Spring Refresh: Find Your Unique Home Decor Style

The season change isn’t too far away, and we’re already starting to think about spring. Spring is all about starting fresh, and there’s no better way to get a fresh start than by making a couple updates around your house. Lakeside has a great collection of home decor styles to choose from this spring. Start exploring our home decor styles below.

Farmhouse Country

Embrace the country lifestyle or celebrate your country roots with our farmhouse decor, featuring charming farmhouse characters, distressed finishes and warm country appeal.


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Coastal Decor

Designed to transform any space into a calm, relaxing retreat, our coastal and nautical decor includes coastal bedspreads, inspiring wall art, nautical accents and much more.


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Vintage Decor

In our vintage decor collection, you’ll find products featuring classic elements, romantic attributes as well as an antique aesthetic that complements many different decor styles.


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Rustic Country

Inspired by the inviting spirit of country living, our rustic decor features classic country elements like distressed wood, galvanized metal and rustic symbols like country stars.


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Industrial Chic

Inspired by sturdy raw materials and early 20th century staples, the industrial chic look features weathered finishes, cleverly repurposed materials and unique antique details.


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Check out our featured Rustic Country collection, explore Interior Design Styles and more on our “Shop Your Style” page, featuring products from our Spring Catalog!

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Decorating a Vintage Bedroom for a Child

vintage-baby-roomChildren tend to grow up so quickly that decorating a child’s bedroom is not an easy task for most parents. Vintage themed décor for a child’s bedroom is both charming, traditional and reflects timelessness. It will help a child connect with, and appreciate a bygone era. Vintage décor allows a wide variety of mix and match and can be easily recreated by using rustic items from everyday flea markets.

To style a child’s bedroom in a vintage theme, start with the basic requirements and add curios, pictures and wall art as you go along. The décor can be edited and styled differently for boys and girls.

Unlike what many people believe, the furniture in a vintage themed bedroom need not be bought from expensive antique stores or auctions. The idea is to play with the rustic, weathered charm of the furniture. Look for a sturdy wooden bed, study table, French-style console table and chairs that can be reworked upon. Most of this furniture can be found in flea markets or garage sales at throw away prices. A fresh coat of paint and a little work with sand paper will add life and character to the pieces. Go a step further and add balusters to the corners of the bed frame and convert it into a four poster bed.

By far, vintage décor is a blend of soft colors, intricate patterns, laces and ruffles mixed with a distressed look. Little girls will love sheer lace curtains in whites and dusty pinks. Dress the bed with mismatched ruffle pillows and a flouncy bed skirt. Use fabrics with English floral and toile prints. For boys, create your own curtains with burlap fabric or coffee sacks. Repurpose old sweaters into pillows and memory quilts. No vintage décor is complete without a canopy over the bed. Most children love a canopy bed as it adds a whimsical feel and a sense of security. Create a crown or corona canopy from circular molding and hang canopy drapes with the help of Velcro or command strips.

Use floating shelves to display a collection of curios ranging from tin soldiers, rusted old cars, dolls and old wooden blocks to bring in a vintage feel to the bedroom. For little girls, a handmade doll house will add character to the room and fascination for the child. Wooden boxes or crates with wheels make excellent storage that can be pushed under the bed. Old grandfather suitcases can also double up for storage and as side tables. Add an old school charm to the bedroom by creating a memory wall with framed black and white pictures.

Wall art
Complete the décor with wall art to add brightness and to pull the vintage look together. Wall stickers for a bedroom such as large polka dots, a wooden rocking horse, or the child’s name in a calligraphic font work well for both boys and girls.  Personalized wall art works well with traditional themed bedrooms, and offers an alternative to messy paints.

Historically, anything dated between 1920’s and 1960 is classified as vintage. But vintage décor in today’s world need not necessarily belong to that era. The idea of vintage décor is to be able to re-use and appreciate the charm of something that was loved by a previous owner. Scratches and tears on pieces that are repurposed add to the character. When using a vintage theme, create a room that tells a story. The room should stand as an inspiration for the child to think creatively and learn to treasure their time-honored belongings.

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Buying Vintage Dresses Online – Tips for Success

So you just spent hours searching for vintage clothing stores, sifting through Twitter, comparing prices and have managed to get your heart set on one particular beauty. Press the button right? This is what thousands of online buyers do every day and unfortunately much to their disappointment; get a disappointing product in the mail.

Vintage clothing shouldn’t be purchased with the same mindset you would use for everyday clothes. It’s vintage, it’s awesome, but it also old, it comes from a time when shapes were different and materials were often untreated.

We aren’t trying to spread doom and gloom, but simply say that more attention needs to be paid to the smaller details. This blog post aims to give you some tips and hints which will hopefully help you find that perfect vintage dress.

Vintage Inspired Vs. Vintage


Image Credit: Planet Green

Unfortunately for a large number of true vintage enthusiasts, there has been an increase in the number of ‘vintage inspired’ pieces seen over the last few years. This has resulted in a lot of confused and ultimately disappointed online shoppers. Vintage inspired essentially means; 21st century remake of 20th century clothes. In no way are we suggesting ‘vintage inspired’ to be a bad option; only that it can lead to confusion. The golden rule is – read the full item description before making your vintage purchase.

Double check return policy

Most online retailers will have a clear returns policy. It is vital to find and read this prior to purchasing your vintage items as there are so many potential stumbling blocks.

Find out the condition


Image Credit: Mela Mela

Vintage clothes have obviously been on the shelf or rack for a while and most of them will also have been worn at some point in time. This means that you need to pay additional attention to the condition of your chosen item, less you may end up disappointed. It is highly unlikely that any vintage item will ever be ‘perfect’, the key is to understand exactly what condition your piece is. Most good vintage shops will have created a rating system to grade their stock. Make sure you pay attention to it and if there isn’t one; contact the shop directly to find out.

Check the size, then check it again


Image Credit: A Beatuiful Mess

Women of yesteryear did not have the same average sizes as women of today. Which when translated to clothing, means that the average cuts for vintage items are often very different to what you would find on today’s high street. This means you need to look at the measurements carefully and have a good understanding of your shape. Most good vintage clothing stores will list a whole load of measurements for each item, make sure you pay attention.

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