Pinteresting Picks for January

Connecting with friends on The Lakeside Collection’s Pinterest boards was a real hoot in January! Trendy owls got a lot of attention, whether they were on cozy throws and pillows or fun and functional hobby organizers. Some of our followers already are looking forward to creating whimsical miniature gardens or adding colorful decorations to their yards. Here are our Pinteresting Picks for January.

Add a fanciful touch to your living room or bedroom with this licensed Milo Owl Throw or Pillow.

Add a fanciful touch to your living room or bedroom with this licensed Milo Owl Throw or Pillow.

Clean up the clutter in your crafting space and help your creativity flow with these handy Owl Print Craft Organizers.

Clean up the clutter in your crafting space and help your creativity flow with these handy Owl Print Craft Organizers.

Set of 2 Solar-Lighted Balloon Stakes helps you decorate your garden with whimsical delight!

Set of 2 Solar-Lighted Balloon Stakes helps you decorate your garden with whimsical delight!

Each Fairy or Gnome Garden Kit gives you the miniature accessories you need to create your own magical spot.

Each Fairy or Gnome Garden Kit gives you the miniature accessories you need to create your own magical spot.

Pinteresting Picks for December

Winter’s frosty days make it tempting to relax indoors with comfort food and a good book. Our Lakeside Pinterest followers were looking to get cozy this month, with reading accessories and books to inspire some creativity. When you must leave the house, take some of your homemade slow-cooker favorites to any gathering, and don’t forget to bundle up with one of Lakeside’s versatile accessories. Here are our Pinteresting Picks for December.

You'll read comfortably for hours with your book or e-reader on this plush Book Pillow.

You’ll read comfortably for hours with your book or e-reader on this plush Book Pillow.


LEGO® Play Book from DK shares building tips and tricks, while it introduces you to new worlds.

LEGO® Play Book from DK shares building tips and tricks, while it introduces you to new worlds.

A Slow Cooker Carrier is the easy way to take your food contribution to a family gathering, neighborhood potluck or other social event.

A Slow Cooker Carrier is the easy way to take your food contribution to a family gathering, neighborhood potluck or other social event.


Reversible Hooded Scarf is a 2-in-1 accessory that keeps you toasty.

Reversible Hooded Scarf is a 2-in-1 accessory that keeps you toasty.

3 Holiday Gift Ideas For Dogs

Dog-BallThe holidays are the best time of the year, and it is important to include your pets and the pets of friends and family. Every dog from a teacup pup to a big and rowdy retriever deserves something under the tree or tucked in a stocking. Here are our favorite gift ideas for dogs.

Toys For so many owners, pets are part of the family. It makes sense to delight them the same way you would a child—with toys! In addition to being fun, toys stimulate your dog’s mind, promote exercise, and discourage destructive behavior. Go big with a Giant Ball Dog Toy, or give them something to really chew on with a Set of 2 Rope Head Dog Toys. There are even holiday-themed toys for extra seasonal fun.

Dog-treatsTreats Humans know the holidays are a time of special foods—many of which are not safe for dogs. Give your pet a taste of the festivities with fun treats made just for them. Look for something from a dedicated canine bakery. This box of
gourmet dog treats
features snacks that look like cookies, as well as sophisticated “puppy fours”. If you prefer the homemade approach, make some special snacks at home with a Bake-a-Bone™ Dog Treat Maker. Whatever you decide to treat your puppy with, make sure it is safe for dogs and does not include ingredients that are dangerous for dogs.

Dog-Calm-CoatCold-Weather Gear While they may seem like pure whimsy, sweaters and coats for dogs are functional, as well as cute. Many short-haired dogs of breeds created in warm climates live in cold places. Winter’s chill can be as uncomfortable for them as it is for you. It makes dogs reluctant to go outside for exercise. Don’t forget booties to protect delicate paw pads from frozen sidewalks and irritating ice melter. Although dogs cannot see what they look like when dressed to go outside, they surely will love the attention they will get wearing adorable winter clothes.
Having dogs in your life is something that makes every day of the year a little brighter. Make the holidays shine for them with a thoughtful gift and a scratch behind the ears. It is a wonderful way to show them how you care!

