Daily Deal: Save Money with an NFL Bottle Bank

Cyber Monday hasn’t even started yet and Lakeside is already offering new markdowns to help you get out in front of the Cyber Monday madness. As we’ve been doing all week, we’re starting things off today with an amazing Deal of the Day. Today, you can surprise the football fan in your life with the NFL Bottle Bank. The handy bank gives you a great place to store spare change while adding some team spirit to any room of the house. The oversized bank features your team logo. If you’re a football fan, read on for football holiday facts.

Lakeside’s Deal of the Day (November 27th)


DAY SEVEN Holiday Fun Fact:

Dick Lebeau, the Hall of Fame coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, is renowned for his defensive mind and known for inventing the zone blitz in the 1980’s. But he wasn’t just creating exciting new defensive schemes in Pittsburgh. Steelers players got to see a different side of coach during Christmas Eve. Every year, Lebeau recited his favorite holiday story, “A Night Before Christmas” from memory to his players.


Holiday Gift Inspiration for Sports Fanatics
Just about everyone in the family has a loved one who loves sports. If you don’t love sports, knowing what to get that person for Christmas can be challenging. Whether you’re shopping for a football fanatic or that MLB enthusiast, check out this helpful Lakeside article for a little holiday gift inspiration to please sports fanatics.

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Understanding the Basics of Fantasy Football

While there is a pretty large percentage of Americans who participate in fantasy football, there are just as many casual football fans who have no interest in the popular pastime. However, if you’re curious how the game works, it can be difficult to find an explanation that isn’t bogged down with finer details and strategic suggestions. Get to know the basics of fantasy football, how the game works, and why it’s really popular.


Owners & Managers
If you have a family member or friend who plays fantasy football on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard them refer to themselves as an owner or a manager. As an owner or manager, an individual chooses real players from real NFL teams to play for their teams. They are free to pick players from any NFL team. The players chosen are offensive players, also known as skill positions, such as quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends and wide receivers. The owner also chooses a kicker and a defense to round out their roster.

The Draft
Aside from managing a roster and making trades throughout the season, a fantasy football draft is the most important part of the fantasy process. Now, there are a variety of different leagues that dictate what types of players are drafted, how scoring is broken down and what the overall schedule looks like. We don’t need to get into the details. Just know that the draft is where owners pick their key players. But why are they picking players to begin with? How do players from all over the league play on one owner’s fantasy team?


Scoring Points
When you have a player on your team, that player earns fantasy points based on how they perform in real NFL games. For example, say the quarterback on your team is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers play the Jaguars in Week 1 of the season. Rodgers’ stats against the Jaguars will determine how many fantasy points you get for Week 1. Points are given for passing yards, rushing yards, touchdowns, and subtracted for interceptions or lost fumbles. Other players on your team, such as running backs and wide receivers, will also accumulate points based on their games in Week 1. When you add up all the points from all your players, you get your Week 1 total. But who do fantasy owners play against?

Schedule & Playoffs
Fantasy owners play against each other every week. The owner with the most points wins the game. The more wins you get the more likely you are to make the fantasy football playoffs for your league. Again, this depends on how your league is set up, but the basic model involves owners competing against each other for the first 13 weeks of the season. The standings determine who goes on to the postseason, and playoffs are played in accordance with the remaining weeks of the NFL schedule to ensure all players have games.

Fantasy football is pretty simple when you get down to the basics. Build a team with productive players and do your best to manage the team on a weekly basis. Keep track of whether or not players are on bye weeks or injured, bench players in favor of those with favorable match-ups and make trades when necessary. The rules vary from league to league, but at least now you’ll know why a family member or friend is smiling after a player on the team he or she is rooting against scores a touchdown against the team they’re cheering for.

Family Olympics: Backyard Games and Couch Comfort

The Olympics can be a fun time for the entire family. Get your kids active in the yard by starting your own family Olympics, then kick back on the couch with some snacks to watch your favorite events in comfort.

Backyard Olympics on the Lawn


Start up some friendly competition in the backyard with the Giddy Up Racing Horse Hopper. Each hopper has a handle for your kid to hold. You get two hoppers in the set, and kids will love racing to the finish line.

Make any kid-sized Olympic competition even more fun with the Set of 2 Bumper Balls. The inflatable balls are made of heavy-duty PVC and constructed to keep kids protected while enjoying a friendly competition.

Watch Athletes Compete in Comfort


Kick back and watch some of your favorite sports this summer in the All-Around Sherpa Cushion. It turns the chair of your choice into an extra-cozy comfort zone, hugging you with a plush design while you watch TV.

Multitask while you watch the Olympics with the uniquely shaped 5-In-1 Memory Foam Pillow. It works as a laptop desk, knee support, lumbar support, footrest or neck pillow, and even has a slot to hold your remote.

Most Memorable Olympic Opening Ceremonies

As with any tradition stretched over more than a century, the Olympic opening ceremony has changed quite a bit. The modern Olympic Games have taken place in three consecutive centuries. Over that time, athletes have tested the limitations of the human body, sports apparel has evolved beyond recognition and aspiring cities have spent millions of dollars transforming their infrastructure in record times to impress the world. So much has changed, but the Olympics are overflowing with tradition, none more impressive than the Olympic opening ceremonies. Here are some of the most memorable and the moments that made them so special.


The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens was the site of the first modern Olympics in 1896. It is also where the Olympic flame is finally passed to the host nation to start the Olympic Torch Relay.

