How To Take Your Own Body Measurements Like A Pro

It is really important to have your most recent body measurements on hand when looking for the perfect fit online. The Lakeside Collection is always trying to improve the customer experience, recently adding even more specific sizing details for select women’s apparel. It definitely helps to have a few of those important measurements at the ready so you can use them as a reference during your online shopping experience. Learn a few tips on how to take your own body measurements just like a professional tailor in this how-to guide.

How To Take Your Own Body Measurements Like A Pro

 What Measuring Tools Do I Need?

It’s no secret that the most important tool tailors use to take basic clothing measurements is the flexible measuring tape. This special type of measuring tape is made of cloth, which gives you the flexibility to measure the natural curves of your body. If you don’t have the flexible type of measuring tape, you might be interested to know that it’s a tool that can be used for craft projects and everyday household measurements. In addition to the flexible measuring tape, another household tool that will be useful is a full-length bathroom mirror.

Body Measurement Tips & Tricks

Most body measurements are best done after removing clothes to get the most accurate number. However, you also have to take into account the undergarments that you will be wearing. For example, if you’re shopping for a specific top and are planning on wearing a specific type of bra under that top, you should take your body measurements with a bra.

In addition, it’s important to know how to use the cloth measuring tape. When taking your own measurements, you’ll soon find that you’ll get more accurate readings if you pull the measuring tape so that it overlaps by a few inches rather than trying to measure with the tip of the tape measure. Allow yourself some slack and subtract the overlapping inches.

Body Measurements – How to Measure Waist And Hips

Waist measurements and hip measurements are commonly confused, but as their name indicates, they measure different parts of the body. The waist is usually described as the area between the top of the hips and the bottom of the rib cage. The easiest indicator for this area is the bellybutton. Hips are measured at the widest part of the hips. Having the hip measurement is very helpful for clothing like pants, while knowing measurements for the waist is useful when shopping for women’s apparel like spring dresses and skirts.

How To Take Your Own Body Measurements Like A Pro

Body Measurements – How to Measure Bust

To measure the bust, pull the tape measure under your arms and around the back. Don’t pull too tight–just apply enough pressure to keep the tape measure in place. Make sure it is completely straight in the back. Make sure that it isn’t tangled either. This will distort the overall measurement. Then measure in front at the fullest point of the bust. Also, it’s better to measure with a mirror so you can check the back to ensure you’re measuring properly.

Lakeside’s Apparel Measurements – Common Terms

While exploring The Lakeside Collections selection of women’s apparel online, you’ll have access to detailed size charts that will make it easy to find the perfect size. Once you get your body measurements recorded, you’ll have a quick reference to compare against our products to help you choose the best size. Below are a few of the common terms you will find in our size charts. In addition to body measurements like bust, waist and hips, certain apparel items will also include clothing measurements like sweep, length and inseam that will help you get a sense of how the garment is tailored and how it will drape on your body.

Bust is measured at the fullest point of the bust.

Waist refers to the natural waist, which is the narrowest part of the torso, located between the bottom of the rib cage and the navel.

Hip is measured around the fullest part of the hip area.

Sweep refers to the circumference of the bottom hem of the garment. Measure by laying the garment flat and measuring the hem from end to end. Then, double the measurement to get the circumference.

Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem of the garment.

Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.

Inseam is the length from the crotch seam to the hem.

After you get your measurements recorded, it’s time to start shopping the new selection of women’s apparel available right now for spring and summer. Find a new maxi dress for the summer months, search our selection of affordable fashion accessories and much more!

Women’s Apparel: Finding the Perfect Fit Just Got Easier

At Lakeside, our Women’s Apparel team works hard to make it easier to find the perfect fit. In addition to our current apparel size charts that are provided on online product pages, selected garments in the new Spring Catalog, as well as select apparel products in the future, will feature more details to guide you to a better fit. Learn more about these exciting new details, or start shopping right now to see the measurements yourself!

