Pinteresting Picks for October

Our Pinterest followers are starting to tidy things up for the season ahead! From what they’re pinning, it looks like they’re working on making their homes welcoming for friends, family and guests. With cute decor and cozy accessories, they’re definitely excited about the season. Here are Lakeside’s Pinteresting Picks for October.shot-glass-display

Memory Keeper Shot Glass Display Shelf organizes your collection with ease. It holds up to 36 shot glasses for all to see. Some simple assembly required; assembly hardware included. Wooden. 18-1/4″ x 14-1/4″ x 2-1/2″.

hanging-star-candleholdersStar Light, Star Bright Brighten your home with a Hanging Star Candleholder. Perfect for displaying in a window or out on the patio, it’s a 5-pointed star with glass panels on a metal frame. The center of each star opens to reveal a holder for your own tea light candle. A decorative design is etched on the glass, and the candleholder hangs by a sturdy metal chain (11-1/2″). Star, 10″ x 10″ x 3″; 23″ overall.bootie-cuties

Cute & Practical This pair of bootie cuties gives your favorite boots a playful look with adorable animal cuffs. Featuring knit construction with embroidered details, these critters play peek-a-boo when you fold the cuff over the top of your boots. 7″ x 3-1/4″, each, when folded. One size fits most. Acrylic. Machine wash. Imported.

iron-wall-medallionsTimeless Touch Add a timeless touch to your home’s decor with this Iron Wall Medallion. Display it indoors or hang it on a porch or patio. Generously sized, the medallion creates an instant focal point. Approx. 16-1/8″ dia. Metal. Ready to hang.

slim-can-storageSmart Storage Slim Can and Spice Rack gives you much more storage while taking up very little room. Almost 3 feet tall, it’s also extremely slim (3-1/2″ wide), so you can place it in between appliances, cabinets and other narrow spaces. It’s on wheels, so you can use the silver pull handle on the side to access it whenever you need it. Open shelves are made to securely hold soda cans, spice jars and other small items. Assembly required; assembly hardware included. 34-1/4″ x 25-1/4″ x 3-1/2″.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week

kids-convertible-stepstool-chairsIt’s the third Friday of October — that means we are right in the middle of the calm before the holiday storm! Right now we can relax and shop casually before we have to pick up steam and start our holiday shopping and decorating. Enjoy this break with this week’s Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week.

You’re Going to Need High Help The Kids’ Convertible Step Stool Chair will give your child an extra boost. Sized to fit their frame, this cute chair easily transforms into a handy step stool. Its charming design coordinates with a variety of playful decor. Butterfly, 11-3/4″W x 12″D x 21-1/4″H. Jungle Friends, 11-3/4″W x 12″D x 21″H. Sports Fans, 11-3/4″ sq. x 18-1/4″H. Wooden. Assembly required; assembly hardware included. For ages 3 and

If You Have a Team… Show team pride down at your toes with an NFL Accent Rug. Durable rug features your favorite football team’s logo. Has a nonskid back to prevent slipping. 20″ x 30″. Nylon. Machine care. Imported.mossy-oak-fleece-dawgs




Or Just Want to Stay Warm Men’s Mossy Oak FleeceDawgs are perfect for lounging around or wearing anywhere. These lightweight mules are designed with a thick EVA foam sole for comfort. Removable polyester lining has an ultra-soft, faux fleece texture that feels great on bare feet. Lining, machine wash. Imported.animal-toilet-brush-holder

Or Want to Keep the Bathroom Tidy with a Little Humor Make cleaning more fun with an Animal Toilet Brush Holder. Brimming with lodge style, the base looks like a tree trunk and has an animal peeking inside. Durable cold cast ceramic with handpainted details. Includes a 13″L plastic brush. Approx. 5-3/4″W x 8-5/8″D x 10-7/8″H. Cold cast ceramic.



Or You Just Need to Relax Let your sense of humor shine when you wear this Women’s Attitude Loungewear Set. The semi-fitted, short-sleeved top is made of a nappy textured, knit fabric and features a playful quote. The long French terry pants have a contrast waistband with wide elastic and a functional drawstring. Cotton and polyester. Machine care. Imported.

