At Lakeside – We’re Making It Personal

wall-plaqueWith so many different gift ideas out there on the market, shopping for that special someone can seem a bit overwhelming. I mean, how do you choose the perfect gift that completely embodies the personality of the person you’re buying for? What do you do when a gift card just doesn’t say how much thought you put into choosing a gift? Well you’re in luck! The Lakeside Collection has an array of personalized gifts that will keep people talking.


On our website, you can view all the items we offer that you can personalize at the click of a button. The process is simple. Using our search feature on the homepage will assist you in finding our personalized products. All you have to do is type “personalize” into the Search box and click the “Go” button. Before you know it there is a variety of items right there at your fingertips. From plaques and gift baskets, to apparel and jewelry, finding the right gift to make your own is easier than ever.

Once you have found that perfect item, personalizing it takes almost no time at all.  Since each item is different, following the step by step instructions will allow you to see and choose the correct personal features for your item. Each item that can be personalized will have a special section on the website where the personalization can be completed. This section allows you to choose the style or colors of the product, as well as the font style if applicable.

There will also be a place where your desired text can be entered. For your assistance each text box will display the character limit so you know how many characters can fit in each text box. Your personalized text will appear exactly as you enter it, so you will need to verify all spelling, upper/lower-case letters and punctuation. If selecting a monogram, the initials should be entered in the order you would like them to appear from left to right. Next you will be able to proofread your information to make sure you are happy with the result.

Once you have entered all of your personalized information just check the box confirming that the personalization information that you have submitted is correct. The last step is to edit the quantity and add the item to your shopping cart.


Customer Service
Shopping for personalized items can create a memorable moment for that special someone, and a breeze for you to do. So don’t forget to check out our personalized items on our website, or if you’re not interested in using the website feel free to contact us at 847-444-3150. One of our customer service agents will be eager to assist you from 7am to 8pm CST, Monday through Friday.

So give that special gift that will keep people talking for years to come. You can find what you need here at The Lakeside Collection were we are committed to providing unique products at tremendous values to our customers.


Pinteresting Picks for August

Every month, we like to look back at what you loved best on Pinterest. It’s a great chance to spot a deal you missed, get fresh ideas for gift-giving or create a wishlist of some of your favorite things. August’s pins included tasty treats, ways to stay cool on sultry summer days and favorites for families with kids going back to school.

If your pins were any indication, you loved getting creative in the kitchen this August. You’ve pinned cake-pop cookbooks, mixing bowls and some of our favorite baking dishes, but one that popped up again and again was this cast iron skillet cookie kit. Cast iron holds heat well, so using this cookie pan means you leave the oven on for less time – a good idea during the hottest month of summer. It’s the perfect pan for baking your own version of a chocolate chip cookie cake, chewy brownies, a sugar cookie with plenty of space for you and the kids to decorate, or any other sweet treat you might dream of baking. The kit comes with a package of mix, instructions and a ribbon on the handle, so it also makes an excellent gift.

With so many August birthdays, it’s no wonder it was a popular pin last month.When the weather’s hot, few things feel as refreshing as an ice-cold drink. Maybe that’s why our sets of Freezer Cups were big on Pinterest. The double-walled cups are made of freezer-safe plastic and contain a non-toxic gel between the translucent layers. Store them in the freezer, and when you’re ready for a cold drink, pour it into your freezer cup; the frozen gel keeps everything cold far longer than ice inside the cup, and you won’t water down your soda or lemonade. Clear lids screw on and help prevent spills when you take your cup on the go, so they’re great for commutes to school or work. Whether you choose the clear set of four cups or the set with cool blue gel, you’re also making a green choice because these cups are reusable.

August is also back-to-school month, so many of your pins featured student-friendly items. One that made the top of the charts with parents of schoolkids and students themselves was the Lunch Cube, a handy all-in-one kit that holds a sandwich plus three side items. The single compartment is roomy enough to hold even a loaded sandwich, and the divided compartment keeps easy-to-eat tidbits such as raisins and baby carrots separate. Pack your salad ingredients in separate compartments to keep everything fresh; then, combine them when you’re at work or school and ready to eat lunch. The cubes are large enough to hold crackers, chips, fruits and vegetables, so you can vary your menu as much as you like and transport everything in a compact, washable case. You pinned this one often, and it’s easy to see why: It’s as sleek as it is practical.

We will have another round-up at the end of September, so pin your favorites and spread the word. A great time-saver or delicious new treat is too good not to share on Pinterest!

Hilarious Novelty Gift

Break out the vino and sip it in style in a Kountry Krystal Wine Glass.  Or better yet are you looking for that perfect fun gift for someone?  This will be a hit!  The traditional canning jar has been given a fine-dining update with this novelty drinkware.  Arrives complete with a screw-on jar lid and a paper “Redneck Success” coaster.  All this for under $10 ($8.95) you can’t go wrong plus studies show wine is heart healthy:)

Happy Friday everyone!