Theme Park Checklist for a Carefree Vacation

Spending summer vacation at a theme park is great for thrill-seekers and family-friendly adventurers. From roller coasters to state-of-the-art water parks, there’s guaranteed to be incredible activities to keep everyone entertained. Before you strap into your seat and get ready for a terrifying drop or splash into the pool to cool off in the sun, make sure you’ve got the right gear to keep your essentials safe and the right clothes to keep you comfortable day after day. Make your adventure a bit easier and carefree with our theme park checklist.

Packed Up and Theme Park Ready


Keep drinks and snacks chilled for your theme park picnic with this Collapsible Insulated Tote Basket. The handles fold down for easy storage. Store essentials in the Cell Phone Organizer Wallet. It features a large pocket with a button closure for a smartphone, as well as slots and pockets for cards and IDs. Works as a wallet inside a larger bag or a clutch. Protect all your credit and bank cards from being scanned and your identity from being stolen with Set of 4 RFID Credit Card Sleeves. These special tear resistant sleeves are designed to prevent thieves from being able to remotely scan the digital information stored on your cards. Slim and lightweight, each card fits easily in a handbag or wallet.

Worry-Free Gear for the Waterpark


Keep your essential devices safe and dry inside the waterpark with Durable Waterproof Cases for Smartphones or Tablets. The Smartphone Case fits most smartphones, including iPhone® 4/4S/5, as well as certain Droid®, Blackberry®, and other MP3 and media players. For both the Smartphone and Tablet Cases, the devices are fully functional while in the protective case. The iPad® & Tablet Case fits the most popular tablets (up to 10″) on the market. Waterproof up to 18 feet. Your kid will love drying off after a long day at the waterpark with a Kids’ Hooded Beach Towel. It’s also perfect for the beach or the bath. Protect their eyes with Kids’ Favorite Character Swim Goggles. Anti-fog lenses feature an airtight seal to prevent water from leaking in and an adjustable silicone strap for a secure fit.

Comfortable Clothes and Cool Accessories


Stay comfortable walking around the theme park all day in these Women’s Active-Length Knit Jeans. The cotton pants have the look of denim jeans with the softness of lounge pants and spandex for stretch. They have a drawstring waistband, as well as back pockets and side vents at the hem. The Girls’ Tie-Dye Maxi Dress is the perfect outfit for a day at the park. Your daughter or granddaughter will love wearing this bright, sleeveless dress. Keep their eyes protected from the sun with Kids’ Favorite Character Sunglasses & Case. They’ll love showing off the shades while shielding their eyes from harmful UV rays. The glasses are shatter-resistant, and the included case keeps them safely stored.

4 Tips to Find the Best Convertible Car Seat For Your Baby

Car-seatWhether you are new to being a parent or a pro it is important to find a car seat to keep your child safe. With new technology always emerging, it is important that parents should be more wary about the need and importance of using these safety gears when their babies and kids are inside the moving car.

Given that there are a lot of car seats in the industry, finding the most suitable for your baby can be very difficult. That is why it is very important to know the basic things on how to find one. Here are the things that you can do in finding the best convertible seat for your child:

Read product reviews

Reading product reviews can help you a lot in deciding which brand and model of convertible seat to get. The reviews are your best guide since all the important elements are covered so that you may learn about them. Reviews will tell you the details on how a certain feature works, which you cannot see with your naked eye. For instance, you will never know that the side impact protection really works unless you will get involved in a side collision. Thus, with product reviews, this feature is emphasized because of the fact that it has been tested by the authorities and has been deemed safe.

Read testimonials

You will have a better decision when you read testimonials from previous users of seats. These testimonies are based on how they were able to use the seat and how it made their lives better or a nightmare. What you need to do now is to gauge the pros and cons, this is because a certain car seat may not be good for one person but may be good for someone else. This means that it is often subjective. Thus, consider this for a better judgment.


