Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

wine glasses frostedToday’s post is our weekly roundup, which is always fun because that means it is Friday! We think weekends should be enjoyed in their entirety, so we’ve decided to compile a list of items that will help you make the most of your weekend. We all see different things when we look to the weekend; some of us can’t wait for Friday afternoon happy hour, while others are planning a date with their couch and a good book, and still others have big plans for 18-mile marathon training runs. Whatever kind of weekend you’ve got planned, here are a few items to make it awesome.

Frosted Stemless Wine Glasses

Let’s be honest here for a second, the number one best thing about Friday is the wine that normally comes along with it. Whether you’re enjoying happy hour with your coworkers or enjoying a few glasses of wine at home with your spouse, Friday and wine go hand in hand. Which is why we think every home deserves a set of these great Frosted Stemless Wine Glasses! With fun phrases like, “Conserve water, drink wine,” you will get a kick out of these trendy fun additions to your home bar.

 Garage Grip Area Mat

We know plenty of you men (and women) like to spend your weekends tucked away in the garage on solitary projects for your home. Unfortunately, shed, garage, and man-cave concrete floors are hard on your back, legs, and feet, requiring breaks and causing fatigue. If you’re a big fan of do-it-yourself projects, then invest in this great grip area mat for your garage, workshop, or shed and never worry about those aches and pains again! This nonstick mat is also grease and oil resistant so you can get some of those house and auto projects done! Take this weekend to teach your kids a thing or two about cars, or show your teens how to safely use power tools.

Divided Food Storage Containers

It’s picnic time! It is March, and lots of you are experiencing your first warm-weather days of the year. Take advantage of the sun with a little hike and outdoor picnic. Work up a sweat to stay comfortable, and then enjoy fresh fruit, salad, and sandwiches from these great divided food storage containers. Check out some fun walks and hikes in your area and go enjoy the great outdoors! You can pack up the kids and the dog and enjoy a fun and relaxing afternoon hike with a break for healthy picnic snacks!

Active Wear

For some people, weekends mean more time to exercise, enjoy the weather, and train for a Marathon, Triathlon, or Couch-to-5K program! We all know it’s a great idea to get moving on the weekends, which is why we love these plus-size sporty coordinates and women’s active wear leggings. Run in style, and really earn Sunday’s endless mimosa brunch with these great apparel items.

Instant Spouts

In addition to training runs and brunches, Sundays are for cooking and baking. Whether you’re busting out the slow cooker for your weekly meals or not, we still think you should spend a little time whipping up a few muffins or cupcakes for a fun and delicious treat. We love these silicone instant spouts for making cakes, muffins, brownies, pancakes, and waffles without making such a mess. No need to drip all over the counter or get endless ice cream scoopers dirty, just attach the spout and pour the batter. Now you can go enjoy a book on the couch while your goodies bake away!

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

This week’s theme is all about comfort! It’s still quite frigid out there, so we’ve selected some of our favorite winter-weather items to keep us cozy and comfortable!

3pc gift tote setCozy Throw & Socks Gift Set

While this does make a great gift, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy it for yourself! This three-piece set includes a super soft and cozy throw that combines the best in comfort and style, non-slip socks, and a cute little tote for storage, grocery shopping, or eventually, the beach! This great set comes in a caramel-chocolate color and is the ultimate in comfort. If you’re giving it as a gift, might we suggest adding hot cocoa, cookies, or a bottle of wine to that tote? Happy cozy Valentine’s Day, right?



cozy cardiganFringe Trim Cardigan Sweaters

Everyone deserves to be comfortable while lounging around the house, but soft indoor robes aren’t meant for public, which is why we love these cardigan sweaters. Loose and cozy, but perfect for lounging and totally appropriate for public! You can take a nice and cozy nap and then go to the grocery store in the same outfit. We like it.




mattress padComfort Loft Mattress Pad

So what better place to have ultimate comfort than your bed? If you’ve never had a mattress pad, you’re missing out. This comfort loft mattress pad is the perfect solution to an older or well-worn mattress. It will slightly increase the height of your bed, but with separated boxes of padding, the filling will stay evenly distributed, created a comfortable night’s rest. If you’ve got an older mattress on your hands, you can delay spending another $600 on a new one by purchasing this great mattress pad!



plush animal pillowsMicro-Bead Animal Pillows

If you’re looking for comfortable and cozy, it’s important to include the kids, which is why we love these soft animal pillows. They’re functional, comfortable, and adorable, and you can choose from four different animals: frog, hippo, dog, and monkey! Add them to your kids’ bedroom décor, or keep them on the couch for family snuggling time. They’re perfectly squishy and cuddly, and everyone will love them.



nfl slipper socksNFL Slipper Socks 

And what list this weekend would be complete without some sort of NFL memorabilia? Celebrate your team and say goodbye to another season with these comfy and cozy NFL slipper socks! Seven teams are available, and these fuzzy socks are ready to keep your toes nice and toasty!

