Lakeside Selection: Our Choice for Wedding Season Products

WeddingMemorial Day is next weekend and after that, it’s non-stop entertaining until Labor Day. Along with barbecues and fireworks, there are weddings to plan for. Weddings are big events even if you’re just a guest. But if you’re in the party or a bride or groom — you have a lot on your plate. But we have ideas to make the event easier. Here’s this week’s Lakeside Collection: Our Choice for Wedding Season Products.

wedding-flutesFestive Flutes These Wedding Keepsakes make memorable gifts for a newly engaged couple. Each piece has a distinct pewter-like finish with elegant script, making it easy to buy all 3 for a matching gift basket. The Album  says “Wedding Day” on the bottom and has 2 wedding bands on the top. Holds 72 of your 4″ x 6″ photos inside, and also showcases your favorite 3-1/2″ x 5″ photo on the cover. The Certificate Holder ensures the marriage certificate is always safe and secure. Metal. Use the metal-stemmed Set of 2 Champagne Flutes to toast on your wedding day and anniversary. Each has “Bride” or “Groom” on the glass.

wedding-string-lightsCeremonial Shimmer Shimmering Set of 2 Beaded Light Strings dresses up your home for any holiday or occasion. The 20 white LED lights combine with colored beads for a pretty glow. Convenient battery case means you can place them almost anywhere indoors.

outdoor-entertainingVibrant Vessels Brighten up your pre-wedding ceremony cookouts with this vibrant tableware! Our break-resistant Outdoor Dining Collection is perfect for your picnic basket. Mix and match these sets. Mix and match these sets of 12 serveware for a setting that’s right for you.

wedding-mason-jarsMerry Mason Jars The mason jar design of this Mr. and Mrs. glass goblets set is perfect for a country-themed wedding or event. One glass says “Mr.” in black, and the other reads “Mrs.” in white. Each has a ribbon on the stem that coordinates with the color of the script. Goldtone lids give them an authentic look.

monogram-braceletStylish Souvenirs Set of 2 Monogram Beaded Stretch Bracelets is a fresh way to wear personalized jewelry. The script monogram sits on a stretchy bracelet covered in polished beads. Accent it with the matching beaded bracelet. Makes a fabulous bridesmaid or wedding favor friends and family.

wedding-nameNuptial Nameplate Wooden Personalized Sentiment Wall Plaques add a warm touch to your home. Add a name in bold lettering to the Home sign, then add your marriage date to the bottom line. Main lettering, 12 characters maximum. Bottom line, 4 digits maximum. Add your family’s name on the top line of the Welcome sign and the date of your marriage on the bottom line. Top line has a maximum of 15 characters and the bottom line has a maximum of 4 digits. Proud to be American sign has room for a name up to 15 characters seen over “Family.”

April’s Pinteresting Picks

We made it to May! And we have so much to be excited about in the warm, spring ahead! Our Pinterest followers are excited to get outdoors, too. We can tell by what they’re pinning there are a few weddings and parties being planned. folding-deck-tables Here are April’s Pinteresting Picks.

Outdoor Entertaining Accessories Add extra space for everything from summertime snacks to evening cocktails with a Folding Deck Table. Metal clamps and brackets make it simple to secure the handsome wood table to a railing on your balcony, deck or porch. The folding table is also ideal for decks or balconies with limited space.

wedding-party-jar-mugsWedding Fun Honor everyone in your wedding party before, during and after the big day with the Wedding Party Jar Mug Set. Each 14 oz. traditional mason jar celebrates those who make the day extra special. A dress or tuxedo adorn each mug, which rests on an ornate pedestal. Use it as a centerpiece during the wedding, and a thoughtful way to say thank you after. It’s a charming memento to celebrate the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. Come in sets of 2 so you can buy multiples if needed.

felt-separatorsSpring Organization The Set of Felt Pan Separators protects your cookware and bowls from chips and scratches while you store them in a cabinet. The colorful separators come in 2 sizes. They provide a thin layer of gentle cushioning to diminish the chances of unwanted markings and cracks. They also keep items from locking together when stored for long periods. Either size separator can also be trimmed for a custom fit.

