No Sunroom, No Problem: How to Create a Sun Space


During the warm summer months, most of us want to get out in the sunshine as much as possible. One of the best ways to enjoy the seemingly endless string of sunny days is relaxing on your favorite chair in the sunroom. Yet, for most homes, having a room specifically designed for soaking up sun, heating purposes or to grow plants in the proper light is a bonus, a luxury, something that could be added on to the house, but with a lofty price tag. Fortunately, if your windows face the right way, you can turn any ordinary room into a relaxing sun sanctuary. Here are a few easy do-it-yourself tips on how to create a sun space in your home.

East and West-Facing Windows
Windows facing east or west are usually the best for seeing the sun. If you prefer to enjoy your sun space in the morning, try to find a room with windows facing east. If you’ll be doing your relaxing in the afternoon, try to locate a room with windows facing west. It’s also worth noting that windows facing north are least likely to get the most sun, while windows facing south often receive a strong portion of sunlight throughout the day.


Optimizing the Windows You Have
Once you have your orientation figured out, it’s time to start crafting your sun space. Because you won’t be adding any windows, you’ll need to optimize the windows you already have to draw in the most rays. Glass can easily be obstructed by dirt and dust, which can take a major toll on the amount of sunlight and warmth you can usher into your room, so the very first step is to thoroughly clean all your windows inside and out.

Carving Out Your Mini Room
In order to make a sun space, you’ll have to sacrifice some square footage. The best way to make your sun space feel like its own room is to create a partition between the larger room and the space near the window. This can easily be done with a freestanding bookshelf or partition. If you really want to make your room feel like a sunroom, you could decorate the walls with repurposed windows or add a vintage door as a divider.


Filling It with Furniture
At last your room is divided and starting to feel like an entirely new space. Now it needs some furniture. In the spirit of the sunroom, adding some comfortable seating to relax and bask in the sunlight is a must. With comfortable seating, you could spend time in your sun space doing a variety of activities. Add a small table and a couple chairs to create a sunny café-style lounge, and don’t forget to add some plants and flowers to soak up all the super bright, nutritious sunlight funneling through your clean, clear window panes.

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Houseplant Appreciation Day: Easy Plants to Refresh Your Home

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to give our homes a reboot. Bringing a few houseplants in can give our homes a little bit of life and breath we need — Houseplant Appreciation Day is also coming up, so we put together a list of 5 easy plants to refresh your home.Chinese-Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen Chinese evergreen is a sturdy and dependable plant that can live for at least ten years and requires minimal care. It thrives in low light and needs well-draining soil. It can survive in most growing conditions, but it likes a warm and humid environment. Not only is it easy to care for, it’s also a beautiful plant with red or gray and green stripes that give it character.Spider-Plant

Spider Plants  Spider Plants have long, grassy leaves that prefer moderate sunlight, cooler temperatures between 55°-65°F and well-drained soil. The soil should dry out between waterings — that means it doesn’t need watering often, but you should be careful not to forget.snake-plant

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue You may also know mother-in-law’s tongue as the snake plant. It has tall, sturdy green leaves so it’s perfect for spots that need a lot of life. Not only is it aesthetically unique, but it also makes a great air filter! It’s most comfortable in a moist, warm atmosphere with low light. It requires minimal watering — the soil should dry out before rehydration.jade-plant

Jade Jade, also known as the money tree or friendship tree, is a succulent, and if you care for it correctly, it can live for decades! Like a lot of succulents, jade thrives in the desert so it doesn’t need much water — in fact, it’s easy to overwater it. However, because it’s a desert plant, that means it also loves a lot sunshine and it survives in an environment with varying temperature.


Image source:Halfrain via Flickr

Cast-Iron Plant The cast-iron plant is a strong plant that can survive under the most neglectful circumstances. It doesn’t need much light, requires little humidity and it thrives in a wide range of temperatures. Its big, floppy leaves take up a lot of real estate, so it might be best to decorate with it the way you might decorate with a potted tree.

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Our Top Gardening Tips

Here are some great gardening tips, happy growing!

Rock Marks the Spot

After you plant, don’t stick those unattractive labels into your garden to mark your seeds. Instead paint labels on smooth rocks. Check out this picture below from Rocks blend naturally into the surroundings, and best of all they won’t blow away!

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