Green Monday: Great Deals Behind Every Door

In honor of Green Monday, Lakeside is offering up to 50% off on select products, as well as Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more! Stock up on a few stocking stuffers, get last-minute gifts or a few bargains to treat yourself for a successful holiday shopping season. Open a few of our Green Monday doors to find some of our favorite deals, or go straight to our Green Monday Sale to shop now. But hurry, deals end at midnight!

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Black Friday Deals from the Lakeside Collection!

Black-FridayThanksgiving may be a day for snacking and napping, but get plenty of rest because after Turkey Day comes Black Friday. This year, Lakeside Collection’s Black Friday deals are bigger than ever, giving you the chance to get incredible deals on exclusive items, already reduced merchandise and perennial favorites. Enjoy up to 80-percent off hundreds of items from stocking stuffers to big-ticket gifts!

Black Friday got its name from retail workers who saw the busiest shopping day of the year as a challenge. Thousands of shoppers descended on stores to get the lowest possible prices, but if you’ve been in a mall for Black Friday, you understand why salespeople sometimes fear it. The crowds and cranky attitudes are enough to sap the holiday spirit out of anyone, but by shopping online, you avoid the rush and get to enjoy choosing thoughtful presents for the people you love.You already know you can find outstanding prices, great brand-name products and excellent customer service when you shop with us, but the best part of our Black Friday sale may be what you won’t find.

Forget about hitting the malls or big box stores on the busiest shopping day of the year; they’re filled with pushy shoppers, harried salespeople and traffic. With online catalog shopping from Lakeside, you skip the grumpy crowds, long lines, and parking space hunts in favor of putting your feet up and browsing at your own pace. Instead of braving the cold, you get to curl up with a cup of coffee or cocoa and find everything you need. You don’t even have to get dressed; stay cozy in your favorite robe as you find the perfect gifts for relatives, friends and everyone in your office.Because the discounts on our Black Friday sale are so big, they’re only available for a limited time.

The sale ends Saturday, November 30th, so place your orders before then to ensure the best prices of the season and delivery before Christmas. By ordering today, you can make sure that there will be enough time to wrap gifts and have them under the tree well before Santa Claus makes his visit. Plenty of holiday items, including gift wraps and tags, will be on sale too, so you can buy everything you need for making this Christmas merry and bright.It’s the perfect time for buying gifts, but the Lakeside Collection Black Friday sale is also great for stocking up on staples.

With the season’s lowest prices on items for your home, wardrobe essentials and delectable gourmet gift baskets, you’ll be tempted to pick up a few treats for yourself – and at these prices, you can afford to do both. Go ahead; you deserve a treat too, especially when you’ve made the smart choice to save on gas and shop online with Lakeside Collection!Don’t let this season’s Black Friday pass without a visit to the Lakeside catalog. These prices are just too good to miss, and we’re offering a wider range of treasures than ever before. Consider it our gift to you this holiday season!

Six Ways to Save This Holiday Season

Save-on-HolidaysThe prime holiday shopping season is weeks away, but it’s never too soon to start budgeting for everyone on your gift list. Even with careful planning, finding room in your bank account for gifts, wrapping paper, decorations and all the expenses that come with the holiday season can be a challenge. With these money-saving tips, you can indulge your generous nature and keep your home merry and bright during this season of giving.

1. Shop online
There’s a reason so many shoppers look forward to Cyber Monday, and it isn’t just because they don’t want to circle the mall parking lot for an hour. When you shop online, you save time, fuel costs and taxes. It’s also easier to comparison shop when you’re able to see a whole range of items at the click of a button. Because they have lower overhead, online retailers typically offer outstanding prices that more than offset any shipping charges. To take full advantage of online holiday shopping, start early; you’ll avoid the rush and have plenty of time to wrap.

2. Speaking of wrapping, think beyond costly wrapping papers for your holiday gifts
Some gifts can become wrappers for other gifts; for example, a decorative scarf might make pretty packaging for a matching hat and gloves. Handmade wrapping using brown craft paper or inexpensive muslin painted or dyed to match your holiday decor can look far more fashionable than anything you buy in a store. Add some gift tags, and you have a beautifully unique present for someone special.

3. Get creative with your gift exchanges
Some of the most memorable gifts come from themed events such as white elephant parties or humorous secret Santa exchanges. The point of these gifts is to find clever and inexpensive items that add to the fun, rather than impress with excess. To make your game more exciting, wrap presents in packages that conceal what they truly are. Tuck a tiny gift in a huge container, hide unusually shaped items in regular boxes and add weights to something light to give participants in the game a surprise when each gift is opened.

