Lakeside Collections: Our Weekly Favorites

This week we’ve compiled a list of four items for a room that sometimes needs the most help: The bathroom. We’ve come up with four of our favorite items that will help you keep the room you get clean in, clean and cozy. Because the last thing you want in your bathroom, is the feeling of being some white-walled sterile operation room.


Our first item is the Toilet Roll Storage Stand. Never have that worrisome moment again where you’re not sure how many rolls are left, or where they are stored, or worse, if there’s any left at all. With this handy stand, you’ll always know when you need a refill. Also the chrome finish lends a modern finish to your bathroom.


The bathtub can get slippery. So bathmats are always a good idea, especially if you have children. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring white, or beige color that’s eventually going to show all of the dirt that gets washed away. Our Microfiber Tub Mats provide great suction so that they’ll stay in place. And these won’t cause mildew or store an odor. Typical bathmats are made of don’t stay in place, and therefore are susceptible to bacteria build-up underneath. Take advantage of a bathmat that won’t get your kids or pets sick and will match the décor you have in place. Add some color and personality to your bathroom with these mats, and have peace of mind knowing that everyone is safe.


The Kountry Krystal Soap Dispenser is another great way to add some personality to your bathroom. With its homey, vintage vibe, this soap dispenser will give your bathroom a cozy feel.These pieces are perfect for the holidays and if you are going to have any guests over at your place. The vintage of appeal comes from its resemblance to a jar and its country feel.


There are a lot of ways to decorate your home. Most people look to decorate their tree and stay away from anything not related to their family rooms and outdoor areas. However, for those extra festive folks, it can be amazing to take the decorations into the bathroom as well! This festive, fun santa toilet seat is sure to be a simple delight to all of your guests, and a source of joy for all of your family. The design fits just about any type of toilet, and was built for standard toilets. Also, it is a perfect addition to kid-friendly décor. Set them up in any bathroom in your house and listen to their reactions

Take time to decorate one of the smallest, yet most important rooms in your house. That’s one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays, friends, and family during this month. The bathroom décor trends you set this month can carry out throughout the next year and set the theme and tone for 2014. As we wrap up this year, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities to come up with some of your own great bathroom décor.


Lakeside Selection: Our Weekly Favorites

As the weather turns colder, a mug of something warm and delicious hits the spot. Whether you’re serving morning coffee to a houseful of guests, sharing an afternoon cup of tea with a friend, or settling into your favorite chair with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book at the end of the day, a sip of something warming is a treat. That’s why this week’s focus is on how Lakeside can help you enjoy your coffee, tea or cocoa even more. These weekly favorites suggestions also make fantastic hostess gifts, impromptu Christmas presents or Secret Santa items for your office.


Single-serving coffee pods are the ideal solution for anyone who savors freshly brewed coffee, but doesn’t want to prepare a whole pot. Finding a home for all those pods can be a challenge, especially if you like a wide range of flavors. Instead of burrowing in a drawer for that cup of vanilla hazelnut coffee you’re craving, try one of our Coffee Pod Organizers and take back your counter space. Available in two models, each organizer holds K-cup and similar pods in a rack that makes it easy to find just the right flavor. Choose the drawer style that tucks neatly under your coffee maker or the free-standing carousel design that holds up to 35 packages. Get more from your coffee maker when you keep your coffees organized!


If you or someone special on your gift list is a tea lover, you’ll appreciate the flavorful assortment of teas in this Bentley’s Tea Collection Tin. The classic set includes favorite flavors such as bergamot-tinged Earl Grey, smooth English breakfast tea and flavorful orange spice. If you prefer a lighter selection of tastes, pick the green tea collection and enjoy the delicate flavor of green tea touched with mint, mango and pomegranate. Each reusable tin has 120 tea sachets in half a dozen flavors to give you plenty of variety.


Is today a coffee day, or are you in the mood for tea? Maybe it’s time for hot chocolate. These gift-ready collections of Holiday Teas, Coffee or Cocoas can make it tough to decide, but you’ll love any choice you make. The sets are also perfect for parties; let each guest choose a favorite flavor and create a custom beverage bar for your next gathering. Each set contains nine different flavors of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, all of which are winter classics. Savor tangy raspberry tea in the morning, caramel cocoa as an afternoon treat and Irish cream coffee after dinner.