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

electric pet matIt’s time for Lakeside’s favorites, and we’re focusing on those last-chance winter items that everybody loves. Sure, things are warming up to a balmy, um, 8 degrees Fahrenheit across the Northeast, so most of us are still freezing! While you’re thinking about those ice-cold toes and noses, check out these great winter items at crazy discounts.

Electric Thermo Pet Mat

If you’re cold, your pet probably is too! Which is why we absolutely adore these heated pads for your pooch. The mat is reversible and the cover is removable and washable.  It’s basically a heated blanket for your cat or dog, and a great way to keep them warm for the remainder of the winter.


fleece sheetsFleece Sheet Sets

Have you ever slept in fleece sheets? You think it’s going to be excessively warm and maybe too static-y, but you are wrong! They’re so soft and warm and cozy that you will have no trouble falling asleep on even the chilliest of nights. You might not want to get out of bed in the morning, but that’s a separate issue. Seriously, snag some fleece sheets before winter ends and you’ll never be cold at night again!


Women’s Hooded Contrast Trim Jackets 

Warm coats are a must-have item for the winter season, but it’s pretty difficult to find a fashionable coat that’s actually warm and cozy. Then you’re layering sweaters and cardigans and scarves under your leather bomber jacket wondering how you’ll be able to move your arms for the rest of the evening. That’s why we really love these women’s hooded jackets. They’re cute and fitted, making them a great day or night coat, but they’re so warm and cozy you can even wear them lounging around the house.


footed pajamasWomen’s Licensed Footed Pants

These are just FUN. And everybody needs a little fun! When it comes to bedtime, they’re not the most practical pajama pants, because who wants to sleep in slippers, but if you’re lounging on a Sunday afternoon, there’s nothing better. They’re like footie pajamas you can wear to go get the mail and they’re amazing. Who doesn’t want a pair of pants with slippers attached? Now is the best time to investigate these slipper-sweats as retailers start swapping over to spring styles.

Cable Knit Slippers

And these are for the men and women who can’t get behind the awesome footed pants. You want to wear slippers with your jeans, and we get that. We haven’t left you in the lurch though. These cable knit slippers are super cozy and they’ve got rubber soles, meaning you can actually wear them to the grocery store or that morning yoga class. It’s okay, we won’t judge!


Lakeside Selection: Our Weekly Favorites

Jewelry adds panache to any outfit, but it often has a deeper symbolic meaning that makes it even more precious. A wedding band’s unbroken circle, the timeless sparkle of a diamond engagement ring or a locket worn close to your heart is more than just jewelry; it’s a declaration of love. This week, take a look at what else you can say with jewelry when you shop the Lakeside Collection.


Clip watches are popular with anyone who needs to keep her hands free. These Stone Inspirational Clip Watches combine the practicality of a clip with the natural beauty of stone. Each stone coordinates with the watch face and has a deeper meaning attached to it. Choose rose quartz to symbolize love, turquoise for protection, purple amethyst for calm or elegant onyx for strength. The back of each watch bears the inspirational message the stone signifies, giving you a psychological or spiritual lift whenever you check the time. Perfect for teachers and nurses, these watches feature a sweeping second hand and a sturdy carabiner clip.Not every message your jewelry sends has to have a deep meaning.


Wear your NFL team affiliation on your sleeve with Lakeside’s NFL Watch and Wallet Gift Set. These officially licensed watches feature your team’s logo in full color across the watch face and a sporty leather-look strap in stylish black. Handsome silver-tone finishing on the watch bezel and buckle goes with anything from a team jersey to your favorite dress shirt. This set would be a great gift if it were just the watch, but with the bi-fold team logo wallet included, it’s a fantastic present for commemorating a playoff run, celebrating Valentine’s Day or marking a favorite fan’s next birthday.


Charm jewelry carries many different meanings as unique as the one who wears it. This gorgeous Cupcake Birthstone  Necklace features a lucky birthstone as its focal point, but the other sweet charms make it even more special.The cupcake represents a celebration to honor your birth. The 15-inch chain has a secure clasp and an extender to make it versatile enough to work with any neckline. Whether you wear it with a jewel neck, a turtleneck or your favorite T-shirt, it always makes a beautiful statement.


What could be more meaningful than the names of the people closest to you? Lakeside’s Personalized Family Bracelet has room for six linked names to encircle your wrist in sleek stainless steel, gold-tone or black. A generous 8 inches long, the bracelet will drape gracefully on the wrist and complement any ensemble. A genuine one-point diamond accentuates the bracelet’s clasp, adding a touch of sparkle to a deeply meaningful piece of family jewelry.