It is best to get a convertible seat from a reliable brand. A reliable brand should have long-standing great reputation among a lot of parents. It should be in the market for quite some time and has proven its worth. Of course, on way to check out this are ratings of the seats that they have been selling in the market. You can check out from different websites on the safety ratings of these seats.

Safety features

A convertible seat is used primarily for safety. That is why you need to make sure that it should be safe for your baby to use every day as some of the seats may hurt your child even when there is no car crash. This is because some seats may actually pose more danger to your child rather than saving your child in case of car crash.

The most important safety features are side impact protection, five-point harness, energy absorbing foam, easy to install LATCH system and among many others. You will know if these features are effective by checking their safety ratings.

With all of these, you can surely find the best convertible car seat for your child.

Sherry Becky is a new mother and part time freelancer writer who has a five months old baby girl. She is very care about health and safety of child. She has recently run a website with her friend: Car Seat Tree, where can help parents to find the best convertible car seat for baby. 

Tips to Keep Children Safe Around Hot Tubs

Hot-tub-safetySoaking and relaxing in a hot tub with your family can be quite a memorable experience. But safety is one of the most important concerns if there are children in the family. There are several tips to consider which ensure the safety of children in the family.

Some Important Tips:

Hot tub covers
Most people prefer to use hot tub covers to secure the hot tubs. Hot tub covers prevent accidental falls, accumulation of dirt, dust, debris and contaminants from entering the hot tubs. Most of these covers include locks which secure the hot tubs appropriately. Hot tub covers also help to maintain the temperature of water and save energy.

Secure the area
Another effective way to ensure the safety of children is to secure the area by building an enclosure around the hot tub. There are fences with latches which can be used around the hot tubs for extra protection. It will prevent unsupervised entry of children near hot tubs and spas.

Reduce the heat
Children should never enter hot tubs which have a temperature above 95 degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, it is recommended that children should soak for only five to ten minutes in a hot tub. It is also essential to check the temperature of the hot tub before it is used by children and reduce the temperature if it is too hot. Children should also be advised to drink plenty of water before using hot tubs to prevent dehydration.

Supervise children
It is pertinent to supervise children consistently while using hot tubs as accidents can happen anytime. Children should be kept at arm’s length while soaking in hot tubs. There are different types of spas and hot tubs available today.

Most people prefer to choose hot tubs according to the number of users and other features. The h2x swim spas are among the most widely used spas as it offers various features apart from soaking in warm water. Among the different types of exclusive spas made available today, the Twilight spas are renowned for its distinctive appearance and features. No matter what model is chosen, it still can be a danger.

There are various other factors to consider while allowing children to use hot tubs. Children should never be allowed to submerge fully in the water as it could prove to be dangerous. It is also important to avoid swimming or soaking near to drains with loose clothes and long hair. Children should never be allowed to use any type of electronic or electrical appliances near the hot tubs. Children should be advised on proper usage of hot tubs and made aware of the dangers associated with its use.

Today there are many ways to avoid accidents and mishaps while using spas and hot tubs. Install strong rails near to the hot tubs so that it is easy to enter and exit these tubs. Slip resistant mats can also be installed near to the tubs to prevent accidental falls.

This guest post was contributed by Sam who works with Master spa parts.

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Five Steps to a Safer Home

safer homeYou work hard to make your house a home for you and your family, so it’s essential that you work to keep that home a safe, protected place. Here are five ways to make your home a safer place:

Protect the House
Start at the foundation with the house itself. You’ve put money into keeping it pleasant and beautiful, so keep it protected!

Homeowners insurance is absolutely worth the money you’ll spend to protect your home from fire, flood, burglary, or that random teen who somehow manages to accidentally drive through your living room. Allstate’s “Mayhem” commercials may be amusing, but they’re not making this stuff up (my own sister was that teen). That’s why they work—we’ve all heard that freak story about a friend who had some random accident that ruined their home and cost a lot of money to repair. Better save yourself the pain and plan for the weird stuff by getting insured.