New Garment Measuring Details

Current Size Chart for Women’s Apparel

Here is the current women’s apparel size chart that can be found on many women’s apparel product pages. As you likely know, each size is represented from Small (6/8) to 3X (26/28) with measurements for the Bust, Waist and Hips. The new size chart will include measurements such as Sweep & Length. In addition, each new size chart will provide measurement instructions to help you find your personal measurements at home.

Size Chart for Women's Apparel

Where Can You Find the New Size Charts?

Apparel items that include a new size chart will feature a thumbnail image on the product page. If there is no thumbnail image on the product page, please use the original size chart located by the “Add to Cart” button.

New Women's Apparel Size Charts for Lakeside

What Details Are Included In the New Size Charts?

The new details will be specific to the garment you’ve selected. For example, new measurements provided for the Women’s Light and Airy Sleep Sets include Sweep and Length for the top, as well as detailed waist, rise, hip and inseam measurements for the pants. The terms are defined under the garment measurements, and include some basic instructions to help you figure out your personal garment measurements at home.

New Size Chart for Women's Apparel (Example)

What Are Some Products With New Size Charts?

Check out the new size charts right now in our 2017 Spring Catalog by clicking on any of the apparel items below, and look forward to finding these new size charts on select women’s apparel from this point forward.

Women's Swing Tank DressesWomen's Graphic Printed Knit TopsWomen's Vintage Wash Smocked Waist Dresses

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week

The crisp days of October are meant for bundling up for long walks and preparing for the winter ahead. The Lakeside Collection has what you need to look wonderful, stay warm, and get your home ready for guests. Here is The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week.


6-Pair Kids’ Glove Set lets them choose the pair they want to wear.

6-Pair Kids’ Glove Set lets them choose the pair they want to wear.


Add this Beaded Scarf Necklace to your closet for a fashion-forward accessory that looks great paired with any outfit.

Add this Beaded Scarf Necklace to your closet for a fashion-forward accessory that looks great paired with any outfit.

Seasonal Angel Figurine graces your decor with a lovely look for any time of year.

Seasonal Angel Figurine graces your decor with a lovely look for any time of year.


Decorative Lighted Snowman Shovel is a whimsical addition to your holiday setting.

Decorative Lighted Snowman Shovel is a whimsical addition to your holiday setting.

Hot Trends: Five Ways Wear a Scarf

If you keep up with all the latest trends you probably own a scarf. This trend has gotten hot and everyone is wearing them in multiple ways. If you have a few of these fun accessories in your closet but aren’t sure how to use them, we put together five fabulous ways to wear your scarves and be confident.


Image Credit:

1.Slip Knot 

Likewise known as the classic European way of wearing scarves, this approach is typically made by those who are somewhat in a hurry and has little time to decide on how they should wear their scarves. To perform this way of wearing a piece of scarf, you have to do the following. First, you have to half fold the scarf, thereby creating a slip knot. Then you have to wrap the scarf around your neck. After that, you have to pull the loose ends of the scarf. You should then tighten and adjust the scarf as you like it.




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2. Loose Ends

When you are not satisfied with the slip knot way of wearing a scarf, you could try the loose ends method, which is great when it has gotten a little cold outside. For this, you just have to drape the scarf on your neck. However, take note that the loose ends should not be of the same length – one should be longer that the other. Then, you should wrap the longer end twice around your neck. After doing that, you have to tuck the end into the wrap, then pull the end out from the bottom. To secure the scarf in place, you can tie a single-knot, and then adjust it to conceal it.



Image Credit:

3. Looper

If you don’t want to look classic, then you can try the looper look. As you guessed, this is called a looper because it forms a loop. This can be achieved by draping first the scarf on your neck. Then you should proceed by tying a knot where the ends meet. After than cross the scarf to form an infinity sign or an 8. Then you have to loop the top circle over your head.





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4. Twist and Tie 

Simple and elegant, this way of wearing a scarf works by draping the fabric on your neck. Then you have to cross and wrap the scarf around your neck. After that, you need to tie the two loose ends. Then you have to ruffle the scarf and tuck the loose ends inside your garment.




