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Our social networks are buzzing and we want to share with you some of our favorite blogs, pinners and tweeters that share our love for home improvement and family life. Here’s who we are following we this week we think are worth checking out.

Better-in-bulkBetter in Bulk is a family-friendly, crafty and wholesome place to get ideas for what to have for dinner to where to take a weekend trip. Better in Bulk is also quite handy with the camera; check out her Fourth of July photos – they’re worth the visit to the website.

Shabby-Creek-CottageThe Shabby Creek Cottage is all about creating the perfect home from the ground up. The DIY tricks are unbelievably thorough – try aging galvanized metal! – and the recipes are so mouthwatering even if you didn’t think you’d want to try them, you will after you see the pictures.


V. Ruth Baranowski is a well-rounded pinner. Farm animals and children’s costumes get equal amounts of pin-time with tookytooky15, but she pays special attention to The Art of Being Awesome and we pay special attention to her; so should you.

From cute kids to crafty creations, Dixie Henderson gives us Pinspiration. Not only does she pin things to encourage us to make and do things, but some of her boards are downright entertaining. A favorite of her boards is “I Remember These!” which is filled with all sorts of nostalgia. Check her out.


Holly Becker (@decor8) Tweets sweetly with a new mom’s voice and a stylist’s eye. She mixes up her messages with décor suggestions and inspirational quotes. She’s a fountain of information as well as a pleasure to follow.

Alli Smith (@allismith77) Alli Smith is a writer and storyteller and offers tweets short and to the point. Her topics vary from “Mother-In-Law vs Daughter-In-Law” to “Porches, Patios, and Paths.” Whatever she tweets, we’ll follow.

At The Lakeside Collection we’re always scouring the Internet for ideas and inspiration. Whether it’s on Twitter, Pinterest or a blog – when we see something fantastic, we want to share them with you and we hope you’ll do the same for us. Leave us a comment if there’s a site, pinner or tweeter you think is inspiring.

Pinteresting Picks for April

April is over and we have so much to do now that May is here. The catalog is giving us and our Pinterest followers ideas on what we need to gear up for summer. Here’s our list of the products most pinned for the month — our Pinteresting Picks for April.


The Folding Deck Tables is one of our favorites and a favorite of our pinners. It’s the perfect space-saving table for a deck, porch or balcony — great for cocktails and snacks outside on a summer night.


Today is a New Day Wall Art adds decor and inspiration to your home. The uplifting messages are printed on wooden box-frame with an antiqued looked.Every time you walk by it, you’ll be delighted with art and encouragement that will make you feel good all day long.


Personalized Self-Inking Stamps let you put your mark on anything you want. With a choice of “round square,” “square block” and “round monogram” you can personalize all of your outgoing mail or anything paper you want to label as your own.


Space-Saving Bathroom Organizer maximizes storage for a small bathroom. It’s tall and thin and features multiple storage areas where you put all of your bathroom products and appliances. It even has a pullout drawer and a lower cabinet, which has a hinged door and magnetic closure.


Pinteresting Picks for February

Out with February and in with March! Another month is upon us, and it’s time for our monthly pin round up. The majority of our pinners are more than ready to put the cold days in the past, and we’re all looking forward to springtime activities, eating lighter, and planning our gardens. Here’s a quick list of pins that everyone loved in February.

Whimsical Boot Planters

ladybug boot planters

Spring is fewer than three weeks away, which means garden season is right around the corner! Before you know it you’ll have gigantic zucchini squash and beautiful herbs and tomatoes popping up in your garden. What garden is complete without a few fun accessories? We’d say that’s why these whimsical boot planters were popular last month, and just look at how cute they are! Every garden deserves a little aesthetic facelift, and these great ladybug boot planters are a great way to bring a little nature inside your home while you wait out the rest of winter.

Ceramic Chip N’ Dip Bowls

chip n dip bowls

Party planning never takes a vacation, and this set of chip and dip bowls is the perfect addition to your St. Patrick’s Day spread. The polka dot exterior is perfect for Easter, while the green interior keeps it festive for St. Patrick’s Day. This is the best color scheme for springtime celebrations, which is why our pinners love it! Try out new recipes for spinach-artichoke dip, Tzatziki sauce, hummus, and more for your Irish festivities this month!

Lavender Wreaths and Garlands

spring wreath garland

Wreaths and garlands aren’t just for fall and winter, and these great spring floral wreath designs show you just how versatile they can be. Purple might just be the color of the year, which is why this lavender wreath and garland set is one of our top pins for February. Welcome spring in style with these great décor additions to your home!