The taste of a rich cup of hot chocolate only lasts a little while, but when you combine it with a more lasting gift, you give someone special a reason to smile for years. These sweet Sentiment Mugs warm hearts as well as hands. Each 11-ounce mug bears a pretty border inspired by nature and a line or two expressing love for a mother, daughter, aunt, sister or dear friend.

Pull up a chair and enjoy a cup with Lakeside, and you’ll see why we’ve chosen our tasty teas, coffees and cocoas as our weekly favorites feature.

Pinteresting Picks for October

We love getting feedback from you, and Pinterest is one of the best ways to find out what has you talking. From decorative accents to kitchen favorites, we’ve spotted some trends that could make someone’s holiday season bright or add a decorator’s touch to your own home. While October’s picks were full of spooky Halloween charm, holiday decor was only part of what you loved this past month. Discover what generated the most buzz with your most Pinteresting picks for October!

Wrought metal is very much in style for decorative accessories throughout your home and garden. This beautiful vintage dress form was a favorite, and you used it creatively in everything from sewing rooms to bedrooms. Some of you featured it as its own work of art while others made it part of a collection of wrought metal sculptural pieces. For some of you, it’s a great way to display a few favorite accessories or whimsical touches.

October is the harvest season, but for many of you, flowers were still in bloom. Carrying on the wrought metal theme were these metal flower wall sculptures that add interest to an accent table or entertainment center. For those with green thumbs and an eye for decorative elements that are as practical as they are pretty, these tiered iron plant stands were a popular pin. You’ve used them for showy flowers, a touch of green in a sun room or as a miniature herb garden – an idea we especially love for the holidays.

It’s also easy to tell that temperatures have taken a dip from watching how often you pin the cozy fleece throws and warm clothes featured in our fall and winter collections. One item that made a splash in October was our selection of fleece-lined tights to wear with anything. The lining is thin enough to look smooth under all your skirts and dresses, but that extra layer keeps you warm on even the coldest winter days. Based on your boards, you were evenly split between the footed and footless versions, but you looked great in all three elegant neutral hues. We saw more than a few black pairs as part of a Halloween costume, but these fleecy tights will work equally well at the office or your next holiday party.

Pinterest is heaven for professional and amateur manicurists, so it’s no surprise that Lakeside’s laptop manicure set made the grade as one of October’s favorites. The battery-operated sculpting tool has multiple tips for shaping and smoothing natural or acrylic nails, and the flat surface is perfect for giving yourself or someone else a professional-quality manicure at home. The attached compartment zips your cotton balls, favorite polish colors and air-flow nail dryer for convenient storage. Some of you liked it for the convenience of getting the perfect manicure anywhere while others put it on holiday gift lists for friends and family. Whether you kept it for yourself or bought it for someone special, you found plenty to love about this set.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of November’s favorite things and hope you’ve enjoyed a look back at October’s biggest Pinterest hits!

Lakeside Selection: Our Weekly Favorites

This week, we want to help you make a name for yourself! With personalized items from the Lakeside Collection, you can show pride of place, define a personal space or make a customized statement. Fly your family flag proudly or give a child something special to help personalize a room or dorm. By ordering early, your personalized items will arrive in time for the holidays, so choose a customized gift today and surprise someone with a completely unique Christmas present.

Personalized-flagIvory and gold details on a black background make this personalized scroll flag an elegant addition to any foyer, front porch or flag pole. The polyester flag and its custom text are sturdy enough for outside use yet sumptuous enough to display in your home. Bright poppy accents highlight your name or monogram in the center of the flag, which is a generous 37 inches long and 27 inches wide. When hung outdoors, the flag is a stylish way to let neighbors get to know you, help friends find your home or show family pride. Inside, it’s a beautiful decorative accent for an entryway, rec room or den.


Sometimes, the most meaningful statements you can make aren’t written in large letters but carried close to your heart. One of our weekly favorites is this personalized family pendant inscribed with the names of children, grand-kids or someone else special lets you carry a sweet reminder of your loved ones wherever you go. Choose brilliant gold tones, sleek stainless steel or fashionable black for this stylish ring-shaped pendant adorned with fiery cubic zirconium gems. With room for up to five names, each pendant is a beautiful reminder of the love that’s always with you. These personalized pendants also make beautiful gifts and come with an 18-inch chain in an elegant gift box.

