Gift Ideas to Thank Veterans During the Holidays

Veterans Day is only a couple days away. There are a number of ways you can give back by donating and getting involved in your community. But even though we reserve November 11 to honor American veterans, every day on the calendar is a potential day to say “Thank You.” With the holidays approaching, most of us are busy trying to find presents and plan holiday parties. It’s also a great opportunity to surprise the veterans in your life or your community with a thoughtful holiday gift after Veterans Day is over. Take a moment out of your holiday plans to pick out a gift for the veteran in your life or give back in a unique way with these ideas.


Homemade Meals for Veterans

The gift of food is a wonderful thing, so if you have a special homemade recipe, a little talent in the kitchen and want to make your Veterans Day gift memorable, get cooking for the veteran in your life, invite veterans you know over for a meal or bring them a delicious homemade treat to say ‘Thank You’ on Veterans Day or any other day during the upcoming holiday season. Bake or cook something delicious and easily transport your dish with the Set of 3 Covered Casseroles or this 6-Pc. Locking Lid Stainless Steel Bowl Set. You can also make some cookies and other homemade desserts using the Set of 3 Reusable Baking Sheet Liners.


Inspiration & Appreciation for Veterans

The men and women who’ve served in our military inspire us with their courage, selflessness and sacrifice on a daily basis. On Veterans Day or during the holidays, we can try to return the favor by offering our own inspiration and encouragement. This Faux Leather Scripture Journal has an uplifting scripture on the front. For the veteran in your family, you could use the 31-Photo Collage Frame to surprise them with pictures of the entire family. You could also get creative and take photos on Veterans Day at your local parade or any community event and use those photos to make a collage for a veteran in the community to commemorate Veterans Day and show how many people in your neighborhood, town or city truly appreciate their service.


Fantastic Ways to Showcase Vacation Photos at Home

Whether you’re jetting off on a dream vacation, gearing up for a cross-country road trip or mapping out a fun summer activity schedule at home, chances are you’ll wind up with plenty of photos. All you have to do now is find a way to feature those great memories in your home. Don’t leave awesome snapshots sitting on your camera. Find out how to display your best shots with these fantastic products to showcase vacation photos.

Compose Your Creative Collage


Tell your entire vacation story with the 21-Photo Collage Frame. It allows you to arrange photos in a stylish way by alternating between vertical and horizontal display slots. The frames hold a 4″ x 6″ photo, each. Plastic pane protects the photos. The entire collage mounts vertical or horizontal to fit your space. The Set of Two 20-Photo Wall Collage makes it easy to protect and display vacation memories. The wall collage holds 10 horizontal and 10 vertical 4″ x 6″ photos in plastic sleeves. The reinforced eyelets allow you to hang it up a variety of ways. Showcase the most memorable photos from your vacation with the 8-Pc. Sentiment Wall Photo Gallery. It includes frames that protect photos behind glass, as well as shelves and words. The main frame holds two 4″ x 6″ photos. Accent frames each hold 4″ x 6″ photo.

Preserve Those Precious Pictures


If you’re looking for a storage option that also protects your photos, the 510-Photo Album fits the bill. The jumbo album allows you to show off 510 of your best 4″ x 6″ photos. Each page holds 5 photos on each side. The 3-ring binder design makes it easy to add and remove pages. You can also feature a cover photo. With the Laminator or Set of 100 Sheets, you can add a protective layer to photos. It has an ability to handle documents up to 9-1/2″ wide, using heat to laminate. It’s UL-Listed. The sheet set includes 30 name card sheets, 40 photo sheets and 30 letter sheets. Once you have your photos laminated, use the 1,600-Photo Organizer Case to sort and store. The 16 acid-free photo cases feature rounded corners that keep photos looking their best for years. Each inner case holds one-hundred 4″ x 6″ photos. An outer handle allows for easy transport, and the hinged design has snap closures to keep everything secure.

6 Essentials for an Amazing Family Portrait

Family-PhotoDoing a family photo shoot can add quite a lot of stress to your life. Especially if your children are little! Trying to get a toddler to sit still and look where you want him to is about as possible as finding a unicorn in your backyard. Not to mention getting them to the studio with their hair still combed and clothes still clean is a superhuman feat! Here are some tips for making the family photos something you will love to share – without pulling your hair out first. Remember, kids will be kids. A comfortable kid is a happy kid. If you have your child in some starchy piece of clothing they aren’t allowed to move in, all the photos will be a fight. You will have grumpy looks, tears, and at the very best, a fake smile. Dress them in something nice, but casual and comfortable. Let them play. Some of the best photos will be when your child is not aware a photo is being taken, and you will have genuine smiles and emotions. Don’t force them into a pose. Give them a couple guidelines, and then let them be themselves. Just remember to be patient, be flexible, and have fun. If you have multiple children, let them interact and play off each other. What could be a cuter picture than siblings playing together? Much better than sitting stiffly and awkwardly. Relax. The more stressed your family is, the worse the picture is going to be. A photo shoot will never go how you expect it to, so just go with the flow. If you are at the park and your son picks up a stick to play with, let him play with it! Just think of it as a prop. It will show his personality, keep him happy, and add character to the photo. We are all our own worst critics, but don’t worry about how you look in a photo. The more you worry about it, the harder it will be to look good. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true! Relax, be yourself, laugh, and be happy. Your photo will turn out with you looking natural and great. Be Yourself. What is your family’s personality? Do you like to dress up as superheroes, or would you rather pose with favorite sports equipment? If your family loves board games and not sports, don’t have them pose with baseball bats! Sitting around a board game in the grass outside can make just as fun of a shot as sports equipment can. At the same time, if your family is big into sports, having them pose with books just will not work. Find your family’s personality and work with it. Keep things simple. The more complex your photo shoot is, the more frustrating it will become. Have only a couple props as opposed to 20, a couple changes of clothes rather than 10 each, and only one or two locations rather than 9. Too many things will just make the photo shoot long and arduous, and too many props in a photo makes it look messy and detracts from the people. Clothes It is good to coordinate clothes to get a sense of unity, but your clothes should not be identical; that just detracts from your beautiful faces! An overlapping color scheme works, as well as different shades of one color. Avoid extreme colors or patterns, as well as all having the same style. A Polo shirt might look good on Uncle Joe, but not on cousin Sally, even if they are different colors. Keep a certain color scheme, but let everyone chose their own style. That will help you match as well as show individuality in your photo. Location Your location is just as important as your clothing or props. The location should be interesting, but not messy with lots of distractions. You are the star after all, not the background; it should not detract from you! Pick a background that matches your clothing and mood; a wedding shot in a parking lot full of trash would not be the best pick. Pick a photographer that knows the area as well. You would not want a Cincinnati wedding photographer to photograph a ski trip in Colorado. A local photographer will know the best places to shoot, the weather tendencies of the area, and may even have a couple out of the way locations up his sleeve that an out of town photographer would not know. So there you have the 6 commandments of family photo shoots! Follow these and your pictures will be the amazing works of art you will want to show off and pass down through the generations. Happy photo taking! Melanie Hargrave is a wife and homemaker whose pride and joy is her family. In addition to spending time with her husband and daughters, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with others.