wedding-toteBig Day Frills Give the wedding party the gift of comfy, coordinating footwear to take from the bridal room to the reception hall with this tote and flip-flip set. The tote has ample room for hair styling tools, accessories and more. Includes a magnetic closure. Change into the coordinating pair of flip-flops after a night of dancing. EVA foam and PVC. Ribbons on totes are removable.

slim-storageSpace Savers Create discreet space for canned goods, books or toiletries with the wooden 65″ Slim Storage Cabinet. Its two cabinets with doors each open to reveal 2 shelves. Magnets securely hold the doors closed. In the center, 2 open shelves provide additional storage space. At the top, a shelf with a decorative rail gives you space for more essentials or a display of photos or collectibles. Round feet give the cabinet a finishing touch. This cabinet will fit in some of the tightest spaces in your home or apartment.


Etiquette: What to Wear to a Wedding


When attending a wedding, it is a sign of respect towards the happy couple to wear the appropriate clothing. Some cultural and religious groups have specific standards as to appropriate wedding attire, while others are not as strict on what you are allowed to wear. Emily Post, adviser on all things etiquette, gives the instructions for guests on what to wear to a wedding.

  • Formal daytime wedding – Women should wear a cocktail dress or dressy afternoon dress. Men should wear a dark suit coupled with a conservative shirt and tie.
  • Formal evening wedding – Women should wear a long evening dress or fancy cocktail dress, depending on local customs (gloves are optional). Men should wear a dark suit, or a tuxedo if the invitation specifies “black tie.”
  • Semi-formal daytime wedding – Women should wear a dressy afternoon dress, suit, or pantsuit. Men have the option of a dark suit OR a blazer and gray flannel pants with a tie.
  • Semi-formal evening wedding – Women should wear a cocktail dress or dressy pantsuit. Men should wear a dark suit.
  • Informal daytime wedding – Women should wear an afternoon dress, dressy skirt, or pants and a blouse. Men should wear a sport coat or blazer with slacks (tie optional).
  • Informal evening wedding – Women should wear an afternoon or cocktail dress. Men should wear a blazer with gray flannel pants or slacks (tie optional).
  • For women, hats or head coverings are optional, unless required by the house of worship or at the bride and groom’s request.

wedding-cakeWhat should you never, EVER wear to a wedding? Some say that’s a matter of personal preference, but Emily Post suggests otherwise. Here is her list of clothing items to NEVER wear to a wedding:

  • Clothing that is skimpy, provocative, suggestive, obscene, or just in poor taste.
  • Costumes – UNLESS you have been notified that it is a costume wedding and everyone else will be attired in costumes as well.
  • Blue jeans and t-shirts. Avoid denim in most cases; a denim skirt, shirt, or jacket is most likely not appropriate.
  • Any jewelry that calls attention to your own faith while attending services for another faith. It is important to have your own beliefs, but there is a time and a place for making a statement about religion, and someone else’s wedding is neither that time nor that place.
  • Baseball caps, sport caps, large decorative hats that block others’ lines of sight. Those are appropriate at the Kentucky Derby, but not at someone’s wedding.
  • Casual shoes or boots worn with formal or semi-formal outfits. Perhaps you forgot your fancy shoes at home – run out to Target and buy a pair of heels instead of wearing the dirty tennies you found in your trunk.
  • Sunglasses worn indoors (unless you have a valid medical reason for doing so).
  • Boutonnieres and corsages (unless supplied by the hosts).

If you follow these fool-proof guidelines, you will be an enjoyable member of the happy couple’s special day, instead of an eyesore who causes a distraction!

This post was written by a guest contributor for The Perfect Card Box, creators of patented locking wedding card boxes and card holders for all occasions.

Top Fall Wedding Locations

Fall-WeddingsPlanning your wedding is important. After the groom of course, the location of the event is the most crucial. Where you are married sets the stage for everything. If you want an outdoor wedding, indoor, or something in between the planning process is completely different. Find the perfect venue for your fall wedding before it is too late.

Fall is one of the best times to have an outdoor wedding. The temperatures still are warm enough to be outside, yet they aren’t scorching hot as they sometimes are during the summer months.