Kids love personalizing everything. From their sneakers to their notebooks, they take pride in ownership. Give them a custom personalized wall plaque and let them tell the world whose bedroom or playroom it is. The cute, colorful designs complement any decor and taste, so choose a look that suits your child for an even more kid-pleasing gift. Sweet ballet slippers, quilted pastels, sports themes, contemporary designs and floral patterns give you plenty of options no matter what your kids enjoy. Each plaque has room for up to 10 characters in fonts and cheerful colors that coordinate with the plaques for a designer look. The sturdy wooden plaques work beautifully in a nursery or toddler’s room too. Let your little one practice reading his or her own name with a customized plaque.

Check out the full range of our personalized items and order early to have custom gifts ready in time for the holiday season. Our personalized plaques, flags and art prints are non-returnable once printed, but you’ll have plenty of time to double-check the name or message to make sure it’s correct. You might not see your name in lights on Broadway, but with personalized items from Lakeside, you can make a name for yourself anytime you like.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Christopher Columbus

Christopher-ColumbusOctober’s biggest celebration may be Halloween, but trick-or-treating isn’t the only event happening this month. It’s also the time when we celebrate Christopher Columbus’ trip to the New World with Columbus Day. You probably know most of the major facts about the explorer’s most noteworthy voyage. However, did you know that only one of his three ships’ names is accurate. Or did you know that he tried to find financial backers in three other countries before the Spanish throne funded him?

In honor of Columbus Day, here are some more wild facts you might not know.

Christopher Columbus wasn’t the explorer’s real name
He hailed from Genoa, and his name in Italian was probably Cristoforo Colombo. Other languages have translated his name in different ways, including the Spanish Cristobal Colón.  Even in his native Genoa, details about his true name are foggy. In the 1490’s, spellings weren’t standardized and record-keeping was tougher. We could be celebrating Colombo Day in October if it weren’t for English and American writers who wanted to make the explorer’s name more familiar to their readers!

The Niña and the Pinta aren’t accurate names either
In fact, people who think they know all three of Columbus’ most famous ships are only 33 percent accurate. The Santa Maria was indeed one ship’s name, but the other two famous names we know today were nicknames. The Niña was christened the Santa Clara, but the little ship soon acquired the nickname La Niña, or “little girl”. This was a reference that might also have been a nod to its owner, Juan Niño. Historians aren’t sure what the Pinta was named, but its colorful nickname roughly translates to “painted lady.”

Christopher Columbus didn’t go to Spain first
The explorer wanted a wealthy backer for a trip across the Atlantic, but the most affluent prospects at the time were royal families. He spoke to Portuguese, English and French monarchs and was turned down by all of them. The Portuguese told him his calculations were off, and told him he would never find India in the time Columbus allotted for the trip. They were right – Columbus never reached India by sailing west, but he did reach the Americas, and was one of the first Europeans known to do so. If you’d like, you can celebrate Leif Eriksson Day. It commemorate the Norse explorer whom historians believe landed in Newfoundland about 500 years before Columbus’ voyage. It’s traditionally celebrated on October 9, a little before Columbus Day.

The explorer made four trips to the Americas, not one
Although his most famous trip was his first in 1492, he also made the months-long voyage in 1493, 1498 and 1502. Each trip brought more ships than the last. His travels around the turn of the 16th century helped spark a passion for exploring and a rush to the territories the Europeans called the New World.

Christopher Columbus always believed he’d found his destination and not a continent new to Europeans
He was convinced the silks, spices and dyes from lands east of Europe were still to be found west of the Caribbean islands and Central American coastlines where he put to port. It wasn’t until after his passing that maps with the new islands and shores had a name to put to the unfamiliar land: America.

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Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Few luxuries are more soothing than slipping into a warm bath or shower, and some of our favorite things this week make bath time even more of a pleasure. If you want to relax tired muscles after a tough workout or a long day at the office, this selection of favorites is for you. During a hectic day, your bath may be the only solitude you can find. Treat yourself to a long soak or an invigorating shower. Then, wrap yourself in comfort and settle in for an evening at home or a restful night’s sleep.

