Last Chance for Personalized Christmas Gifts

Today is the final day to order personalized Christmas gifts so that you’ll get them in time for the holidays. If you’re looking for a unique way to surprise family or friends this Christmas, check out the personalized gifts below, or explore our entire collection of personalized gifts. Christmas is the perfect time of year to give our loved ones special gifts like jewelry. Also, find a few creative ways to “wrap” jewelry in our Lakeside article.

Personalized Jewelry


Personalized Five Hearts Name Bracelets
Personalized Cuff Bracelets
Personalized Crucifix Cross Pendants

Gifts for Holiday Hosts


Sets of 4 Personalized Slate Coasters
Personalized Wine Bottle Shaped Cutting Boards
Personalized Stainless Steel Flasks

 Personalized Sports Gifts


Personalized NFL Locker Room Prints
Personalized College Locker Room Prints
Personalized MLB Stadium Prints

DAY ELEVEN Holiday Fun Fact:

St. Nicholas wasn’t the original Christmas gift-giver. Those familiar with the Christmas story know that The Wise Men started our favorite holiday tradition by bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. Although the Bible does not mention the names of the Wise Men (it doesn’t even specify that there were three), many cultures have names for the three men. Three of the most popular are Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar. In Latin America, Día de Los Reyes (Three Kings Day) is traditionally celebrated on January 6th to honor the day the Three Wise Men gave gifts to Jesus. Traditionally, children put out their shoes the night before, waking up to gifts from the Three Kings. Similar to Christmas Eve, kids set out grass and water for camels instead of reindeer.


Unique Ways to “Wrap” Jewelry for Christmas
Christmas is one of the best times of year to splurge on special jewelry for loved ones, because the holiday itself offers some unique opportunities to give jewelry to others. The versatile design of necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings make it possible to find creative gift-giving solutions that add a personal touch as well as a fun little surprise. If you’re planning on getting some special jewelry for family or friends this holiday season, check out some of these creative gift-giving solutions to make their Christmas experience more memorable.

Daily Deal: Treat Yourself with this Gift-Boxed Set

Black Friday is the best time of year to find Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, but it’s also a great time to treat yourself. Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your home with the Cozy Sock & Lotion Gift Boxed Set. The revitalizing scented foot moisturizer and ultra-soft socks give your feet the star treatment. It’s boxed and ready to give as well, so you can take advantage of that 40% off and stock up to treat all the well-deserving members of your family. Explore our Black Friday deals, and read on for holiday jewelry advice.

Lakeside’s Deal of the Day (November 25th)


DAY FIVE Holiday Fun Fact:

Year after year, the Christmas season beats out every other for the most marriage proposals. Christmas Eve is the most popular day to pop the question, but in a recent survey, men and women seemed to differ on the popularity of Christmas Eve proposals. Many women agreed on the holiday timing, but a bigger percentage thought Valentine’s Day or anniversaries were better. Read on for holiday jewelry tips from Debra Shepard.


Christmas Jewelry Trends & Shopping Tips
Christmas isn’t just the season of giving. It’s the season of giving jewelry!  Shopping for jewelry can be tough if you don’t know what to look for, aren’t up-to-date on the top trends or unfamiliar with online shopping. As a designer who’s been featured on fashion authorities like the Cosmo Hot List, Debra Shepard prides herself on knowing what’s in and what’s out in jewelry. Check out her views on trends, jewelry shopping and more!

Enjoy Black Friday Markdowns All Weekend!

Discover Your New Look in the Lakeside Artist Studio

The Lakeside Artist Studio features articles from expert artists working in the fashion world and home decor fields. This week, two of our artists share some advice, as well as their original designs available right now!

Debra Shepard

Debra Shepard began designing jewelry while enrolled at the California College of Arts & Crafts in 1972. It was here where she first created her original threader earrings, seeking to achieve a new design that would make earrings lighter and more comfortable. After a successful career as an art director, Debra was inspired to return to her innovative jewelry ideas and build her signature brand, which has grown rapidly since 2002.

In the Spotlight: Designing Jewelry for the Red Carpet
“I want women to feel pretty, playful and feminine–with a genuine sense of ease and comfort.”


Marla Rae

Marla Rae is not just an artist. She is a woman who wears many hats. She’s been in the gift industry for 30 years, founded and sold an international candle company with her husband, Brian, and also started a Barn Festival on their property featuring vendors from across the country. When she’s not designing beautiful art for Penny Lane Publishing, Marla also teaches string art classes at her daughter’s “Art Bar” in Nebraska.

Where is Your Happy Place?
“Keep inspirational messages in the forefront. It’s amazing how much we are influenced by words alone.”


5 Life Lessons from Divergent

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

You may not have read the book, Divergent, but with the release of the blockbuster movie just around the corner we thought we’d pull out some life lessons from the book.

Your Results are Inconclusive Everyone feels out of place once in a while. If you don’t fit in a category, they can’t control you so it’s up to you to choose your faction –er, uh—path in life. Choose your own job as an Amity fruit packer, form opinions you want to argue as an Erudite, wear jewelry that reflects your Dauntless personality, color your hair that makes you an Abnegation stand out. Embrace you individuality.

I Don’t Want to Be Just One Thing Be brave, be selfless, be intelligent, be honest, be kind.  The world is made up of all sorts of people with a variety of strengths and weaknesses that complement each other. Be balanced and you’ll “Create Lasting Peace.”

Watch for the Chasm There’s a fine line between idiocy and bravery. You should get familiar with where that line is and stay a reasonable distance away from it and you won’t find yourself at the bottom of the chasm.

