careers. Studying regularly, doing homework at the same time each day and learning how to focus on reading assignments are vital skills for students of any age. To make the most of study times, create a space for your child’s school books, computer and other essentials. Having a quiet place where your child can study without distractions paves the way for better grades today and greater opportunities tomorrow. With these tips, you’ll give your child a good start on a promising academic career.

1. Find a quiet place. Some children learn best in almost total silence; others prefer ambient music or sounds drifting in from an open window as they work. However, no one can concentrate in a noisy, chaotic environment. A bedroom is often a good place for a study area. Some kids find it difficult to focus in a room they associate with sleep, though, so consider setting aside part of your living room or even the play room as a study area.

2. Work with your child’s preferences. While a standard desk and chair can work, some children learn best when they get comfortable with their books. A day bed and a laptop might work better for your child than the conventional desk, and that’s fine. If reading while lounging encourages a child to devour assigned chapters, then be flexible about the study space and outfit it with cozy furniture. To make a less traditional study area still feel distinct from the rest of the room, use decor to mark it as its own space. A wall calendar, bookshelves, and space for a laptop or tablet computer help create the feeling that this is a space for work, not play.

3. Keep it organized. You know how difficult it is to focus when you’re surrounded by clutter, and your child probably feels the same way. A neat study space is free of distractions that could otherwise derail a study session. For children who are easily sidetracked, an organized study area is a must. Older kids can keep their own desks neat, but help younger kids by giving them organizers that remind them where items are kept. Color-coded stickers on shelves or labels on drawers let kids remember at a glance where paper and pencils go. This rolling cart has translucent storage bins that allow kids to see the contents and choose where items belong.

4. Be careful about digital distractions. Computers are incredibly valuable tools for students, but they’re also an open window to a million distractions from homework. Parental lockout features can help kids stay on track and off their Facebook pages when it’s time to do homework. Another solution: Give kids a timer and allow them a few minutes of play for achieving their study goals. When kids know they can check their email or chat with friends in half an hour, it becomes less tempting to become distracted now.

5. Provide ample lighting. Task lighting helps avoid eye-strain and allows studying children to stay focused longer. Ideally, natural light keeps the work area bright. Indirect sunlight works best to avoid glare; if necessary, use curtains to filter light that is too bright. If natural lighting isn’t available, a desk lamp should be slightly lower than eye level and cast a spotlight directly on the page or keyboard.

Give your child’s study habits room to grow with a designated study space and watch the positive effect it can have on grades.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

It’s back-to-school season for kids of all ages, including college students who are returning for another semester of dorm life. Creating a cozy home away from home is more than just a matter of taste; it’s vital for students who are away from their families, possibly for the first time, to feel at ease. Dorm room decor can help keep students organized and focused. It’s also a great way for them to express their sense of personal style. Give a dorm room some flair with this college-ready collection of favorite things for the week!


When space is at a premium, a portable work station can be helpful. Dorm room desks don’t always offer smart space-saving solutions, but a computer lap desk makes the most of that valuable real estate and allows you to work anywhere. The fold-able tray is adjustable allowing you to work on a flat surface or a tilt and the legs are adjustable for a comfortable fit. With the built in mouse pad, cup and pen holder, you will have everything you need right at your finger tips.


A dorm may not be able to offer all the comforts of home, but with these microfleece sheet sets, a dorm room bed can be as cozy as the one back home. Suede-like softness, great durability and beautiful colors make these sheets a must-have. In rich purple, soft mocha, quiet ecru or faded-denim blue, the sheets go with any style. They also wash and dry in no time, so they’re excellent for college students who are pressed for time and don’t always have hours to spend at a laundromat. If these sheets have a drawback, it’s that they may make you late for morning classes. It’s tough to get out of bed when the bed is so soft and cozy!

Personalizing a living space is important to anyone, but to a college student who may be far from home for the first time, it’s a necessity for peace of mind. Express yourself with Peace and Love room accents and turn an anonymous dorm room into a unique style statement. The original 1960s peace sign lives on in a new generation with these fun, colorful sets that are perfect for adding a personal touch to a dorm. If all you need is love, go for the set modeled on the iconic Robert Indiana pop art print. Pick pink and black or cool blues and purples, and express your personality through color. Each set includes a plush rug and soft throw pillow to add a layer of comfort to your personal space.

Having a dorm room is a first taste of independence for many college students. With fun decorating accents, space-saving solutions and creature comforts, that first experience will also be an exciting one. Choose some of our favorites for dorm life and create the perfect space for studying, socializing and sleeping.

Back to School: Check out the Great Items we Have for Your Dorm Room!

Your dorm room is your home away from home, but with its plain walls and simple furniture, it may not feel much like your cozy childhood bedroom. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to put some personality into your dorm room. With a few key back-to-school pieces from our collection and a few tips on how to decorate, your dorm can become a retreat!

Create a Focal Point

Every space needs a focal point to add visual interest. Your dorm probably won’t have any natural architectural focal points, but you can create one with colors, textures and patterns. If you’re lucky enough to have a large window with an appealing view, this can be your focus. You may not have the option to hang curtains, but you can get a similar effect when you frame the window with art that draws attention to it.

The word dormitory comes from the Latin word for sleep, so it’s no surprise that your dorm room’s bed occupies a big share of the room’s visual space. With a splash of color, the bed’s prominent position is a decorating asset. We love these microfleece sheet sets in vivid jewel colors for dorm room decor. As soft as they are colorful, these sheets will add some life to a dull dorm room.

Deck Your Walls

Even in a solo room, you won’t have much floor space. However, you will have plenty of space to decorate your walls. Depending on your dorm’s construction, you may not have the option of hanging traditional pictures with nails or hooks, but home wall decor and decals are perfect for enlivening a wall without damaging its finish. Choose inspirational sayings for a tranquil oasis, or pick a handful of peace sign decals in rainbow hues to bring some color to plain walls.

Save Space

Because space is at a premium in your dorm room, any furniture that can do double duty or fold away is perfect. Many dorms contain units that already have desks, but others are fairly bare aside from the bed and a shelf or two. Our fold-away desk is a great solution to space problems. When you aren’t studying, it folds into a compact column of storage drawers. Even if you already have a desk for studying, this fold-away version is handy for study groups or as a temporary table for late-night snacking in your room. Sturdy enough to hold a semester’s worth of textbooks, it also has casters and can roll out of the way when you want to clear the floor for exercise.

Your dorm room will be home for at least a few months, so make it somewhere you want to stay with practical storage solutions, comfortable bedding and art to give it personality. Between classes and college mixers, you might not spend much time in your room, but with a little investment, you can make your hours more pleasant.