4. Go homemade
When you make a gift yourself, you’re also giving the gift of the time and effort it took to prepare the present. Handmade presents can be customized to suit the person receiving them. If you know Aunt Judy doesn’t like peanuts while Uncle John loves them, bake a batch of brownies for each of them. You don’t need to be a gourmet chef or expert baker to make edible homemade gifts that recipients will treasure; lumpy cookies taste just as good as professionally iced ones. Another great thing about homemade presents is that you can make extra to keep on hand for surprise guests. Make an extra dozen or two of your favorite rum balls or popcorn treats; then, keep a few holiday treat containers handy for neighbors, co-workers and others you’d like to surprise.

5. Let your decorations do double duty
Most households have accumulated years of Christmas ornaments – often more than can fit on a single tree. Gather the spares and display them in an attractive glass bowl as a centerpiece, or hang them from the garland on the mantel. If you have a real tree, use the branches you trim from its base to create a wreath or add a decorative touch to the bases of white pillar candles. Strands of lights make your tree shine, but they also look dazzling when wound into a strand of evergreen garland or placed behind a tissue-paper screen. Apples, walnuts, pumpkins and pomegranates are seasonal and delicious; use them as decorative accents in the kitchen until they’re eaten.

6. Remember the reason for the season
No matter which winter holiday you celebrate, it’s a time for generosity of spirit. Whether you celebrate it as a renewal of faith or a celebration of family and friends, focusing on people rather than presents for your holiday shopping season will make it a more joyous one for you and everyone around you. If possible, volunteer your time by helping at a shelter, planning the holiday office party or offering to watch a harried family member’s kids. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness more than any tangible present.

Saving for the holiday season doesn’t have to mean cutting your gift list or doing without when you get creative with your holiday shopping, gift-giving, and decorating ideas.


Beat the Rush: 10 Ways to Find the Best Holiday Deals Now

Holiday-shoppingEvery year, the holiday shopping season feels shorter. Before you know it, you’re out of shopping days before Christmas and wind up making costly last-minute gift buys. This year, Lakeside has you covered with these suggestions to help you avoid the rush, get the best holiday deals and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

1. Speaking of lists, make one if you haven’t already
Even Santa makes a list – and checks it twice – to make sure he has something for everyone. By writing out your holiday shopping list well in advance, you give yourself a chance to find inspiration for the ideal gift. You’ll also save because you have time to comparison-shop and find the best prices.

2. Have you ever known someone who seems to come up with the perfect present for any birthday or holiday?
They don’t have any special magic; they just watch and listen closely. People won’t always tell you in words what they hope to find under the tree, but when you see a pair of slippers that have worn out their welcome or important passwords written on scraps of paper instead of in a password organizer, you’ll know what they need.

3. Order early to beat the Cyber Monday rush
The Monday after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for online retailers, and just like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, they need time to process orders. By ordering before the peak of the shopping season, you ensure that everything arrives with plenty of time for you to wrap and tag gifts at your own pace.

4. Set a budget and stick to it
This suggestion may be the toughest one to follow, but budgeting your holiday gift-giving helps you shop wisely instead of reaching for impulse buys.

5. Know how to spot the best holiday deals
Compare prices and read product reviews to find out if that brand-name item is truly worth its high cost or if alternatives with lower prices are the better bargains.

6. Choose a trusted online retailer
The greatest price in the world isn’t a good deal if the Christmas gifts you buy don’t ship until February or arrive in poor condition. Look for companies that have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Companies that have been pleasing customers for years will also take good care of you during the holidays, so buy from well-established online shops.

7. Be a night owl
Many online shops offer the best holiday deals as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Stores want your business and will try to outdo one another with early sales, so looking a few hours before a major retailer’s big sale is set to start can pay off with major bargains.

8. Combine a homemade gift with one you buy for a thoughtful and economical present
Bake a loaf of cranberry bread in a festive holiday loaf pan or deliver home-baked cookies in a reusable cookie jar. They’ll think of you every time they use their gift.

9. Pick up some small gifts, wrap them and leave them unlabeled for any surprise visitors who knock on your door with a present
Find a moment to slip away and write your generous friend’s or neighbor’s name on a gift tag, and then reciprocate the thoughtful gesture by giving a gift of your own.

10. Don’t worry
Panic-mode buying leads to over-spending, so shop at your leisure instead of rushing the week before Christmas. Ordering early also lets you pay less for shipping because you won’t need a quicker delivery time.

You’ll be the life of the party when you can focus on being with family and friends instead of fretting over your shopping list. Give yourself the gift of taking care of holiday shopping early, so you can better enjoy the Christmas season.

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