Summer Gardening Gear for Green Thumbs

Studies have shown that hobbies like gardening can help relieve stress, keep you healthy and improve your overall mood. In addition to being relaxing or therapeutic, growing your own fruits and vegetables helps you save money and eat healthier. Planting flowers and foliage can turn a dull backyard into an amazing retreat for the family. Replenish your tools and add new accents with our summer gardening gear for green thumbs.

Get Inspired and Get Work Done


Get the luscious garden you’ve always dreamed about with the 1,519 Amazing Gardening Secrets Book. It provides all-natural tips and expert gardening tricks for growing healthy flowers, fruits and veggies. Gather wisdom, ingenious advice and learn about surprising solutions to share with fellow gardeners. Once you’re ready to get your hands dirty, tend your garden on the Garden Scooter. Wheels allow you to easily move it from one area of your yard to another. You can also store your tools below the seat for quick access. Feed your garden what it needs to thrive with the flexible Pocket Hose Top Brass II. It’s lightweight and scrunches up when not in use, expanding to its full length when water runs through it. Its durable design is resistant to rips and cracks, so it won’t break down if left out in the sun. And the spray nozzle has 3 adjustable settings.

Finishing Touches for Your Garden


Add a little childlike wonder to your garden oasis with the Solar Child Statue. Each child is holding a solar-powered light that soaks up the sun’s energy during the day and illuminates at dusk. It’s the perfect way to highlight some of the best features in your garden while adding a little accent light to your yard. Accent the path leading to your garden or the garden itself with the sweet saying on this Sentiment Steppingstone. It has a beautiful message and a cute cutout shape that coordinates with the decorative design. The realistic texture gives it a natural look that blends well with any outdoor landscape. Give your garden a unique look with Set of 4 Stainless Steel Garden Spheres. The shiny set of decorative orbs comes in graduated sizes.

Garden Prep: What You Need to Know


We are getting close to spring, (10 days, but who’s counting?) which means it’s time to start planning what you want to plant in your garden this year. We’ve got a few tips you need to know to make sure your garden prep goes off without a hitch.

Know Your Landscape

As you start daydreaming about warmer temperatures, green grass and blooming flowers, think about the type of garden you want. If you have an apartment in the city, you may want to try a window box on your balcony or even an indoor herb garden. If you have limited outdoor space like a patio, you can make your space green with elevated garden beds or planters. If you have a yard, well, the possibilities are endless, but having a simple garden design that outlines where you want different types of plants will take the stress out of your spring project.


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Know What to Plant

If you’re a cook and you want to grow vegetables to add to your family meals, have an idea of the kind of vegetables you like and if now is a good time to plant them. You may have to wait until after the first frost to get your hands dirty and get to planting, or you may have to plant some of your seeds indoors while you wait for a warm up and then transfer your seedlings outside.

If you want a decorative garden, consider planting flowers according to when they bloom.  If you design your garden just right, you can have color from spring through fall.

Know Your Soil

Some soil may be too sandy and won’t hold enough nutrients to keep your plants thriving, other soil may contain too much clay to allow plants to take root. For the optimum soil, you may have to enrich your soil.  You can do this by adding manure, compost or potting mix to your soil.  Not only will adding organic matter to your soil supplement it with nutrients, but it will also boost its moisture and air content, making it a healthy environment for plants and flowers to thrive.

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Know your garden tools

You don’t have to have a garage full of tools to create a beautiful landscape, but there are basic gadgets you should have to get your lot growing. For gardens big and small, make sure to have work gloves, a watering can, a trowel, and a hand rake. Once you get started and your ideas for your garden flourish with your flowers, you can adjust your garden tool belt as needed.

With the right ideas, right tools and right decorations, the only thing left to make a great garden is sunshine and warm temperatures. Looking on the bright side, if this spring is anywhere near as long as this winter, you’ll be enjoying your garden for many months.