5 Entertaining Tips Everyone Should Know

Party season is right around the corner, and we have some great party tips to make your next get-together memorably festive. Whether it’s your turn to host an office party, a birthday celebration or just a good excuse to have fun with friends, these tips will provide you with what you need for success.


Pick a Theme

Holiday parties have a built-in theme, but even if you’re hosting a mid-week gathering for no particular reason, coming up with a concept for decorations, drinks and food can help you create a festive atmosphere. Luau and tiki themes are always hits for backyard barbecues, but don’t feel constrained to popular party ideas; you can go as wild as you like with your concept. Guests will be charmed with a Mardi Gras masquerade or a retro party with dishes and drinks from vintage cookbooks.




Cook Ahead

When you get most of the cooking done ahead of time, you give yourself more freedom to enjoy entertaining. Instead of spending your party in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on some complicated dish, plan a simple, straightforward menu of foods you know your guests will love. You and they will remember the fun more than the food, so prepare something elegant and easy. Lasagna, roasted chicken and macaroni and cheese are a few possibilities.

Cookware that looks and performs beautifully, such as this set of three handled baking dishes, lets you assemble and store entrees or side dishes the night before and pop them in the oven shortly before guests arrive. They go straight from the oven to the dinner table, saving you another step and giving you more time to spend with your guests.



Make It Inviting with Light

What makes a chic nightclub or formal restaurant special? In many cases, it’s the lighting, not the decor, that makes the difference. Try some special effects with lighting to make your next get-together magical. Outside, try stringing colorful paper lanterns or white fairy lights above your deck or patio. Interior spaces take on a beautifully warm and welcoming glow with candles. Kids and pets don’t always get along with candles, though, so choose child-friendly alternatives such as this electric pillar candle light string for part of your table design.



Create a Play List


Music makes a party, and you have more options than ever for music that complements your theme. Internet radio stations have hundreds of stations with dozens of exciting musical genres from which to choose. You can even find music from favorite television shows or movies to play as background music for a season finale party or Oscar night. For holiday parties, look for unique takes on classics; an album of vintage Christmas music, for example, makes your party memorable and will get people talking.



Appeal to All the Senses

You’ve already decorated, cooked and chosen the music, but don’t forget to make an impression on your guests’ noses. Bouquets of fresh flowers, incense or candle warmers have the staying power to perfume the air for hours without coming on too strong. For a dinner party, choose scents that go well with food and won’t overpower the meal, such as vanilla or spice fragrances. A summer cocktail party might call for something exotic and tropical.

Entertaining can be as much fun for you, the host, as it is for your guests when you plan. Start thinking about creative, fun party ideas today, and you’ll be set from now until the new year!

It’s time for the Big Game: 7 Must Have Items for your Party

Set-of-four-cook-serve-and-store-platesYou’ve  got two more weeks to get your big game party in order. No matter if you are rooting for San Francisco or Baltimore, the star of any party is food.  Celebrate the big game with style this year, and check out some of our items that we think would make a great addition to your party this year.

Cook, Serve & Store Plates: Our set of 4 Cook, Serve and Store Plates streamline your cooking, display and cleaning process. You can prepare, serve and store all with one dish—what’s not to love about that?

Colorful Snack Set: Add a pop of color to your food display with this 8-Pc. Colorful Snack Set. These are perfect for dips and chips because of their two compartments.

Can-Tamer® Revolving Storage: If you are short on table space, our 2-Tier Can Tamer® Revolving Storage product is a great solution to your problem. It can hold up to 13 beverages and rotates 360 degrees for easy use.

Beehive Beverage Dispenser: Great for serving punch and other beverages, our 2-Gallon Beehive Beverage Dispenser is a great addition to any party.

NFL Pub Glasses: Sad your team didn’t make it to the big game? Show your support with our Set of 2 NFL Pub Glasses. Note: Not all NFL teams are available.

Cup Pie Baking Set: Put to use some of those Pinterest ideas with our Cup Pie Baking Set. You can make some creative dishes with this baking set.

Cake Pops Cookbook: Get creative with your desert options and use our Cake Pops Cookbook to find some great inspirations for your party.

Do you have your party all planned out? Tell us about it in the comments below.