Summer 2018 – New Catalog Alert & More to Explore

Summer is here, and so much is happening at The Lakeside Collection. From exciting new Summer Catalogs to our ever-expanding selection of garden decorations and As Seen On TV items, there’s never been more to explore! Keep on scrolling to catch up on some of the things we’re currently excited about as we kick off Summer 2018.

New Summer Catalog: “Bright Buys 2018”

Shop our latest catalog to discover unique products for summer and beyond.

Lakeside Summer Catalog - Bright Buys 2018

What It’s All About

Get excited about summer with our latest Summer Catalog. We’ve put together one of our most unique collections of products to make your summer special. From fun items for the outdoors like patio furniture, garden planters and summer clothes, to affordable home decor, housewares and storage to get your place ready for that influx of summer guests, it’s worth it to start your season by taking a thorough look at this new catalog.

New Summer Catalog - Lakeside

Deals Under $10

Shop and save with one of the most unique collections of deals under $10 anywhere. 

Deals Under $10 - Lakeside

What it’s all about

Lakeside has deals. A lot of deals. In fact, we had so many great products Under $10 that we had to break it all down by category. In a few clicks you’ll be exploring some of your favorite categories like Home Decor, Fashion & Beauty and Kitchenware, all with deals exclusively Under $10. Stock up, save money, stock up while saving money…

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Garden Decor & More

Start decorating your outdoor space with garden planters, decor, furniture and more!

Shop Garden Decor & More

What It’s All About

Did you know Lakeside has one of the most unique collections of garden decorations anywhere? Not only do we have fun garden items you can’t find anywhere else, we’ve also gone to great lengths to find products that can be creatively paired up to help you create a cohesive and original outdoor space. Check out our fantastic collection now.

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As Seen On TV

Shop our ever-expanding As Seen On TV collection. New products added weekly!

As Seen On TV - Lakeside

What It’s All About

It’s official. Now you can find many of the latest and greatest As Seen On TV products right here at Lakeside. From some of the most popular As Seen On TV items currently on the market to clever solutions you might not know about yet, we’re making it easier for you to shop the famous products designed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

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Welcome Home! Friendly Garden Decor Critters for Your Yard

Our backyards are already full of life, but sometimes they need an extra pop of personality to feel complete. In addition to Lakeside’s wide selection of outdoor lighting, feeders, tools and planters, we also have numerous statues, sculptures and stake sets to complete your garden. Here are 10 friendly garden decor critters waiting for you to welcome them home!

Dress-Up Garden Animals

Garden Decor - Dress-Up Garden Animals

This cute little critter will be happy to look after your garden while you’re not around. It’s dressed up in an oversized piece of clothing and could also be displayed on the porch, near the mailbox, or wherever you want to add a new outdoor accent with personality.

Wood-Look Garden Statues

Garden Decor - Wood-Look Garden Statues

This friendly Wood-Look Garden Statue is a standout hit that can also blend into any type of garden scene. The wood-look design is enforced by its cleverly carved lines that mimic the natural look of wood-grain. Feature the cute animal just about anywhere in your yard.

Sets of 3 Garden Sculptures

Garden Decor - Sets of 3 Garden Sculptures

Add some fun to your outdoor space with this Set of 3 Garden Sculptures. The adorable Bunnies are intricately detailed to look like real bunnies, and are designed with different poses. The set of Flower Friends are vibrantly colored accent pieces inspired by nature.

Stone Garden Critters

Garden Decor - Stone Garden Critters

Make your garden a little more fun with the different personalities of these Stone Garden Critters. They’re designed to look like they’re made of stone, but also feature bright colors and whimsical patterns that will draw the eye and help you highlight your garden space.

Barnyard Family Welcome Stake Sets

Garden Decor - Barnyard Family Welcome Stake Sets

Your guests will love the friendly reception they get from this Barnyard Family Welcome Stake Set. Just stake the mother, her two babies and the welcome sign into any patch of flowers, shrubs or on your lawn to give guests a warm greeting as they walk to your door.

Woodland Friend in Solar Car

Garden Decor - Woodland Friend in Solar Car

Drive fellow gardeners crazy jealous with this Woodland Friend in Solar Car. Each statue is shaped to look like a vehicle, complete with headlights that brighten up with LED light at dusk. It charges on its own using the solar panel. The friendly critter sits behind the wheel.