Giant Chalk Pencil With Sharpener

chalk pencil

Families everywhere are trying to avoid cabin fever with their little ones, and we’re all looking forward to more time outside. This fun giant chalk pencil is perfect for creative kids who like to doodle, and it even comes with its own sharpener! If you’ve got kids, or even if you babysit your nieces and nephews, this is a great way to keep them entertained. There are three different colors of chalk, which are loaded into the jumbo pencil for a fun afternoon on the sidewalk. This giant chalk pencil is a great way to keep your kids entertained on springtime afternoons; stock up and prepare your arsenal of fun outdoor activities while you wait out the last couple of weeks of winter.

Pinteresting Picks for January

cosmetic bagsJanuary has ended, and just when we were all recovering from the holidays and thinking about those resolutions, we had a busy week preparing for yesterday’s big game! Now that things are settling down again here at The Lakeside Collection, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular Pinterest pins from January. Let’s see what you’ve all been enjoying over the past month.

Gifts Under $20 – Allegro Quilted Cosmetic Bags

Christmas may be over, but giving gifts is a year-round affair. With one of the most popular resolutions being “save more, spend less” it’s no surprise that gifts for under $20, such as this cosmetic bag, were popular pins last month. We’ve got lots of great gift ideas for $20 and under, so check them all out!

Spoon Rest and Utensil Set

spoon rest Another big hit in January, these attractive spoon and utensil rest sets are the perfect solution to messy counters and oven, and they’re especially perfect when you’re making sauces or cooking with oil. The bowls at the bottom catch all the drips, while the vertical style is attractive, easy, and much cleaner than standard spoon rests!

Footprint Stepping Stones (Set of Four)

Most of us are still experiencing blizzards, but in the southern corners of the country, we know it’s almost time to start planting for spring, which is probably why these adorable footprint stepping stones are growing in popularity! January is a great time to start thinking about what you want to do with your garden this year, and the perfect time to get your compost pile started!


twist roller rideTwist Roller Ride On

Who is ready to play outside with the kids? Apparently lots of you are, and you’re preparing with fun outdoor toys like this Twist Roller Ride On, which is great outdoor fun for kids 3 and up. It uses all the basics of physics – centrifugal force, gravity, and aerodynamics – to give your kids and fun and effortless ride around the driveway, sidewalk, blacktop, or other smooth surface. Pedals aren’t even necessary! Definitely put this one on your list for spring and summer fun.

Perfect Pancake Pan

Another fun pin, we love the perfect pancake fan, and so do pinners! We thing everyone should use it to make these cinnamon roll pancakes  – are so decadent and delicious, no wonder everyone kept re-pinning them too. We think they’re the perfect treat for your sweet this Valentine’s Day! And, with the Perfect Pancake Pan, making them for your sweetheart will be a piece of cake!

8 Ideas to Get a Head Start For Valentine’s Day

s'more friendsValentine’s Day is less than a month away, which means it’s time to really start thinking about gifts, reservations, and exciting evenings with the one you love. Your kids will request Valentine’s Day cards and baked goods for their classes, and you’ll have to come up with something fun and unique to do with your spouse. Here are 8 ideas to help you get started.

1. Plan a Party

It’s not very common for couples to throw parties for Valentine’s Day, but it can be a really fun way to celebrate the holiday with the whole family. You can make treats, plan games, get favors, and enjoy spending time with the people you really love. If you’re feeling really generous, you can make Valentine’s Day about the kids by planning a fun party for them! Offer to watch your friends’ kids on the big night as well, and you can let them enjoy their time together.

2. Make Reservations

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day in most restaurants, so if you want to take your loved one out for a nice meal, now is the time to pick the place. Check out review sites like Open Table and Yelp to find great restaurants in your area, or just make a reservation at your favorite restaurant in town. Another fun idea is to try and recreate your first date by heading back to the first place you ever shared a meal. You should always make your reservations early to ensure you get a seat!

3. Look for Upcoming Concerts and Shows

Most of us really enjoy going to concerts, plays, and other outings. Now is a great time to see if your significant other’s favorite groups will be in town so you can score great seats. You don’t have to see the show on Valentine’s Day, but it is a great day to present the tickets as a gift!