1896 – Athens, Greece
It’s hard not to start our list with the first modern Olympics. The Olympics were revived in Athens, setting the standard for many traditions that are still in motion to this day. Athens drew on more than a thousand years of ancient Olympic history for the revival, organizing an opening ceremony which included an introductory speech by the organizer of the Olympic committee followed by a brief welcome by the Head of State. After the words came the music, which was an Olympic hymn accompanied by words from the then current poet Kostis Palamas. It wasn’t until 1920 that other ancient traditions started becoming a part of the ceremonies, such as the oath of sportsmanship taken by the athletes and the lighting of the Olympic flame.

1948 – London, England
The Olympics were postponed for twelve years following the 1936 Olympics because of World War II, and returned in spectacular fashion. However, these Games are not remembered for expensive pageantry. In fact, they quickly became known as the Austerity Games due to the fact that little money was spent creating new stadiums and other accommodations, which became typical leading up to the 1936 Olympics. Rather, the return of the Olympics in a rebuilding London stood as a symbol of Allied victory in World War II. It was as reflective as it was moving, an example of the world returning to some long-awaited sense of normality. International broadcasting didn’t occur until 1956, but the 1948 Games were televised locally in London.

1964 – Tokyo, Japan
Unable to participate in the 1948 Olympics in London, the Japanese were eventually awarded the Games in 1964. It was the first Olympics to be broadcast live around the world, the first to be broadcast in color and one of the first to hold the Games in the fall to avoid the sweltering heat. Although Japan participated in the 1952 Olympics following their ban in 1948, hosting the Olympics presented an opportunity to illustrate their own tribute to the horror of World War II, the humility of a nation and the resiliency of the human spirit. Born on the day the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima in 1945, 19-year-old Yoshinori Sakai was given the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron with the Olympic torch, symbolizing Japan’s commitment to peace.

1992 – Barcelona, Spain
The opening ceremony at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles are remembered as being a bit over the top or altogether underwhelming given the exorbitant cost. Some critics believe that it marked the beginning of the overzealous opening ceremonies. On the contrary, the 1988 Olympics in Seoul might have rectified matters if not for several of the doves that were released being torched by the Olympic cauldron. 1992 presented an opportunity to restore the quality of the opening ceremony and get back to the traditional Olympic roots, and it didn’t disappoint. One of the most memorable moments was when Spanish archer, Antonio Rebollo, lit his arrow from the Olympic torch and took aim at the cauldron atop the stadium. The dramatic moment might’ve been outdone in 1996 when Muhammad Ali fought his way to the Olympic cauldron, but cannot be ignored.

2008 – Beijing, China
The Olympic opening ceremonies continued to evolve and expand into the twenty-first century, growing into one of the largest live spectacles ever assembled and always trying to top the previous host nation. China’s to thank for setting the present day standard for the opening ceremony. It’s no surprise that London fell a bit short in 2012, and Rio isn’t expected to outperform what occurred in Beijing on the warm early August night. Chinese film director Zhang Yimou, along with top choreographers and composers, undertook the weighty task of capturing China’s rich cultural history in a beautiful narrative with one thrilling act after another until the torch was finally lit in spectacular fashion. The only drawback was the production cost — $100 million.

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

With the first preseason games just a few weeks away, it’s time to get your NFL gear ready! We can’t wait to debate which rookie’s going to have a breakout season, who our coach will cut to get to the final roster and whether this is our team’s year. Whether you wear your team’s gear with pride on game day or go the full fanatic route with home decor in your NFL team’s colors, you’ll find everything you need to show your spirit this season.

Every year brings new hope that this is your team’s season, but whether you’re cheering on one of the predicted favorites or rooting for a long shot, fan support matters. Get the gear that shows your football allegiance, and ignite fan spirit in your friends and family!

NFL-Grill-CoverYou probably don’t need an excuse to have a weekend barbecue, but a Sunday afternoon football game is a great one if you do. Make sure your grill’s ready for the big day with an official NFL grill cover in your favorite team’s logo and colors. The vinyl covers prevent rust and keep your grill station at the ready for burgers, hot dogs or anything else your hungry game-day crowd demands. Roomy enough to protect a family-size grill, the cover opens to a full 68 inches. Like Darrelle Revis on Julio Jones, this handsome grill accessory provides complete coverage.

NFL-Party-CupsEarly-season games are perfect for parties while the weather’s still warm. Keep your football crowd cool with icy drinks in stylish, shatter-resistant NFL cups. Big 20-ounce cups hold enough to last until halftime, and matching coasters protect your furniture. The dishwasher-safe cups are made of insulating polypropylene that won’t break or fade. Your team’s logo stays as bright and clean as your quarterback’s jersey when his front linemen do their jobs right.Why keep your team spirit to yourself when you could show everyone on your block how excited you are for football season?

NFL-BuntingsLine your balcony, porch or deck with these NFL decorations designed for indoor or outdoor use. Each nylon bunting measures more than 4 feet across at its top and has a trio of grommets to hold it in place no matter where you decide to hang it. While it looks great draped on a railing or hanging from eaves, it also makes an excellent indoor decoration for your next game-day party. If you’re a major fan, you don’t even need to wait for a party to fly your team’s colors; hang buntings behind your TV or on the walls of your rec room. For a boy or girl who’s a big football fan, it’s sturdy and colorful room decor.NFL football always makes our list of favorite things, and this season’s no exception. We think it’s all right to go a little wild in showing your team spirit. After all, the word “fan” comes from “fanatic,” so go ahead and promise to wear only black and gold on Sundays for the rest of the Saints’ season, or put that cheese wedge on your head in honor of your Packers. When it’s football season, that’s normal!