Silly Stacked Critter Downspouts

Garden Decor - Silly Stacked Critter Downspouts

This happy critter family operates as a downspout to direct rainwater safely away from the house. The Silly Stacked Critter Downspout has an opening in the back that allows you to attach it to any ordinary downspout. It also adds a playful feel to the exterior of your home.

Stacked Animal Planters

Garden Decor - Stacked Animal Planters

Add a cute accent piece to your outdoor space with the Stacked Animal Planter. Fun and full of personality, the planter features a trio of animals stacked on top of one another, with a small opening on each of them that’s perfect for planting flowers or setting out birdseed.

Animal Tree Huggers

Garden Decor - Animal Tree Huggers

Add a humorous touch to any tree in your yard with the Animal Tree Hugger. Its arms and legs wrap around the tree to make it look like the animal is actually hanging onto the tree. It’s super simple to hang up, and also helps keep an eye on the yard while you’re indoors.

Dragon Garden Statues

Garden Decor - Dragon Garden Statues

Turn your garden into a fantasy world with the Dragon Garden Statue. Each statue boasts a detailed design with a realistic stone finish. The neutral stone adds satisfying contrast to any colorful garden. Snuggle it into a flower bed or let it guard your treasured perennials.

Our garden decor doesn’t stop here. Check out the entire selection of garden decorations!

Spring Planting: 5 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Garden

Spring is here! If you haven’t started digging in your garden, now is the time. If you’re new to gardening and don’t know what to plant, start small and start practically. By “practically,” we mean something you can use — and there are few things you can grow in the garden that are more practical than herbs. With that in mind, here are five easy-to-grow herbs for your garden.

Thyme twigsThyme Thyme is a good source of folate, calcium and dietary fiber. It’s also known to lower blood pressure as well as boost your mood. In the kitchen, it’s popular for our holiday dishes — Thanksgiving probably wouldn’t be the same without it! It brings out the flavor in mushrooms, roasted vegetables and poultry.

Rosemary There’s no shortage of health benefits from rosemary — it’s good for digestion, makes our hair and skin nice as well as boosts our immune system. In the kitchen, it’s fantastic roasted with chicken, infused with oil for salad dressing or it can add a layer of flavor to cocktails. In the garden, rosemary adds a unique aesthetic. It has leaves that are like soft needles with a piney fragrance. That fragrance is very relaxing — studies have shown that it can actually reduce hormones that make us feel on edge and anxious. If you put it on a garden path for people to brush against, it releases its scent to make your garden a sensory oasis.

chivesChives Chives are versatile for cooking — freshly minced, they add bright green to an omelet, give cream cheese a delightful zip or boosts a soup’s freshness. Chives are also rich in dietary fiber, packed with vitamins and an excellent source of folate. While they do so much for our food and bodies, they’re also easy on the eyes. When they’re in bloom, their wisps frame a delicate purple flower that some gardeners use as edging for herbs gardens.

Dill Dill can turn just about anything into a summer treat — mixed with Greek yogurt, it makes a fabulous sauce for grilled chicken, it stamps out bland in egg or potato salad and it’s the perfect addition to savory baked goods like scones. Dill is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, so you can’t go wrong by sprinkling it on your meal! In the garden, it’s feathery fronds peak out behind adorable yellow blossoms to add a little brightness to your herbs — it’s also a butterfly magnet!

Basil plant with green leavesBasil Basil is great on pizza, makes pesto perfect and helos a pasta salad stand out. There’s no herb that you’ll use more than basil! Basil is a great source of protein and vitamin E on top of being tasty. Basil plants are bright green and don’t stop growing if they have rich, moist soil and a good six hours of sunshine every day. They’ll be good to plant outside two weeks after the last frost.

Gardening is one of our favorite spring activities at The Lakeside Collection! Whether you’re looking for gadgets to make weeding a little easier or you just want some fun decor to make your yard more lively, shop Lakeside for all your gardening needs.