Say Hello with a Gift on World Hello Day

World Hello Day is November 21, and it is a perfect time to promote peace and friendship by just reaching out and saying “hello” to people you know and strangers alike. Sometimes, a small gift can help you greet someone. Here’s how to say hello with a gift on World Hello Day:

Jumbo-NotebookStationery A wonderful way to say “hello” is to give someone stationery they can use to send their own greetings. The Jumbo Notepad and Pen Gift Set is a stylish pair that will get them writing immediately. For the more communicative friend, the 10-Pc. Book of Sticky Notes is an impressive pack of 500 sheets of notes. Each pad is beautifully designed and come in a take-along case. An address book will help them keep track of friends and family so they can pass along a warm “hello” of their own.

glass-paperweightGive Them A Welcome There is an almost endless variety of gifts and home accents that carry the message of “welcome”. A doormat that says “welcome” is a wonderful way to say hello to a new neighbor. Give an Inspirational Glass Paperweight that says “Welcome Friends” to an officemate or teacher to spread the word “hello” and the welcome good feeling.

LOAF-pansBaked Goods Nothing makes a person smile the way an unexpected treat does. Put together a plate of cookies and pass them out at work to to greet your work friends and spread cheer. You also can whip up beautiful loaves of bread in the Holiday Loaf Pan Set for a jolly and seasonal gift. If you are not a gifted baker, pack the Set of 12 Snowman Treat Boxes with wrapped candies and hand them out with a smile.

The Lakeside Collection has a variety of ways to say hello to celebrate World Hello Day. Whether you want to share some snacks or make a big impression, you are sure to find just the right gift at an incredible value.

Frugal Fun Day: 10 Fun Frugal Finds

Saturday is Frugal Fun Day! To celebrate such a practical idea, we put a fun spin on it. We’ve selected items all under $5 we think are fun. Here are 10 fun frugal finds we think you’ll enjoy.

jumbo-lollipopJumbo Lollipop Sets If you have kids in your life, this is a no-brainer.  These Jumbo Lollipop Sets are treats that last for as long as you can resist taking a bite! They’re great as stocking stuffers, gift bag treats or an afternoon sugar fix.

Licensed Art Sets Even if you don’t have any birthdays to buy for coming up, you can always squirrel this one away until the holidays. Whatever your child’s creative outlet is, these 60-piece Licensed Art Sets will satisfy it. It comes with markers, oil pastels, colored pencils and all the tools they need to use their supplies. Choose from a princess, Minnie Mouse or Spider-Man theme. And in case you forgot, it costs less than $5.

gnomesNovelty Gnome Statues Rainy days and Mondays can always be cured with the right gnome! These Novelty Gnome Statues come as different characters – biker, fireman or police officer. You might not need a gnome, but it’s a frugal and fun way to add a little more sunshine to your life.

Heartwarming Letters Humor Books Our pets and our children love to create chaos, they also love us. Heartwarming Letters Humor Books are mock letters from our most precious family members saying sorry for all their antics and amusing misdeeds. They’re perfect pick-me-up gifts for pet lovers and parents.  What makes these gifts even better is they’re priced with fun in mind.

inspirational-keychainMulti-Charm Key Chains These adorable Multi-Charm Key Chains do more than just keep your keys in place; they have the power to inspire you. They are a multi-purpose frugal, fun find — with these, just $5 buys you positive thinking every time you pick up your keys.

Lifetime Holiday Movie DVDs Winter is coming — you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors and that means you’ll need a few good movies to watch. Cuddle up with a few Lifetime Holiday Movie DVDs to pass cold December nights or, stick one or two in a stocking — it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Who can pass up movies for less than $4?

best-grandparents-ornamentsBest Grandparent Ornaments Your kids might not be able to buy their favorite grandparents presents yet, but they can give them! Grandparents can show off their grandchildren’s love on the Christmas tree with these delightful Best Grandparents Ornaments. The nice price and shimmering glass ornaments aren’t the only things that make these easy gift ideas, they also come in a gift box with a ribbon.