Image Credit:


5. Relaxed Tie 

If you seemed to be restricted by the Twist and Tie, perhaps the Relaxed Tie would suit. Don’t worry about things like mix and matching, since this method suits any outfit you have. To achieve this, drape the scarf around your neck, resulting to equal loose ends. Then tie a loose knot and keep the center open on one side of the scarf. After that, you have the thread the other end through the loop, and pull it through. Finish by adjusting the scarf by pulling the shorter end.



Rebecca Vigil is a manager of a retail shop in Paris, France. When not at work, she engages in other activities like becoming college essay writer. She is still single and still available.

The 8 Best Fashion Trends Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Fashion-ClosetEvery year there are new fashion trends that are hot and trendy. If you are at a lost when it comes to knowing what you should have in your closet to keep up with the fashion world check out these 8 must have trends you need to have in your arsenal right now.

Leather is making a come back and it is easy to add it to your wardrobe through wearing skirts, blazers, leggings or dresses. If you already have a closet full of denim it may be time to add some leather to your wardrobe. Go with leather that hugs your figure perfectly and makes you look and feel sexy. If you can’t afford authentic leather look for pleather instead.

Nude Fabrics
Nude fabrics are a must have fashion trend all women should take advantage of. Especially, if you want a look that is sexy nude fabrics will allow you to be revealing and concealing at the same time. These fabrics are very versatile as you can wear them over a camisole top or over your skirt or a pair of jeans. This piece of clothing can also be used as an overlay material for a dress.

Monotone Look
Fashion experts around the world admit that the monotone look is definitely a must have. Try wearing different pieces of clothing in the exact same neutral color such as camel, beige, or pale yellow. The monotone look is one of the hottest fashion trends out right now, and it has the added benefit of helping you to look taller.

Fringed clothes are definitely a must have fashion as they can be worn with everything. Wear fringes with your dresses, pants, shoes, or jackets. Wear them on the edge of your clothes or shoes or you can wear them to cover up your entire piece.

Boyfriend Jacket
You can’t go wrong with an over-sized boyfriend jacket, as they are simple and the masculine look along with the volume at the shoulders will create a stronger looking posture and slim waist. Along with boyfriend jackets add a pair of boyfriend jeans to your wardrobe as well. Look for ripped jeans or take a pair of blue jeans you already have in your closet and cuff the legs.

One Should Dress
Nothing says elegance and style more than a nice one shoulder dress. This style will help add a whole new dimension to your current fashion.

One of the best fashion trends involves focusing on your waist. Go with large belts that are 5 inches wide or wider. Look for belts that have straps on the ends and that curve around the back and come back around to the front.

Jewel Encrusted Clothes
This fashion trend has long been used for denim clothes, but now you can find stones on just about everything. Look for tops, shoes, and even purses with stones or jewelry on them. To accomplish this same look you could even wear accessories such as necklaces that will look as if they are part of your clothing.

Try implementing these different styles as soon as possible. If you are on a budget there are always cheaper substitutes you can take advantage of. Get started with enhancing your wardrobe by executing these fashion trends. When your’e prepared to make a fashion statement head to where you will find all the most up-to-date female’s fashion trends such as their new footwear collection.

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Top 5 Fashionable Teen Gifts for 2013

teen-giftsTeen trends can change from week to week, making it a challenge to find something that they’re sure to love. With appearance being very important to them, and their wanting to look their best, the following affordable fashion gifts are sure to “wow.”

1. Jewelry
A special keepsake such as jewelry makes the ideal gift for a teen. In addition to it being a special memento that they’re sure to remember for the rest of their life, they’ll adore the sparkly bling. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and earrings are all surefire gifts, and an online jeweler will have a wide selection of affordable options. An online jeweler is a great way to stay within your budget because they can offer affordable rates due to no overhead expense that a regular jeweler would have, thus creating opportunities for special online deals for consumers. Whether you choose cheap diamond rings, stone rings or a simple gold setting, you’ll want to keep your teen’s personality and tastes in mind when selecting your gift.

