Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Our Favorite Items for the Week

It’s Friday! We’re here to round out the workweek with a few of our favorite items from The Lakeside Collection. With discounted items and new additions from our Spring catalog, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you today!

Oversized Cooler Totes

Cooler ToteFor a peak into our spring catalog, check out these great oversized cooler totes. With three fashionable styles and room for 36 cans and ice, it’s a great addition to anyone’s beach trip (or tailgate!). With this large tote (and comfortable carrying straps) you can bring fresh cold snacks and beverages with you wherever you go this spring. It’s perfect for a hike with the family, or a Valentine’s Day picnic next month!




Quilted Furniture Covers

quilted furniture cover

Everyone with a furry pet should have one of these waterproof quilted furniture covers to keep pet hair in one place. With three sizes and colors, they match most home décor styles, and are the perfect way to protect your couches and chair from kids’ spilled beverages, dog hair, and that wayward glass of red wine. Add these covers to your must-have list this spring.



Women’s NFL Knee-High Socks

Adorable additions to any NFL ensemble, these knee-high NFL team socks are the perfect lucky charms to get your favorite team to the big game. Gear up in style for the last big games of the season with warm and cozy game attire. Buy a few extra for your friends and start a new lucky tradition!

Gel Cooling Pads

small gel pad It’s still ice-cold in most parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start dreaming of hot summer days! These large and small gel cooling pads are great for moderating temperature between two finicky people! You can use it in the car on hot summer days, or to keep your pillow nice and cool instead of using air conditioning all night. There are two available sizes – a large one to keep you cool in the car or a small one to cool your muscles and ensure you’ve always got the cool side of the pillow!



Knit Critter Hats


We might be ready for spring, but it’s not here quite yet. Help your kids get through the last few weeks of cold weather with these adorable knit critter hats. One size fits most so don’t shy away from these fun and quirky hats to keep your noggin warm too!




Warm Cuddles Microwaveable Plush

And to round out this list for those of you still freezing across the country, check out these adorable plush toys – with microwavable scented inserts. The inserts are made from natural wheat and a lavender scent, making for a warm scented snuggle buddy for cold winter nights. The soothing scent and heat will help ease your little ones into a restful night of sleep.

How Shopping Online Can Help Trim Your Gift Budget

Shopping-OnlineBuying presents for the people you care about can, at times, become a real burden for your finances. If you want to provide what’s best for the people you love most, the expenses can quickly pile on and you may find yourself spending way more than you should.

However, there is an answer to getting the best gifts and staying on the budget – it just takes a little time, planning, and, most importantly, knowing where to look.

The Internet is great not only as a source of information and entertainment, but also as a place to find the best deals while shopping. If you know where to look and plan in advance, you can save very significant amounts over the course of the year.

There are a few key ways approach online shopping, if you want to get the best prices.

Plan Ahead
If you want to get the best out of shopping online, sometimes you have to wait for the best prices. Make a list of all the people you plan on buying gifts and start putting aside money for the planned purchases. Then it’s just a matter of looking for sales and waiting for the right time to buy.

If you plan ahead, you not only save money, but don’t have to buy the gifts all at once–avoiding big spending over a short period of time.

Off-Season Shopping
The best time for certain things is when you actually don’t need them – for instance, buying coats in the summer or summer dresses in the fall/winter seasons. That is because sales of seasonal goods tend to be slow in the off-season and sellers usually drastically cut their prices to sell off the remaining goods before the new season approaches.

So always try to think in advance of what you’re going to buy and do it when the prices for it are the lowest.

Moving/Closing Sales or Stock Clearance
When a business relocates or is closing down, it usually tries to get rid of their goods, because it would be too expensive to transport to a new location or because they will have no use for it, and consider it better to sell short than to leave it to collect dust in a storage facility.

That is your chance to get amazing deals, that are a fraction of the retail price, so always look for businesses that are looking to let go of their goods.

Rule Of Thumb: Always Ebay It
There’s no other place to find great deals online like Ebay – you should always check if the thing you’re looking for isn’t available at a great price.

Either by bidding an auction, or by finding someone selling at a great Buy It Now price, you can often find that since anybody can sell on Ebay, the prices may sometimes are way below retail.

However, because anybody can sell, you should also be very careful when buying. Always look for trusted sellers with a good reputation, because otherwise you may get used, damaged or even fake goods instead of what you think you ordered.

Always Be Careful When Shopping Online
There are thieves everywhere, so don’t be surprised that there are people trying to cheat you on the Internet, too. Sometimes the unrealistic deals can mean that they actually are “unreal” and that you might not get your moneys’ worth.

Try shopping at places that have a reputation – you can even do a background check, looking around for reviews of the seller. If they swindled someone before, chances are they shared it with others.

While there may be a lot of stores and malls where you live, it certainly fades in comparison to the Internet – the biggest marketplace on the planet. That’s why you’ll always find the best deals shopping online – there are simply so many sellers to choose from, you’ll certainly find someone who offers a price that is affordable to you.

So, if you play it smart and follow these main principles while shopping online, you can buy the gifts you want and save money in the process, because, as the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Michelle Forsyth is a self-employed writer and blogger with a BA from Melbourne University. When Michelle is not writing or blogging she spends time with her two kids and spends time online shopping  for the best deals!