Weekly Lakeside Favorites: Light Fixtures

As fall days are growing shorter, we thought this would be the perfect week to shine the spotlight on lighting. From candle accents that add a warm glow to your home to task lighting that lets you see every detail clearly, the right lighting choices illuminate your life. We’re showcasing some of our year-round favorites this week, but don’t forget the special place holiday lighting plays in your seasonal decor. You’ll find a wealth of ways to light it up with Lakeside!

Be the star at your next backyard gathering or dinner party with these twinkling Hanging Star Candle Holders. Available in red, green and gold, these antiqued metal and glass holders hang suspended from decorative chains for a celestial effect in any indoor or outdoor space. They’re unlike conventional light fixtures yet they are enchanting when hung from tree branches for an evening garden party or in windows for a festive touch. The holders open in the back and can fit standard tea lights or LED everlasting candles with ease. Each star is 10 inches wide, so they’re large enough to make a dramatic statement by themselves or in groupings of two or three. Choose a single favorite shade or create a beautiful play of hues with stars in all three vibrant colors.

Lighting takes a practical turn when you use our illuminated floor stand magnifier lamp for everything from detailed hand sewing to reading small print with ease. The stand adjusts for easy positioning while its flexible gooseneck design lets you bend and tilt the generous magnifying lens anywhere you need it. A dozen bright white LEDs on the back of the magnifier’s frame cast clear, shadow-free light on your craft project or art, letting you see every detail. Perfect for miniature painters, embroiderers, fine artists and avid readers, this stand-alone frame lets you keep both hands free while sharpening your vision. The screen is lightweight acrylic, so it’s easy to move and reposition. Once you see how much of a difference glare-free lighting and magnification makes to your next project, you will wonder how you did without this craft essential.

In your master bedroom, guest room or den, light fixtures can be both pretty and practical when you choose our exclusive adjustable wall lamp. Clean-lined, contemporary styling goes with any decor, and the lamp height adjusts to fit over your bed, sofa or favorite easy chair. The graceful curve of the lamp’s metal body ends in a classic white shade for maximum light with no glare or eye strain. Because they mount to the wall, these lamps free valuable real estate on end tables and nightstands, giving you more room for decorative objects, books or a glass of water. Each individual light fixture accepts up to a 40-watt bulb and casts plenty of light for reading, crafting or sewing.

With the right lighting, shorter days feel warm and bright even as the weather turns cooler. Let Lakeside light up your life with essential task lighting, light fixtures, practical reading lamps and decorative candles to create special effects throughout your home!

Buying your first home? 7 signs that indicate faulty electrics

buying-first-homeBuying your first home is always an exciting time, and with so many different things to consider it can be pretty overwhelming. Thinking about the electrics of your potential new home may be the last thing on your mind whilst you worry about whether your furniture will fit and whether you are happy with the area.

However, faulty electrics can be a serious fire hazard and could potentially lead to a serious or fatal accident. Therefore, ensuring they are safe before you move into a new home is essential. It is a good idea to ask the current homeowner for certificates to show who completed the current electrical, and when that was. If an electrician did work yet didn’t provide a certificate this is a worrying indication of the quality of their work.

Testing the electric is the only way to tell for sure that you have a problem. If you are buying a house that is more than 25 years old, it is important to check that the wiring is up-to-date before you make your purchase. This way you can get an estimate of the work your new home will require, before you make an offer on the house.

Re-wiring work can be very disruptive to the fabric of your building, so it is best to get this out of the way before any other work, such as re-decorating, is undertaken.

When is Rewiring Necessary?
If the house hasn’t been rewired in the last 25 years or so, chances are it will need to be upgraded to bring it up to current standards. You can tell whether it has been rewired recently by inspecting any exposed parts of wiring, and you can get an idea from looking at the electricity meter and fuse box. If there is an old-fashioned looking fuse box, this is a good indication the home needs rewiring.

Seven main indicators to look out for are:

1. Are the fuses rewirable? Rewirable fuses haven’t been used for years, so you can guess that if they’re used the electricals haven’t been recently updated.

2. How many socket-outlets are visible in each room of the house? Recently rewired homes tend to have more than two double sockets per room, and any visible single sockets are an indication that the installation is quite old.

3. Signs of overheating at socket outlets will suggest rewiring is necessary.

4. A fuse box with a wooden back or cast iron switches will suggest that it dates back to before the 1960s, and will need to be replaced.

5. Any round light switches, braided flex connecting ceiling roses to light fittings, black switches and sockets mounted into skirting boards may need replacing.

6. Any obvious damage to socket outlets, switches or lights are also a bad sign.

7. Finally, are there any unusual sounds or flickering lights? If the lights flicker, dim and brighten throughout the home, or make a buzzing sound, this is a sure indicator of faulty wiring.

Before going ahead with a purchase, and especially if you have any doubts about the safety of your potential new home, it is a good idea to arrange for a qualified electrician to do a survey of the property. Depending on whether you want a verbal or full written report this can cost you around $150 – $620, but if it saves you a costly mistake or injury in the long run, it’s definitely worth the money.

Emily Bradbury is writing on behalf of Walton Homes, who offer a  range of beautiful new homes in Tamworth, Staffordshire, and the West Midlands. To find out more, visit their website.