2. Handbag
Trendy handbags are another great gift idea for a teen. Whether you select a solid color bag with studs, a leopard print with unique chain, or a designer purse, she’ll love it because she can wear it with everything. No longer do you have to match your purse to your shoes. Today’s styles can be worn with everything and a flashy handbag can be a fun form of expression for them.

3. Designer Case for Phone or Tablet
Teens are never without their phone, eReader or tablet. Finding a decked out designer case to fit their electrical gadgets can complete their look, while protecting their valuables. The cases come in an assortment of colors and have studs, jewels and other unique ornamentation attached to them. Designer cases are also the rage and, depending on their favorites, you’re sure to find something that will make them squeal upon opening. You can even get it engraved with their name or special inscription.

4. Headphones
Listening to music or watching a movie on their laptop is a favorite amongst teens. However, today’s headphones have technology in mind and can often look out of place when worn. Headphone sets with a bit of bling make your music listening experience a dream instead of a fashion nightmare. There are a number of designer sets out there, but you can find more affordable options that look just as stylish.

5. Scarves
Accessorizing is important to your teen and a scarf can make a great gift idea. Scarves can complement any outfit and finish off your look whether you’re wearing shorts and a tank top or capris and a sweater. They also come in a wide selection of fabrics, colors, designs and styles. Teens also find a variety of uses for the wrap scarves, such as in their hair, around their neck, on their hip and looped through their jeans.

Teen girls are constantly up-to-date with the hottest trends and if you ask them what they want, they’re sure to tell you. Gift giving can be made easy by enlisting the help of an online jeweler and traversing fashion magazines for the latest styles.

Mother to 3 teens, Lisa Coleman writes to give some stylish but affordable ideas for gifts that any female teen would be sure to love. Super Jeweler is an affordable online jewelry store that offers a large variety of blingy items, from cheap diamond rings to a simple pair of earrings for the simplistic fashioned teen.

Image Credit: Flickr

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Independence Day might be over, but we love the fresh, summery look of red, white and blue so much that we’re making it our focus for the week. Bold reds, crisp whites and tranquil blues enliven every room of your home. Take a look at some of our favorites, and give your kitchen, bath or backyard a patriotic makeover this week!


The hues of Old Glory are a natural fit for classic American design elements. We love the country charm of the Americana quilt collection. In shades of denim blue, bright red and cream accented with mellow antiqued gold, the set features everything from the summer-weight quilt to matching shams and star-shaped throw pillows. The quilt set is designed to let you mix and match elements with linens you already own, so it’s as versatile as it is beautiful.


Speaking of denim, nothing’s more American than blue jeans. In the summer heat, they aren’t always your most comfortable choice, but with these cotton knit jeans, you get the look of classic denim in a cool, breathable fabric. Spandex gives these jean-style pants a little stretch for comfort and a smooth, flattering fit. We love these coupled with a red T-shirt or a simple, white button-down blouse, but they go with anything.


You’ll see stars in red, white and blue with this wall art collection of three distressed metal stars. The metal stars have a weathered finish that gives them an antique look. Group them together to create a focal point in a single room, or break up the set and hang each star in its own special place. Each star is almost a foot across, so they make an eye-catching statement no matter how you display them.


For summer, we adore sheer curtains in pristine white. White is the ultimate summer neutral; it works in any room and instantly freshens your decor. We love these by themselves for their ease and elegance, but the sheer panels can also be part of a more formal window treatment when paired with heavier curtains or a decorative valance.