Detachable shower heads are wonderful, but the Safe-er-Grip Shower Arm makes them even better. This suction-cup holder attaches firmly to your shower wall or door and lets you direct the stream where you need it most – on aching muscles, tired feet, freshly shampooed hair or anywhere else. When you want to reposition the shower arm, flip the latch and place it wherever you like. It’s also incredibly handy for giving kids and pets a bath because it leaves your hands free for scrubbing.


Make stepping out of the bath or shower a little taste of luxury when you choose a new bath mat in cushioned memory foam wrapped with soft microfiber. Our bright plush foam bath rug comes in an assortment of colors to make this bath accessory a delight for your eyes as well as your toes. The inner foam core is soft enough to mold to your feet but springs back into shape as soon as you step away from the mat. Made with a plush microfiber exterior, this bath mat dries more quickly than shaggy mats that trap water. A non-skid backing means the mat is as practical as it is comfortable.


When you reach for a towel, make it something special. Our jumbo bath sheets are almost 6 feet long to envelop you in cozy warmth and softness from head to toe. Thirsty looped cotton terry fabric gently and quickly dries you. These bath sheets are such a hit that we offer them in seasonal colors to suit every style. Choose from rich, vibrant tones such as plum and spice, or go with soft pastels that evoke memories of mild spring days.


After your bath is the perfect time to moisturize, and with these gel heel socks, you won’t even need lotion. A gel pad within the sock contains intensely moisturizing vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba to soften skin, leaving your heels smooth and comfortable. A drop of soothing lavender oil adds a pleasant scent that helps you relax as you moisturize. Slip into your socks, put your feet up and have an evening of blissful relaxation. If you have cracked or dry heels from standing all day, these cozy socks are a wonderfully soothing solution.



When you’ve spent all day making others comfortable, take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy the tranquility of the tub. Go ahead; you deserve it!

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

The end of the summer is almost upon us, and most parties are already starting to move from the outdoors to the living rooms. At Lakeside, we know how important it is for you to have a great space to relax, and we help make that possible.

Whether you are entertaining guests for a football game or just lounging, this sofa side table can make your downtime much more enjoyable. Place your party snacks and beverages on it for easy access during the game. Or, if you just need a place to put a laptop while doing work, this mini-table can be an absolute life saver! The beautiful contemporary design fits in perfectly with a wide range of designs and motifs. Finally, the convenient shape allows the base to slide underneath your sofa or other furniture for easy storage and cleanup.

If you are a fan of the game, you already know how important viewing angles are! Your t.v. has to be in the optimal position, especially if you have a living room full of guests. In order to cut down on the glare, our ladder tv stand makes it possible for everyone to get a spectacular view of the screen and catch every play. In addition, the gorgeous modern design has ample storage while cutting down on any unnecessary clutter. It can hold a flat screen of up to 52 inches, and accommodate 100 pounds on the main shelf. The intricate and aesthetically pleasing ladder storage units are a great new look and they are popping up in design magazines everywhere! Get your new stand today and let the compliments pour in.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the little things, as they can really make or break your home decor setup. One of the main attributes that we like promoting is the overall flow of the room. This is true from your kitchen to your living room, and everything in-between. If you use this as a guideline, you’ll find that it’s sometimes easier to start from scratch. Use the purpose of the room as your base. Fill in the blank and everything else will fall into place effortlessly. For example, “My living room is used for ______”.  Once you define it, and actually look around the room, you’ll see that you probably have a lot of extra items that don’t contribute to that overall purpose. My living room is used almost exclusively for entertaining, and relaxing. So, some of the main elements I focus on are: comfort, style, and lots of open spaces (even if that means completely rearranging the furniture that I have).

One of my favorite details is using accent pillows to soften the look of a room. While mounds of pillows are the most appealing part of relaxing, their visual aesthetic is often overlooked. What’s my secret? Don’t overdo it. It’s only comfortable if there is still room to sit on the sofa. Try not to cover up too much of the seating area, and if possible use the corners of the couch instead of the middle. This will open up the space for a more inviting and spacious look. Also, get enough so you can match your pillows with your existing color scheme, and change them up from time to time.