Face Your Fear Landscape Your fear doesn’t have to be as dramatic as being locked in a glass case filling with water, but facing your fear will make you stronger. Gaining confidence and courage is a way better incentive than being ranked number one in your faction.

We Just Have to Let Guilt Remind Us to Do Better Next Time Guilt is just painful enough that it’s a very effective teaching tool. Choosing your faction over your family probably tops Tris’s guilt inventory. Let her mistake be a lesson to you. Family always comes before faction and that’s one less thing that will haunt you.

You don’t have to be a 16-year-old living in a dystopian society to understand adversity, but letting her live those lessons for you will make being prepared for it very easy.

Pick your Style Statement!

Oyster-and-pearlsNo matter what occasion it is, pearls will make you the talk of the party. It’s symbolic beauty and elegance is breath taking and empowers you to walk confidently.

Style is your statement or definition to define yourself. It is very important to wear or carry something to suit your whole personality or something you could carry well. It is helpful designers these days are educating what really goes awesome with their entire look and also help upgrade their aesthetics for further grooming. From clothing to jewelry, every single spec adds life to your look.

Pearls and Jewelry
Jewelry is one of the most eye-catching accessories among all. It enhances the entire glance of the charisma that you deliver. Pearls and jewelry walk hand in hand. Adornments with pearls give a very sophisticated and cherishing look to its design and help earn appreciation. Out of all kinds of jewelry, pearls stands high. It is astonishingly classy and gives a very elite look. A nice trendy accent with a Pearl Necklace Pendant is enough to catch the eyes of those around you. It is not only glamorous to carry simple and subtle pearls but it helps you gorgeously amazing. There are different styles in pearl necklaces like Bib Necklace, Rope, Collar, Matinee, Princess, Opera and Chokar etc. Each style is designed to bring versatility to necklace range. No matter what design you wear, pearls in them are enough to make others fall in love with it. Thus, it draws back attention to itself no matter what!!

Pearls are nature’s best gift for its women. It is a symbol of purity, grace and dignity present in different colors and sizes. With the growing demand of pearl jewelry, designers or pearl dealers have started harvesting them with great care and in depth knowledge, therefore known as ‘Organic Gems’. Artificially harvested gems are comparatively cheaper than those naturally found in ocean bed. HURRAY!! You don’t need to look desperate any more. Pearls like Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian Pearls are now available is very reasonable price range, color and sizes. Wear what you dreamt of and be the way you love.

Buying pearls is not an easy job. You need to have true knowledge and insight while actually going for pearls or else someone can take good use of your innocence. It’s best to approach for some of the trusted names for pearl jewelry. There are some renowned stores dealing in pearls since decades and delivers you the best of pearl jewelry at your door step. All you need to check their online gallery to pick the best of style, design and size when you are going to buy pearls.

Pearls are associated with motion, fluid or water energy. It is believed Pearls are best for those who are inclined towards water element. It goes well with young women or ladies who love to socialize regardless of what time they are hanging out. The best part about pearl accessories is that it has a pleasant room to accommodate any event type or hangouts. It’s simple but enriching, in short it’s the best among all jewelry lines.

Christy Reddy is an online blogger and passionate writer, she loves to discover more ways to describe her thoughts. She love to write on different industries topics especially for fashion industry.

Image Credit: Days Jewelers 

What would you do with $100? – Teen Girl Edition

What would you do with $100?

In honor of our October Sweepstakes we thought we would help you out with some spending ideas. What can you do with $100 at Lakeside!? This week it’s all about girls! Let’s see what we can get.

Salon Express™ Nail Art Stamping Kit- $7.95

A great way to stay on top of the nail art trend! These patterns roll on easily for a fun look that you can change up every week!

Headband and Bracelet Sets- $8.95

Stylish pieces to dress up any outfit.

Over-the-Door Jewelry Valet- $14.95

Keep those new accessories organized with style. Make your jewelry an art piece in you room.

6-Pair Super Soft Slipper Socks- $8.95

Stay warm and cozy all season long!

Interchangeable Peace Sign Watch Set- $12.95

Bright color and peace signs.

Printed Rainbow Plush Bed Pillows- $10.95

Cozy and fun prints, perfect for weekend movie watching.

Friends 4 Ever™ Bracelet Kit- $15.95

Great tons of bracelets for you and your friends!

Polka Dot Sport Totes- $7.95

Great for school or to and from practice.

Sets of 2 Feather Hair Extensions- $5.95

Simply clip in for a fun new look!

All this for a grand total of………..


So much you can do with $100!

Best of luck to everyone entering the sweepstakes! Be sure to enter every day and refer a friend to double your chances to win.

Peridot In August

Today is the first day of August!  This means summer is starting to wind down, kids go back to school and for some, August is the month of birthdays.  The August birthstone is the peridot, a brilliant olive green colored mineral.  This stone looks especially beautiful in jewelry.   Below are a few gorgeous settings, which are a perfect gift idea for all those August birthdays.

(1) Follow Your Heart Birthstone Bracelets (2) Birthstone Cupcake Necklaces (3) Guardian Angel Birthstone Necklaces (4) Birthstone Ice Cream Cone Necklaces

Accessory Spotlight – Glass Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most versatile accessories in fashion.  However sometimes it is tough to execute a new trend on a tight budget.  Other times it’s just fun to have a great piece of jewelry to fancy up a plain ensemble.  Today we are highlighting the cute trend of adding a colorful statement piece of jewelry to your outfit.  The best part of this trend is it can transform boring into special or can take a day look to night.

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