Who says your kitchen has to look boring? Grab a set of these red and white speckled bowls for your next batch of pancakes or potato salad. Red is an appetizing color because it reminds us of some of our favorite foods. Think of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, luscious strawberries and juicy watermelon, and you’ll see what we mean. Ideal for mixing everything from brownies to biscuits, the bowls are equally at home as serving containers. The speckled texture is as traditionally American as the apple pie you’ll, no doubt, feel inspired to bake when you own these pretty and practical bowls.While you’re in the kitchen, why not add another pop of cheerful red with our adorably kitschy ladybug kitchen decor collection? In glossy red enamel trimmed with inky black dots and cream accents, the set includes serving bowls, drawer pulls and utensil holders in a ladybug motif. These are the only bugs we’d ever allow in our kitchen, but we’re happy to make an exception for these cheery pieces.

Get the Look: This Fall’s Latest Trends that Don’t Cost a Fortune

This fall and winter, designers have overwhelmingly opted for gorgeously wearable styles instead of avant-garde looks that only a model can manage. That’s the good news; the bad news is that designer fashions can still cost as much as a respectable down payment on a new car. Get the look for less by paying attention to the common themes and trends across collections and translating those elements of style to your own wardrobe. Here are a few of the things we loved for this fall.

Colorful Cardigans


It may not be sweater weather at the moment, but designers’ fall and winter collections put the focus on cardigans in contrasting tones for men and women. While the demure sweater set is a timeless classic, a fresher way to enjoy sweater dressing is with mixing and matching. If you invest in cashmere or angora from a designer name, you could spend extravagantly, but this is a great look to get for less. Our women’s cardigans feel cozy and look stylish over a simple T-shirt in a contrasting hue.

Scarves with Everything

It started as a hipster style statement, but bright scarves for women have gone mainstream and are one of fall’s hottest accessories. What makes the style new for this year is its ease. These scarves aren’t carefully pinned and tucked but are casually looped around your neck. This trend is as practical as it is pretty; when the weather turns blustery, your scarf can keep your hair sleek. Designers are showing squares of colorful fabric with triple-digit price tags, but we don’t see any reason to pay more than a few dollars for one of the season’s most fun styles.

Colors as Neutrals


Rich maroon, goldenrod yellow and pale ice blue may sound far from neutral, but designers sent them down runways in place of staid beiges and conservative browns this season. What makes brighter tones work as neutrals is pairing them with lighter, more vibrant accents. An oxblood coat becomes a potent color statement when combined with a traditional neutral such as ivory or black, but wear it with a flash of vivid poppy orange, and it plays a supporting role beautifully. Wear this major style with a minor impact on your budget by picking a coat or dress you already have in a rich tone and finding a bright new accent color to go with it. Wearing multiple colors calls for subdued makeup, so borrow a style tip from the runway and go with nude hues on your face.

Green for Fall


Speaking of color, one standout hue for the fall was green. Blue-tinged teal, fresh chartreuse and rich emerald hues all had their proponents, but designers seemed to prize a mossy loden green above all. The shade was a big hit in the late 1960s too, so combining it with retro accessories is fun; we like it with our patchwork shoulder bag. A runway-ready green leather duster could put a dent in your budget, but the same stylish hue in a more affordable material can be yours for well under $100. Green is nature’s favorite color, so it’s no wonder that it goes so well with any neutral. Combine it with crisp white for early fall, then transition to darker charcoal grays, blacks and browns as the season progresses.

Fashion is what designers do for a living, but style is something you create on your own. Don’t be timid about setting trends. Start with these fall basics and add a touch of your unique style to them for a look that’s priceless.

Accessory Spotlight – Glass Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most versatile accessories in fashion.  However sometimes it is tough to execute a new trend on a tight budget.  Other times it’s just fun to have a great piece of jewelry to fancy up a plain ensemble.  Today we are highlighting the cute trend of adding a colorful statement piece of jewelry to your outfit.  The best part of this trend is it can transform boring into special or can take a day look to night.

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Moccasin Slippers: Hot Winter Trends

One of the cutest and coziest fashion trends this winter are moccasin slippers.  Kids, teens and adults are all donning this perfect footwear for lounging around the house.  These warm and comfy slippers look great with jeans, leggings or PJ pants.  Check out these 3 great patterns; Fuchsia, Black Nordic and Gray.