The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week

The crisp days of October are meant for bundling up for long walks and preparing for the winter ahead. The Lakeside Collection has what you need to look wonderful, stay warm, and get your home ready for guests. Here is The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week.


6-Pair Kids’ Glove Set lets them choose the pair they want to wear.

6-Pair Kids’ Glove Set lets them choose the pair they want to wear.


Add this Beaded Scarf Necklace to your closet for a fashion-forward accessory that looks great paired with any outfit.

Add this Beaded Scarf Necklace to your closet for a fashion-forward accessory that looks great paired with any outfit.

Seasonal Angel Figurine graces your decor with a lovely look for any time of year.

Seasonal Angel Figurine graces your decor with a lovely look for any time of year.


Decorative Lighted Snowman Shovel is a whimsical addition to your holiday setting.

Decorative Lighted Snowman Shovel is a whimsical addition to your holiday setting.

5 Little-Known Christmas Facts

Christmas-treeChristmas is a holiday with deep roots, but no matter how much you enjoy the festive carols and the beautifully trimmed tree, you may not know some of these fascinating facts about the merriest day of the year.

Xmas Is an Old Term

Plenty of people think the “X” in Xmas is a way for advertisers to shorten the name of the holiday, but the nickname has a long history. Far from being a breezy abbreviation, it’s a deeply religious symbol that got its start in monasteries. First commonly used in religious texts in the 1400s, the letter “X” signified the cross and was the first letter of Christ’s name in the Greek alphabet. For monks who spent hours toiling over manuscripts, finding a way to write quickly and efficiently was vital. When they replaced Christ’s name with an X, they were using what linguists call a Christogram.

Christmas Trees Have a Roman Heritage

You might think of the tradition of Christmas trees as a German one, if “O Tannenbaum” is any indication, but decorating evergreens for the winter holiday goes back far longer than the Germans. Ancient Romans adorned boughs of evergreen trees with fruits and nuts for their Saturnalia celebrations each winter. Early Christians may have adopted the evergreen tree as a symbol of rebirth and renewal to make the holiday feel more familiar to Roman converts to what was then a new faith. The German tradition dates from the 1700s, but it didn’t catch on in England and America until Queen Victoria wrote about her happy memories of decorating trees as a princess.

A Famous Author Created Christmas Elves

Louisa May Alcott was most famous for writing Little Women, but she was a prolific author who penned many other short stories, novels and non-fiction articles. One of her short stories in 1856 mentioned Christmas elves, pointy-capped creatures who helped Santa Claus care for his reindeer and make gifts for good children. Although the story wasn’t published in her lifetime, she shared it with other writers, and a few years later, a story about Santa’s elves appeared in a copy of the magazine “Godey’s Lady’s Book,” one of the most influential publications of its time. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are enduring characters, but Alcott’s most famous literary creations might be Santa’s little helpers.

Most Pets Get Christmas Gifts

If you consider your pets members of the family, you aren’t alone. About half of pet owners extend their Christmas spirit of giving to their pets and hang a stocking for Fido or Fluffy, according to a recent USA Today poll. Whether it’s a cozy pet bed, a squeaky toy or a bag of treats, giving your pet something special brings a little Christmas cheer to everyone.

Christmas Used to Be Illegal in Boston

Bostonians who love Christmas should be thrilled they didn’t live there before 1681. Until that year, celebrating Christmas in Puritan Boston was illegal and would cost you a five-shilling fine. Eventually, civic leaders loosened up and allowed Christmas celebrations, but even then, early Americans weren’t big on the holiday; in fact, some Puritans considered it a holdover from Catholicism or even irreligious. It didn’t become a federal holiday until 1870, in part because the Puritans disapproved. Fortunately, most people didn’t see it that way, and Christmas celebrations have gotten steadily more joyous over the decades.


7 Time Management Hacks for the Holidays

Time-management-holidaysWith the holidays coming upon us at a rapid pace, things can get extra hectic with the amount of stuff you have to do. It is extremely important to make the best use of the time you have. Still, it may seem like you don’t have enough hours in the day to take care of all the many things you need to do. Here are 7 of our tried-and-true time management hacks that can help you make the most out of your precious time.

