Winter Olympic Events You May Not Know About

The Olympics are in full swing and has everyone talking. With so much action packed into two weeks you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the games. The athletes trained for years for their chance to win gold in 15 different events. We are all used to hearing about figure skating, skiing and snowboarding but there are some events that only gain attention during the games. We’ve got the scoop on the events you may have wondered about.


This sport is played on the ice but without skates. The athletes wear special curling shoes. These special shoes have a combination of a slider sole and grip sole. This helps the players be more flexible and gain more control on the ice when curling. The field is a long icy stretch that leads to a target area. The target is separated by four rings. The players use a curling broom to push curling stone towards the targets. The athlete’s goal is to push the stones as close to the center of the target as possible. The team with the most stones the closest to the target will win.

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At first glance you may think you know what a skeleton is but make no bones about it; it may not what you think. The Skeleton sport is one of the events in the Winter Olympics you probably have seen but didn’t know what it was called. These athletes ride face down on a sled straight down a frozen track.  So how fast can they really go? This sport takes athletes through turns that can propel them up to 5 Gs of force.

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The Olympics have evolved by adding and even eliminating events from the program and the Lakeside Games are no exception.  The second event in our office Olympics is Chair Rowing. This skilled sport challenges everyone to work as a team during the race to be the first to roll across the finish line. The event was quick but the victory was sweet!

Congratulations to Advertising! They rowed themselves to victory and tied up the games! Who will win the next event and break the tie? Don’t touch that dial!  We have more thrilling coverage of the #LakesideGames coming your way soon!



News Flash! Olympic Fever Has Hit Our Office!

With snow on the ground and a chill in the air, most people think of Valentine’s Day when they think of the month of February. This year the month of February holds more in store for us as the Winter Olympics has returned in 2014. This year the Olympics will be held in Russia from February 6-23 with 98 events in 15 diverse sports.

With the opening ceremonies just a few hours away Olympic fever has started to spread and we are no exception! We are so excited to watch this year’s Olympics; we’ve decided to create our own office event right here at Lakeside. When planning an Office Olympics, organization is key. Here are a few tips on how we planned our momentous events.

When planning any extended event, it is helpful to first decide on how many events you would like to host. Take in consideration the opening and closing ceremonies along with the actual games themselves. When choosing your games be sure they are office friendly and work with the space you have available.

This may be the most important part to plan. In any competition whether it is just for fun or for an Olympic medal, rules keep your events running smooth and your games fair. Olympic athletes train hard and put their all into the games. It’s important they know they won or lose fair and square.

Once you have rules in place teams must be created. Make sure all teams have an equal amount of people. Request your teams to create a team flag and a uniform so there is no confusion of who is participating. It also is fun for the teams to create the ultimate team symbol to showcase during the games.

Now that you have the games in place and your teams ready to train there is only one thing left to do, tell everyone! Send out emails and suggest the recipients forward the information on to others. Start talking it up at the water cooler and just happen to mention there may or may not be medals involved at lunch. Create a buzz and get everyone in the office talking about your Olympic games. This will not only create excitement but your games will gain spectators to cheer on their favorite team.

Lakeside is holding the 2014 Office Olympics where two teams will go for the gold. Three challenging events bring our Advertising team and Customer Service team to our Olympic battle ground to see who will reign victorious. Lakeside will host three events; Recycle Bin Relay, Chair Rowing, and a final face off in Cup Stacking. We kicked off our games with a grand opening ceremony and lit our Olympic flame which will burn throughout the games.

Don’t touch that dial! We have more news from our Office Olympics coming up. Who will win the first event? Did the Olympic flame stay lit? Will our host shimmy in every video? Follow us at the #LakesideGames and Stay tuned!