Purse Organizer Insert Organizing is fun with decorative Purse Organizer Inserts! In polka dots or zebra print, keep all your daily needs compartmentalized and stylish for under $5! Credit cards, cell phone, makeup – there’s a place for everything you need to take with you – and when it’s time to change purses, just pull the organizer out and slip it into the other purse. Makes it easy to match your purse to your outfit every day!

fanpullDecorative Fan Pulls For less than $5, your ceiling fan becomes functional and fun year-round with these Decorative Fan Pulls! They dress up a fan cord with a dragonfly, butterfly or owl in a pewter finish. It adds frugal style and delight to any room of the house, any season of the year.

Santa’s Magical Key Here’s the answer to question every kid who lives in a home without a fireplace: How does Santa get in to put the presents under the tree? Santa’s Magical Key explains it all. It’s a fun, frugal find that delights parents and children throughout the holidays.

snowflake-earringsBirthstone Snowflake Earrings It’s the perfect birthday gift at the perfect price! These Birthstone Snowflake Earrings dangle and dazzle to fit the upcoming holiday season. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, these earrings dress up any outfit all winter long.

Fun and frugal is what we’re all about at The Lakeside Collection. Whether you want to honor October with frugal finds or you’re looking for holiday gifts, shop The Lakeside Collection for the best products at discount prices.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, likes and dislikes. But we have Mother’s Day gift ideas for just about any type of mom will appreciate.

freezable-h2o-bottleSporty Mom

Bar method, hot yoga, spinning, crossfit – if it’s exercise, this mom is doing it. If there’s one thing every workout needs, it’s cold water. You can make sure your Sporty Mom has cold water whenever and however she breaks a sweat so she can stay hydrated with the Freezable Water Bottle.  Store it in the freezer so that the gel inside the wall starts out frozen. You’ll be amazed at how long your water stays cold. A built-in silicone straw on the screw-on lid folds down when not in use.


Martha Stewart Mom

Crafts, gifts and cooking is what this mom is into. She makes everything from scratch and there is no project she can’t do perfectly. Little Jars, Big Flavors can get her started on preserving all the fruits her delicately curated garden will produce this summer. Little Jars, Big Flavors Cookbook guides you into creating splendid Southern inspired recipes. Traditional and modern methods are mixed in this collection of delicious ideas for homemade preserves. It includes suggestions for getting the best produce, jar selection and labeling, party planning, pickling and canning tips that address today’s food safety concerns, and much more.

New MomTowel-Apron

Diapers, bottles and blankies, New Mom will do everything it takes to make her baby comfortable. So why not make things a little easier for New Mom with Baby’s Bathe ‘n Wrap Apron Towel? It offers peace of mind to anyone bathing a baby or a toddler. The apron portion allows a mother to wear the towel while keeping her hands free. She then can quickly and safely wrap her child up in one smooth motion. The hood portion of the towel is perfectly placed to fit on the baby’s head.


Sentimental Mom

Sentimental Mom has every stage of your life documented and exhibited on every wall of her home. Her family makes her proud and she wants everyone to know it. Help her organize and display your family photos Family Tree Frame Set. A variety of frame sizes come with the set to help create a scheme featuring her cherished family photos. Each frame comes ready to hang on a wall and also has an easel back for tabletop display.

Pet Momthermal-dog-bed

She loves her dogs and cats almost as much as she loves you, so if a gift pleases them, it will surely please Pet Mom and the Thermal Pet Bed is the gift to deliver. The thermal feature allows pets to stay warm as they sleep and by working with the pet’s body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature and prevent cold spots that could cause aching joints. It’s also easy on the eye – the Thermal Pet Bed is double-sided with a solid color on one side and print on the other.

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is next month and it’s never too early to think of ways to honor your mom. Here are 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas that will surprise and delight your mother from Lakeside Collection.


Personalized Family Pendants Anytime you can give mom something engraved, you’re a winner in her book. This Personalized Family Pendant is a beautiful and intimate way to tell your mom how important she is to you. Up to five names with up to seven letters will fit on the spinning pendant with sparkling cubic zirconias separate each name. Your mother will be enchanted.


