Wine Decor, Hostess Gifts and Tabletop Essentials

You don’t have to be a wine enthusiast to appreciate the fun home decorating possibilities of a wine theme. From repurposing corks and wine bottles to create a design all your guests will envy to personalized gifts to please your generous host or hostess, Lakeside is filled with wine decor products everyone will appreciate.

Tasteful Decor for Wine Enthusiasts

The Metal Monogram Wine Cork-Holder adds a distinctive look to your dining room or kitchen, especially when you fill it up with the corks left over from your favorite wines. Just start from the bottom and try to fill up the entire letter. Get multiple letters to spell out your name or wine-related words for a truly unique design.

As long as you’re reusing your corks, why not reuse a wine bottle too? Light My Bottle adds a dazzling touch to your tabletop. Simply thread the 42″ light string through the top of any bottle that’s at least 9″ tall, place the pole inside and click the on/off switch on the top to watch the 15 beautiful fairy lights illuminate the interior.

Gifts for Your Host or Hostess

The Set of 4 Personalized Travertine Stone Coasters makes a great gift for almost any occasion, but it’s the ideal gift for a wine-tasting or dinner party. Each stone coaster protects your table surfaces from water rings. The cork design on the bottom helps prevent scratches. Personalize the coasters with the recipient’s name.

Monogram Wine Gift Set makes it easy to add a thoughtful, personal touch to that wine-tasting, dinner party, housewarming, birthday or wedding. The classy gift set comes with a metal coaster and wine stopper. Each piece has an identical monogram worked into its design, and comes in a stylish box that’s ready for giving.

Don’t Forget the Tabletop

Add a romantic touch to your decor or set the scene for an elegant party with Set of 2 LED Taper Candles. Each candle has a wax coating and gives off an amber glow that looks beautiful in a floral arrangement or centerpiece. Timer lets you set the candles to automatically turn on at a desired time and off after 6 hours.

Organize the eating necessities on your tabletop with an elegant Buffet Caddy. Each caddy features a lovely scroll design that complements existing decor. The Plate Caddy provides quick, easy access to plates, while the Flatware & Napkin Caddy has 3 separate sections for utensils and an open space for holding napkins.

Wine Wednesday: Interesting Facts About Wine in America

It took some time for wine to become as popular in America as it is in Europe, and even longer for American wine to earn worldwide recognition and respect. While wine isn’t nearly as popular as beer on U.S. soil, it’s widely consumed and continues to blend into mainstream culture. Wine Wednesday is the perfect occasion to uncork your favorite vintage in the middle of the week. Before pouring a glass of sauvignon blanc or while you’re sipping a sweet Riesling, take a look at these fun, interesting facts on the history of wine in America.


Oldest Winery in the U.S.A.
The oldest operating winery in America is the Brotherhood Winery. Located in Washingtonville, New York, it produced its first wine for commercial consumption in 1839, and is still up and running. In fact, some original facilities are still being used in the wine-making process, and wine enthusiasts can explore the sights to get an idea of what it was like to make wine in America during the 19th century. Visitors to this National Historic Site can try wine tastings, check out the grounds, take special tours and bring home some delicious wines.

Wine During Prohibition
Establishments like the Brotherhood Winery were in danger of going out of business during the Prohibition throughout the 1920’s. However, there was a loophole for wineries to continue to operate, selling their wine to the Catholic Church for sacramental wine purposes. While many wineries and businesses dependent on wine didn’t make it through the dry years, wineries which were lucky enough to stay under contract with the church thrived (likely selling to more customers than the church). In addition, at-home wine making kits were legal during Prohibition, allowing Americans to produce a certain amount of wine per year for personal use.


When Everything Changed
In May of 1976, the most respected wine connoisseurs in Paris assembled for a blind taste-test between the noble French wines that were regarded as the best in the world and up-and-coming American wines from a few vineyards in California. The challenge wasn’t given much attention by the French media because it was impossible for the unknown Californian wineries to compete with France. Surprisingly, the wines judged as the best for red and white were both Californian, paving the way for wine in America and around the world.

Top Spot for the Time Being
Americans drink a lot of wine. More and more since the wine scene really started to take root and trickle into popular culture. In addition to consuming the most wine, the American wine tourism scene is also booming, attracting millions of tourists annually to hot spots like Napa Valley and Sonoma Country in California. And in case you were wondering what wines Americans love the most, the top spot goes to Chardonnay, with a close following from Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Merlot, while Pinot Noir rounds out the top five.

Whether you love capping off a long day with a glass of wine or plan on serving wine at Thanksgiving this year, find all the wine supplies you need at The Lakeside Collection, from glasses to wine bottle holders.