4. Pay Attention to Hints

Let’s face it; most of us have a way of dropping hints for our partner. We talk about how fun it is to go golfing with the guys on Saturday or receive flowers at the office. Now is the time to pay attention to these little details so you can work them into your Valentine’s Day celebration. It’s not about what you want to do for them; it’s about what they want and what makes them happy!

5. Stock Up on Hearts

A fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids is to put a little heart, Hershey’s kiss, or other treat in their lunch every day in February. Now is the time to stock up on little heart toothpicks or heart-shaped candies for the month. You can even cut their sandwiches into hearts! (Tip: look for fun cheap toothpicks online now and they’ll arrive before February!)

6. Plan a Menu

While many of us want to get out of the house for Valentine’s Day, it can be amateur hour out there! Restaurants and movie theaters are often packed with people who rarely leave their homes, so if you don’t want to fight the crowds, plan a nice night at home. Now is the time to figure out what you’d like to make and serve, and you can even test out a few of the recipes.

7. DIY Décor

You’ve got about a week until February, so if you’re into decorating for Valentine’s Day, now is the time to start! Make tissue paper pom-poms, and heart-shaped wreaths to hang around your house.

8. DIY Gifts

Ah, the gifts. This is always the easiest and hardest part of any Valentine’s Day celebration! A fun twist on the standard gifts is to add a personal touch of love by making something yourself. From mustachioed mugs and personalized beer mugs for guys to photo planners and jewelry boxes for women, there are tons of ways to present a great gift with a DIY touch. DIY gifts are also great for kids who want to make something for their parents! Check out more ideas on Pinterest.

Image Source: Today Show’s Pinterest

Lakeside Pinteresting Picks for December

Things are finally settling down for us here at The Lakeside Collection, so we’ve decided to compile a quick list of our most popular pins from December. Read on to see what our Pinterest followers found most Pin-worthy last month!

Novelty Toe Socks

novelty toe socks

You liked them and so do we! These adorable novelty toe socks were favorite stocking stuffers for kids and adults of all ages! If you didn’t snag a pair from Santa, it’s not too late. These are great for wearing around the house when it’s still too cold to go outside, or just on a fun night in with the girls! Make it really fun and have a themed wine night – everyone wear your favorite toe socks!





Prescription Bottle Kooler

prescription beer cooler

Some say laughter is the best medicine, but after a stressful day at work, most of us turn to a nice cold beer to calm our minds. This prescription bottle holder was one of the most popular items in December. Great as a fun gift for a white elephant exchange, it’s still useful as a beer cooler. The Lakeside Collection still carries a few varieties – including the red cup and the toilet coolers, but the prescription bottle is definitely the winner. Grab a dozen for your next backyard barbecue or tailgate!




Monogrammed Wine Cork Holder

monogram wine cork holder

What to do with all of those used wine corks? You don’t need them for re-corking wine since you’ve probably got a fancy airtight wine stopper, but they make for great decorative accents and it would be a shame to throw them away. Well, many of our Pinterest followers absolutely love the Lakeside solution – a metal monogrammed wine cork holder. Whether you have a hundred corks now, or you need time to fill the space, it’s definitely a nice & decorative way to save the corks! Here’s a tip – rate each bottle of wine on a 1-10 scale and write the number on the side of the cork that touches the wall. Then you can go back and see which wines are worth purchasing again.



Beauty Product Organizer

beauty organizer

Everybody likes to stay organized, and the beginning of a new year is a great time to upgrade the organization in your home. That’s probably why so many of you really enjoyed our beauty organizers for bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re great for make-up brushes, nail products, and anything else you might need at your fingertips at the start of your day. Another great use we’ve seen for these organizers is on your office desk, filled with pens and post-it notes, or even as a place for kids’ crafting items. We love how creative our followers can be!

Pinteresting Picks for November

Savvy Do-It-Yourselfers and Décor enthusiasts know that Pinterest is the go-to destination for fresh and innovating ideas for the home. At Lakeside, some of our most popular pins for the month of November have given many homeowners excellent ideas for adding a nice touch to their homes. The holidays are nearly upon us and homeowners love the fact that they can add beautiful accents from our For the Home section.


Items here include accent lighting for almost any area or location in your home, picture frames, and much more! The great part about our For the Home section is that is that our items are great for year-round decorating situations. Whether you are looking to spruce up your dining room, living room, or other multi-purpose room, this section has everything you need for the holidays, and any other time of the year.