Framed Handprint Wall Art Precious prints will melt your mother’s heart with Mom’s Garden of Love Framed Handprint wall art. You and your brothers and sisters can create a handprint with paint or ink (not included) to give your mother a unique and thoughtful gift. The finished art is protected under plastic in its wooden frame so it can be admired for years to come.

daily-guideposts-365-devotionsDaily Guideposts 365 Daily Devotions Your mom will be touched and grateful for Daily Guideposts 365 Devotions. It is a collection of readings that uses faith as a guide for day-to-day life. Scripture is followed by personal stories of experience, strength and hope for each day of the year.

monogram-micro-fiber-totesMonogram Microfiber Totes Extend the perfect invitation for a weekend day trip with a Monogram Microfiber Tote. She can carry everything she needs for the museum, brunch and a walk in the park with this tote – and there’s no mistaking who it belongs to! Nothing says personal gift like a personalized bag for mom.

country-breakfast-gourmet-gift-basketCountry Breakfast Gourmet Gift Baskets Good morning goodies! For the mom who loves to eat, loves to cook or both – the Country Breakfast Gourmet Gift Basket will brighten her Mother’s Day. Home-style breakfast favorites fill a reusable wicker basket that will remind her of the joy you bring her long after the food is gone.

Graduation Gifts: Etiquette for Giving and Receiving

Graduation-tassleGraduation is just around the corner and that means presents! People are always concerned with the rules about gift giving – here’s what you need to know about the giving graduation gifts and receiving them.

Giving Gifts:

If you receive a graduation announcement, it is just that: a statement of an accomplishment. Graduation announcements are usually sent to an inclusive list, meaning there are a lot of people on the list with varying degrees of social importance to the sender, so announcements are not a request for gifts. A gift is not required.

It is up to the recipient of the announcement on whether it’s appropriate to send a gift or if an acknowledgement of the achievement – like a greeting card — is sufficient. If the graduate is the daughter of a co-worker you once bought Girl Scout Cookies from, a card is a fine way to recognize the occasion. If the graduate is someone you know personally or thgraduation-giftse graduate’s parents are good friends, sending a gift would be good form. If you are invited to attend the ceremony or the graduation party, the social standard is to give a gift.

If a gift is in order, you have options. You can send a personal keepsake or something functional for their new dorm room or apartment. You don’t have to go big to make the gift count — toaster ovens and microwaves are useful gifts and things a graduate can keep for a long time. This goes for gift cards and money as well. You should only give what you are comfortable with or can afford. If everyone else is sending $1,000 and you can only afford to send $10, that’s OK; it will still be appreciated.

If you are not attending the graduation ceremony or party, sending the gift or delivering it in person is fine. Bringing the gift to the graduation or party is also acceptable.

Receiving Gifts:Graduates

If you are the graduate, you did a great job and recognition should be reward enough. Don’t expect gifts – no one is required to give you anything, even if you sent them an announcement. If you do get a gift, show your gratitude: that is polite.

Thank you notes should go out as soon as possible — don’t take more than a month to give proper recognition.  Though getting out a note fast is important, a quick email for the $25 check isn’t going to cut it. For any gift, big or small, a handwritten note is necessary. Invest in a nice set of thank you cards. Because no gift is required, make your thank you count. Put thought into it with keywords like “generous” and “thoughtful.” It doesn’t have to be long – just a few sentences to show your appreciation.

No matter what the occasion or the season, gifts are a delicate detail when it comes to celebrations. When in doubt, a token for the festivities will be appreciated and it should always get a thank you note.

Gift Giving Guide: 5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Gift

Perfect-Christmas-GiftFinding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life is always a struggle. That’s where we come in. Through years of trial (and sometimes error) we’ve uncovered some universal truths when it comes to gift giving. We’ve learned that expensive does not always mean best. And that trends only matter in commercials. We strive to help you look past the easy option to help you find the right gift for the loved one in your life. In fact, if you follow these simple steps and we guarantee that you’ll find that perfect gift.

