Pinteresting Picks for January

cosmetic bagsJanuary has ended, and just when we were all recovering from the holidays and thinking about those resolutions, we had a busy week preparing for yesterday’s big game! Now that things are settling down again here at The Lakeside Collection, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular Pinterest pins from January. Let’s see what you’ve all been enjoying over the past month.

Gifts Under $20 – Allegro Quilted Cosmetic Bags

Christmas may be over, but giving gifts is a year-round affair. With one of the most popular resolutions being “save more, spend less” it’s no surprise that gifts for under $20, such as this cosmetic bag, were popular pins last month. We’ve got lots of great gift ideas for $20 and under, so check them all out!

Spoon Rest and Utensil Set

spoon rest Another big hit in January, these attractive spoon and utensil rest sets are the perfect solution to messy counters and oven, and they’re especially perfect when you’re making sauces or cooking with oil. The bowls at the bottom catch all the drips, while the vertical style is attractive, easy, and much cleaner than standard spoon rests!

Footprint Stepping Stones (Set of Four)

Most of us are still experiencing blizzards, but in the southern corners of the country, we know it’s almost time to start planting for spring, which is probably why these adorable footprint stepping stones are growing in popularity! January is a great time to start thinking about what you want to do with your garden this year, and the perfect time to get your compost pile started!


twist roller rideTwist Roller Ride On

Who is ready to play outside with the kids? Apparently lots of you are, and you’re preparing with fun outdoor toys like this Twist Roller Ride On, which is great outdoor fun for kids 3 and up. It uses all the basics of physics – centrifugal force, gravity, and aerodynamics – to give your kids and fun and effortless ride around the driveway, sidewalk, blacktop, or other smooth surface. Pedals aren’t even necessary! Definitely put this one on your list for spring and summer fun.

Perfect Pancake Pan

Another fun pin, we love the perfect pancake fan, and so do pinners! We thing everyone should use it to make these cinnamon roll pancakes  – are so decadent and delicious, no wonder everyone kept re-pinning them too. We think they’re the perfect treat for your sweet this Valentine’s Day! And, with the Perfect Pancake Pan, making them for your sweetheart will be a piece of cake!

Lakeside Pinteresting Picks for December

Things are finally settling down for us here at The Lakeside Collection, so we’ve decided to compile a quick list of our most popular pins from December. Read on to see what our Pinterest followers found most Pin-worthy last month!

Novelty Toe Socks

novelty toe socks

You liked them and so do we! These adorable novelty toe socks were favorite stocking stuffers for kids and adults of all ages! If you didn’t snag a pair from Santa, it’s not too late. These are great for wearing around the house when it’s still too cold to go outside, or just on a fun night in with the girls! Make it really fun and have a themed wine night – everyone wear your favorite toe socks!





Prescription Bottle Kooler

prescription beer cooler

Some say laughter is the best medicine, but after a stressful day at work, most of us turn to a nice cold beer to calm our minds. This prescription bottle holder was one of the most popular items in December. Great as a fun gift for a white elephant exchange, it’s still useful as a beer cooler. The Lakeside Collection still carries a few varieties – including the red cup and the toilet coolers, but the prescription bottle is definitely the winner. Grab a dozen for your next backyard barbecue or tailgate!




Monogrammed Wine Cork Holder

monogram wine cork holder

What to do with all of those used wine corks? You don’t need them for re-corking wine since you’ve probably got a fancy airtight wine stopper, but they make for great decorative accents and it would be a shame to throw them away. Well, many of our Pinterest followers absolutely love the Lakeside solution – a metal monogrammed wine cork holder. Whether you have a hundred corks now, or you need time to fill the space, it’s definitely a nice & decorative way to save the corks! Here’s a tip – rate each bottle of wine on a 1-10 scale and write the number on the side of the cork that touches the wall. Then you can go back and see which wines are worth purchasing again.



Beauty Product Organizer

beauty organizer

Everybody likes to stay organized, and the beginning of a new year is a great time to upgrade the organization in your home. That’s probably why so many of you really enjoyed our beauty organizers for bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re great for make-up brushes, nail products, and anything else you might need at your fingertips at the start of your day. Another great use we’ve seen for these organizers is on your office desk, filled with pens and post-it notes, or even as a place for kids’ crafting items. We love how creative our followers can be!

Pinteresting Picks for April

Can you believe it is May first? How the time has flown—it seems like yesterday we had our winter coats on (and for some this may actually be true). Hopefully we are on the downside to the cold weather and summer is just around the corner. Check out our most popular pins from April to jumpstart your summer fun!


If your pup can solve a Seek-a-Treat Dog IQ Puzzle by correctly moving its parts, he will get a special reward for being smart! Mental stimulation is important for your pet, and these toys provide it, along with the proper motivation.


Give yourself a break on a hot summer day and relax in this Swinging Chair Hammock. Hang the chair from a tree branch or on your own hammock stand and let its gentle swaying ease your stress away.


Vino Freeze Drink Mixes combine with your favorite wine for a chilled sensation you’ll love. Each frozen creation is simple to make with the included directions. Dress it up with fresh fruit, or just enjoy it on its own for the perfect summer sipper or cool deliciousness any time of year.


A smiling doll holds multiple hair accessories on her long, dangling pigtails on this charming Wall Hair Accessory Holder. It holds barrettes, bands, ties and more.


A cool, modern pattern adds fashion appeal to the handy benefits of this Lap Desk with 5-LED Light. Flexible-neck light boasts 5 ultra-bright LED bulbs that can reduce eye strain. On the desktop, a cup holder and a slot for pens and pencils keep you organized. The bottom is cushioned with foam balls.





Pinteresting Picks for February

February seemed to fly by, and a lot of action took place on our Pinterest page. From yummy treats to our latest products there is more than enough to discover  on our boards. If there is one thing we learned, it’s you like our new owl décor. Check out our most popular pins below.


Household Helpers 10-Book Set
Discover home cleaning tips, remedies for common ailments, laundry and clothing care solutions, pet care ideas, arts and craft projects, skin care aids, and so much more. You’ll always have the answer with these books lying around.


Perched Owl Bath Collection
Wake up to bright colors and cute owls with our new bath collection. The Owl Bath Collection features a flock of bright owls that is ready to bring color to your home.


Give A Hoot Sentiment Wall Art
Give A Hoot Sentiment Wall Art combines a charming owl image with an uplifting message. The innocent, childlike imagery will appeal to kids and adults alike.


Contemporary Wall Shelf
Update your home for less with this great new shelf. Our Contemporary Wall Shelf is ideal for your music or movie collection, or use it to hold decorative objects.

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Hanging Wine Cork Holder
Like wine? So do we! Save the corks in our Hanging Wine Cork Holder to enhance the decor of your home. It looks great above a counter, near a wine rack or on any wall.