The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week

The holiday season is closing in fast, but The Lakeside Collection is loaded with plenty of toys and values to get you ready in a rush. We have toys, books, and clothes for every child in your family from newborn to teen all in one convenient online store. Here is The Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items of the Week.

Ghosts and monsters don't stand a chance when you track them down with this Scooby Doo Remote Control Mystery Machine.

Ghosts and monsters don’t stand a chance when you track them down with this Scooby Doo™ Remote Control Mystery Machine.

Kids will have fun pretending to construct and build with this 17-Pc. Jumbo Tools Playset.

Kids will have fun pretending to construct and build with this 17-Pc. Jumbo Tools Playset.

Inspire a young musician with this 30" Wood Guitar With Case.

Inspire a young musician with this 30″ Wood Guitar With Case.


They'll be entertained for hours, turning page after page of this Licensed Look & Find Book.

They’ll be entertained for hours, turning page after page of this Licensed Look & Find Book.


Elf on the Shelf: Ideas for a New Holiday Tradition

elf-on-shelfIf you haven’t been swept into this craze yet, you will undoubtedly hear about it before the end of the season. If you don’t know much about it, here’s the quick background. Elf on the Shelf is a fun activity for your kids and family, from the extremely popular book of the same name. However, the new family tradition has evolved into something much more fun and interactive. The premise is that from Thanksgiving until December, the presence of Christmas elves in the house monitor kids’ behavior to make sure they act extra nice until the holidays. The Elves “move” from place to place in the house to show the children that they are, in fact, watching them.

We have seen some absolutely extraordinary Elf on the Shelf ideas that are extremely creative and effective in purpose, simultaneously. One of our personal favorites is the “morning scrabble” elf. The morning scrabble elf is a very versatile idea, and is very dramatic because of your ability to add text. Essentially, Santa’s elf magically appears seated on a scrabble board spelling out a message to your kids.

The effect is always powerful and almost instantaneous, because it appears as though the elf spelled the letters out themselves. For maximum, effect use messages to reinforce good behavior in order to play along with the theme. This is always most effective if your children are old enough to read but young enough to believe the possibility of an elf magically spelling out words, and it works better in families that tend to play more scrabble than others.

The goal is also to make people in the family smile. One of the easiest ways to do that is simply through personification, or making the elf seem really human. We love the mischievous elf idea at Lakeside. Essentially, your family elf gets hungry helping Santa assemble all of his toys and treats for the holidays and visits your kitchen for a quick snack. In order to make this appearance look real, it is very important to make sure that you leave an obvious paper trail back to the “scene of the crime”.

Prop your elf up on the kitchen counter, next to a bowl of candy or doughnuts. Next unwrap some of the candy and make sure wrappers are strewn about. Finally, to complete the effect, take a few small bites out of the candy or food and place the half eaten piece firmly in the elf’s hands. This will complete the effect with the utmost flourish. Watch people’s faces light up in wonder as they marvel at your family elf’s appetite!

Keeping in line with the mischievous elf theme, we are fond of the graffiti elf. This one is almost self-explanatory to people. However, one of the things that we don’t see enough of with this one is creativity. Remember, if you are the one creating the “artwork”, you will use a dry erase marker for cleanup. This means that the sky is the limit. Don’t restrict your amazing work to dry erase boards. Feel free to markup a few family pictures (as long as the picture is covered by glass). Make sure to position your elf by the picture with the marker firmly placed in hand!

You are only limited by your own imagination with this wonderful family tradition. Do you have an Elf on the Shelf tradition? Tell us about it!

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Pinteresting Picks for November

Savvy Do-It-Yourselfers and Décor enthusiasts know that Pinterest is the go-to destination for fresh and innovating ideas for the home. At Lakeside, some of our most popular pins for the month of November have given many homeowners excellent ideas for adding a nice touch to their homes. The holidays are nearly upon us and homeowners love the fact that they can add beautiful accents from our For the Home section.


Items here include accent lighting for almost any area or location in your home, picture frames, and much more! The great part about our For the Home section is that is that our items are great for year-round decorating situations. Whether you are looking to spruce up your dining room, living room, or other multi-purpose room, this section has everything you need for the holidays, and any other time of the year.


Sometime it’s important to consider décor for the season, as well. For instance, many of the top pins for the month are from our holiday decorations section.  Whether you are considering shopping for yourself, or shopping with others in mind, this amazing section has items suited for both large and small homes. The outdoor décor items allow you to put together an amazing display for yourself and your neighbors.