June Pinteresting Picks

We can’t believe July is here! It’s been a fabulous summer so-far and our Pinterest followers are taking advantage of the nice weather! They’re staying organized, having plenty of parties and soaking up the sun — and you can tell by what they were pinning in June. Here are our June Pinteresting Picks.shot-glass-display

Party’s Past Shot Glass Display Shelf organizes your collection with ease. It holds up to 36 shot glasses for all to see. Some simple assembly required; assembly hardware included. window-tie

Let the Sun Shine In A Set of 2 Window Tie-Backs creates a different look for your existing curtains. The design features a circle with a coordinating stick. Gather the curtain in one hand, lay the circle over the front, then push the stick in on one side, behind the curtain and out the other side. Works with any type of fabric without damaging it.

raised-garden-bedGreener Pastures An attractive Raised Garden Bed is an easy way to grow vegetables or flowers. It’s lightweight and weather resistant. The Solar choice features 4 solar-powered lanterns that fasten into the corners. It glows with white light for up to 8 hours on a full charge. On/off switch. Solar, 49-1/4″ sq. x 5-7/8″H. Solar lanterns, 2″ dia. x 3-5/8″H, including 5/8″H stem, each. The Frog choice has decorative corner accents. The Brick choice features a red painted brick look.decorative-metal-coffee-collection

Pick-Me-Up Caffeinate your home with the mocha tones of the Decorative Metal Coffee Collection. The Set of 3 Coffee Cups  are labeled Mocha, Latte and Java.  All pieces come ready to hang.

address-stakeLight Up the Night Make sure that your house number is visible from the street with this 24″ Solar Address Stake. Powered by the sun, the bright LED light shines from the inside, drawing attention to your address. Use the included 5 sets of numerals from 0-9 to put your house number of up to 5 spaces in the stake.

Shop The Lakeside Collection for all your home decor needs. Indoors and outdoors, Lakeside has what you need to make your house beautiful!

5 Garden DIY Walkway Ideas

garden-walkWith spring nearing, we’re looking for all sorts of ways to make our gardens unique. We have ideas of what we want to plant, now we’re moving on to how to showcase our vegetables and flowers. A DIY garden walkway is one way we can make our garden one-of-a-kind. Here are 5 garden DIY walkway ideas we’ve come across we think you might like.

Pallet Path Wooden pallets can be upcycled into many useful items around the house. In the garden, a dismantled pallet gives you the slabs to lay down for a flat and sturdy path. You don’t have to be a master woodworker, but you should know how to use a saw at the very least. The wood can be cut so it’s all a uniform length or you can get creative and stagger planks at different lengths to give it a unique style.

wood-slice-walkWood Walk Laying down little slices of wood can turn an unused bit of land into an adorable path. Celebration Generation takes you through each step of the process — clearing out the space, lining it properly and then placing each of the slices of wood along the path. It actually looks nice as a regular dirt path, but the wood makes it look classy.

wine-bottle-garden-edgingWine Bottle Way Upcycling wine bottles to make a path is one of the more popular ways to add character to your garden. VertAustin does a quick tutorial on using wine bottles as garden edging, but the idea could easily be expanded to line a garden path. If you’re good at cutting glass, the bottoms of wine bottles can also be transformed into tiles to smoothe out a dirt path.

Pop Bottle Cap Passage A more labor-intensive way to give your garden walkway character is to apply bottle caps (plastic or metal work) to the tiling idea. It would take quite a while to collect them and lay them all out, but if bottle caps are something you happen to set aside for no good reason, this may be a way to put them to good use.

stepping-stoneUncommon Concrete DIY stepping stones are surprisingly easy to make. You can use just about anything as a mold for your ready-to-mix concrete. A cake pan, pizza box, shoe box — you can make it any shape you want and you can make it as fancy as you want, too! Break old dishes to make a mosaic or use glass craft beads to add color and character. The hardest part about making the stones yourself is waiting for the concrete to dry.

However you decide to build your garden, The Lakeside Collection has more products and ideas to make your garden just right. From garden stakes to bird feeders, we have what you need to make your garden brighter.

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Easter Items

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in most parts of the country! Soon, flowers will be blooming, birds will be chirping and the Easter Bunny will be on his way! To celebrate the end of the week and the upcoming holiday we’ve picked out a few items to remind of the new season! Here’s this week’s The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Easter Items.


