Super NFL Party Gear from Snack Time to the Perfect Sofa

Whether you’re one of the fans lucky enough to still be cheering on your team this January or just need an assortment of NFL supplies for your Super Bowl party, we’ve assembled some of the NFL gear we have in stock to make your party stand out from the rest. From snack essentials to lounging on the sofa or adding a few decorative items to your family room, there’s still time to get these fun items in time for your NFL party!

NFL Snack Supplies for Your Super Party

Make some memorable snacks for the party this year while cheering on your favorite team or showing your allegiance with these snack supplies. From fun chip clips, serving platters and food containers to NFL totes and oven mitts, you’ll be ready to set the snack table or carry your signature dish to wherever the party is at.

NFL Chip ClipsOversized NFL Cooler TotesNFL Spirit Glass CansNFL Apron and Chef Hat SetsNFL Oven Mitt and Potholder SetsNFL Ceramic Gameday Platters12 Piece NFL Food Storage Sets

Kick Back and Cheer On Your Team in Style

Everyone has a favorite seat to watch their team play every weekend. The stakes are higher in the playoffs, so make sure you’re as comfortable as possible with awesome sofa covers, comfy slipper socks, decorative team pillows or new pieces of wall art. Update the living room for the playoffs with Lakeside sofa essentials.

NFL Chair or Recliner CoversNFL Slipper Socks with GrippersPersonalized NFL Quarterback PrintsNFL Distressed Sweatshirt ThrowsNFL Bottle Cap Wall HangingsNFL Team Helmet PillowsNFL Sofa Covers

It’s hard to believe the NFL season is almost over, but whether your team made the playoffs or not, everyone looks forward to watching the drama unfold in the last couple weeks. There’s always another season ’round the corner. Show some love for your favorite team and keep this decor on display throughout the offseason.

Explore the Outdoors: Survival Tips, Trail Advice & More

Outdoor adventures don’t stop as soon as summer starts winding down. On the contrary, for many campers, hikers and hunters, the fall season provides some of the best weather to explore the outdoors. Whether you want to pack up for a day on the trails or jump in a ghillie suit, check out these survival tips and trail advice.


Wilderness Survival Tips: How to Find Fresh Drinking Water
Getting lost in the woods can happen to anybody, and even though it  probably isn’t as terrifying as it would be to get lost in the desert, it can still be fairly difficult to find fresh drinking water if you don’t know where to look. Check out these basic survival tips to help you track down fresh drinking water in the outdoors.


The Almost Hidden History of Camouflage
The pursuit of invisibility has led to to incredible advancements in practical disguises such as camouflage. In a few short decades, camo has infiltrated everything from fishing and hunting to the world of high fashion. Discover the hidden history of how camouflage got started and where it might go in this brief camo exposé.


Mountain Biking Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
Mountain biking is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It requires skill and coordination to handle a mountain bike on narrow paths and uneven terrain, and much practice to make sure the bike is performing well. Learn more about mountain biking mistakes you can avoid before peddling into the great outdoors.


Great On-the-Go Snacks to Pack for Your Hiking Trip
Whether it’s a short afternoon jaunt or a 500-mile adventure, planning is the key to making any hiking trip a success, especially when it comes to the food you bring along. Don’t risk leaving for your next big outdoor adventure unprepared. Take a look at some of these perfect on-the-go snacks to pack for your hiking trip.

Sweet (and Healthy) Summer Snacks

Today we are featuring some delicious and healthy recipes that will cool you down this first weekend in August.  The below ideas are especially great alternatives to sugary popsicles and ice cream.  These recipes are by Mary Saph Tanaka, MD, MS originally posted on

Cool Cucumber Con Chili Limon

– 1 English cucumber

– ½ lemon

– 1-2 tsp. chili powder

– 1 tsp. salt

Cut the cucumber into 1/8 inch slices. Squeeze lemon over the cucumber slices, and then sprinkle with salt and chili powder.

Apricot Yogurt Bites

– 4 ripe apricots

– ½ cup low-fat vanilla yogurt

– ¼ cup fresh blueberries (or dried fruit – blueberries, cranberries or cherries)

Slice each apricot in half, removing the seed from the middle. Place apricot halves on a plate with the pit side facing up. Spoon about 1 TBS of yogurt into the pitted area of the apricot half and repeat until all apricot halves are full. Lastly, top the yogurt with one blueberry (or whichever berry you choose) and serve.