On the other hand, if you are merely looking to add indoor home décor with holiday flair in mind, Lakeside still has you covered with our holiday décor section. Find the perfect combination of items to decorate your tree, and make it a holiday season to remember for you and your family. Pinterest is great at showing you how your table could look with the proper tableware and intricate decorations. Even the best food will lose some of its luster if it’s not showcased properly. This is definitely an area in which we could all improve! So make the most of your holiday meals, and pay attention to your holiday tableware this year. Everyone will wonder how you made it look so incredible.


Toys have been really big on Pinterest lately. The end of the year always wraps up so quickly, from Halloween onward. First, it’s Halloween, and before you know it Thanksgiving break comes around. By the time we’re over our holiday feast it’s already time for Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are looking for a great gift for a child who is notoriously hard to shop for, then the Toys & Sports category is specifically made for you.

You can find puzzles here that will even intrigue sharp and intelligent children. If you are looking for gifts for someone a bit younger, or a bit older, you can still be sure you’ll find exactly what you need in this category. Combine all of your shopping in one place to save as much time and money as possible. So why not avoid the long lines, the returns, and hostile shopping conditions this year? You could go shopping anywhere, but wouldn’t it be great to do it all from the comfort of your own home? Lakeside’s Pinteresting picks for the month are a great place to start!

5 Summertime Activities

Summertime-funIt’s finally here—summer! It may not be “officially” summer, but Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off and we made it. It’s time for warm weather, pool time and if you are lucky enough, beach time. With the kids out (or almost out) of school, check out these great summertime activities to keep them busy during these long summer days.

Dance Party
Whether it is a rainy day or just plain too hot, orchestrate a dance party for you and the little ones. has compiled a great playlist to get you started. Nothing says summertime fun like a little dancing.

A favorite past time for many, kickball is a great way for kids on your street to meet and play together. All you need is a good kickball and something to mark the bases. This could be some trees, a few old towels, or just about anything else. Kickball is so popular even adults like to play.

Water Time Fun
Depending on where you live, it could get very warm and humid this summer. Nothing feels better in the hot summer sun than cool refreshing water. Check out our Water Fun category to find some great toys that won’t cost a fortune.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite
On those windy days, take some time and teach your kid(s) to fly a kite. It’s a simple and cheap activity, but the time spent bonding with your child is priceless. For more frugal activities, check out the Frugal Dad—he’s got a great list.

Camp in the Backyard
You don’t have to spend a ton of money on gas, camping grounds and food to get the full camping experience. Set up a tent in your backyard, grab a lantern and have your own family adventure. You can cook s’mores, have fire-time stories and never leave the comfort of your own home.

Craft Corner
Set up a table inside or out and let your kids’ imagination run wild. They can have fun with water colors, finger paint and much more. Crafts also let your child work their brain during those long summer months. Learning and having fun? Can’t get much better than that.

Dress Up Day
Pick a random day and tell your loved ones it’s time to get dressed up. They can dress up as their favorite movie character, super hero or you could pick a theme. MoneyTalkNews suggest, “Create memories with themed days. For example, pirates, ninjas, princesses and aliens are always popular kid themes. To keep the cost down, use what you already have around the house to make your costumes.”

Do you have some fun summertime activities we didn’t cover? Share your favorite activities in the comments below.

Review: Lakeside Dog Toys

Just like so many of you, we love pets.  Recently, we decided to put our best dog products to the ultimate user acceptance testing.  We sent Pam Johnson of ‘Pam’s Dog Training in San Diego’ Lakeside dog toys to see how they fared under obedience-training circumstances.  Pam posted the below video review of our dog products, check it out!


Featured Products: Plubber™ Dog ToysSeasonal Stuffing-Free Dog ToysBig Mouth Dog Toy with 3 Balls

Elmo’s Street Cred

We can’t tell you how to get to Sesame Street but we can tell you where you can find Elmo, right here at Lakeside.  Lakeside offers some great products featuring the world famous furry red monster that all the little monsters in your life will love.  From books and puzzles to towels and slippers, here are some great Elmo items at unbeatable prices.

1) Sesame Street® Beach Towels
2) Sesame Street® Big Like Me Puzzles
3) Elmo Shower Spray Bath Toy
4) Sesame Street® Slipper Booties
5) Elmo’s Bedtime 16-Book Set
6) Sesame Street® Wipe-Off Books