Part of the beauty of autumn comes from the changing colors, the falling leaves, and the crisp feeling in the air. Take all this into account when planning your wedding. With a wedding tent, you can have all this apart of your wedding, with some protection from the elements.

If you don’t mind traveling for your big day, there are some destinations that have become known for their weddings. Those getting married this fall should look into the best destinations to travel.

Niagara Falls
Made even better known by The Office’s wedding episode featuring Pam and Jim, Niagara Falls is a popular wedding destination for many. The backdrop for wedding pictures is greater than almost any other you can find.

There are many different wedding venues around the area, equipped to host both indoor and outdoor weddings. Those wishing to really get in on the experience can be married right on the Maid of the Mist tour boat. In this case, you can be married right as it travels through Bridal Veil Falls on the way to the main falls.

San Juan Islands
The San Juan Islands are set in the northwest corner of Washington. The area is quiet, full of privacy from the outside world. During the fall months, the temperature is cooler, plus the autumn leaves are something that cannot easily be forgotten.

This spot has become popular for whale watching, kayaking, and hiking. Recently the islands have become more popular as a tourist destination. Take advantage and plan your perfect wedding while fewer people know of this spot. With rustic Victorian chapels all around, this is the best spot for your wedding.

Kauai Hawaii
With beautiful views and plenty of activities to participate in, Hawaii has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. What many may not realize is that it is an ideal place to have your wedding ceremony as well.

In this area, you can take a boat directly to the site of your ceremony, celebrate in a wedding tent on the beach, and enjoy the stunning views of white sand beaches. After your wedding day, you can stay here as your guests travel home, extending into your honeymoon.

Search the country for your perfect fall wedding. These months are still warm enough to have the event outside, yet they are not as scorching hot as the previous months. Find the destination that works best for you and your guests. After you find the right spot, you can decorate and plan exactly how the day will go.

Cassie Costner writes on planning a wedding on a budget, and finding the right venues, flowers, and decorations. She writes on the best party tents for rent, and what size to get for your wedding.

Accessory And Dress Tips For A Mother Of The Bride

wedding-ringsAs a mother of the bride, you have the job of looking as fabulous as possible without outshining the bride. While you might find it easy to choose to wear a pencil dress or skirt and professional shirt combination, it can be a little harder to pick out accessories. Do you go for something subtle and leave all of the attention to the bride, or do you go for something a little more fabulous and show everyone just where the bride got her fashionable taste from?

While there is plenty of decisions whichever avenue you choose, most of them depend on your outfit and your personality.

The Dress
Whether you choose to wear a dress or a skirt is up to you, but the main rule is that it should not be white. Pencil skirts and dresses are very much in fashion and have been for some time. This is because they are modest, mature and yet still offer a feminine look and the ability to show off your curves. Pencils are form-fitting and sexy but demure in their own way, so they are perfect for a mother of the bride. If you aren’t comfortable in a pencil skirt, try a retro style with a flared skirt instead. Great ideas include choosing a dress that matches the theme of the wedding and going for modesty. If you pick a drab dress, you can always improve its look with a couple of unique accessories.

Choosing the Shoes
As a rule, your shoes should always match your dress and should usually be lower than those of the bride. You should also consider practicality in case of an outdoor wedding. If you want to ensure that you look less glamorous than the bride, consider going for a pair of strappy wedges in either black or the same color as your dress. The wedge gives you a more glamorous look while appearing modest and toned down enough to give the bride her day.

Hats, Veils and Fascinators
As the mother of the bride, you can choose to wear hats, veils and fascinators to match your dress. If you’ve gone with a specific brand of clothing, you can choose yours hats and veils from there. A couple of rules in this case include that you should again never choose white and you must ensure that the veil doesn’t cover your whole face. Other than that, you can choose something subtle or glamorous depending on your own personal taste. For example, you could choose to match the hat to all or part of the dress and match it to a jacket or even to your shoes.

Jackets and Cardigans
The last thing to choose from is whether you want a jacket or a cardigan. Usually it is a good idea to choose one or the other, although neither is absolutely necessary if the weather is warm. In either case, the material should either match with or contrast with your dress for a chic or fashionable look. If you choose to contrast with the dress, try matching accessories such as hat and shoes with your cardigan or jacket instead of with the dress.