You should also purchase an alarm system and security service from a reputable home security company. This will not only reduce the cost of that homeowners insurance, but protect your home from many common threats—burglary, fire, invasion, etc.—as well.

Keep It Clean
A clean yard is one sign that potential burglars will know you take pride in your home and are invested enough that you’ll take care of it; a trim yard says “it is defended” more so than a messy yard filled with weeds and scraps of old projects. Keep repairs in the garage where they belong and be sure to keep the yard looking healthy and groomed, and show mastery over the plants to convey mastery of your home security.

Beyond the message that you’ve invested in your home, a clean yard can be a safety feature. Make sure all windows and pathways are clean from plants and debris with clear lines of sight: this will make potential intruders easier to spot (aside from contributing to outdoor cleanliness and natural sunlight getting into the house).

Protect Your Things
Again, homeowners insurance will protect many of your belongings, but some premium items may need to be specially insured, such as art or other collections, guns, or other valuable things.

Of course, some things can’t be insured. For example, great-grandma Jeanette’s antique pearl necklace that went through half the speakeasies in Miami just can’t be replaced. For valuables like family heirlooms, important documents, and irreplaceable treasures, buy wall safes. Buy the highest grade of safe you can afford: the higher the grade, the greater protected your irreplaceable things are form fire damage (some are practically fireproof) or theft.

Use Your Eyes
Aside from being a nice break from working for fresh air, getting out in the middle of the day and taking a walk around to survey your house is an excellent safety procedure. Here you can check for possible repairs needed and signs of intruders, such as odd or large paint chips, mysterious footprints, or other things that are out of place (you’ll be able to see these things easier the cleaner you keep your yard).

Whether you’re outside or surveying the neighborhood from your windows (and we all do it), keep a vigilant eye for persons who don’t belong in the neighborhood. This could be anyone from vagrants on foot to anyone who is in a car waiting and seems to not feel right or wait for too long. If you do see someone suspicious lurking on your street, call your local police department (not 911, use the precinct phone number and keep it with the other emergency numbers) and let them know. It’s their job to keep an eye out, even if they do no more than send a plainclothesman or two to check it out, because it’s better to be safe than sorry in a situation like that.

If the suspicious person seems to be hanging out close to one of your neighbors’ homes, call and ask them about it. Use the phrase “car I didn’t recognize” to avoid calling their relative or friend creepy-looking. Your neighbors will appreciate that you’re looking out for you and return the favor.

Be Good Neighbors
It’s good for neighbors to keep an eye out of each other. Cultivate such relationships of trust with your neighbors. It’ll do more than just make the barbeques more enjoyable; you’ll make each other’s lives and homes safer.

Beyond just noticing and reporting suspicious people lurking around the street, make a mutually beneficial to watch the house and gather mail and papers when you each go on vacation, giving each other that much more peace of mind and security.

Nina Hiatt currently lives with her husband, Bill, and she enjoys blogging about her many interests, which include gardening, ice hockey, and baking.

Halloween In Overdrive

Are your kids ready to pound the pavement in search of some candy? Halloween can be tons of fun but remember when you hop behind the wheel tonight, it’s crazy out there. To help ensure you have the most fun holiday possible, we pulled together some great driving tips to be mindful of tonight.  These tips are courtesy of

(1) Don’t use a cell phone when driving. This is a good tip no matter the day, but especially tonight. If you need to get a location on your kids, pull over, put on your emergency blinkers, and only then make your call.

(2) Drive below the speed limit. You never know when a kid in all black will run into the middle of the road.

(3) Don’t pass vehicles that have stopped in the roadway. They could be dropping off kids (who could swing open doors or run across the street).

(4) Give your kids some glow. Don’t make your child the hard-to-see pedestrian. Give them flashlights, reflectors, glow sticks etc. Also, remind them to never shine their flashlights in driver’s eyes.

(5) Remind your kids of basic safety tips (look both ways, don’t get into cars with strangers etc).

Have a safe an wonderful Halloween!