Get ready for spring by displaying this adorable 3-Pc. Figurine Set on a shelf or tabletop. The friendly-faced characters are tall and slim and hold props in their hands that set a theme. The Butterfly Fairies are tending their garden, and the Bunnies are getting ready for an Easter egg hunt.


Celebrate the changing seasons throughout the year with the Debra Jordan Bryan Flags with Stake. You get 4 seasonal flags and a stake. Features colorful artwork on both sides of each flag and has a rod pocket.


Welcome springtime with the adorable flowers of the Girls’ 3-Pc. Dress Set. The pretty dress is easy to wear with a button-up back and a tie waist for a comfortable fit. The headband is elastic with an attached bow. The adorable bunny is made of matching fabric, and girls will love to carry it around while wearing this outfit.


Plant the Easy-to-Grow Bulbs in the spring, and you’ll have beautiful blossoms in the summer–no experience required. Simply choose a spot with good drainage and follow the instructions.


25″ Lighted Bunny Door Hanger is a charismatic decoration for springtime. Hang it on your front door to welcome guests or display it inside your home. Made from twigs for a handcrafted look, it has 15 white LED lights, beaded accents and a festive polka dot bow.



Pinteresting Picks for January

Connecting with friends on The Lakeside Collection’s Pinterest boards was a real hoot in January! Trendy owls got a lot of attention, whether they were on cozy throws and pillows or fun and functional hobby organizers. Some of our followers already are looking forward to creating whimsical miniature gardens or adding colorful decorations to their yards. Here are our Pinteresting Picks for January.

Add a fanciful touch to your living room or bedroom with this licensed Milo Owl Throw or Pillow.

Add a fanciful touch to your living room or bedroom with this licensed Milo Owl Throw or Pillow.

Clean up the clutter in your crafting space and help your creativity flow with these handy Owl Print Craft Organizers.

Clean up the clutter in your crafting space and help your creativity flow with these handy Owl Print Craft Organizers.

Set of 2 Solar-Lighted Balloon Stakes helps you decorate your garden with whimsical delight!

Set of 2 Solar-Lighted Balloon Stakes helps you decorate your garden with whimsical delight!

Each Fairy or Gnome Garden Kit gives you the miniature accessories you need to create your own magical spot.

Each Fairy or Gnome Garden Kit gives you the miniature accessories you need to create your own magical spot.

4 Things You Can Do with Your Christmas Tree

Christmas-TreeChristmas is over and it’s just about time to take down the holiday decorations — including the tree. It takes about ten years to grow a Christmas tree and it seems wasteful to just leave it in the alley. There are things you can do with your tree so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Here are 4 things you can do with your Christmas tree now that Christmas is over.

Scents Christmas trees have a fabulous natural fragrance and it can fill your home well beyond Christmas. You can put the needles in sachet bags and scatter them around the house or simmer a few small branches in water with a cinnamon stick for potpourri.

MulchRecycle Many communities support Christmas tree recycling. There are drop-off centers who will take your tree off your hands — some cities even have curbside pick-up. The trees will likely be chipped into mulch to cover hiking trails and park paths.

Return it to Nature Trees are a natural habitat for all sorts of wildlife when they’re alive — and they can be a habitat even after they’ve been cut. Prop it up in your backyard for birds and squirrels to use temporarily. If you have a pond or a friend with a pond, you can create a semi-permanent habitat for fish. You have to anchor the tree and fully submerge it in the water, but it’s an excellent way to return your tree to nature.

Pine-NeedlesGardening If you have a garden, remove the branches of your tree to created a natural cover for your vegetable and flower beds. The pine needles will help the ground stay moist. If you have narrow but sturdy branches, you can save these for the spring to make a trellis for a vertical garden or stakes for plants. Evergreen stakes work to give indoor plants support as as well.

Those Christmas trees can’t stay up forever, but you can make use of them long after the holidays are over without tossing them in the alley. Remember that they’re too wet to burn and can be hazardous if you try to burn them in your fireplace and, even if you don’t want to re-purpose your tree, your community may environmentally-friendly ways to recycle it for you.

