National Ice Cream Month: Best Ice Cream Shops

Ice-creamWith the typical hot temperatures for July, it’s not surprising that it’s National Ice Cream Month! While we would never turn down a scoop of chilly delight, there are some ice creams that are better than others. If you’re an ice cream lover, here are some of the best old fashioned ice cream shops around the country that you might want to try.

New York You don’t get more wholesome than Brooklyn’s Blue Marble ice cream. The shop has only been around for a few years, but it’s making quite an impact on taste buds and the community. Their ingredients are certified organic and they make a point of sourcing responsibly while delivering the tastiest ice cream possible. Flavors to try: Pistachio Almondine, Honey Peanut

Texas In Austin, they’re all about fascinating flavors! Lick is a top spot for cold, creamy delights with flavors that are far from ordinary. They use the purest ingredients and use cream and milk from a family-owned dairy farm in Texas. All of their ice cream is handmade with local ingredients and hand-packed to make every spoonful a triumph for the community. Flavors to try: Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint and Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey

Florida Since 1956, South Florida residents have been flocking to Jaxson’s Ice Cream to get their sugar fix. But this is no ordinary ice cream parlor — it doubles as a tourist’s museum. The owner has been decorating his shop with gifts from patrons who have traveled far and wide but always make a stop for their favorite summer treat on the beach. Jaxson’s claims to have one of the biggest collections of rural American memorabilia in the nation in addition to its extensive license plate collection. In other words, come for the ice cream, stay for the rustic relics. Flavors to try: Chewy Fudge, Fresh PeachIce-cream

Illinois In Chicago, Margie’s Candies is just a few years shy of achieving century status, so it is everything you would imagine an old fashioned ice cream parlor to look like — cases of candy, individual metal dishes to pour on your own hot fudge and vinyl banquettes where you can spread out and enjoy your frozen treats. It’s a Chicago institution worthy of visits from music legends (The Beatles) and notorious criminals (Al Capone). Flavors to try: Anything stacked in a clamshell dish drowning in fudge


Ohio Bexley is home to one of Ohio’s oldest and best ice cream shops: Johnson’s Real Ice Cream. Since 1950, Johnson’s has been using family recipes to churn out flavors to please the Buckeye State. They have dozens of flavors of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet, and sorbet, so there’s something to satisfy just about everyone. Flavors to try: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Amaretto Cherry

Ice-creamWashington In the northwest, one of the favorite creameries is Molly Moon Ice Cream in Seattle. It’s quite an impressive operation with six shops around the city using local ingredients whenever possible. Not only does Molly Moon do their best to provide ice cream dreams to Seattleites, but it also provides a better life for families in need. Along with their farmers, they help provide milk for families through the Anna Banana Milk Fund. Flavors to try: Salted Caramel, Honey Lavender

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4 Tips for Throwing a Midsummer Ice Cream Social

Ice-cream-2We don’t get weather hot enough to eat ice cream all the time, so we should make the most of it while we can. But how can you make something as exciting as ice cream more exciting? By making a party of it! Here are 4 tips for throwing a Midsummer Ice Cream Social for adults and kids alike.

For the ice cream itself, keep it simple and keep it classic. Everyone likes either chocolate or vanilla, so include those and a sorbet or Italian ice as a non-dairy option. Make sure to keep the serving scoops separate to prevent any cross contamination — if your guests want to mix up the flavors, let them do it with their own spoons. With three ice cream flavors, you can leave the excitement for the toppings – that’s where you and your guests can go nuts.

Make the toppings as elaborate and simple as you want. There’s nothing wrong with serving the basics – fudge, caramel, sprinkles, whipped cream and nuts; your guests can design their sundaes with mixed and matched toppings. If you really want to go the extra mile, crush up cookies, add some candy bar pieces, slice berries, spoon out marshmallow fluff – go wherever your imagination takes you.

Keep it Cold
It’s ice cream; by definition it’s cold and you want it to stay cold. For serving, fill a deep serving tray or large bowl with ice to hold your ice cream in the room but well below room temperature. For ice cream packaged in cardboard containers, place them in a plastic tub to go on top of the ice so the containers don’t get soggy. Until serving time, keep your ice cream dishes and spoons in the freezers so the ice cream doesn’t melt as your guests top their sweet treats.

Keep it Neat
Ice cream is full of sugar and when it melts, it’s sticky. To prevent too much mess, put a vinyl or oil cloth table cloth down for the serving area with a small bucket of warm water and a towel for immediate cleanup.

With the Fourth of July behind us, we only have a few weeks left to enjoy hot weather and cold treats — let’s make every day count!

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

ice cream

Does anyone out there have a summer tradition they look forward to every summer?  For me it is the weekly Friday ice cream truck with all the kids on the street.  You can hear the melodic chimes of the truck a few streets away.  Once it is heard by the kids, it is chaos with all the kids screaming and doing an ice cream dance, ahh to be young again.  The tradition continues with them all sitting on the neighbor’s stairs to eat their ice cream that drips down their face onto their clothes, sticking to the sand and whatever else they have gotten into that day.  Maybe we should make ice cream the 5th food group!