There are plenty of things to think about when choosing your mother of the bride dress and accessories, but for the most part you should consider what the bride wants. Checking the theme and style of the wedding, the colours used in the wedding, what the bridesmaids are wearing and most importantly, what the bride is wearing, can be a lifesaver when picking out your outfit.

Gem Wilson is a writer who understands that a mother of the bride should not overshadow her daughters dress. She therefore suggests looking at Condici mother of the bride dresses to find something which is flattering and stylish whilst also being modest and somewhat understated.

Image Credit: SandHills Wedding Expo

Frugal Wedding Planning

frugal_wedding_bannerMany romantically-minded people like to think of their approaching wedding as the best day of their lives – and with such high expectations, it’s hardly surprising that they spare no expense in organizing the big day. As a result, the cost of weddings is at an all-time high, with more elaborate affairs running easily to tens of thousands of dollars.

While your wedding is without doubt one of the most memorable events in your life and should be planned with care, many modern couples dislike the thought of spending the early years of their marriage paying off the bill for what is effectively a one-day party. This has seen the rise of the frugal wedding movement, which has quickly gained currency among young couples just starting out in life and others who are perhaps getting married for the second time and hesitate to make a big fuss.

Fortunately, a frugal wedding can still be a stylish event, and once you’re forced to get creative about all the details, it can often be an even better opportunity to express the personality of the bride and groom. If you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget, here are a few tips to help make your wedding frugal but fabulous…

First up, consider the venue: hotels and other specialized “event” venues are notoriously expensive, and there are often many hidden charges (ranging from linen rental to corkage fees) that drive up the cost still further. Instead, think outside the box and consider a beach, park or private garden – not only is there less of a fee (if any) to use these spaces, but you’ll save money on decorations, as a beautiful location won’t need much embellishment. (Just make sure you check the local liquor laws if you’re holding the reception outdoors as well – you don’t want the police making an unexpected appearance at the party!)

If you’re worried about the weather, try booking a small, family-run restaurant – these can frequently offer a more affordable and easily customized wedding experience. Also consider the timing of your event – many venues are less expensive during off-peak months or if you book for less popular times of day. Scheduling a morning or afternoon wedding also means that you won’t be expected to provide a full meal – a buffet of finger foods is more appropriate.

Bear in mind one of the most dramatic ways to cut costs at a wedding is to trim your guest list – each added attendee usually means added cost. However, if you don’t want to prune back the list too much, you can always take advantage of the numbers by asking guests to use their talents to contribute to the wedding in lieu of a gift. This is a particularly good option for modern couples who are already cohabiting and have most of the household goods they need.

For instance, if you have a relative who is a talented at baking, ask them to provide the wedding cake. Or if your friend is a keen amateur photographer seeking to build up a portfolio, put them in charge of taking the wedding photos. You can easily get all your guests involved by making the wedding meal a potluck buffet, and have each attendee contribute a dish – that way you’ll only have to provide the crockery and catering equipment, which you can often purchase or rent wholesale.

In terms of supplies for the wedding, the earlier you start planning the better – that way you’ll have time to shop the sales and pick up discounted items in bulk. This is particularly useful for decorations – you can find balloons, ribbons, candles and other trinkets in gold, silver and white in the post-Christmas sales, or wait until after Easter if your color scheme requires pastels. Choose flowers that are in season and available locally – these will generally be less expensive – or source fresh blooms from your own garden and enlist an arty friend to create some simple yet elegant arrangements. Once you have these basic supplies, unleash your creative side and come up with your own centerpieces and table settings – you’ll be amazed how little it can cost to devise a striking and totally unique look.

And what of the all-important wedding dress, which is a major expense for many brides? Again, if you start looking early, you may find the dress of your dreams heavily discounted in the sales. Alternately, buy a very plain dress and hire a dressmaker to customize it, or even to make a copy of a dress you love – this way you can get a bespoke look at a fraction of the price.

These are a few of our favorite tips for organizing a fantastic wedding on a limited budget – what are yours?

