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Stocking Stuffers for Kids: The 5 Essential Layers

For kids, the only thing better than getting to open the presents that have been toying with their imagination in plain sight under the tree is getting to dig into the stockings that have been hanging from the mantel. The Christmas stocking is one of the most enjoyable holiday traditions, and gives parents an extra opportunity to surprise their kids with great gifts. Stocking stuffers can make an already great Christmas even more special or save the day if the presents under the tree didn’t go over as well as you imagined. Stuffing stockings isn’t just about what you put inside. It’s also about how you layer gifts. Here’s our take on the 5 essential layers.


Layer 1: Best for Last

Your very first layer fits nice and snug right at the toe of the stocking. It’s the very last thing your child will pull out, and if you open stockings last, the final gift they’ll probably be getting during the holidays. It’s the perfect spot for that special toy they’ve been talking about for the past few months, as long as it’s small enough to fit.


Layer 2: The Cover Up

After you’ve stowed away the star of the stocking deep at the bottom, you need a gift that can also double as a clever disguise. This is the perfect spot for an apparel item like pajamas or a superhero cape, a blanket or a stuffed animal. Make sure to use it to wrap the gift in the toe to cover up the surprise until the last moment.


Layer 3: Licensed to Thrill

The third layer nests right on top of the soft or cozy cover-up, right in the middle of the stocking. At this point, it’s time to set the scene for the special prize at the bottom of the stocking with an equally special, but maybe less expensive gift. It’s a great place to feature one of their favorite licensed characters from movies or TV.


Layer 4: Lesson Learned

Kids are going to assume that the best of the best is at the bottom of the stocking, so it’s better to take a risk at the top of the stocking. Reserve this second-to-last spot for something borderline educational like a book, game, art supplies or puzzle. It’s not going to be the gift that makes them drop everything and run off to play, but it could easily be the present that’s still entertaining them when the sun finally sets on Christmas Day.


Layer 5: Top Surface Sweets

Reserving the top layer for sweets is a good idea for several reasons. One, it’s an exciting sight for kids who are definitely in the mood for something sugary on Christmas. Two, it’s not a gift you have to wrap up in any particular way or worry about being identified. Three, putting treats at the top keeps weight and warmth off.


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6 Games and Puzzle Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The holidays are here and gift shopping is well underway! Though we’re looking forward to the holidays, this week we’re celebrating Games and Puzzles Week. To share our competitive spirit with you, we thought we’d give you a few stocking stuffer inspirations. Here are 6 games and puzzle stocking stuffer ideas:

Dont-Count-On-ItDon’t Count on it! Don’t Count on it Gift Card Puzzle is the gift for them and a gift for you! Slip your gift cards or cash into this wood puzzle and watch your kids struggle to free it! It’s a sneaky way to disguise a gift and everyone comes out a winner with this one. It includes instructions for how it works and how to unlock it. Reuse it for years of creative gift-giving. For ages 8 and up.

Brain-BenderMind-Bending Play For the loved one who loves to exercise the mind, try filling his or her stocking with the Bamboo Brain Bender Puzzle. Made from one of the most renewable woods on the planet, this 3-D puzzle gives the brain a serious workout — there’s only one way to solve the puzzle! The complex design makes putting it back together an all-day challenge for even the sharpest of players! For ages 8 and up.

Twisted-FarkelThe Game for Underdogs The rules are in reverse for this dice game! For the Twisted Farkel Dice Game the winner is the player with the lowest score. When a player rolls, the points go to someone else — the die labeled the “Determinator™” decides who will get that score. The first person to reach 10,000 points actually LOSES the game! It’s crazy, mixed-up family fun for ages 8 and up.

Dont-Tip-the-CowsThe Tip You Don’t Want Don’t Tip the Cows Stacking Game gives “cow tipping” new meaning. The idea is to stack as many cows as possible without the cow pile tipping over. The game includes 18 adorable, stackable cows in a travel-friendly tube. For 2-3 players ages 5 and up.

Playing-CardsPortable Play with Personality Everyone needs their own set of playing cards and with Licensed Playing Card Set, they can play cards with The Beatles, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, or John Wayne! The cards come in a collectible tin and feature pictures of the pop culture icons on every card. The set comes with two poker-sized decks of coated cards.

Gift of the Future For the teenage girl who wants to know her future, finding the Wishcraft Fortune Telling Game in her stocking is like striking gold. Psychic Pendulum predicts your future with a crystal pendulum and mystery board, while Tarot Cards uses a deck of cards, and Wishing Heart is an update on the classic fortune teller. For ages 7 and up. Special Buy–Limited Quantities Available!

There’s a lot of celebrating ahead of you, but adding Games and Puzzles Week to your list makes holiday gift shopping easier and we can simplify it even more. Be sure to check out all of our gift ideas at The Lakeside Collection as the countdown to Christmas continues.