Sometime it’s important to consider décor for the season, as well. For instance, many of the top pins for the month are from our holiday decorations section.  Whether you are considering shopping for yourself, or shopping with others in mind, this amazing section has items suited for both large and small homes. The outdoor décor items allow you to put together an amazing display for yourself and your neighbors.

On the other hand, if you are merely looking to add indoor home décor with holiday flair in mind, Lakeside still has you covered with our holiday décor section. Find the perfect combination of items to decorate your tree, and make it a holiday season to remember for you and your family. Pinterest is great at showing you how your table could look with the proper tableware and intricate decorations. Even the best food will lose some of its luster if it’s not showcased properly. This is definitely an area in which we could all improve! So make the most of your holiday meals, and pay attention to your holiday tableware this year. Everyone will wonder how you made it look so incredible.


Toys have been really big on Pinterest lately. The end of the year always wraps up so quickly, from Halloween onward. First, it’s Halloween, and before you know it Thanksgiving break comes around. By the time we’re over our holiday feast it’s already time for Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are looking for a great gift for a child who is notoriously hard to shop for, then the Toys & Sports category is specifically made for you.

You can find puzzles here that will even intrigue sharp and intelligent children. If you are looking for gifts for someone a bit younger, or a bit older, you can still be sure you’ll find exactly what you need in this category. Combine all of your shopping in one place to save as much time and money as possible. So why not avoid the long lines, the returns, and hostile shopping conditions this year? You could go shopping anywhere, but wouldn’t it be great to do it all from the comfort of your own home? Lakeside’s Pinteresting picks for the month are a great place to start!

Pinteresting Picks for October

We love getting feedback from you, and Pinterest is one of the best ways to find out what has you talking. From decorative accents to kitchen favorites, we’ve spotted some trends that could make someone’s holiday season bright or add a decorator’s touch to your own home. While October’s picks were full of spooky Halloween charm, holiday decor was only part of what you loved this past month. Discover what generated the most buzz with your most Pinteresting picks for October!

Wrought metal is very much in style for decorative accessories throughout your home and garden. This beautiful vintage dress form was a favorite, and you used it creatively in everything from sewing rooms to bedrooms. Some of you featured it as its own work of art while others made it part of a collection of wrought metal sculptural pieces. For some of you, it’s a great way to display a few favorite accessories or whimsical touches.

October is the harvest season, but for many of you, flowers were still in bloom. Carrying on the wrought metal theme were these metal flower wall sculptures that add interest to an accent table or entertainment center. For those with green thumbs and an eye for decorative elements that are as practical as they are pretty, these tiered iron plant stands were a popular pin. You’ve used them for showy flowers, a touch of green in a sun room or as a miniature herb garden – an idea we especially love for the holidays.

It’s also easy to tell that temperatures have taken a dip from watching how often you pin the cozy fleece throws and warm clothes featured in our fall and winter collections. One item that made a splash in October was our selection of fleece-lined tights to wear with anything. The lining is thin enough to look smooth under all your skirts and dresses, but that extra layer keeps you warm on even the coldest winter days. Based on your boards, you were evenly split between the footed and footless versions, but you looked great in all three elegant neutral hues. We saw more than a few black pairs as part of a Halloween costume, but these fleecy tights will work equally well at the office or your next holiday party.

Pinterest is heaven for professional and amateur manicurists, so it’s no surprise that Lakeside’s laptop manicure set made the grade as one of October’s favorites. The battery-operated sculpting tool has multiple tips for shaping and smoothing natural or acrylic nails, and the flat surface is perfect for giving yourself or someone else a professional-quality manicure at home. The attached compartment zips your cotton balls, favorite polish colors and air-flow nail dryer for convenient storage. Some of you liked it for the convenience of getting the perfect manicure anywhere while others put it on holiday gift lists for friends and family. Whether you kept it for yourself or bought it for someone special, you found plenty to love about this set.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of November’s favorite things and hope you’ve enjoyed a look back at October’s biggest Pinterest hits!

Pinteresting Picks for August

Every month, we like to look back at what you loved best on Pinterest. It’s a great chance to spot a deal you missed, get fresh ideas for gift-giving or create a wishlist of some of your favorite things. August’s pins included tasty treats, ways to stay cool on sultry summer days and favorites for families with kids going back to school.

