Garden Prep: What You Need to Know


We are getting close to spring, (10 days, but who’s counting?) which means it’s time to start planning what you want to plant in your garden this year. We’ve got a few tips you need to know to make sure your garden prep goes off without a hitch.

Know Your Landscape

As you start daydreaming about warmer temperatures, green grass and blooming flowers, think about the type of garden you want. If you have an apartment in the city, you may want to try a window box on your balcony or even an indoor herb garden. If you have limited outdoor space like a patio, you can make your space green with elevated garden beds or planters. If you have a yard, well, the possibilities are endless, but having a simple garden design that outlines where you want different types of plants will take the stress out of your spring project.


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Know What to Plant

If you’re a cook and you want to grow vegetables to add to your family meals, have an idea of the kind of vegetables you like and if now is a good time to plant them. You may have to wait until after the first frost to get your hands dirty and get to planting, or you may have to plant some of your seeds indoors while you wait for a warm up and then transfer your seedlings outside.

If you want a decorative garden, consider planting flowers according to when they bloom.  If you design your garden just right, you can have color from spring through fall.

Know Your Soil

Some soil may be too sandy and won’t hold enough nutrients to keep your plants thriving, other soil may contain too much clay to allow plants to take root. For the optimum soil, you may have to enrich your soil.  You can do this by adding manure, compost or potting mix to your soil.  Not only will adding organic matter to your soil supplement it with nutrients, but it will also boost its moisture and air content, making it a healthy environment for plants and flowers to thrive.

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Know your garden tools

You don’t have to have a garage full of tools to create a beautiful landscape, but there are basic gadgets you should have to get your lot growing. For gardens big and small, make sure to have work gloves, a watering can, a trowel, and a hand rake. Once you get started and your ideas for your garden flourish with your flowers, you can adjust your garden tool belt as needed.

With the right ideas, right tools and right decorations, the only thing left to make a great garden is sunshine and warm temperatures. Looking on the bright side, if this spring is anywhere near as long as this winter, you’ll be enjoying your garden for many months.

Lakeside Selection: Favorite Items for the Week

The weekend can’t come soon enough, and here at The Lakeside Collection we want to share with you our favorite items for the week. No  matter if you are gearing up for a family vacation this spring, wondering when you can plant some beautiful flowers or just need a fresh new look in your bedroom we are here to help. We understand that the best things in life don’t have to cost a fortune, so check out some of our new arrivals that we just love below.


Let your kids carry their own clothes in this 2-Pc. Kids’ Luggage Set. This versatile set can be used for a family vacation or weekend getaway.


Fill your garden with hundreds of lovely flowers with these easy-to-use Spring Garden Seed Rolls. A truly stunning array of flowers will emerge from each roll you use. No green thumb required!


Refresh your room with our upscale, tri-color bedding and curtain sets. The pretty pattern of bamboo leaves makes it easy to match your linens and décor.


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The Owl Bath Collection features a flock of bright owls that is ready to bring color to your home. The green Soap/Lotion Pump can hold your favorite liquid soap or moisturizer. Dozens of owls roost on the vinyl Shower Curtain.

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Spring Fever? 5 Ways to Cure the Winter Blues

spring-feverThe days are gray and dreary, the holidays are history and those festive decorations from last month are now back in storage boxes. The thought of Spring seems so far away and brings little hope during these months of Winter blah. You long for the day when you don’t have to pile on three layers of clothing just to survive the walk to the car. Spring fever? Why not bring a little spring into your home early this year?

Plan Your Garden
The thought of gardening might give you the chills, but finding the perfect garden accessories now might excite you for what’s to come. Having the best garden on the block is no easy feat, so the more you plan, the easier it can be. Our Rock Garden Friends is a great addition to any garden.

Start Spring Cleaning Early
We all have heard the phrase “spring cleaning,” but who says it has to get done in the spring? Why not do it earlier so you can enjoy the warmer weather once it hits? Organize your home office with these 24 File Folders or File Basket or donate all of those clothes you never wore this winter. You’re spending a lot of your time in-doors anyways, so why not get a leg up on your spring cleaning?

Add Some Color to Your Home
You don’t have to undertake a major makeover to give your décor a big boost according to interior designers. Fresh colors and a few new or repurposed accessories can go a long way toward perking up winter-weary rooms. Our 5-Pc. Reflection Curtain Sets are a great way to do this. Plus, pops of color are going to be a trend this spring.

Throw a BBQ Party
Spring can be the kick-off to BBQ season. Friends and family coming over to grill is something most of us enjoy during the spring/summer months. Why not host a party to celebrate that spring is almost here? You can have friends bring their favorite summer dishes, or have a luau themed party.

Buy Flowers
If you can’t wait for spring to get your garden started, why not bring some flowers into your home? It’s a great way to bring life into the home and it can inspire you for what’s to come this spring. Plus, coming home to a floral scented room is a great treat after tracking through the bitter cold.

Are you ready for spring? What are you doing to welcome the warm weather? Let us know in the comments below.

Drop & Grow SeedBallz®

Are you like me, you want beautiful flowers but you really don’t have a green thumb?  Try these Drop & Grow SeedBallz® for only $3.95!  It is the easiest way to plant a flower bed-no digging or tilling required!  These hand-rolled clay ballz contain multiple seeds that germinate inside the ball with watering.  Simply add them to a pot or gently press them into the soil without covering.  Each package contains 8 ballz and will cover 8-10 square feet.  Each ball produces clusters of flowers that will brighten your garden.

Select from 3 great sets:

  • Hummingbird/Butterfly
  • Seeds of Hope
  • Poppy

Ballz can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to two years.   SeedBallz are hand-rolled in the USA by individuals with developmental disabilities.  Enjoy beautiful flowers the easy and cost efficient way!

Flowers, are you planning for Spring?


Photo by rAmmoRRison

Very shortly we will see the crocus, daffodil, and soon after tulips springing up from the dormant ground.  Spring is around the corner.  This will be the time to get back into the swing of things by working off those few extra pounds that seem to come from the winter months.  It is time to rake up the dead leaves and trim the dead growths around bushes and perennials.  What else can we do for beautiful flowers this spring, well I am not sure so I decided to consult our expert employee here at Lakeside, Elaine, for her top 3 tips for flowers.  She received these tips from her trustly source, Jerry Baker, America’s Master Gardener.

Tip #1:  Don’t plant your bulbs without babying them!  Dust them with medicated baby powder before planting, and the varmints will stay away.  This one simple step could save their lives.

Tip #2:  The best time to plant roses is very early in the spring.  Dormant roses will produce a large crop of flowers the first season if they are carefully planted.  Mound earth all over them until growth starts.

Tip #3:  Deer, chipmunks, mice and moles all hate daffodils, which are slightly toxic and unpalatable to them.  So to protect your tulips, hyacinths, and other delectable delights, interplant daffodil bulbs in and among them.

Thanks Elaine for the tips, anyone have any other helpful tips?