Whether your jewelry tells a story about yourself, your family or your favorite team, what you wear speaks volumes. With Lakeside’s jewelry collection, you’re never at a loss for something beautiful to say with your accessories.

Pinteresting Picks for November

Savvy Do-It-Yourselfers and Décor enthusiasts know that Pinterest is the go-to destination for fresh and innovating ideas for the home. At Lakeside, some of our most popular pins for the month of November have given many homeowners excellent ideas for adding a nice touch to their homes. The holidays are nearly upon us and homeowners love the fact that they can add beautiful accents from our For the Home section.


Items here include accent lighting for almost any area or location in your home, picture frames, and much more! The great part about our For the Home section is that is that our items are great for year-round decorating situations. Whether you are looking to spruce up your dining room, living room, or other multi-purpose room, this section has everything you need for the holidays, and any other time of the year.


Sometime it’s important to consider décor for the season, as well. For instance, many of the top pins for the month are from our holiday decorations section.  Whether you are considering shopping for yourself, or shopping with others in mind, this amazing section has items suited for both large and small homes. The outdoor décor items allow you to put together an amazing display for yourself and your neighbors.

On the other hand, if you are merely looking to add indoor home décor with holiday flair in mind, Lakeside still has you covered with our holiday décor section. Find the perfect combination of items to decorate your tree, and make it a holiday season to remember for you and your family. Pinterest is great at showing you how your table could look with the proper tableware and intricate decorations. Even the best food will lose some of its luster if it’s not showcased properly. This is definitely an area in which we could all improve! So make the most of your holiday meals, and pay attention to your holiday tableware this year. Everyone will wonder how you made it look so incredible.


Toys have been really big on Pinterest lately. The end of the year always wraps up so quickly, from Halloween onward. First, it’s Halloween, and before you know it Thanksgiving break comes around. By the time we’re over our holiday feast it’s already time for Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are looking for a great gift for a child who is notoriously hard to shop for, then the Toys & Sports category is specifically made for you.

You can find puzzles here that will even intrigue sharp and intelligent children. If you are looking for gifts for someone a bit younger, or a bit older, you can still be sure you’ll find exactly what you need in this category. Combine all of your shopping in one place to save as much time and money as possible. So why not avoid the long lines, the returns, and hostile shopping conditions this year? You could go shopping anywhere, but wouldn’t it be great to do it all from the comfort of your own home? Lakeside’s Pinteresting picks for the month are a great place to start!

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

About 50 million people will travel to visit friends and family over the Thanksgiving weekend. While the celebration is great once you get there, the trip home isn’t always as much fun, especially if you have antsy kids in the car. This week, we have some suggestions to make travel easier on you and your family. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, you’ll find these travel-ready items to be must-haves for future holiday trips. Christmas isn’t far off, and you’ll be glad you prepared for the drive!

snack-trayChildren need to stay in car seats for safety’s sake, but being strapped in with nothing to do can be dull – and a bored kid is a cranky kid. With this On-the-Go Fun and snack tray, your little ones have their own personal play space for toys, books, art or whatever tickles their fancy. The soft foam sides keep everything on the tray, and it attaches easily and safely to any standard car seat. It’s also ideal for keeping crackers and raisins from tumbling out of a child’s hands and under the seats, so it keeps your car cleaner for the next trip you take.

NFL-CoolerFootball and Thanksgiving are synonymous in many households, so why not show your team spirit while on the road with Coleman® Coolers for your next long drive? The soft-sided case readily folds for easier storage when you reach your destination while its insulated sides keep sodas, juice and water cool for hours. For game-day parties when you know you’ll be staying put, it’s also great for beer and other chilled drinks. Stow sandwiches, coleslaw or anything else that needs to be kept cool in the case if you don’t need room for two dozen cans. A shoulder strap makes transporting the nylon case convenient, and the stylish case’s gray body sets off any team’s colors beautifully. At Lakeside’s prices, you can get two or three and have the perfect gift for the NFL fan who has everything.

auto-tredsOne of the best gifts you can give yourself or someone you love fits in the trunk of a car. These Snow Escape Auto Treads could mean the difference between being stuck in snow for hours and getting out quickly. Unlike kitty litter or boards, the Snow Escape tracks take up almost no space in your car’s trunk. The set of two treads is just the right size to fit behind a tire and supply the traction your wheels need to get out of the snow or ice and back onto the road safely. Made of sturdy plastic, the 26-inch treads are reusable yet take up almost no space in your car because of their flat design. Make winter driving safer for you and everyone else on your holiday shopping list this season. At these prices, you can afford to give every driver you know a stocking-stuffer.

Whether you’re coming back from a Thanksgiving reunion with the folks, going to the office Christmas party or taking off for a well-deserved vacation, having these travel necessities will make your trip a more pleasant one.