If your pins were any indication, you loved getting creative in the kitchen this August. You’ve pinned cake-pop cookbooks, mixing bowls and some of our favorite baking dishes, but one that popped up again and again was this cast iron skillet cookie kit. Cast iron holds heat well, so using this cookie pan means you leave the oven on for less time – a good idea during the hottest month of summer. It’s the perfect pan for baking your own version of a chocolate chip cookie cake, chewy brownies, a sugar cookie with plenty of space for you and the kids to decorate, or any other sweet treat you might dream of baking. The kit comes with a package of mix, instructions and a ribbon on the handle, so it also makes an excellent gift.

With so many August birthdays, it’s no wonder it was a popular pin last month.When the weather’s hot, few things feel as refreshing as an ice-cold drink. Maybe that’s why our sets of Freezer Cups were big on Pinterest. The double-walled cups are made of freezer-safe plastic and contain a non-toxic gel between the translucent layers. Store them in the freezer, and when you’re ready for a cold drink, pour it into your freezer cup; the frozen gel keeps everything cold far longer than ice inside the cup, and you won’t water down your soda or lemonade. Clear lids screw on and help prevent spills when you take your cup on the go, so they’re great for commutes to school or work. Whether you choose the clear set of four cups or the set with cool blue gel, you’re also making a green choice because these cups are reusable.

August is also back-to-school month, so many of your pins featured student-friendly items. One that made the top of the charts with parents of schoolkids and students themselves was the Lunch Cube, a handy all-in-one kit that holds a sandwich plus three side items. The single compartment is roomy enough to hold even a loaded sandwich, and the divided compartment keeps easy-to-eat tidbits such as raisins and baby carrots separate. Pack your salad ingredients in separate compartments to keep everything fresh; then, combine them when you’re at work or school and ready to eat lunch. The cubes are large enough to hold crackers, chips, fruits and vegetables, so you can vary your menu as much as you like and transport everything in a compact, washable case. You pinned this one often, and it’s easy to see why: It’s as sleek as it is practical.

We will have another round-up at the end of September, so pin your favorites and spread the word. A great time-saver or delicious new treat is too good not to share on Pinterest!

Interesting Picks for July

As July comes to a close and we move toward back-to-school season, we thought it would be fun to look at your pins and find out what you loved most about July. If Pinterest is any indication, you spent your July relaxing outdoors, beautifying your home and indulging your senses with wonderful scents. That sounds like a terrific idea to us, so in celebration of your favorites from July, let’s take a look at the month’s most interesting picks and pins. If you’re not yet ready to let go of summer, let these picks inspire you to make August special!


Candle-warmerAnything that delights the senses is perfect for summertime’s laid-back feel. Settling into a hammock while drinking something frosty and enjoying the warm breezes is a great way to spend a summer weekend, and one way to bring that lazy summer afternoon feeling indoors is with fragrance. Home fragrance has become a booming business, so it’s no surprise that items such as our Candle Warmers sets are big Pinterest hits. Candle Warmers’ two-piece stoneware melters use light to heat scented wax tablets and send summer-fresh fragrances throughout your home. They’re also great for making the most of scented candles. Unlike candles, these warmers are flameless, so they work well in homes with kids or curious pets. The most popular scents for summer are ocean-fresh aromas, delectable gourmand, or citrus scents and clean linen fragrances.



With the heat wave that struck the eastern seaboard in July, the usual ponds and creeks where birds stopped for a drink dried up, leaving them reliant on neighborhood bird baths for a cooling drink. You responded by pinning decorative and creative bird baths to encourage others to take care of their feathered friends. One that got a lot of notice was this  that added a decorative touch to the yard while allowing birds to seek relief from the heat. Flamingos are a classic kitsch lawn ornament, but this version is downright elegant in clear pink glass and metal accents. From hummingbird feeders filled with nectar to squirrel-proof seed feeders, bird feeding stations were popular too. Whether you like to watch native songbirds and hummingbirds from the window or on your deck or patio, supplying them with feeders and baths will encourage them to make your backyard a stopover during migrations.


Crayola-Garden-Grow-KitAnything related to gardening was another huge draw on Pinterest. The finest restaurants put a premium on freshness, and so do home cooks today. Cans and boxes are fine for quick meals, but few things satisfy the way a fresh garden-to-table salad will. For veteran gardeners, trellises, watering systems and gardening tools were popular pins, but novice gardeners also got into the spirit by pinning  garden grow kits and container gardens. With a kit, gardening is easy enough for children to help. There’s no better way to persuade a child to eat his or her vegetables than to have them help grow them. Kits aren’t just for kids, though; they also give new gardeners a head start on their first gardens.



We look forward to seeing what you’re going to pin for August!