23 Ways to Get on Santa’s Nice List

SantaWe’re just three weeks away from Christmas! While Norad is tracking Santa’s super sleigh, Santa is tracking who has been naughty and and who has been nice this year. December 4 is Santa’s List Day and if you’re not sure which column you’re on, here are 23 ways to get on Santa’s nice list so you can get everything on your holiday wish list!

  1. Say good morning to a stranger.
  2. Wave and smile at the driver stuck in traffic who clearly hasn’t had his coffee yet.
  3. Write a nice letter to slip into the Christmas card you’re sending to your aunt or uncle who you rarely see.
  4. Bring your elderly neighbor a casserole.
  5. Post 5 things you are grateful for on Facebook.
  6. Leave a generous tip for the barista who got up at 4am so you could have your morning cup of ambition.
  7. Compliment the next three people you talk to.
  8. Call that good friend you don’t talk to anymore to tell her how much she means to you.
  9. When someone does something you don’t like today, don’t get mad and don’t dwell on it.
  10. Invite your new neighbor over for coffee.
  11. Hug your kids.
  12. Let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store.
  13. Hold the elevator door for that person who is running late to the meeting.Santa
  14. Tell the people you love why you appreciate them.
  15. Call your mother-in-law.
  16. Give your employees small gifts as tokens of your gratitude for all their hard work.
  17. Make someone’s day easier.
  18. Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk.
  19. Ask your child’s parents over for game night.
  20. Pet the next dog you pass.
  21. Pick up litter you see on the street and don’t mention it.
  22. Bring donuts to your local fire station.
  23. Back a project you believe in on Kickstarter, even if it’s only $5.

You don’t need Santa’s nice list to be an incentive to do good deeds, do nice things because it’s the season of giving. Everything you do affects someone — make it a positive effect.

5 Ways to Set up a Study Space for Your Child

Orgainzed-File-KitsTeaching children good study habits when they’re young will keep them in good stead throughout their academic careers. Studying regularly, doing homework at the same time each day and learning how to focus on reading assignments are vital skills for students of any age. To make the most of study times, create a space for your child’s school books, computer and other essentials. Having a quiet place where your child can study without distractions paves the way for better grades today and greater opportunities tomorrow. With these tips, you’ll give your child a good start on a promising academic career.

1. Find a quiet place. Some children learn best in almost total silence; others prefer ambient music or sounds drifting in from an open window as they work. However, no one can concentrate in a noisy, chaotic environment. A bedroom is often a good place for a study area. Some kids find it difficult to focus in a room they associate with sleep, though, so consider setting aside part of your living room or even the play room as a study area.

2. Work with your child’s preferences. While a standard desk and chair can work, some children learn best when they get comfortable with their books. A day bed and a laptop might work better for your child than the conventional desk, and that’s fine. If reading while lounging encourages a child to devour assigned chapters, then be flexible about the study space and outfit it with cozy furniture. To make a less traditional study area still feel distinct from the rest of the room, use decor to mark it as its own space. A wall calendar, bookshelves, and space for a laptop or tablet computer help create the feeling that this is a space for work, not play.

3. Keep it organized. You know how difficult it is to focus when you’re surrounded by clutter, and your child probably feels the same way. A neat study space is free of distractions that could otherwise derail a study session. For children who are easily sidetracked, an organized study area is a must. Older kids can keep their own desks neat, but help younger kids by giving them organizers that remind them where items are kept. Color-coded stickers on shelves or labels on drawers let kids remember at a glance where paper and pencils go. This rolling cart has translucent storage bins that allow kids to see the contents and choose where items belong.

4. Be careful about digital distractions. Computers are incredibly valuable tools for students, but they’re also an open window to a million distractions from homework. Parental lockout features can help kids stay on track and off their Facebook pages when it’s time to do homework. Another solution: Give kids a timer and allow them a few minutes of play for achieving their study goals. When kids know they can check their email or chat with friends in half an hour, it becomes less tempting to become distracted now.

5. Provide ample lighting. Task lighting helps avoid eye-strain and allows studying children to stay focused longer. Ideally, natural light keeps the work area bright. Indirect sunlight works best to avoid glare; if necessary, use curtains to filter light that is too bright. If natural lighting isn’t available, a desk lamp should be slightly lower than eye level and cast a spotlight directly on the page or keyboard.

Give your child’s study habits room to grow with a designated study space and watch the positive effect it can have on grades.

Social Monday: A Quick Look at Where You can Find Lakeside on the Web

social-icon-collageThe past 10 years have evolved to a time where most of us maintain not only a life, but an online life as well. Facebook has hit a huge bench mark—it has over one billion users. To put that into perspective, if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world. Let that sink in for a second—that is a huge accomplishment. Today, businesses are connecting with their customers on a whole new level.

You can find The Lakeside Collection on Facebook, pin interesting (or should we say Pinteresting!) pins on Pinterest as well as reading this blog. Today we have collected all of the great places you can find us on the web so you don’t miss a beat.

We started The Lakeside Collection Facebook page back in October of 2010. Since then, we have grown a great network (we like the term Facebook family) of customers who can talk to each other as well our company. We are posting special deals only found on our page as well as fun tips. If you don’t like us our page yet, head on over to see what others are talking about today.

Who isn’t a fan of Pinterest? We knew we had to be part of a place where you can plan a wedding, redecorate your house and find the perfect outfit with a click of your mouse. On our pin boards you can find out how to stay organized, cook a great meal and how to make your garden the talk of the neighborhood. You can follow us here.

This Blog
Blogs are a great place to find information. The Lakeside Collection has to keep up with the latest fashion and home décor trends and we want to share our knowledge. Whether it is planning the perfect party or finding out how to cure the winter blues, you can stay ahead of the curve for all of your lifestyle needs.

Are you on a network we aren’t? Let us know in the comments below.

Credit Image: HJMT

Lakeside’s New Facebook Timeline

Have you checked out the new Lakeside Collection Facebook page yet? On March 30th all pages were switched to the new format.  We love some of the new features of Timeline.  Here is a screenshot to help you navigate our new page:

Don’t miss out on some pre-Facebook page launch milestones we added.  If you click through the years, you can see awesome photos of vintage Lakeside Collection catalog covers dating back to 2002!


We are launching a fun Lakeside Madness bracket and need YOUR help to pick the top product.  The winning product wins the prestigious title of “2012 Spring Fan Favorite.”  Before we can name a winner, we need to narrow the field.  We are starting with 16 and will end with one.

The products were all picked by our very own Twittering buyer Samantha.  (If you don’t already follow her, check out what she has to say at https://twitter.com/#!/LakesideBuyer).  We split the products down into 4 regions: At Home, Garden, Summer Fun, and Crafts.  The winners of this first round will be announced on March 23rd and immediately following that you will be able to vote for the next round.  Continue reading

Lakeside Collection Sweepstakes!


Christmas will come early this year for 30 lucky Lakeside Collection fans. The Lakeside Collection is giving away a $1,000 American Express gift card to one lucky winner every day for 30 days in a row!  Starting today, visit our Facebook page and enter to win. Return and enter again tomorrow and each day through November 15th.  30 people will win, why not you?

Thank You

From our family to yours, we thank you for shopping with us in 2010.

We appreciate your loyalty and support of our business.  Most of all, we thank you for sharing our excitement in finding unique gifts of the highest quality, at the lowest prices around.  We would not be who we are today without you, our customers.

If you haven’t joined us yet on Facebook, be sure to check us out!  There are even more exciting offers, updates, fun contests and so much more.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

The Lakeside Family