1.The Kitchen Timer Hack

You may remember this handy little guy from all your favorite recipes. However, this wonderful little device can help you make incredible strides in time management. If you allot just one hour to a task, but don’t keep your eyes on the clock, that one hour task has a funny way of turning into a two hour task. Be careful and set the timer at the halfway mark to remind yourself that half the time has expired, then reset it for the second half.

2. Make a list and Check it Twice

First make a list of all the things you have to get done for the day. Once you have that list, make sure you prioritize. Studies show that the morning times are best for difficult tasks that require the most amount of focus. So get you to-do list in gear by making sure you have your tasks organized in the proper way.

3. Physical Activity

Don’t skip out on your dose of physical activity. This is one of the most often overlooked time management hacks in existence. It can be really tempting to ditch your workout because you’re so caught up with other things to do. There is a big problem with that though. Just focusing on all of the things that require mental activity can tire you out quickly. This is especially true if you are sitting down for long periods. Do yourself a favor and start your day off right with a quick but not too intense workout. It will pay time saving dividends later on in the day.

4. Make stations

Are you going to be doing one thing over and over again? If you have to repeat a task, sometimes is pays to set up stations. One of our favorite ideas is the gift-wrapping station. This helps keep all of the things you need in one place. (It’s especially useful for those notoriously hard to find items like ribbon, tape, and bows). Believe it or not, it could end up saving you a lot more time than you think!

5. Plan your time with your kids accordingly

Kids aren’t likely to follow the routines you set for yourself, so make sure that you set boundaries early. If they know that you mean business because it’s a stressful time, they’ll oblige (even if it’s begrudgingly so).

6. Label Your Serving Ware

If you are getting ready to plan a party then you are going to need some help. You can make sure things go smoothly and efficiently if you label the role and purpose of each dish and bowl, etc. This will end up saving you a lot of time having to explain to others exactly what goes where. This time management hack will make any party planning a much better and less stressful experience!

7. Breath

Okay maybe that’s an obvious one, but sometimes it’s harder to remember doing that in the heat of the moment. If you are really stressing out, it’s smart to remember to breathe deeply for a few minutes or so. You’d be surprised how much this overstated, but underused tactic works out. Use it to center yourself again, and you’ll be well on your way!

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5 Thanksgiving Facts You Didn’t Know

Thanksgiving-FeastThanksgiving is about more than just great food and family; it’s also one of the most interesting holidays from a historical perspective. Many of the facts that you think you know about the real history of Thanksgiving aren’t quite the way they were portrayed in school plays though. Read on to discover more about the hidden history of Thanksgiving and find out some fun facts about how we celebrate it today.

Thanksgiving Day Was Really a Weekend

The first Thanksgiving at Plymouth wasn’t a one-day event. Like modern Turkey Day fans, they ate leftovers – three days’ worth of them, in fact. The weekend-long feast celebrated an excellent harvest, and the food that the Massasoit and other native Americans brought to the table was a welcome addition to an already bounteous meal, rather than a gift to hungry Pilgrims as is often portrayed. Like most harvest festivals, the event lasted long enough to let all the revelers eat their fill many times over while putting away supplies for the long winter.

The First Thanksgiving Menu Was Different from Today’s

If you imagine the first Thanksgiving as something pretty close to what we eat today, give or take a green bean casserole, think again. Turkey, or at least some kind of poultry, was on the menu, but it played a supporting role to the main dish: venison. According to the Smithsonian, corn porridge or pudding was also on the table, but mashed potatoes were nowhere in sight. If there was stuffing, it was probably whole onions and herbs, not bread; wheat fields weren’t yet well established, so bread-based stuffing, dinner rolls and pie dough weren’t part of the feast. Although the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag probably ate pumpkin during the meal, it wouldn’t have been in a dessert because there was no sugar. The original Thanksgiving at Plymouth could have included fish, oysters and clams, all of which were plentiful.