6 Container Garden Ideas

So you’re late to the party this summer with gardening. That’s OK. A container garden can be an anytime garden. Here are 6 container garden ideas to try:


Image source:

Effortless Herbs

Herbs are relatively easy to grow in containers – whether you want to go small with a window box or you want a big display with a wood pallet herb garden. Herbs are great for small containers because their roots aren’t extensive – which also makes them great for creating big, full containers. They do require a lot of watering. The soil should always be moist, but not wet – drainage holes in the container help with this. If you love having fresh herbs in the kitchen and lovely plants on the patio, a cute herb container garden will satisfy both of those needs.

Image source:

Image source:

Tomato Temptation

Tomatoes are excellent for container gardens. They’re beautiful in a hanging planter or they can dress up an old bucket. Large containers are best for tomatoes – they need lots of food from nutrient-rich soil (fertilized soil is best), so if you can fit a lot of soil in a container, your tomatoes will grow to be plump and juicy. Tomatoes need about eight hours of sunlight per day for a great harvest – so making a mobile tomato container garden allows you to move your plant to where the sun is shining.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Sucker for Succulents

Succulents are great for people who love plants but aren’t good gardeners – they don’t require watering more than about once a week. They’re usually found in arid climates and do well in the desert because they retain a lot of water (think: cactus). They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so finding a container a cute succulent will work well in shouldn’t be a problem – even a wine bottle cork would do.

Image source:

Image source:

Flowing Flowers

A well curated garden can make any container look beautiful – even an old suitcase. Marigolds, violas and pansies are all colorful and work well in container gardens. Petunia and its miniature cousin, Calibrachoa, are also great for creating container gardens with character. The calibrachoa tend to sprawl with its tiny flowers and make overgrowth elegant.

Hanging Happiness

Like paintings on an interior wall, hanging container gardens raise your outdoor décor to eye level. A hanging plant adds color, texture and personality to any porch, deck or window. The cascading geranium is a classic choice for hanging plants. The delicate blossoms of lobelia and the droopy but dainty fuchsia add color while draping from high up. However, hanging container gardens require a bit more maintenance – they lose more water to air and gravity than a container on solid ground so hanging containers need vigilant watering.

Image source:

Image source:

Terrarium for the Timid

If you’re not ready to commit to a full container garden, a terrarium in a jar is a great introduction to the world of

gardening. They can be big or small, indoor or outdoor, winter or summer. They’re easy to build – it’s just a matter of layering charcoal and potting soil – and upkeep is minimal. Regular watering and trimming maintain their contained charm.

Getting a container garden together doesn’t require too much thought or work; if motivation is keeping you from gathering the supplies, think of the delight a new garden will bring you and you’ll be building your gardening this afternoon.

Happy gardening!

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

It’s starting to get a little greener outside and while we’re looking at the catalog we’re thinking about how we’re going to spend our weekend outside. Here’s our Lakeside Selection for the week:


Prevent foot traffic through a flower bed or mark the borders of your property in a decorative way with a Corner Planter Fence.


Amaze yourself with the flavorful combinations you’ll create with the Stufz Stuffed Burger Maker. Pack up to 1/2-lb. of burger full of extra ingredients. You can also make cupped burgers and patties.


Take a Multipurpose Outdoor Mat with you and you will always have a perfect seat on the grass or sand. Water-resistant mat features a cheerful design in coordinating colors. It easily folds up to a compact size with a carry handle for transport.

Freezable 19-Oz. Water Bottle maintains your chilled beverage at just the right temperature. Store it in the freezer so that the gel inside the wall starts out frozen. You'll be amazed at how long your water stays cold. A built-in silicone straw on the screw-on lid folds down when not in use. Plastic.

Freezable 19-Oz. Water Bottle maintains your chilled beverage at just the right temperature. Store it in the freezer so that the gel inside the wall starts out frozen. You’ll be amazed at how long your water stays cold.


The Twist Roller Ride On gives kids a unique way to travel the driveway and sidewalk. It uses the natural forces of gravity, friction, inertia and centrifugal force to give any child age 3 and up a fun ride. It doesn’t have pedals, chains or a motor. Just hop on and start steering. All you need is a smooth, flat surface to make this sleek, aerodynamic ride-on toy go. Sit on the seat, put your feet on either side of the soft-grip steering wheel, give it a twist and roll.