Cat Gifts & Supplies for the Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer. National Dog Day. Dogs get plenty of attention during the summer months. What about cats? True, there is a National Cat Day coming up on October 29th, right before Halloween. But that’s just too far away for some cat owners to wait. It might be the dog days, but it’s time to give cats their share of the spotlight. Take a look at these cat gifts and cat supplies to keep you covered until October rolls around.

Toys to Keep Them Entertained


The 3-Pc. Kitty Fun Bopper Set will keep your cat happy for hours. Each has a foam ball with a flashing LED light inside that activates when tapped. The unique design makes it bounce at random when it hits the floor.

The 4-Ft. Multilevel Cat Tower with Scratchers gives your feline friend an impressive place to perch, scratch and nap. It has 7 sisal-wrapped surfaces for scratching and cleaning claws, and plush perches for lounging.


Entertain your cat with an entirely new toy with the Triple-Tiered Cat Chaser. Your cat will go wild batting at the brightly colored balls that roll round and round the tracks. Balls can be popped out and moved around.

Shaped like a cozy cave, the Pet Snuggle Bed gives your cat a new favorite retreat. Perfect for felines that like to burrow and hide, it features a removable cushion inside and a top that secures with fabric-magic.

Cat Home Care Collection


The Open Top Litter Box with Shield is the perfect way to contain and manage your cat’s mess. The easy-to-clean litter box has a 3-sided shield to prevent spills and provide privacy. The scoop simplifies cleanup.

The cat Treat Jar is the perfect place to store some of their favorite snacks. The 48-oz. jar adds a modern look and a cute cat-themed design to your countertop, complete with a fish-shaped handle and fish bones.


The Sentiment Pet Food Pail is a convenient way to keep your cat’s treats or toys stored in style. The front features a sweet sentiment. The pail has handles for carrying, an easy lid and a 3.5-oz. scoop on the side.

Prevent your furry friend from going hungry or being overfed with the Pet Daily Reminder Chart. When you put food in their bowl, simply flip the tag for that day of the week to let everyone know the chore is finished.

Lakeside Selection: Our Weekly Favorites

Now that November is here, it’s sweater weather for everyone, including your beloved pets. When you’re chilly, you can pull on a pair of favorite socks or adjust the thermostat, but your pets have to rely on their own fur and feathers to stay warm. This week, we’re taking a look at ways you can pamper your pooch and coddle your kitty with a holiday-friendly twist.


As anyone who has ever enjoyed sharing a blanket with a pet can tell you, cats and dogs gravitate to enclosed areas. They like to feel protected on all sides, a habit left over from the wild when they looked for hollow logs or small caves to use as dens. Dragging a hollow log into your home isn’t really practical, but this adorable Santa’s Hat Pet Cave gives dogs or cats the protected nest they crave with a little holiday whimsy for you. For cats, the Santa’s hat bed is even more fun; the pom-pom attachment makes an irresistible toy for playful kittens. The red velveteen fabric readily sheds pet hair while the fleecy base has extra cushioning to keep your pet cozy on chilly winter nights. This Santa-themed pet bed is cute enough to be a decoration all by itself, but with your pet’s sweet, furry face at the opening, it’s too adorable to miss.


Even with a fur coat, pets sometimes need an extra layer or two to stay warm. When it’s snowy outside, keep your pet cozy on walks with this merry striped hat and sweater set. Ideal for short-haired and medium-haired dogs, the machine-washable set has a soft fleece lining and stripes of red, green and white. The matching hat has a sweet pom-pom top and a comfortable elastic strap to hold it secure and protect delicate ears from chilly weather. Long-wearing acrylic is dye-fast and water resistant to help keep your pup comfortable even when sleet or snow is falling. Make walks more fun for you and your pet with extra protection from the cold. Available in small, medium and large, it also fits cats, although not all of them will be as fond of hats as the Dr. Seuss character.


Pets don’t always pay much attention to the holidays unless they’re smelling a turkey in the oven or attempting to sneak treats during parties, but they always appreciate new toys. This Christmas, give your pet this set of Stuffing-Free Dog Toys and enjoy playtime without the worry of sending stuffing bits flying. In Santa, reindeer and snowman themes, the toys have squeaky inserts in the tops and feet, giving your dog another reason to love these colorful characters. Each polyester fabric toy has a fleecy exterior that’s easy for you to clean and is appealing for dogs to chew. The only stuffing you want your guests to see is the kind that goes with the turkey, so choose these un-stuffed fabric toys for your pet’s Christmas celebration.

Even if you don’t have pets, you’ll warm the hearts of people who do when you think of their furry friends this holiday season. Everything in this week’s collection also makes a fantastic gift, so surprise someone with a little something for the family pet.