Traditional Thanksgiving Foods Have a Victorian History

One of the first magazines for homemakers, the Godey’s Lady’s Book encouraged home cooks to be adventurous for important feasts, and Thanksgiving was no exception. Many of the foods we think of as traditional Thanksgiving fare today were exciting novelties to the Victorian palate, including mashed potatoes, jellied cranberry sauce and spiced pumpkin pie. Sarah Hale, the magazine’s editor, was one of the biggest proponents of an established national holiday for Thanksgiving and did her best to popularize the holiday. We still celebrate it today more than 130 years later, so her efforts clearly worked well!

Calories, Not Tryptophan, Are Why You Need a Thanksgiving Nap

Almost everyone loves to take a nap after the big Thanksgiving meal, but most people blame it on the turkey. A naturally occurring amino acid called tryptophan is associated with putting people to sleep, and cooked turkey is high in the compound. Originally, researchers put these two facts together and assumed the tryptophan was putting everyone into a turkey torpor, but it’s really everything you eat, not just the bird, that makes you need a nap. A traditional Thanksgiving meal can contain thousands of calories, and your body has to focus more energy on digesting such a big mouthful. Your brain makes you sleepy, so you’ll stay in one spot and digest.

Football on Thanksgiving Is Older Than You Might Think

When you take that Thanksgiving nap, chances are good that a football game will be on the TV, but the tradition of football on Thanksgiving Day predates television by decades. The first officially recognized NFL season was in 1920, and that year, six games were played on that Thursday. None of the teams from that year are still around, but the Akron Pros beat the Canton Bulldogs 7-0. Today, only three Thanksgiving games are played, but the audience they draw is considerably larger.

Thanksgiving may have come a long way from its roots, but one thing about the holiday hasn’t changed: It’s still a time for gathering to offer gratitude for good company and great food.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays, and one of our favorite ones, Halloween, is coming up soon! Get everything you need to make your home and yard look gorgeously gruesome for Halloween today, and you’ll have plenty of time in October for planning parties, creating costumes, and adding cute or creepy finishing touches to your decor. If Halloween’s ghosts and ghouls aren’t your style, you’ll also find beautiful seasonal decorations to celebrate autumn. No matter how you decorate for October, you’ll find what you need.

Every Halloween display needs a focal point, and we love this skeleton decoration for its weird and whimsical charm. Just because he’s passed on doesn’t mean he forgot how to take life easy, so he’s found a comfortable spot to relax for a spell. This sleepy skeleton’s chest rises and falls as he snores in his hammock, perhaps resting up for a big Halloween night. His hammock is 8 feet long, so it’s a large enough piece to be the center of your yard’s display. Add a spotlight or two to show him off, and you’ll have one of the most unusual decorations on your block.Interactive-skeleton-hammock

Halloween is about more than spooky skeletons, though. With this cheerful Halloween bunting, you’ll get in the spirit of the season while still keeping your decor friendly enough for the littlest kids. Made of durable polyester fabric, the bunting is perfect for a porch rail, a deck or a fence. At almost 60 inches across, this adorable hanging makes an emphatic statement. Choose from jack-o’-lanterns in festive fall hues of orange and black with green accents or a trio of cheerful, bow-tied ghosts. If you have plenty of space to cover, choose both – they look great together or separately.


If your kids’ trick-or-treating days are behind them, or if you prefer a more sophisticated take on Halloween, try these oddly elegant lighted Halloween urns to flank your door or adorn your porch. Welcome guests to your Halloween party in style with these black, molded plastic urns filled with bare branches and twinkling lights. Choose from traditional Halloween black with miniature orange lights or an elegantly eerie purple with blue lights. If you prefer, you can mix and match them to create a dramatic setting for your next Halloween party. Each pair of urns is over 22 inches tall, so you can also use them as a towering tabletop arrangement or near your fireplace.


Halloween is also harvest time, which is why we’re showing off these sweet garden decorations for your yard. These painted metal pumpkins stake into the ground and give your front or back yard a festive touch that works for Halloween, Thanksgiving and beyond. Pair them with hay bales to impart a country harvest look to your yard.


Whether your Halloween style is cute, creepy or comforting, we have your look! Get started today, and you’ll have the best-looking display in your neighborhood. We’re always getting new stock in, so check back often to see what else we have in store for the holidays.