1. Pay Attention

This one is simple. Listen. If you listen closely, your special someone will subtly or, more likely, not-so-subtly hint at what they really want this year. Through the conversation, they will probably let you know what the perfect gift would be, even if they don’t know it themselves.

2. Do the Research

A good gift is timely, useful, and appreciated. A perfect gift is timeless, lasting, and unforgettable. The difference between a good gift and a perfect gift is the time spent researching. Taking the time to research will help you as you sit down to choose between two similar products, trips, concert tickets, etc. Reading reviews, consumer reports, and any other useful information can help to inform your decision.

3. Ask Their Friends

If you’re not sure what they would like, you can always use a lifeline. Ask their friends, their sister or brother’s, ask anyone who might be able to help. It doesn’t hurt to admit you need help. In fact, asking for help just illustrates that you care. Besides there are just some things that they’ll know that you won’t, and their advice could make all the difference.

4. Get Creative

The perfect gift doesn’t have to come with a price tag or be the hottest tech trend (unless they’re in to that sort of thing). Get creative with your gift and make the whole process an adventure. Maybe send them on a scavenger hunt, with clues scattered across town. Maybe you could plan a fun night out. As long as you put in the effort, you’re sure to show your love.

5. From the Heart

At the end of the day, the perfect gift comes from the heart. It’s not the most expensive or the most technologically advanced. But it is a gift that truly means something to the recipient. We encourage you not to “over-think” the gift, because the most important thing to remember is that the perfect gift comes from heart. If you put the time and effort in to selecting your gift, they’ll know. And they’ll love more for it. Finding the perfect gift is never easy. Until now. If you follow these 5 simple steps, you’re sure to find the absolute perfect gift for the loved one in your life. All that said if you’re stuck you could always give them cash. (Just kidding. You should never give them cash as a gift. Ever.)

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Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Corporate-gift-basketsCorporate gift baskets are uniquely packaged treats that make great giveaways for important clients. With busy schedules, you are generally left with the only option of ordering a pre-made gift basket.  These gifts are a way of expressing the fact that your clients are special and you value their patronage.

Impact of Gourmet Gift Baskets on Clients
A gourmet gift basket may be a simple treat for your clients to enjoy momentarily.  This is to say that most items found in the basket are perishable goods.  However, the fact that you have spent effort and expended an amount just to give the client something to enjoy, is special.  Clients will feel that you have given them importance above everything else.

Company Product Assortment
It would be great if your gift baskets would contain your own products. However, not all company products can be given away since there are companies who only offer services and not usable products. If this is the case, you can still achieve customized gifts for your clients.  Giving away custom tailored gifts will reflect personal touch and this would create the notion that the gifts are sincerely made and only given to special people.

How to Personalize Gifts
If gift hamper contents are not directly manufactured by your company, you can still make do with ready-made gift baskets. Personalize these baskets by adding your corporate logo on the items or wrapping the bundle up with a greeting card bearing your company logo. This is usually done so that important clients will remember your good company.

Corporate Themes
Gift baskets can be of many types but the most sought after are the gourmet ones. Most of the gift baskets contain items that are suited to general tastes. Most gift baskets contain a varying combination of goodies like:

1. Liquor – a choice of red or white wine, champagne, sparkling wines, whiskey, and more
2. Chocolates – gourmet chocolates
3. Biscuits or crackers
4. Nut varieties – pistachios, macadamias, peanuts, and the like
5. Appetizers – roasted peppers, olives, caramel onions, and more
6. Fresh fruits
7. Toiletries
8. Spa essentials

Most often than not, the baskets contain a variety of products. Since you don’t have time to interview each client and ask him what he likes, the baskets are laden with a wide variety of treats.

Gift Suggestions
The most popular of all corporate gift ideas are the gift baskets that offer a variety of treats. This way, you can be certain that your customers will indulge on every treat. There may be clients that don’t like receiving liquor, so make sure to give them a basket laden with sweet and other savories only.

In this fast-paced world, it is still important to look back, acknowledge, and thank your clients who have contributed to your organization’s success. The best way to do that is to give beautifully adorned gift baskets.

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for Gourmet Basket Australia, known for their exotic collection of gourmet gift hampers.