Domenica Goduto is a blogger and copywriter who specializes in writing about food, events, lifestyle and travel for a variety of clients, including Lockhart Catering.


Top 10 Peplum Wedding Dresses from Spring 2013

The wedding day is one of the few occasions where women struggle to choose between time honored traditions and their individual style. A peplum wedding dress could give you the best of both worlds.

Sassi Holford’s ‘So Sassi’ Collection
Bianca is a beautiful peplum wedding dress designed by Sassi Holford. This dress is incredibly sleek and simple.

Bianca works for the bride who wants to keep a traditional dress in mind while adopting their own style, but for some brides they may find its simplicity a little bland.


Claire Pettibone’s Peplum Wedding Dress Collection Spring 2013
Claire Pettibone’s off the shoulder and highly detailed lace dress is absolutely stunning. Hazel is designed with vintage fashion in mind and it makes for an inspired alternative to the structured peplum dress design.

The free flowing almost floating fabric adds to the vintage look and feel of this wedding dress. Despite the dress’s outlandish appearance it incorporates the peplum very delicately.

Reem Acra’s Peplum Collection
If you’re a lover of lace and long sleeves then one of Reem Acra’s dresses from his fall 2013 collection could be the winner for you! His peplum waistband dress is literally lavished in lace.

The elegant and almost eccentric design is guaranteed to get people talking. Reem’s wedding dress is made of beautifully detailed lace fabric and includes a high neck, luscious long sleeves, a lace fishtail skirt, a buttoned back and the peplum detail that women are so keen to include in their wedding dresses.


Ines De Santo Peplum Collection
The Ines De Santo collection of peplum wedding dresses is simply stunning. One look and you know they are designer high quality dresses that make your wedding day memorable. For a wedding dress that is original, unique and magical, without losing an ounce of femininity then the Ines De Santo peplum collection is the only choice for you.

Alvina Valenta
The Alvina Valenta dress is similar to the Bianca dress in the sense that it is simplistic and almost classical in nature and design. However, this stunning satin dress offers a small, slight peplum which complements the rest of the dress.

If you want a satin peplum wedding dress that is understated, simplistic and yet stunning then this could be the dress for you.

Kenneth Pool Peplum Dress Spring 2013
If you’re looking for a big, beautiful soft and flouncy peplum dress then the Kenneth Pool peplum dress from his spring 2013 collection is certainly a dress worthy of your consideration. The peplum almost melts into this beautiful layered dress which gives lots of volume without looking bloated and uncomfortable. The gorgeous detailing and natural waves of the dress are sure to have your man melt as he watches you walk down the aisle.


Elizabeth Filmore Peplum Dress
If you’re having an outdoor wedding and you want a backless peplum dress rich with lace detail then the Elizabeth Filmore peplum dress is certainly the perfect partner for your outdoor wedding. The simple elegant dress is sure to look simply stunning on brides that are tall and slim. Add a white flower arrangement to the hair for a natural beauty that begs to be seen.

Monique Lhuillier Peplum Wedding Dress Spring 2013
Monique Lhuiller is making waves on the catwalk, as are her beautiful peplum wedding dresses. Intricate lace layers and big bows underneath the bosom make this a very unusual peplum wedding dress. However, its graceful free flowing layers are sure to make it very popular with brides to be.


Carolina Herrera Peplum Wedding Dress
From the extrovert and the intricate of the Monique Lhullier dress to the simplistic and the understated, Carolina Herrera’s satin peplum wedding dress for spring 2013 is uncomplicated and uncompromising in it’s beauty. Combine this dress with a simple and slightly oversized bouquet for a beautiful bang on trend look at your wedding.


Angel Sanchez Peplum Wedding Dress
If there’s one name being whispered fervently on the catwalk and throughout the wedding dress industry it’s Angel Sanchez. Angel’s breathtaking peplum wedding dresses are stunning and no matter what your style or taste you are sure to find something in this exquisite collection that catches your eye and reminds you of how much fun it is to be a bride.

Peter Smith has authored this wonderful post about wedding dresses. He is a great designer who keeps giving his article about the latest style and dresses. He designed some new crop tops and displayed it at the front page of his site.