Ways a Tray Can Simplify Your Life

Glass-watering-stakesA tray is just a slab of wood with a couple of handles attached to it, but it has so many uses. As a tool for the kitchen or a decorative piece in the living room, a tray adds value to your home. Here are ways a tray can simplify your life in any room of the house.

In-house Green House

On their own, plants add a little life to a room, but together, you create a decorative piece to put on display with a tray. While you create a small exhibit for your plants with a tray as the canvas, it also acts as a receptacle for excess water to give you the benefit of having a plant in the house without the mess.


Winter snow or summer rain, a tray for wet boots and shoes in the entryway is a cute way to keep the outdoor elements off your floor. It’s an elegant method of corralling water, dirt and mud around entryways so outside mess doesn’t get tracked into the rest of your home. It saves time on cleaning and floors from damage.


A big party or big pans, a delicately decorated tray makes clean up a little less wet. Use a cute tray to trap water under a dish drying rack. Water pools in the tray rather than on the counter while you tidy up. Delightful designs make clean up less dreary and your counter tops dry.

Living Room

No need for a curio cabinet with a tray for display. Tucked away on a bookshelf or on display on a side table, show off objects you love to collect on a tray. Whether they’re pottery bowls, candlesticks or little jars of sea shells, trays perfectly showcase knickknacks neatly.


Reclaim your counter space and put products in their place with a tray as a vanity organizer in your  bathroom or bedroom. Whether you have countless colors of nail polish or a ton of tubes of hair gel, keep it classy by sorting them with a serving tray. A tray creates a visual flow your products can’t quite pull off on their own.

A tray is a versatile houseware; they’re not just for serving tea and cookies. For living room tablescapes or bathroom organization, wicker or leather, there are many ways to be creative with a tray.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

The end of the summer is almost upon us, and most parties are already starting to move from the outdoors to the living rooms. At Lakeside, we know how important it is for you to have a great space to relax, and we help make that possible.

Whether you are entertaining guests for a football game or just lounging, this sofa side table can make your downtime much more enjoyable. Place your party snacks and beverages on it for easy access during the game. Or, if you just need a place to put a laptop while doing work, this mini-table can be an absolute life saver! The beautiful contemporary design fits in perfectly with a wide range of designs and motifs. Finally, the convenient shape allows the base to slide underneath your sofa or other furniture for easy storage and cleanup.

If you are a fan of the game, you already know how important viewing angles are! Your t.v. has to be in the optimal position, especially if you have a living room full of guests. In order to cut down on the glare, our ladder tv stand makes it possible for everyone to get a spectacular view of the screen and catch every play. In addition, the gorgeous modern design has ample storage while cutting down on any unnecessary clutter. It can hold a flat screen of up to 52 inches, and accommodate 100 pounds on the main shelf. The intricate and aesthetically pleasing ladder storage units are a great new look and they are popping up in design magazines everywhere! Get your new stand today and let the compliments pour in.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the little things, as they can really make or break your home decor setup. One of the main attributes that we like promoting is the overall flow of the room. This is true from your kitchen to your living room, and everything in-between. If you use this as a guideline, you’ll find that it’s sometimes easier to start from scratch. Use the purpose of the room as your base. Fill in the blank and everything else will fall into place effortlessly. For example, “My living room is used for ______”.  Once you define it, and actually look around the room, you’ll see that you probably have a lot of extra items that don’t contribute to that overall purpose. My living room is used almost exclusively for entertaining, and relaxing. So, some of the main elements I focus on are: comfort, style, and lots of open spaces (even if that means completely rearranging the furniture that I have).

One of my favorite details is using accent pillows to soften the look of a room. While mounds of pillows are the most appealing part of relaxing, their visual aesthetic is often overlooked. What’s my secret? Don’t overdo it. It’s only comfortable if there is still room to sit on the sofa. Try not to cover up too much of the seating area, and if possible use the corners of the couch instead of the middle. This will open up the space for a more inviting and spacious look. Also, get enough so you can match your pillows with your existing color scheme, and change them up from time to time.

10 Ways to Reinvent Your Living Room

Living-roomYour home’s living room sets the stage for decor throughout the house. Use these easy decorator tips to transform your living room into a showpiece you’ll be proud to show to friends and family!

1. Pick colors that work together

A riot of color can work in a kitchen or bathroom, but you’ll spend a lot of time in the living room. You need harmony in your color scheme to make it work. Unless you’re getting all new furniture, choose a color from one of the items in the room and make it your central hue. Look for colors next to it on the color wheel for a quieter color scheme, or you can go bold with accents of complementary colors on the opposite end of the wheel.

2. Don’t be afraid to go bright

While you want a color scheme that works well together, you don’t have to stick to neutrals. Decorators love to use a pop of bright color as an accent, and so should you. Combine subdued neutrals with throw pillows in bright primary colors or add wall art that commands attention with brilliant color.

3. Unify your furniture

Living rooms sometimes inherit furniture and decorative elements from previous design schemes and leave you wondering how to combine a dark plaid sofa with pale floral chairs. Slipcovers are one solution that can completely change the look of your living room.

4. Add texture

A room in neutral colors needs something to create contrast, and texture is the answer. If you have plenty of sleek wooden furniture, pair them with fabrics that have a rich texture. Also, add depth to smooth leather or vinyl with these faux fur throws.

5. Keep furniture in scale

That oversized sofa may be wonderfully comfortable, but does it leave room for a matching ottoman and bulky side tables if you have a small living room? Try switching furniture around to give large pieces center stage and put smaller items around it as supporting players.

6. Move away from walls

When all the furniture in a room is pushed against the walls, it makes the room feel hollow and empty. Instead, group sofas and chairs into pairs and trios. Think of them as guests at a party and let them mingle instead of being wallflowers.

7. Add a touch of luxury

Your living room should feel like a place you want to live, so make it cozy with soft textures. Start from the ground up with a themed rug collection that ties the room together while encouraging barefoot walks on soft nylon instead of a cold floor.

8. Create collections

When you group similar items together, they have a greater decorative impact than an item by itself. For example, this collage frame turns individual pictures into a stunning statement.

9. Use storage wisely

No room feels restful when you’re surrounded with clutter, so find ways to store everything from kids’ toys to DVDs for a more pulled-together living room.

10. Take it to the next level

When everything in the room is at one height, the overall effect is dull even if individual pieces are beautiful. Look for ways to vary heights and create contrast. Putting a towering floor lamp near a low divan adds visual interest. This decorative cabinets illustrates how a little variety adds interest.Give your living room the attention it deserves with a quick makeover. You’ll be amazed at how little effort it takes to reinvent your living room!


Image Credit: www.interiornity.com