Red And White Wine Glasses – What Is The Difference?

wine-glassesAs a regular or occasional drinker of wine, you may have found yourself wondering what the difference is between red and white wine glasses. Perhaps you just want to avoid an embarrassing social faux pas. The red wine glass is just a little wider – why does it matter if you pick one shape of glass over another? The truth is, you should select the correct wine glass shape as it affects the experience of the tasting.

Red Wine Glass
The bowl of a red wine glass is taller, wider and rounder in shape because this allows for more oxygen to come into contact with the liquid. This helps to enhance both the taste and the smell of the wine – and also why you should give red wine time to breathe once you’ve opened a bottle. The bowl of a red wine glass is wider so that it can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand, as when drinking red wine it does not matter if your body temperature affects the temperature of the wine.

White Wine Glass
White wine glasses tend to have a smaller bowl as they don’t require oxidation like red wine does. In fact, oxidation is likely to mask the delicate overtones of the wine. This means that many white wine glasses have a smaller mouth to reduce the surface area, to preserve a crisper clean flavor. White wine should be drank by holding the stem – as it is often served chilled it helps to prevent the temperature being affected by warm hands.

Champange Glass
Sparkling champagne will be served in flutes, which are designed to be even thinner – this is so that it is exposed to even less oxygen so that it will retain its fizz for longer.

Size and Shape
You’ll notice the differences that the size and shape of a glass make to the flavor and smell of a drink if you test it with a drink you’re more familiar with on a daily basis. For example, if you try your normal tea or coffee in a plastic or polystyrene cup, you’ll notice the experience is not as enjoyable. The material of your cup or mug will affect the taste, the smell and possibly its coloring.

So when choosing a wine glass to buy, if in doubt, think about how your senses will be affected during the tasting experience. For example a clear, colorless glass will allow you to fully appreciate the color of your drink, while a large glass will allow you to value the aroma. Choose wine glasses with a large enough stem to hold when serving so that you don’t leave fingerprints on the stem. Forever Crystal is a good bet for wine glasses to suit any taste and budget – from contemporary to traditional, they’ve got it covered.

Wine Club
If you’re a new wine drinker, the Sunday Times Wine Club will be able to answer many other questions you may have, such as the best way to taste wine, the ideal temperature to serve and how to store your wine properly.

By Gemma Benning. This post was been written in partnership with and Gemma, to bring you the best advice on wine etiquette. Gemma has been working in events and promotions for the last three years and is currently working on a super yatch.

Pinteresting Picks for February

February seemed to fly by, and a lot of action took place on our Pinterest page. From yummy treats to our latest products there is more than enough to discover  on our boards. If there is one thing we learned, it’s you like our new owl décor. Check out our most popular pins below.


Household Helpers 10-Book Set
Discover home cleaning tips, remedies for common ailments, laundry and clothing care solutions, pet care ideas, arts and craft projects, skin care aids, and so much more. You’ll always have the answer with these books lying around.


Perched Owl Bath Collection
Wake up to bright colors and cute owls with our new bath collection. The Owl Bath Collection features a flock of bright owls that is ready to bring color to your home.


Give A Hoot Sentiment Wall Art
Give A Hoot Sentiment Wall Art combines a charming owl image with an uplifting message. The innocent, childlike imagery will appeal to kids and adults alike.


Contemporary Wall Shelf
Update your home for less with this great new shelf. Our Contemporary Wall Shelf is ideal for your music or movie collection, or use it to hold decorative objects.

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Hanging Wine Cork Holder
Like wine? So do we! Save the corks in our Hanging Wine Cork Holder to enhance the decor of your home. It looks great above a counter, near a wine rack or on any wall.





Hilarious Novelty Gift

Break out the vino and sip it in style in a Kountry Krystal Wine Glass.  Or better yet are you looking for that perfect fun gift for someone?  This will be a hit!  The traditional canning jar has been given a fine-dining update with this novelty drinkware.  Arrives complete with a screw-on jar lid and a paper “Redneck Success” coaster.  All this for under $10 ($8.95) you can’t go wrong plus studies show wine is heart healthy:)

Happy Friday everyone!

Secret Products: Dark Chocolate Wine Sticks

Did you know some of Lakeside Collection’s best products are not in the catalog?  Today I will feature one such hidden gem, Dark Chocolate Wine Sticks.  These delectable candies are made with a soft center that embodies the essence of the wine flavor, though the alcohol has been cooked off.  This sweet indulgence is the perfect post-dinner treat whether it’s accenting ice cream or being paired with coffee.

Choose from Cabernet, Champagne or Port flavors.  Right now these secret products are on special for just $4.95 (save 50%).  For the holidays, Dark Chocolate Wine Sticks make a wonderfully unique present for wine aficionados and candy lovers alike.